tagIncest/TabooI Got Her How I Wanted Her

I Got Her How I Wanted Her


This is primarily a son mother story, but at the end there is a little unasked for lesbian fling

I first got the idea of fucking and or seducing my mother as I grew older, the first time it popped into my head was one day in the kitchen, I was just having something to eat, I had just seen my girlfriend and I was as horny as fuck!

The bitch had teased me, made me get a fucking big hard on then pissed off and went home! My mother Jenny, had pout my plate on the table and bent down to pick something up, and there were her tits! They seemed to be saying hello to me.

I could see they were a good size, and still looked fairly firm, well firm enough for a fucking horny 20 year old. She saw where I was staring and smiled at me, 'feeling frisky are we?' she asked, turning away.

'Sorry mum, but it was a good view,' I told her truthfully. Mum, bless her, laughed aloud, 'well, as long as it's only looking then,' she replied.

'Don't you ever get lonely mum?' I asked. My dad had fucked off a year ago, thank god, I hated him, fucking wanker, that's about all you could say about him.

'Well if I wasn't always so blooming busy looking after you, and having to work, then I might meet someone nice one day?' she replied.

'Mum, I would love to take care of you.'

'And where would that be, in your bed!' and again she laughed.

That's when the idea jumped at me.

'Mum,' I said a little indignantly, but she was right, I would too!

'Sorry babe, I shouldn't have said that, but even at the ripe old age of almost 40, I still have feelings you know?'

'Yes mum and rightly so, you are still a real beauty, why he pissed off, though I'm glad he did, I'll never know?'

'You mustn't talk about him like that honey, he is still your dad!'

'Not as far as I'm concerned mum, and that's the end of that!' I told her.

'Get your self on the internet, see if there are any guys out there for you, they'll be falling over themselves to get you mum,' I laughed with her.

'I haven't the foggiest idea of even how to do that, you know what I'm like with computers.'

It was right at that moment that a possible plan was in the offing. If I could sign her up, I could chat her up, 'get to know her' sort of thing.

'I'll do it for you,' we went up to her room and she opened it. I went on and after about 30 mins, I had her signed in as 'Foxy lady' she entered a password, and I noted it. I showed her how to view, chat anonymously etc, and told her to have fun.

I dashed to my room logged on and created an account for myself too, I called myself 'Foxy boy'

Twenty minutes after that I sent her a brief message.

'Hey Foxy lady, I'm Foxy boy, have we met in the past? Lol.

'Hi Foxy boy, no, I don't think so, I'm new to this, what does LOL mean?'

She didn't know what LOL meant? I couldn't believe it.

Foxy lady, you seem so sweet, LOL means Laugh out Loud, LOL get it?

'Oh yes, ha ha ha ha, I'm a bit silly, I'm sorry.'

'You don't sound silly to me Foxy lady, and with a handle like that, then you must be Foxy?

Thank you for the compliment, can I ask you who you are please, how old are you, that sort of thing?

My name is Foxy boy, so does that tell you something, I lied, I'm 28 years old, going on 30!

Ooooh you are young aren't you?

No maam, you must be a little older?

Yes you could say that.

I prefer talking to more mature women, they have a better grasp of the world. I told her.

Very wise reply young man,
she responded.

If there was one thing I knew about my mum, it was her view of the world.

So Foxy lady, are you married, single, divorced, boyfriend, what?

I am separated, soon to be divorced.

Ah that explains it doesn't it? I wrote.

Explains what?

Why a beauty like you is on here, you're looking for a guy?

How do you know I'm a beauty, you haven't even seen me?

But I'm not really, my son has got me onto this, I'm just testing the water so to speak.

I can tell from the way you write, and 'talk' you are up there with the specials I told her, How old is he?

He's just turned 20

That must make you around 38, 40?

Very clever, very astute

I'm trying to impress you Foxy

You are, for a 28 year old, you and Tim are the same age in your minds more or less,

He is a very lucky young man Foxy


Be cause if you were my mum, I would be chasing you! LOL

LOL, she answered.

I think he would like to chase you Foxy


Chase you, try to get his lovely mother

LOL, I think he is trying to

No! he doesn't, he isn't?

Mmmm, maybe

Wow, why don't you go for it?

I can't do that, it would be wrong.

Not if no one knew about it Foxy?

Enough of that now, do you have a photo? So I can 'see' you?

I'll send you one later,
I told her.

