I Get Degraded At A Hotel


April sighed as well, but not with relief, and said "Aww to bad Nikki, maybe we will have better luck on the other floors."

April giggled again as I stood there terrified and annoyed by her joy in all this. I wanted desperately to hit the door close button but I knew better now than to push any more buttons. After a few seconds the doors closed and the elevator headed off to the next floor and again I hoped desperately that the floor would be empty. Again I held my breath in fear as the doors swung open only to reveal an empty hall and again I breathed a great sigh of relief. This happened again and again all the way up to our floor when the door opened a final time to another empty hall.

As I hurried out of the elevator April grabbed my wrist and said "Now hold on Nikki, don't go leaving me behind again." I slowed down in response, not wanting to invoke her wrath again.

As we walked, way too slowly in my opinion, April said "It's a shame we didn't meet a single person on the way up. I bet you are really disappointed."

Her sarcastic comment made me cringe. It worried me a little, how much she was enjoying this. I realized though, that in a small way, I was a little disappointed. A part of me really did want to get caught. I even went so far as to imagine what might have happened if someone saw me, or even worse got on the elevator with us.

April interrupted my thought by pulling my arm back the way we came as she said "C'mon we cannot leave thing a like this. We are going to run down and try this again!"

She sounded very excited as she pulled me along back to the elevator. I, on the other hand, was once again terrified. We got to the elevator and I turned to look at April with a pleading glance.

She laughed at me and said "Go ahead you can push it."

I pushed the down button and heard the loud "Ding!" as the elevator doors opened. I hurried into the elevator and waited for April. She looked both ways down the hall and paused for a moment.

She eventually came in saying "I was hoping someone would come to ride down with us."

She giggled and I cringed with worry. She was trying very hard to get me caught like this. She then told me to push the first floor button. I did a she asked and waited in fear as the elevator lowered to the ground floor.

Just as before I stood there covering myself with my hands as the elevator doors opened, and just as before I breathed a sigh of relief when no one was there. This time though April stepped out saying "Hold the elevator doors open. I'm going to see if anyone is moving around out here." I did as she said; again thinking of how much she was doing to try to get me caught.

After a short time April came back looking a little disappointed but pulling on a smile saying "Sorry no luck here let's try the second floor."

I pressed the button for the second floor and repeated the same process for the next three floors, with the same results. Each time I felt terrified that someone would be there when the doors opened. Though each time I felt relief mingled with a tiny twinge of disappointment as the doors opened to an empty hall. April was definitely starting to look disappointed and was spending longer on each floor as a result. She looked so pitiful that I actually began to feel bad for her.

On the fifth floor though April came back quickly with a big smile on her face saying "Someone is coming, close the door and we will open it again in a minute."

I pushed the door close button and it shut quickly. I began breathing quickly and shaking. I tried in vain to cover myself even more with my arms and hands. In just a moment I would be exposed to whoever it was that was coming. What would happen then? I had no idea; I just knew it would be humiliating. I also knew April would do what she could to make it even worse.

After a few moments April told me to open the doors again but the person was still not there. We were about to let the doors close again when April saw the person coming around the corner. April shoved her foot in the doors to stop them from closing and the person hurried towards the door.

Once the person came into view I noticed it was a girl who seemed to be not much younger than me, about the same height too. She was a little thicker than me, not fat, just a little extra. She was wearing sweats and loose T-shirt with some slippers that had an unknown cartoon character on them.

She walked up and April said "Going up?"

At first she didn't notice me through her sleepy eyes and she stopped and said "Oh, no, going to the front de..."

Once she saw me her eyes opened wide and she froze in mid-sentence. April was giggling, trying not to break into full out laughter.

She controlled herself and said as casual as she could pass off "So... no, then? You don't want to get in?"

The girl seemed frozen. She just stood there staring at me for what seemed like minutes.

Finally, as if I couldn't speak for myself, she looked at April and said "Um, why is, well, why is she naked?"

April's smile broadened and she said "Oh, she is my slave and I took all her clothes away."

