tagInterracial LoveI Hate My Boss, or Do I?

I Hate My Boss, or Do I?


Lina Henderson hated her job. Not really the job, but her boss. Lina had worked at Welco Consolidated, Inc. on the east coast for five years. She'd started as a secretary when she was nineteen years old. Lina was dedicated and worked diligently to secure a permanent position in the company.

Lina was in her cubicle one Wednesday trying to figure out which bill she'd let float this month and which bills she'd pay when she learned of a new position opening up. The CEO was hiring a new executive assistant. Lina wished she'd ignored the advertisement. But she didn't. She applied and secured the position.

"Hey girl, what are you doing? I know you aren't worrying about bills. Girl, make Charlene pay something. You two are together right?" her best friend Alexis told her.

Laughing Lina defended her girlfriend again, "Charlene works. You know we both don't make a lot and we're trying to save for a house. Come on, it's not that bad."

"Hmm, that's what you're saying." Alexis mumbled. "Charlene seems to have it real easy. Did you apply for the position? You know he's crazy right?"

"Ms. Henderson, Mr. Briggs, Sr. wishes to see you in his office. Will you follow me, please?" a tall woman Lina had never seen before instructed her.

Knowing that the lady was one of the higher-ups, she stood and quickly followed her to the highest floor in the building.

Walking into Mr. Briggs, Sr.'s office and feeling apprehensive, Lina stood before the big bosses wondering, What is going on?

Jimmy greeted her and simply stated his purpose for calling her into his office. "Ms. Henderson, welcome" shaking her hand, "Please sit. I've been watching you and I like what I see. I see you've applied for the executive assistant position and are more than qualified it." Lina was flattered and before she could respond, Jimmy continued.

"I know you know my son, Matthew. He has been assigned as CEO of the marketing branch of our family business, but he's so busy that he can't seem to schedule his work so that he can make time for his family." Jimmy explained.

Lina was confused, "Mr. Briggs, I don't see how I can help. Your son is dedicated to his work." she concluded as she bit her tongue.

Jimmy saw the look of uneasiness and confusion flash across her face. Chuckling to himself, he could not wait until his son saw this young woman. She was stunning, as well as strong. A strong woman was exactly what Matthew needed.

"Miss Henderson, Lina, if I may, I want to promote you to the position of Executive Assistant. This position will include a new title, your own office, and significance increase in salary." Jimmy explained.

Lina was excited. With a promotion and salary increase, she could quit her night job and spend more time with Charlene. Jimmy gave her some time to think about and a week later, Lina accepted the position as executive assistant to Matthew Briggs.

Lina was talking to Mr. Briggs one day after a board meeting when his son walked in. "Son, I want you to meet your Executive Assistant, Miss Lina Henderson."

Matthew turned and before him stood a woman who was stunning. She was a few inches shorter than him, lovely light brown caramel skin, grey-green eyes, her black hair was cut short into the latest style, with a body the was curvaceous and firm. Matthew's blood heated at the sight of her.

"Ms. Henderson, I don't know what my father promised you, but I can promise you this will not be a fluff job.

Lina stood as tall as her six foot frame would allow and looked Matthew in the eye. "Mr. Briggs, I don't do fluff, and I look forward to working for you." Then she was dismissed and went to the lobby to await further instructions.

One Year Later

One word could describe her boss, Matthew Briggs: Gorgeous. He was 6'7" tall. He had deep olive skin, jet black hair that he pinned back, the most fascinating green eyes. His personified sex, but he had no interest in it. If Lina Henderson was into men, she'd have a major crush on him.

However, even though he was an extremely handsome man, no one liked him. He was rude and short with people. The only person who ever tried to interact with him at all was his Dad and his cousin from across the country, RJ.

Matthew did not want someone interfering in his life. Lina planned trips for him, made purchases he didn't have time for, sent out gifts when birthday's or holidays arrived. She even tried to set up time for him to visit his family.