Ok, I have to go now, but I can be back on about 10pm?

I'll be waiting for you Foxy, you have my total interest, Bye x x

Me too, Bye x x

Just before you go Foxy, can I see you too?


I set about finding a photo of someone who resembled me as close as I could get it, but a bit older it took me an hour, but I found one.

I knew mum knew enough to send and receive pics on the web, so I created a new e mail address just in case.

10pm arrived, I was already logged on, I could hear my mum messing about so I had to wait.

10.15 and there she was.

Hi Foxy, how is my lovely this evening?

I'm good thank you, sorry for being late

It's okay, but be careful, it could earn you a spanking one day LOL

Ooooh, that might be nice

It's a good job I was sat down, or I would have fallen over at that remark.

Oh yes Foxy? Like to be chastised do we, need the occasional slap on your hot bot?

Maybe, by the right man

Fucking hell I thought, my own mother is telling me, a complete stranger that she might like to be spanked! Then another thought occurred to me, was she a closet submissive? She had always been a quiet person, a retrospective kind of lady, even to me as I grew older, she would run from an argument. And always shied from my old man. I ran a couple of ideas through my active mind, then took a chance, and said.

I do 3 kinds of spanking Foxy, a soft easy gentle one that doesn't really hurt, its the power thing. A medium one, where I leave a red bum for you to ponder your fate, should I ever decide to use my hard one.

Oh, I didn't know there would be a choice, but if I wasn't given a choice, then it would have to be the hard one then, hey?

I think that only the hard spanking would show you the errors of your ways Foxy, I sense that only that will do for you.

I took the bull by the horns then.

I believe that you would get real turned on Foxy, if I had you tied over the back of your sofa. Would you heat up, when you feel my hand creasing your proud taut and tight buttocks? Would you get wet?

She went quiet, fuck it! I thought, you've gone too far, you fucking idiot!

Please, don't. How do you seem to know me so well?

Panic over.

I can smell your pussy from here Foxy

NO! You can't do?

You are all wet aren't you? TELL ME!

Yes, yes I am, please don't shout at me?

I will shout at you all I like if I need to; you need to learn who I am!

Show me your photo Foxy, I want to see you, I want to see the woman I am going to bend over her sofa, spank and thrash her arse big time!

This was happening too fast, and I was getting ahead of myself, I told myself to slow down a bit.

It went quiet again for a good 10 minutes, I was just about to close down, when she came back on.

I'm sorry, you got me all unusually excited and I had to have a little time to myself, she said.

Oh yes Foxy, and did we do something in that quiet time? TELL ME FOXY!

Please, I don't want to say


I thought about being over my sofa and it got too much for me, I'm sorry

Did you fuck your pussy with your fingers Foxy?

No, I used my, my, erm thing?

Fucking hell, she had brought herself off right on the other side of the wall from me!

You mean your vibrator?


Wouldn't you rather have the real thing Foxy, My big,hard thick, long young cock?

Oh please, don't speak like that, I don't know you?

You are getting to know me Foxy though aren't you? I bet the thought of my hand on your bare arse and my cock in you is exciting you no end?

Please, don't.

I don't have to Foxy, I already know, don't I, but more to the point, so do you! But we'll let it go for a moment.

Thank you

Tell me about your son? Who is he?

He's 20, he's beautiful, I love him, he is the darling of my life, I would kill to protect him, he loves me too.

Wow Foxy he sounds great

He is believe me

I do babe, I do, is he sexy too?

I do believe he is, yes

Evaluate this in your head Foxy, what would you do if he ordered, or demanded that you lean over your sofa, so he can thrash your beautiful sexy bottom?

I I I I, oh wow? I don't know?

I think you would obey him, don't you Foxy, you didn't come right out and say no, did you?

You caught me off guard, thinking about something like that is new to me

Are you telling me Foxy that in all your life you have wanted to be dominated, and you haven't been, ever!

Well if I'm to be truthful, yes, maybe I have, and no, I haven't.

Your son would love to dominate you Foxy wouldn't he, I get the feeling he is quite strong minded, just like I bet his father was, he would make you his, have you over the sofa, and use you just for his pleasure, and just how you need it hey Foxy?

How can you say that? You have no idea of who he is

I know you Foxy

It seems you do, it's a good job you don't know where I am isn't it?

Would you like me to? Would you like to feel my domination of you, my bare hand slapping hard down onto you while you are ankle tied to your sofa, and pretending its your son?