I blushed deeply and looked down at the ground. It was so humiliating when she told people that I was her slave.

I could hear the shock in her voice as she said "Are you serious?"

April laughed and replied "Of course I am. Nikki here is my little bitch. She will do absolutely anything I say, won't you Nikki?"

I shivered and just nodded sheepishly.

The girl looked as if unsure what to say and eventually, while passing nervous glances at April, said "Are, are you ok?"

She looked a little scared and I realized that she may think I was being forced against my will so I quickly responded "Oh, no, it's not, well, I mean, I, I am not, well, I am not being forced to do this. I kinda, well, I kinda agreed to this."

Now the girl looked really shocked and confused. Admitting this to her, as well as her reaction to it, made me even more humiliated. I knew she must have thought I was the biggest pervert alive.

April was smiling happily at my degradation just holding the door open. I was trembling with embarrassment, slightly hunched over, trying to feel as small as possible, and hiding behind just my hands. I wanted so badly to just see those doors close and escape this situation.

After what seemed like minutes of terrifying silence the girl spoke again, saying "How, how could you agree to, well, to this? Aren't you scared? Don't you feel humiliated?

I blushed and replied "I, I am terrified, and, well, even more than that I am, I am more humiliated than I have ever been in my life!"

My voice began to crack are the end, and I almost thought I would cry.

She now looked a little concerned, but still thoroughly confused and she said "So, so why do you let her [glancing at April] do, well... this, to you?"

I paused for a moment. It was so embarrassing talking about this completely naked in an open elevator. I finally said nervously "Well, I uh, I mean, in a way, a little part of me kinda, well... I kinda like it."

I could hear April trying to hold back her laughter. I couldn't believe I had said that to a complete stranger. I was humiliated beyond belief and I blushed deep red and raced the floor again. Even through this humiliation I could feel my lust smoldering deep within from my degrading experience.

The woman replied in disbelief "You, you don't look like you, like you like this. You look miserable!"

I had no idea how to explain this to the girl and was silent for a moment, trying to think of what to say.

April cut in and explained condescendingly "Well, you see, Nikki here is kind of confused. She is a very shy and self-conscious person. But she fantasizes about being humiliated and degraded, especially in public. So she is humiliated right now but she continues to do it, and anything else I ask because deep down she wants it. She could stop all this at any time with just a word but she wants it to much. Basically she is masochistic pervert, aren't you Nikki?"

I could feel my face flush bright red, humiliated and a little hurt by her description of me, but I nodded in agreement.

She looked very uncomfortable, but a little curious, and after a moment of opening and closing her mouth as if to speak she asked April "So she does anything you want, and [glancing at me strangely momentarily] she gets off on this?"

April replied with a big smile on her face "Yup, exactly. Would you like an example?"

April giggled as I looked at her with a pleading expression.

I was getting more and more humiliated by the minute and I had no idea what April had in mind. A huge part of me wanted more than anything for this girl to just say no and go away, but another part of me, a dark and shameful part of me was desperate for further humiliation.

She looked curious but a little worried. She paused for a second and said very nervously "Um, what, what do you mean?"

April smiled ignoring her question and asking another "Tell me what is your name?"

The girl looked a little caught off guard by this and said "Um, what? Sorry, I'm uh, I'm Jen."

April looked back at me and said "Ok Nikki, show off you disgracefully naked body to Jen here."

With great hesitation and embarrassment I slowly uncovered myself and forced my trembling hands to my sides."

Nikki laughed and added "Don't look away, keep looking right at her!"

I looked back up in embarrassment. Jen blushed and looked around nervously, not making eye contact, obviously unsure where to look.

Jen looked as if she was going to say something but April cut her off saying to me "Good now turn around and bend over. make sure you arch your back and stick that little ass out for Jen here."

I could hardly breathe but I did as I was told bending over and exposing my ass and pussy to Jen.

Jen exclaimed softly, obviously trying not to laugh "Oh my god."

After a moment of this April giggled a little and said "Good now turn around again..."

