I Get Degraded At A Hotel


At this April stopped suddenly and said with surprise "Face sitting? Really? Oh and you can sit up again."

Yet again I was embarrassed. I had not been planning on mentioning that one but in my distracted state it kind of came out. I couldn't think of what to say so I just nodded.

April continued and asked in a disbelieving voice "Nikki are you a lesbian?"

I quickly said "No, no I, I just look at it cause, well, I imagine the women that I am looking at are not lesbians either. I uh, I like the idea of a woman being, well, forced or convinced to go down on another woman. That is why I like face sitting because it is more, well, degrading I guess."

April responded curiously "Really because you seemed pretty excited when I was touching you just now."

I blushed deeply and said "Just because I am not attracted to women it doesn't mean, uh, it doesn't mean it doesn't still feel good when you, when you touch me. Plus it is also kind of humiliating to be caressed by a woman."

April thought for a second and asked cautiously "So face sitting, is that one that is better left in fantasy?"

I couldn't tell for sure but it seemed April was hoping for a no here. Suddenly I had an image of me on my back again with April ordering me to stay as she lowered her pussy down to my face. I blushed deeply at the thought of my humiliating little fantasy.

I answered very nervously "Things like that, I would have to, I would have to know they don't, you know, have any STDs. So I would have to, I would really have to trust the person."

I couldn't bring myself to be more direct than that. It was embarrassing enough just hinting at it.

April smiled and said "I will have to keep that in mind. Oh but back to some of your other admissions. Anal? Whipping? Clamps? Really?"

I was about try to answer when a knock startled me out of my thought process.

April hopped up and said "Aww we will finish this another time. That should be the Pizza guy. Tell him to hang on a minute."

I did as I was told and April pulled me up and into the bathroom. She pulled a towel down and wrapped it around me loosely. She then adjusted the towel until it was barely hanging onto my breasts, exposing the top of my right areola.

April stood there admiring her handy work for a second, and then placed my left hand on the tuck of the towel. She loosened the tuck even more so that the only thing holding up the towel was my hand and the tuck was just for show. Then she instructed me on what I must do and say.

April was hurrying me so much that I did not really have time to feel embarrassed about what I was about to do right away. As April was giving me my instructions I started feeling the fear and anxiety of the humiliating experience to come building inside me. Before I could really freak out too much April pretty much thrust me in front of the door and even started to open it before hurrying to the bed to watch with a huge smile plastered to her face.

I continued to open the door with my right hand while holding up my towel with my left. Once the door was open and I saw the tall, skinny, freckle faced, red headed boy outside stare at me, the humiliation hit me.

I froze. I knew I was supposed to say something but I forgot what it was. I just stood there paralyzed on the outside and terrified and embarrassed on the inside.

The boy, who looked barely out of high school, had obviously noticed my partially exposed nipple. His eyes darted back and forth between my eyes and my right breast, where, thanks to the towel slipping a bit, my nipple was over half exposed now. Finally it was the boy who broke the silence with a trembling voice that still broke on occasion. "One med... One medium cheese pizza?"

I stood there a second more and I heard April chime in and say "Nikki is that him?"

That reminded me of what I was supposed to say. I replied very nervously "No, I mean yes but no."

Turning back to the pizza boy who was still entranced on my breast I said "Sorry, we are, we are the right r, room but we thought, that is we were expecting someone else."

The boy's face lighted with understanding "I thought it was kind of odd I, I've never been asked by name to deliver a pizza before. I feel lucky if I even get a tit."

The boy realized his misplaced wording of "tit" instead of "tip" and went bright red. He looked like he was desperately but pitifully trying to play it off.

I pretended not to notice as he quickly stuttered out "Um ten, that'll be ten even m, ma'am."

I tried to remain calm this time and think through what I was supposed to do. I carefully said "Please, please come in while I get, get my wallet."

I walked over to my purse and pulled my fifteen dollars out of my wallet with one hand while allowing the towel to loosen up a bit with the other as I was supposed to. As I leaned back up my towel slipped a little uncovering my right breast completely as I said "H, here you go fift-Shit!"

