tagInterracial LoveI Fuck The Kitchen Floor Man

I Fuck The Kitchen Floor Man


When my husband Gary and me decided that we wanted a new wooden laminate floor in the kitchen, the right person for the job instantly sprang to mind.

"Ray runs a business with his uncle fitting floors, I'm sure he would give us a good deal." I suggested smiling at Gary. Ray was my young black lover and was very much part of our swinging life, a lifestyle we had enjoyed for ten years now.

"I'm sure you will be pleased to see him again," Gary said grinning back at me. He knew that I was always pleased to see him! That evening I contacted Ray, told him what we wanted and made arrangements for him to be able to get into the house on Friday morning. I managed to keep Ray out of mind through the week but on Friday I could hardly concentrate on teaching my class of 7 year olds, all I wanted was to get home quickly and hoped he was still there. At 4pm I finished work and a few minutes later got out of my car at home. As I walked into the hall and shut the front door I heard two voices in the kitchen, which disappointed me as I assumed Ray would be alone.

"Hey Jayne, come see your new floor," I heard Ray call.

I went straight into the kitchen and saw another, older, black man with Ray.

"Hi lover, meet my uncle Tony. We're partners in this business. What do think of the floor then."

I was genuinely delighted with floor, "It's fantastic. I don't know how to thank you."

"Well a beer would be a start and then I'm sure something else will come to mind," Ray said his voice full of innuendo.

I grabbed us three beers from fridge and then stood close next to Ray. They were both broad well-built men, much taller than me, and I was very aware of Tony's eyes on me. His salt and pepper hair made me think he was around 50, while I knew Ray was 10 years younger than me at 35. We chatted about their business and drank our beers, Ray and me leaning against the kitchen worktop while "Uncle Tony" stood opposite us. I could feel a sexual tension growing and shivered as Ray moved closer and gave me a long, deep kiss and caressed my bum with his hand. He pulled back and his fingers played with my hair and stroked the back of my neck. I smiled as I admired his physique in his tight t-shirt and I gently ran my hand over his shaven head. The conversation suddenly changed direction.

"You're looking very sexy in that dress Jayne. Take a good look at her Tony,"

I took in a sharp intake of breath as Ray casually let his hand wander over my boobs and Tony stared at me.

"Ray has told me about you and you really are a very sexy lady," Tony said.

"Not all about me I hope," I said glaring at Ray playfully.

Ray continued fondling me, probing to see how far he could push me. I'm sure that he knew that I was game but I simply sipped on the rest of my drink as his hand went under my dress and began rubbing my pussy through my knickers.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked as I turned my head towards Ray smiling.

"How about some fun Jayne," Ray said.

I whispered, "I can't. Not with Tony here." I whispered and looked at Tony and saw the lust in his eyes and the bulge in his trousers as he watched his nephew groping me.

"Why not?" Ray asked.

Before I could answer, he took control, taking me in his arms and pulling me to him. His mouth covered mine and we kissed, hot open mouth kisses his tongue searching my mouth and his hand massaged my wet pussy. I tried to slow him down but he was too strong, far too much for my small body to control and I just gave in to the feeling and began rubbing my hands on his muscular chest. I heard two sounds, footsteps as Tony moved closer and me undoing Ray's zip. I freed his hard black cock and slowly stroked it, hard and silky smooth as he pushed my dress up to my waist.

"You want this cock inside you baby?"

"Take me." I moaned the words softly.

"Lift your bum Jayne and spread your legs." Ray said as he lifted me onto the worktop. He pulled my thong to one side, rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips, and then pushed against me and shoved, hard! I let out a small cry and bit my lip as Ray forced his cock inside. My reluctance turned to lust as he forced himself in and my pussy began adjusting to his size, and he kept pushing in and out getting deeper until he was all the way in me. His hands gripped my hips and he started to hump me, I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I began groaning with pleasure as he increased the pace making me want to cum.

"You like that, don't you Jayne? You like fucking with someone watching, dirty bitch."

I moaned as Ray began to talk dirty to me, I loved it.

"Enjoying the show?" I said looking at "Uncle Tony." He rubbed his cock through his trousers, then unzipped himself and pulled his semi-erect black dick from his briefs and began fisting his cock looking straight at me. I have always got a huge kick out of seeing men wank and I wrapped my arms around Rays neck watching intently. I felt small and totally submissive as Ray fucked me, but I was in heaven and pushed myself onto him needing to cum. Tony just watched stroking his hard cock; it was so exciting to be putting on a show for him.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" I moaned. I shuddered and clutched Ray's neck as he muffled my moans by kissing me deeply as I fought to catch my breath. I could hardly believe it. I had been home less than half an hour, was still in my work clothes and being fucked by my lover on the kitchen worktop. As I calmed down a little I smiled at Tony who moved in and began nuzzling my neck, stroking my body. He moved his hand inside my dress to caress a breast. I was breathless. I took his wrist, pulled him across to the other breast and closed my eyes, surrendering to the pleasure. Ray must have told him everything about me for Tony to be this confident, even to the point of giving him the green light to join in.