When he traveled, Lina accompanied him on trips. She was a steady date when he needed a companion for social functions and she was always available if he needed her to come in.

She was also very pretty and for him that was distracting. So he did everything he could to make her quit. He disapproved of her style of dress, her lifestyle, and even refused to greet her when he arrived at work. She didn't know why she put up with his crap, none to the other assistants had to deal with stuff like this.

He implemented a strict dress code for all of his employees. At no time was casual wear allowed. This was a business and only professional wear was accepted.

When entering his office, she had to stand with her hands placed behind her back each morning until he inspected her attire and commanded her to return to her desk. She must be on time and meet all of his specifications.

This week, however, Lina had plans. She and her girlfriend were planning getaway. This was their last ditch efforts to try and save their relationship.

"Miss Henderson, we will leave for Houston early. Make sure you are ready on time. I don't want to have to spend time waiting like the last." Matthew Briggs informed her once he called her in to debrief at the end of her work day.

Lina was confused. "Wait, Mr. Briggs, I requested time off this week, it was approved. Ms. Tooley will be accompanying you to Texas this week." She explained.

"No, I had them to deny your request and you will be accompanying me. Cancel your plans with your girlfriend, you're busy." Now Lina was ticked. She put in her request over two weeks ago, and received her confirmation email just last week.

"Wait, they approved my days. I have an email to prove it." Lina told her boss who seemed to become even happier by the minute.

"Ms. Henderson, you might want to check your email again" Matthew informed her smugly. She felt her anger build and knew that there wasn't a thing she could do but say "Yes, sir."

Matthew looked in her eyes and he could see her fury. He loved the way her grey-green eyes turned darker when she became upset. However, she was a consummate professional and would never argue with a superior at the job.

He suspected that under her calm exterior beat the heart of a woman full of passion and vigor.

"Excuse me." Lina stood to go check her e'mail and sure enough she been sent a message denying her request for time off.

"Darn it!" Lina shouted much to Matthew's amusement.

Lina took a deep breath. She had to calm down and keep her temper in check. She didn't need to lose her job, but she needed this week. She had already made plans and her girlfriend of five years, Charlene, had given her an ultimatum. If she canceled for any reason, this time she was leaving for good.

Making her way into Matthew's office, she'd try and reason with him. "Mr. Briggs, I know that this trip is important for you, but is there any way you can have Ms. Nance or even Ms. Tooley to accompany you. I really need this week for personal business." Lina begged to her boss.

"Hmm, nope. My father in his wisdom selected you to assist me, and you accepted the job. Now I have to travel and need assistance, so too bad, Ms. Henderson, be ready in the morning, I will pick you up."

Lina went home. Her partner, Charlene, rushed to meet her but came up short. "No, no Lina, you promised. You promised me this week." Charlene screamed as she became agitated and shoved Lina away from her.

"Charlene, I'm sorry. He had my leave denied. There is nothing I can do." Moving to gather Charlene in her arms, Lina tried to comfort her girlfriend.

"You could quit. You don't have to work for him, but you like him don't you? He wants you, you know." Charlene questioned with a cold stare.

Throwing her arms up in frustration, Lina scoffed, "Charlene, don't start this shit again. I love you, Charlene, no one else. He is asexual. He's not attracted to anyone. Listen, I'm sure-"

"I'm leaving, Lina. I can't do this anymore. He wants you and you want him as well. I'm a third wheel." Charlene stated, "I won't compete with him anymore. I'm moving this weekend."

Lina's short fuse blew, "You always do this. You know why I took this job. I was trying to be here for you. If I didn't have this job, we'd still be living in that dump we were in two years ago."

Charlene shook her head and stared at Lina for a moment. "You're too blind to see the bright light blaring in your face. Lina, I'm out." Even though Lina didn't realize it, she'd fallen for her hard-hearted boss, Matthew Briggs.

Lina didn't know what to make of this. Charlene always threatened to leave, but they were always threats.

"Wait, what do you mean? What are you talking about, Charlene? Let's talk about this when I get back." She pleaded.