I feigned surprise, though the embarrassment was all real, as I attempted to fix my towel allowing the other breast to pop out in the process. After pulling the towel back up and barely tucking it in I looked back at the boy and he was frozen with a stupid look on his face. The way he was gawking at me was so humiliating but was turning me on as well.

This was the hard part, I held out the money in my hand for him to grab but he was so lost he didn't seem to realize it. So I thrust the money in his half open hand and grabbed the pizza with my left hand. As I reached forward my towel slipped a little, but held.

This was not as planned, it was supposed to fall. I must have tucked the towel in to well. I grabbed the pizza box and turned towards April.

She had a disappointed look on her face and she said "That wasn't what I told you to do Nikki."

I blushed. Even though I knew the pizza guy could not know what she meant I still felt embarrassed that she mentioned that in front of him.

She then asked "Well how will you fix this?"

I just looked at her confused and terrified. What did she want me to do?

She sighed got up and walked up to me. She spun me around to face the pizza guy and said "I am sorry, you see we planned this whole thing out and Nikki here just messed the whole thing up. You see she does anything I ask. She is my pet if you will and since she did not do what I asked now she must make up for it."

She quickly ripped my towel off of me. I squealed and instinctively covered my tits with my one free hand while the other held the pizza, leaving my crotch exposed.

April laughed very hard. It was obvious she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

The boy stood there with his mouth gaping staring at my naked body.

I was mortified. I had no idea what to do. I knew I was not supposed to pick up the towel but what else could I do. So I just stood there trembling with humiliation.

Once April regained control she said to me while whipping her eyes "Nikki be a good girl and escort the nice boy out the door now ok?"

She finished the sentence with a hard slap on my ass that stung so bad I jerked my right hand, that was covering my tits, free to grab my poor tender cheek. This sent April into another uproar of laughter. I then pretty much pushed the near paralyzed boy out the door, thanked him for the pizza and closed the door.

April was still laughing when I came back to the main room, and my ass still stung a little. But now that it was over the strongest feeling I had was lust. I was so very horny, it was all I could do to stop my fingers from creeping down to my extremely wet pussy.

April's laughter faded out and she said "So how was that?"

I didn't really know what to say but just tried to be as honest as possible "It was very embarrassing and my ass still hurts a little... It was, well, it was good."

She laughed and said "So you liked, being stared at, being called my pet and even getting your ass slapped in front of someone?"

I thought for a minute, really wanting her to understand my willingness, and said "Yes, anything you want."

She chuckled a little and said "Just so you know, sooner or later I am going to test this 'anything' term you throw around so much. But for now I think we should eat before our pizza gets cold."

We ate in elective silence. My stomach was already so sick from nerves that I only ate a few bites and April only ate one slice.

Once April was done she got up and said "Now I think we should take the two big bags to the car.... And since you love this much I'm going to let you make this trip totally nude!"

She giggled with a wicked mirth as I contemplated all the possibilities of getting caught. My fear began to rise and my legs got weaker. I just stood there with my mouth half open for a moment until April asked "Aren't you going to help me?"

I moved as if I were in a daze. We threw the last few things in the suitcases and I put on the only shoes April left out for me; a pair of three inch black heels that strapped tightly around my foot and securely around my ankle. We each grabbed a suitcase and moved towards the door. April stopped short of the door and said "You first. I wouldn't want to block anyone's view of your sexy pussy."

She giggled happily as I nervously moved in front, towards the door.

I opened up the door with a shaky hand and looked around carefully. It was pretty late now and therefore pretty silent. This boosted my spirits a little.

I hurried out while it was clear only to hear April call from behind much louder than necessary "Where do you think you're going? What kind of slave would make me pull this all the way to the car?"

I froze in my spot frozen in fear and contempt for a quick second before I quickly turned around to grab the other case. I gave myself to this arrangement and now I had to follow it through. Plus, in a way I liked the way April was talking to me in an increasingly degrading manner.