I I I I'm sorry, I must go, goodnight, tomorrow?

You got it Foxy, but wait, I have a photo, do you?

Yes, do you have an e mail address

Send it to this one, and I gave her my new one. I'll send you one of me through this, its convoluted, but it will save you giving me yours, just for the moment anyway, And I hope it's a sexy one Foxy

I sent mine, and 10 minutes later I got mums, I was stunned, she had taken it on her phone, and she was only wearing a bra, and it was a skimpy one!

Foxy, one day soon, you are going to have my hot throbbing prick all he way in you honey, and you can take that to the bank! I wrote. After I have leathered your defenseless backside!

Ooooh, who's getting excited now LOL, you look very much like my son, but a bit older, I like you

We have to meet Foxy, even if it's just once, what do you think? Which city do you live in?

She told me. That's just great Foxy it would take me 45 mins to get there

I had no idea now what I would do if she said yes. Our conversations were continuing, we were on our 4th day now, and I was getting real close to her, she was admitting all sorts of things to me.

You need me to show you what being a mans toy is like, a mans plaything, his fuck toy, learn willingly to obey your master Foxy. What it means to be loved and controlled at the same time Some one you can learn to respect, be taught to respect, Foxy, you need it badly don't you?

Silence again, ah well I was trying, I had a huge hard on too, that needed seeing to, and real quick!

Goodnight sweet dreams of me? Foxy x x

You too honey, think of 2 things ok, my hand, and my big cock finding you, Bye x x

I will, nite nite x x

She was gone, tomorrow I would plan a detail for it, us, we.

'Morning mum,' I said as I kissed her cheek and accidently felt her bum

'Zac, please behave yourself. And smiled.

'You love it mum, don't try and kid me,' I said loudly.

'I love what?'

'Your bum being handled, I see it in your eyes, bet you wouldn't mind it being walloped now and again too?' I said, and quickly left the kitchen, but not before I heard a very audible gasp.

I went upstairs, took a couple of photos of my massive hard on, before I beat it to death! Loaded them and sent them to her. I also wrote.

Just for you Foxy, when are you going admit you need it? x x

I left my PC on but silent. Then I went back to her, said I was going to do some work in my room, then tonight I would be out with my friends.

'Okay baby, behave yourself?'

'If I was at home with you, I might misbehave myself mum,' as I turned away.

'Zac, you get back here right now.'

I went to her.

'What do you mean, talking to me like that?'

I steeled myself, 'Mum, I need to be blunt, you are a beautiful sexy woman, you need to be loved by someone strong, someone who can and will take you in hand and show you the way, the way to your true self?'

I waited for the broadside.

I looked at her, she was trying to form words but her mouth wasn't working.

'I rest my case mum,' and left her standing there.

I was in my room listening for her, she signed in.

Hey Foxy, have you got my new photos?

Hi, you shouldn't send these on here, they might fall into the wrong hands

As long as it falls into your hands Foxy, who would care? Have I been lucky enough to impress you with my big cock,

LOL, but just to make you happy sir, yes I was, very!

Foxy, I'm free tonight, what do you think?

Oh I'm not sure, I think I would like to, but I'm a little scared about that

You need to make a decision Foxy, I don't mess about, if you are too scared, which I do not want you to be. Then we'll have to look elsewhere for our pleasures.

I was now trying to nail her down, get her to agree to let me at her, bit of gentle blackmail if you like?

Just imagine, you are stood at the back of your sofa, you have tied your ankles 4 feet apart for me, I walk in, bend you over it and spank your tight butt with my hand? Then I walk out and leave you, until we meet again on here?

Oh my, oh my goodness

Sound good Foxy?

Mmmm, I have to confess it does

You are to wear heels, stockings, suspenders, thong, bra and nothing else.

Oh oooh!

I can be there by 9:00

Please, let me think about it?

Okay, so you like my cock Foxy, does it do things for you?

Its been a long time since?

After I have seen you, you will be happier than happy.

Okay you have convinced me, 9:00 it is.

She gave me our address, just like that, to be honest I wasn't that happy that she had agreed to meet a stranger, especially in her own home, but I was betting she hadn't thought of that. But my prick was straining to get out, and get abused again. I did.

Make sure you are dressed exactly as I have told you.

And I signed off, I didn't want her to be able to write to me now, I wasn't giving her the chance to back out.

