tagRomanceI Had Monday Off..

I Had Monday Off..


I had Monday off; you were stuck at work for a nine hour day. Suddenly I realized; I wanted you and wanted us to have that earth shattering sex where the world ends and after we're both spent all we hear is ringing in our ears.

As you're sitting at your desk your phone vibrates, a text message. You see its from me, "I want you – I need you". All of a sudden you get tunnel vision, your brain darts back and forth reeling from my text. You feel a hardness form as your cock gets the message too.

I smile as I close my phone after sending you that text message. "hmm" I think to myself, "I've got a lot of work to get done". I head out to Victoria's Secret where I buy a black lace bra with matching panties with stockings and a garter belt. As soon as I get home I immediately get changed into my new outfit, covering it with my normal clothes, the feel of the lace and stockings feels amazing against my skin.

Your work day finally ended and you race home to our house, you notice only our bedroom light is on and the curtain is open. The car has barely had a chance to stop before you quickly get out of the car and try as calmly as you can to walk to our front door.

As you open the door you notice the flickering lights of candles lining the interior of our home. "baby?" you call out, you get no answer. You place your briefcase and keys down as you walk in the house, "Baby??" you ask again. You notice a note ahead on the floor as you get closer you see that it says "Tie" you take off your tie and put it with the note. At the foot of the stairs you see "shirt" and dutifully hang your shirt on the banister. The top of the stairs has another note "pants".

You finally reach our bedroom door and realize how hard you're becoming with the anticipation of what is on the other side of the door, waiting for you.

You slowly open the door expecting to find me, perhaps on the bed, maybe even on the floor atop blankets. You don't find me, you think the room is empty and I've played some mean and horrible joke on you. "Hey you" you hear my voice say. Suddenly you realize I'm standing in the doorway between the bathroom and bedroom.

As soon as you see what I'm wearing, my newly purchased lace outfit complete with shiny black heels, you go from a bulge in your boxers to a full raging hard on. "Ooh mmm Baby" you say to me. I slowly and seductively walk towards you and stop close enough that my lace covered breasts ever so slightly rub against your chest. I use my finger to trace down your chest to the band on your boxers, my eyes taking in your beautiful body. You place your right hand on the side of my neck and gently pull it down my body coming to rest on my hip.

I lean in and slowly kiss along your jaw line, my curls falling on your skin, until I reach your ear with my warm breath against your ear you hear me whisper "I need you". The desire you hear in my voice tells you I mean what I am saying. You kiss from my shoulder to my neck and reply "but can you handle what I have to give you" and as you say this as you take my hand and place it over your hardness. My answer comes in the way of a small moan as I realize how hard you are and how it's meant for me.

I thought I was going to have my way with you, but as soon as you touched me I realized I had no choice but to submit to you.

Your hand moves from my hip to the small of my back and you pull me into your body, my breasts close against your chest – I can feel your heart beating. I fall to my knees, your hardness obvious against the fabric of your boxers. I slip my fingers between your body and the boxer's waistband and pull, your boxers fall in a puddle at the floor. My body goes numb as I see your cock hard in front of me as it is freed from its cage. I run my fingers up your thighs as I place my tongue between the shaft and your balls and I slowly pull my tongue up to the tip then circle the head. I hear your breathing change as I do this – it tells me I'm doing something right. Suddenly the hunger I have for you rises up and I wrap my lips around you and take you into my mouth, my tongue dragging along the underside the entire way. "mmmmmmmm oooh Lorelei" you moan out. I keep sucking and moving my lips up and down on you. I take you to the back of my throat and keep you there, I constrict the back of my throat around the sensitive tip of your cock and pull my cheeks in creating a suction around you. You bury your hands deep in my curls and slowly pull me off of you. I look up at you, my lips glistening in a mixture of your juices and my saliva. I lustily lick my lips, my eyes still locked on yours.