As I did this April finished "...and now bounce your tits with your hands."

Jen gasped very softly, seemingly surprised by April's cruelty.

I turned and looked at April hoping she was joking but knowing she wasn't.

She just looked right back smiling and nodded, signaling me to start.

I slowly started bouncing my, now C-cup breasts at Jen by slightly tapping the bottoms of my breasts up.

April was laughing harder now while Jen seemed to be silently watching since she didn't make a sound.

After only a few seconds April called out between laughter "Faster Nikki, really slap em good! Make those titties fly! And look at Jen while you do it, this show's for her."

I opened my eyes and began slapping my poor tits roughly. My tits were now bouncing viciously up and down, and I was wincing at the pain they began to sting from the abuse. I was looking right at Jen as April had instructed and she looked absolutely shocked. She was just staring at me with her mouth slightly open.

April was laughing uncontrollably now.

I kept this up for probably a full minute. It was humiliating, degrading, painful, and I was on the verge of tears, but I kept it up eagerly awaiting April's next command that would end this torment.

Finally April, who had now stopped laughing, said "Ok Nikki, you can stop now."

I gratefully did as she instructed. My tits were burning. I rubbed them, trying to ease the discomfort.

Jen looked at me and said with a hint of a smile and a slightly condescending tone "You know, I think there may be something wrong with you."

April exploded into laughter!

I felt like I had been slapped in the face. I had no idea what to say. I was so ashamed of myself, but couldn't deny that she was right. There was definitely wrong with me.

She smiled a little more and said "Well, it has been...interesting but I think I'll be going."

April's laughing slowed quickly and she said "Aww so soon? You sure? if you want I'm sure Nikki here would let you give the orders for a bit."

She looked over at April and still smiling said "You are enjoying this way too much, you know that? She [looking at me] is not the only one with issues here."

April chuckled a little and said "Suit yourself."

Just then Jen stopped mid turn, still smiling, and said "Actually maybe I will take you up on your offer."

April smiled and said "Perfect. Go ahead give her a try."

It felt like she was talking about a toy more than a person.

Jen leaned over and whispered in my ear "Rip off your friends skirt, panties and all."

I looked over at April in surprise and confusion, not knowing what to do.

April smiled wide, I am sure she assumed by my look that it was a degrading request. She told me in a condescending tone "What are you waiting for? Do what she said."

I knew I would probably regret this, I knew I should have told her what Jen said but I was looking forward to a little payback. Besides I figured she couldn't be too mad at me since I was only doing as I was told.

I slowly walked over to April and put my arms around her hips as if to dance with her. I didn't want her to be on her guard so I leaned in towards her ear pretending like I was going to whisper something in her ear. As she leaned in toward me I quickly slid my thumbs through the waistband of both her skirt and panties and yanked down fast!

Shocked, she made a grab for her skirt shrieking "What the hell!"

She missed her hold and in an instant I had her skirt and thong around her ankles exposing her cleanly shaved pussy, which was only inches from my face!

This time it was Jen's turn to laugh. She just giggled, looking a little embarrassed, but gloating none the less. She made a little wave and kind of half ran, half walked away.

April pulled up her skirt, leaving her thong down and looking a little upset said "So that is what she told you to do?"

I stood up a little nervously; knowing something bad was coming and nodded.

April looked at me sternly and said, correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't a good slave be loyal to her master?"

I looked down and meekly responded "Yes."

April smiled a little and said "Good. Glad we are in agreement. Now, going back to our talk about limits, this just might test that a little. Turn around, bend over and touch your toes."

Her mention of testing my limits made me a little hornier and a lot more afraid. I did as she asked, touching my toes, and exposing my pussy and ass to her. I was shivering a little; nervously anxious about what was coming. Would it be even more humiliation? Pain? Would I be able to handle it?

My mind was racing as I felt her spread my butt checks. I heard her spit and immediately felt her saliva land right above my anus. I realized quickly that whatever was about to happen would involve anal, which was an extremely embarrassing eventuality; though I am a huge fan of anal so the thought was also very erotic.