She held out her suitcase towards me and as I grabbed it she said in the same loud voice "Plus this way you cannot cover your shapely, naked tits with your hands."

She giggled again as I hurried away now pulling both bags behind me. I arrived at the elevator and quickly pushed the button. I faced the elevator cowering in fear of getting caught. I could have now let go of the handles but I knew April intended for me to hold them. So I just stood there and waited, unable to cover my naked body with even my hands.

April came up behind me a few seconds later running her fingers across my skin towards my right breast. As she slowly moved her fingers across my skin she said in a soft voice "Why did you leave me behind Nikki?"

As I was about to apologize I felt her viciously grip my nipple and pull down hard, bending me over. I heard a loud ding and saw the elevator open up empty. April let go of my nipple quickly and before I could return upright I felt a hard slap of her palm across my left ass cheek.

I held back a squeal of pain reducing it to a muffled groan and shot upright gripping my stinging butt.

April stepped into the elevator and said "Don't leave me behind again ok?"

I grabbed the bags and pulled them into the elevator, pushing P1 quickly before anyone could show up. As the elevator descended I tried to rub out the stinging sensation in my butt. As it slowly faded I watched the numbers above the door anxiously, praying it wouldn't stop before the garage.

The elevator made it all the way down to P1 without stopping and I breathed a sigh of relief when the doors opened. I looked around very carefully to see if anyone was in the garage.

Once I made sure the way was clear I hurried out the elevator toward the car. I made it about five feet when I realized April wasn't following me. Not wanting to be punished for leaving her I turned around and went back to her.

Once I went back she stepped out. She kept me walking at a ridiculously slow pace considering I was completely naked! I was shivering, partially from the chill in the air, but mostly from fear. At one point I saw a car pass the end of our row heading towards the exit which caused my heart to jump to my throat but he just kept driving. He probably didn't even notice me from that distance.

We got to the car and I threw the bags in the trunk as quick as I could.

Just as I was finishing stuffing the second bag into the trunk April pressed forward with a couple of fingers, right between my shoulder blades and said "Head down Nikki."

I did as she said, letting out a little wine of despair. I wanted so badly to leave this open area. I was so absorbed in this arrangement that I knew there was nothing I could do so I just stood there, bent over with my head in the trunk and my exposed ass pointing out for anyone to see.

After a few moments fear April said "So let's just see how much you really like this humiliation..."

I gasped at the sudden touch of her fingers on my inner thighs. They slowly and lightly they traced their way up my left leg towards my crotch. My breathing became shallow and quick as my mind raced with lust and humiliation. I shuddered a little as her fingers reached my pussy and began softly gliding around my pussy lips. My lust was quickly rising above my humiliation, though never completely overpowering it. Though I could still feel my crippling fear I desired April to continue, shivering now with desire.

Finally her fingers slid between my wet pussy lips and into my eagerly awaiting pussy. I moaned softly, pushing my ass back and driving her fingers all the way inside me.

April giggled quietly and said "Oh my Nikki. You are a little public whore aren't you?!"

I blushed deeply at her comment, which reminded me that I was thoroughly enjoying being fingered openly in an open parking garage. I felt so humiliated and ashamed of myself, but also extremely horny. In unintended response to her accusation my legs slid apart slightly to accommodate her gyrating fingers.

My movement caused April to laugh again and say "You even open your legs freely, displaying your slutty pussy to anyone who could walk by..."

As she said all this she drove her fingers in and out of my hole and curling her fingers inside me. Her comments filled me with fear, disgrace, but mostly lust! I buried my face in one of the bags both in humiliation and pleasure.

She began moving faster and, giggling again, asked "C'mon you little slut, open those legs up even wider and really show off your disgraceful body."

I was ashamed of myself, but I did as she requested anyway in humiliated obedience. Even as I was thoroughly enjoying my degradation I was terrified. From my position in the trunk I had no idea what was happening outside of it, other than what I could feel and hear. I thought there could be someone standing out there right now watching me in this disgraceful position. There could even be multiple people watching me, ridiculing me, desiring me or even disgusted by me. My fear and humiliation rose, though it did nothing to lesson my pleasure, if anything it increased!