You gently pull me up to my feet and take off my bra, your eyes stare at my breasts before you slowly turn me around, my back to your chest. Your arms reach around me, firmly cupping my breasts, using this leverage to pull me into you, I don't fight it, I fall into you and gasp slightly when I realize your erection slid between my thighs. You run your hands down from my swelling tits to my panties, slipping your fingers underneath, quickly finding my pussy, its already dripping wet for you. I grind my ass into your groin, wiggling myself on your fingers. I feel your breath on my neck as your lips part in a smile in the realization that I am totally at your control.

You pull away from me and take my hand, walking me towards our window. I reach up to close the curtains and you quickly pull my hands back, "no baby, I'm going to have you and I want everyone to know" My heart thumps in my chest at the thought. "...but...Michael, I " you place your finger over my lips and firmly reply "No." My eyes soften as I look at you. I part my lips and reach my tongue out to your finger, encircling it before I pull it into my mouth and slowly pull back on it. You lean in and firmly kiss me, it's the first time you've kissed me tonight and a surge of electricity bolts through my body. One hand runs down my back as you grab and squeeze my ass and the other runs between my tits, over my stomach and comes to rest on my panties. You grab them with your fist and pull at them hard - your strength easily tearing the fabric from my body. I moan out loudly at the feel of the fabric being ripped from me, exposing me.

You kiss me again, deeper – harder. As we kiss you guide me with your hands so I am facing the window, staring at our reflection. You take my hands and place them up on the window, my breasts and pussy for all the world to see. You pull my hips back towards you and run your fingers through my wet pussy quickly dipping a finger inside of me only to tease me by pulling it out just as fast.

"Do you want me Lorelei?" you ask me from behind. "I want you inside of me" I breathlessly reply. You lean into me, pushing my tits against the glass of the window, its coolness instantly making my nipples even harder. I feel the tip of your cock against my swollen pussy, your hand on my back, just above my ass holding me in place as you thrust forward and fill me with your pulsating cock. I scream out with a long and pleasurable moan. You're so hard inside of me, I feel my wetness falling down around your cock, seeping out from me and onto you. You put a hand on each hip and pull me towards you then push me away, your cock stroking me with steady motion. I open my eyes and look out and realize that a couple who were walking past has stopped to look at us. I smile as I notice the man's obvious bulge in his pants.

You feel me tighten around you, my moaning turns to gasps and you realize I am close to orgasm. This only makes you pump me harder, faster and longer. My thighs tighten and my toes curl as the orgasm rips through my body, my pussy squeezing your cock with its convulsions, I'm getting you wetter and wetter with my juices as I orgasm. You fight from cumming inside of me then, you want this to last a little bit longer so you pull out of me, catching me as I weakly fall against you. I regain my legs and turn to you, the inside of my thighs getting wet, dripping. You put your hands on my shoulders and guide me to the bed where you lay me down. You climb on top of me, I feel myself get instantly wetter, I love it when you do that. You kiss me with more passion than we both realize is there, our tongues dancing for one another, with one another. As you push your tongue inside of my mouth I quickly close my lips around it and slowly begin to suck on your tongue as I had on your cock. I hear you moan slightly and I release my hold from you.

"I can't take it anymore baby" you say to me as you once again enter me, the weight of your body against mine sends my nerves into overdrive and I arch my body against yours, bringing you further into me. You start moving in and out of me faster and faster, I feel another orgasm welling up deep inside of me, you feel your groin start to tingle knowing you are not far behind. "YEEssssss" I hiss at you as my body starts to shake in utter climax, my hands moving to your back digging my nails lightly into your skin. The feel of my stocking encased legs wrapped around you, my nails in your back and my wetness splashing over you bring your orgasm to fruition. You hang your head to my neck and let yourself go with me, our juices mixing finally as they should, my pussy getting hotter with each stream of cum pumped into me.

"Welcome home" I whisper as we collapse with one another and soon drift into a hot, naked blissful sleep.

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