I felt fabric, a little rough, rubbing the saliva onto my anus. She moved slowly and asked "Do you know what I am planning to do to you?"

I nodded in shame and a little desire.

April quickly replied "And what is that?"

I really hated explaining these things. It was so humiliating. I slowly and nervously said "Um, you, you are going to, going to put something in, something inside my, my ass?"

April laughed a little and said "Yes, and knowing this, you are not going to stop me?"

I just shook my head.

April chuckled and said "You really are a pervert aren't you?"

Before I could respond I felt thin, rough, scratchy material being pushed into my ass. I tensed up as I felt it go in. I realized that she must be shoving her thong inside me. The fabric burned as it rubbed my sensitive hole, and the thought of her inserting her panties into my ass was much more degrading than anything I had been thinking.

April pushed in three or four sections of her thong then suddenly stopped as there was still thong hanging out my clenched hole.

She abruptly said "Ok, stand up."

I did as I was told. As I moved the fabric in my ass made the most uncomfortable, almost painful feeling. I could also feel that there was still a lot of the thong hanging out my ass, dangling down and tickling the back of my upper thighs. This worried me.

Fears were realized when April pushed 7 and said "Ok let's head on back... How do you like my thong? Isn't it comfy?"

I had no idea how to express to her how unpleasant it was so I just shook my head. Besides I was too worried someone would see me with this thong handing out my ass.

The elevator rose past the sixth floor much to my relief and came to a stop on the seventh with what seemed like an extra loud "DING!"

April smiled and said "C'mon slave, let's go."

We headed out but April led me the wrong way down the hall. I didn't know what was going on but I was beginning to learn to just obey without question.

April pulled me into the little alcove with the vending machines and said "I figured you needed to cool off a little."

As she finished her sentence she pushed the button on the ice machine, making an enormous amount of noise just to let most of the ice fall through her hands." I was terrified someone would hear the noise and check on it. I was also worried and curious what she meant to use the ice for.

With three pieces of ice in her hands April moved behind me and wrapped her arms around me. She pulled one piece of ice from her left hand and traced it around my crotch with her right.

The cold made me flinch in response.

She continued moving the ice down to my pussy. She first rubbed the ice between my pussy lips, which made me squirm a little, and then suddenly she pushed the ice deep into my pussy.

I involuntarily jerked a little and gasped as I felt the cold ice cube slide inside me.

She then quickly pushed in a second and then a third piece of ice inside my pussy.

I shivered fiercely from the odd, cold sensation.

April laughed and said "There you go, all cooled off now. Now don't take those out. C'mon."

She led me out into the hall towards our room. The ice inside me almost felt like miniature cramps, and I could feel the water leaking down my legs from the melting ice. Not only that, but my anus was really starting to bother me. Walking around with the irritating thong hanging out my ass was starting to hurt.

We got to our Room and I was so relieved when April let me in without any tricks or further humiliation.

Once inside April came up behind me and began twirling and tugging slightly on the thong hanging out my ass. My anus clenched automatically from the motion, causing the slight burning sensation of the fabric to worsen. The feeling was very uncomfortable and made me wish I could pull it out.

She whispered to me as she did this "I am sorry, did you want this out of you?"

I quickly answered "Yes! Pull it out of me, please!"

She laughed softly and said "Let me think... No, I'm not going to do that. Instead I was planning on pushing it all the way in. How's that sound?"

I whined a little in response but did not say no.

She continued "In fact I was thinking of maybe pushing more than just that in there. Still no objections?"

I was very tempted to refuse this. I knew I should say no. Any normal person would object to this. But then again, I was far from normal already and the idea of April forcing me to take something in my ass was turning me on immensely. I had had fantasies about just this type of thing happening to me but I never thought they would come true. I wanted to obey her, but was still too ashamed to admit this to her so I said nothing.

April paused for a moment to allow me to answer. When no answer came she smiled and said "Good girl. Now bend over the edge of the bed and spread your legs so that I can play.

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