"Oh yes, that's it give it to me." I whispered in his ear as I held on.

Ray then slid his arms around me and clamped his body tight to mine and started to fuck me hard. I just held on to his back as he slammed inside me. With four hands on me fondling me, I lost track of who was groping what part of me.

"Hold her still Tony," Ray said and Tony held me firmly.

I raised my legs up, wrapped them around his back, locked my ankles, and pulled him closer. His hands digging into my hips and my legs around his back, Ray fucked me like a man possessed. My breathing came in short gasps as he thrust deep.

"I'm going to cum in you!"

"Do it! Cum in me!"

"Ah! Take it Jayne! I'm cumming in you," Ray said gripping me. He grunted and made one hard deep thrust into me, I felt his cock throbbing as he came. He just held me still as he pumped his cum into me. I felt drained and as he slowly pulled out of me, long strands of cum linked the two of us, my pussy was soaked and the inside of my thighs were wet as I leaked onto the worktop. I guessed that it would only be a quickie because Ray had to work but he had other ideas.

"That was awesome, but you're not done. Down you get." Ray said pulling me.

As I climbed off the worktop and Ray held me in his arms again, I felt Tony's firm hand squeeze my bum affectionately. Then he reached up and unzipped my dress, I slid the straps off my shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor, leaving me in a thong and bra.

"On your knees babe, lets see you suck some cock." Ray turned me round and applied pressure to my shoulders pushing me to the floor. His dominance was such a turn on for me. Being a submissive female to have this black man order me and use me like a slut was so sexy. I was kneeling, spunk running down my thighs, in front of Tony his cock still hanging through the zip.

"She loves sucking black dick." Ray said.

"And I want this." I replied as I unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers and pants down, running my hands down his legs in the process. I looked at the very thick black cock in my face.

"Suck it babe,"

Ray's hands held my head still as I knelt before Tony, his thick cock in his fist, stroking it before me right in front of my face.

"What a nice thick, hard cock you have uncle Tony," I said giggling.

I opened my mouth as he shuffled forward and I ran my tongue over the drop of pre-cum that was leaking out of the tip. He pushed it between my lips and I wrapped my mouth around the end of his cock and tasted the moisture leaking from his cock, musky and masculine.

"I told you that Jayne was some special little slut didn't I Tony," Ray said.

"Oh yeah, you are very special Jayne." I think I was making this old mans day!

I stopped and took my lips away for a moment and looked up at them both and smiled and licked my lips. I felt so slutty and guilty too at the realisation of what I was doing and how far I was pushing the boundaries of our swinging. Then I felt Ray grip my hair and push me forward again so I quickly closed my lips over the cock. I caressed his balls with one hand, my other hand clasped around the base as I took as much in my mouth as I could. I really had to stretch my mouth and jaw to fit him in. Hands held my head still as Tony started to gently thrust between my lips. I have always loved to suck cock, I love the feeling and taste of a hard cock in my mouth and I started to suck him noisily as he basically fucked my mouth. I stroked it faster and started jacking him, holding my mouth down over the head, I was so determined to have him cum in my mouth.

"Fuck I'm cumming, oh god! Take it baby!"

I felt his balls tighten in my hand and then he grunted and exploded in my mouth. He shot gobs of his creamy spunk into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed until I had milked every drop from his gorgeous cock and it shrunk in my mouth. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and got some tissues to mop up cum running down my thighs and face.

"We need to go babe," Ray said. They both ran their hands over me and we kissed.

Quickly grabbing their tools they were suddenly gone leaving me to reflect on my very mixed emotions. I looked at myself in the mirror, lipstick smudged and mascara blotchy. My face glistened with dried cum and I could feel spunk running down my thighs. I began to feel ashamed and embarrassed of what had happened today.

Gary and I started swinging at the club but now I was starting to feel things were out of control. I believe that swinging was best as a two way process and Gary was starting to miss out I'm sure. I felt just too guilty about the shameless way I had acted this afternoon, I really enjoy my young black lover Ray and he loves fucking me, but today I had felt just like a whore and though my husband handles being cuckolded very well and has even grown to love it, I'm not sure we should push it too far. I love him so much but recently I preferred my lovers black cock too much for comfort.

Gary was very reluctant to put our swinging on hold when we talked that evening but eventually we agreed it was right to put all elements of our swinging on hold for a while. At the moment I feel such a slut so we resolved that we would spend some time on our marriage and get some closeness back.

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