April giggled again and drove her fingers deeper and faster inside me for a moment as gasped in pleasure. Suddenly her fingers slipped out of me completely. Just as I thought, with a mixture of relief and disappointment, that this disgrace might be over a new feeling replaced the old.

I gasped again as I felt her tongue slide between my pussy lips and find my clit. I could hardly believe what she was doing! I am no lesbian but I could not deny the pleasure I felt from her tongue. This just embarrassed me further. I began moaning as she rubbed and flicked my clit with her tongue. Within what seemed like only seconds my legs began to shake and my moaning became rapid a high pitched, almost like a whine. (I have been told that I kind of sound like a dog begging when I get close to orgasm.) But before I could cum April pulled away and left me shivering and crazy with lust.

April stood up and walked around the side of the car saying "Not just yet Nikki, we will save that for later."

I felt so humiliated and confused. I didn't even move, bent over, with my legs spread and my head in the trunk. My mind just raced about what had just happened and what I wanted to happen. I couldn't decide whether I was hoping for more of this treatment of terrified by it.

After a moment of this April brought me back from my own head with a laugh and saying "Wow, you just cannot get enough can you, you little slut. You haven't even mo..."

April stopped mid-sentence as I heard the terrifying sound of a car door closing somewhere behind me. I quickly pushed myself up and out of the trunk and spun around covering myself with my hands in the same motion. I looked feverishly around the lot for the person responsible for the sound. At first I saw nothing to suggest anyone was there when suddenly I jumped at the sound of a truck starting just a few cars down in the row across from us.

I turned around to hide on the other side of the car but April stopped me and said, while obviously trying not to laugh "Where are you going? The elevator is that way."

I started to open my mouth in protest but closed it again in humiliated obedience. I turned around slowly still covering myself with my hands and started walking shamefully towards the elevator.

Just as I had started the car pulled out towards me. I was looking at the ground as the car got close, not wanting to see the driver staring at me. The car seemed to be moving ridiculously slowly and I felt so ashamed knowing the driver had to be staring at me.

Just as the car was a few feet in front of me April slapped my ass viciously. I yelped at the pain and jumped, grabbing my stinging ass, and exposing my bouncing tits to the driver.

April exploded with laughter as I quickly covered my tits again with my arm. Terrified but overcome with the need to see the face other the drive, I quickly shot a look up into the cab. The driver was a skinny man in his forties; he was staring at me in shock and disbelief.

I quickly looked away again and just about ran towards the elevator, moving about as fast as I could in my high-heels. Once at the elevator I quickly pushed the up arrow which caused the elevator to open. I hurried in and waited for April, rubbing my burning butt cheek and cowering from the driver of that truck.

When April got to the elevator she said "What are you doing, I thought we talked about you leaving me!? C'mon out of the elevator, I am going to show you how it feels."

She just about pushed me out of the elevator and said with a smile "I am going up first, stay here and I'll send the elevator back."

I was stunned and afraid as the elevator doors closed. I couldn't believe she left me alone and naked in the garage. I looked around in fear and notices the truck was leaving, but I had no idea who might still be down there or who might come next.

After only a couple seconds and after my fear had reached crippling levels the doors opened again. April looked at my shocked face she broke out once again into laughter.

After she calmed down a bit she said between chuckles "C'mon I was just messing with you. Get in here you little slut!"

I quickly got in the elevator and immediately pushed the 7 button. Suddenly April slapped my ass again.

As I gripped my stinging cheek in pain again she said "I never said to push that! For a slave you sure do a lot of your own free will. Now I will push some buttons too."

To my horror April quickly pushed all the buttons between us and our floor before the doors closed. As April laughed I shivered in fear of all the possibilities of getting caught when the elevator would stop at every floor.

As the elevator began to move and approached the lobby I prayed there would be no one there to see me. The elevator stopped and the doors swung open as I cowered in the elevator covered only by my hands. I breathed a great sigh of relief when I saw no one was out there.

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