I went and bought a ski mask with just eye holes in it, and length of good soft rope, I didn't want her to know it was me, and the rope was so I could have her wrists tied and over the sofa under my control, helpless.

I forced myself to be normal as I spoke to my mum later, I could see she had something on her mind, I wondered what it was? LOL.

I left at 7:00, and returned at 9:00 on the dot. I entered the house through the unlocked back door.

'Foxy?' I shouted softly. I wanted her to know I didn't know my way around my house.

'Here,' an equally soft reply.

I walked to the sitting room and peered through the crack in the door. There she was, just as I had told her to be, I wondered what the chair was doing behind her. Then I realized she had used it to sit on while she tied her ankles for me.

She was stood magically beautiful, her underwear was so gorgeous and sexy, and she was in position. I walked in silently.

'Over,' it was a one word command. She obeyed. Taking out the already prepared rope with a slip knot at either end, I took hold of one wrist, slipped one end on, then the other end to her other wrist. She was now totally helpless.

'Please what are you doing, we didn't agree to this, please please don't hurt me?' I could tell she was scared and worried now.

'Don't be afraid,' I said in my best disguised voice.

I slapped her arse as hard as I could twice, once on each cheek.

She stiffened completely, and gave out a loud moan.

'Tell me Foxy, what do you want Hmmm?'

'You sir, I need you to punish me, I've been naughty.'

Two more blows rained down.

'Oh oh Ooooh, AAAARGH.'

'Are you wet for me Foxy, your master?'

'Yes oh yes, I'm soaking!'

I ripped away her thong and threw it down, then I gave her a real good spanking, she began to cry, and beg me to stop, I hit her arse hard, but I stopped after a while, only because my hand was hurting!

I unclipped her bra, and snapped the straps.

'What are you doing?' she asked.

'Anything I want to Foxy, what do you think?' And I landed two severe blows to the back of her legs. It made her knees sag, so I stroked her pussy with the end of my thumb in a long slow languid movement. This made her stand up real quick.

I pushed her back over the sofa, 'Stay down,' I ordered.

'Oh no, oh please, aaaargh, Ooooh humph!'

Then I reached around her and squeezed her turgid nipples hard, I nipped them, and crushed them, and finished with a gripping twist.

Her body bounced up and down, she wept, 'please sir, please?'

'What do you want, you worthless slut?'

I already knew, but was determined to make her say and admit it.

'Foxy, pretend it's your own son behind you, what do you think he ought to do to his beautiful sexy helpless mother?'

'Anything he wants, Oh god please do me, please, who ever you are I'm begging you, please do me, oh please please?' and her tears fell on the sofa.

I tanned her bare arse and legs some more, slapped her tits from underneath.

'Beg me Foxy, beg me to fuck you, you nasty dirty worthless slut, beg your son to fuck you.' I told her.

Calling her like this I didn't really like, but it was all part of the game. I fingered her boiling pussy, I actually had my fingers in the place from where I had popped out of all those years ago.

'Please oh please, I'm begging you Zac, please fuck me, oh Jesus in heaven, fuck me.' She whinnied.

'I am your son, I am going to fuck you too, today, tonight, tomorrow?'

'Ye sir, I will go to him, and tell him I want him so badly.'

I jammed a finger up her arse, oh did she squeal when I did that.

I battered her arse some more.

'Tell me again about Zac, do you think he could satisfy a sexy fucking whore like you Foxy, is your pussy good enough for him, is it made for his throbbing cock?'

'Yes yes yes yes, Oh please yes, I need him, oh please Zac, do me.'

I drove my prick right into her, pulled it out, and said, 'like that Foxy?'

'Aaaargh, oh no, put it back in oh please?' she was almost insane now, was I going too far?

'I want you to tell me you will be mine and his property from now on Foxy, and tell me like you mean it, or I'm gone!'

'I will, I will Oh I will Zac, I promise with all my heart.'

Without her realizing it, I undid one loop on her wrist, poked my finger back up her arse, made her lick it clean, slapped her some more, then silently and quickly left the house. I would return in a couple of hours to see what my mother was like.

I returned home as normal, kissed her cheek, mum looked morose, I would find out later that she had logged on and sent me several messages, the first one berated me for leaving her, then she went to the meat of my plan. 'If you have done this to me so I will let my son have me, own me and let him fuck me, then its worked, as soon as he comes in, I'm surrendering to him!'

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