Then Charlene rose, walked to their bedroom, and retrieved her luggage. Taking out a phone, she made a call. "Hey, baby. Come get me. It's over with her." Pausing she nodded as the mystery person spoke. "I'll be waiting at the door. Love you too, bye."

Lina was now confused, because Charlene was carrying over five bags and they were only going to be a way for the weekend. Also, who was this person, she was talking to.

"Charlene, what's going on?" she asked as her heart stopped.

Charlene looked at her with a blank look in her face as if they had not known each other at all. "Hmm, you're not the only one who had someone on the side."

"Wait, wait, what do you mean? Charlene, are you seeing someone else?" Lina asked shaking with a mixture of fury and pain. "Who, Charlene? How long?" Lina demanded.

"Really, you're demanding answers. You have been with him every night for over a year. You jump when he calls, runs when he commands, hell, he even has you dressing like his personal sex kitten" Charlene vented. "If you haven't fucked him yet, you will this weekend. He's groomed you to be the perfect woman for him, even I can see that."

"Charlene, you're wrong. God! He's a workaholic. He doesn't even notice me!" Lina tried to explain.

Scoffing, Charlene looked at her. "When did you start wearing only skirts, thongs, and padded bras with fitted tops. Your make up is perfect every morning, when before you hardly wore any.

You requested this weekend off four weeks ago, and he approved it. Did you mention to someone that we had plans?" Charlene paused and waited for an answer.

Lina swallowed, "I mentioned we had a getaway planned to Mrs. Parks, his secretary, but she would not..."

"Were you in the office? Was he near?" Charlene continued as she waited for her ride.

"Charlene, come on what does that have to do with anything?" Lina asked, What is she talking about? He may have heard, so what?

"Charlene, please. Don't leave." Lina begged. HONK! HONK! a car horn blared from the driveway.

Lina stood in front of her lover to prevent her from leaving. Soon someone was banging on the door.

"Charlene, are you ready, come on!' the woman yelled.

"I'm coming baby. Give me a minute." Charlene looked at Lina and shook her head in disappointment, "Bye Lina" she gently kissed on the forehead and pushed her aside.

Charlene walked to the door and let her lover in. "No, no! I won't let you leave me. You can't, I've done everything for you Charlene. " Lina sobbed.

"Hey, don't do this. Let her go. Don't do this." Charlene's new lover whispered as she securely wrapped her arms around Charlene watching as Lina fell apart.

"Get out! Get out of my house, Charlene! I hate you! I hope you two rot in Hell." Lina yelled as she threw a lamp, books, and anything she could reach. "GET OUT!"

Charlene and her friend walked out, leaving Lina sobbing and broken in the living room of her home.

Lina thought about her relationship with Charlene. For years they lived in cheap, dingy, and small efficiency apartments until her promotion over a year ago.

With her increase in salary, she bought them a nice three bedroom house. It wasn't perfect, but it was for them. Charlene seemed thrilled at first, then he interfered.

This was his fault. He seemed to live to mess up her life. She never had a weekend off. He'd call with ridiculous request at all times of the night. He acted as if he had the right to simply take over her life.

She'd begged him to let her have this weekend, and he refused. Not for any real reason, just because he could.

She hated him. This was his fault and he wouldn't even care that he'd destroyed the only thing that mattered to her.

Lina sat and cried all night. Down and crushed in spirit, she resolved that she had to find a way to move on without Charlene.

Before she knew it her alarm was sounding. It was time to dress for Asswipe, to pick her up.

At five o'clock Matthew drove up to Lina's house. I hope she and her girlfriend don't keep me waiting with their dramatics.

Lina walked out just as he was about to blow. Matthew got out of his car to help her with her bags. He opened her door and helped her in the car, then placed her luggage in the trunk.

"Ms. Henderson, thank you for being prompt. I'm glad your girlfriend allowed you to leave without the dramatics." Matthew continued, as Lina closed her eyes and tried to hold herself together as he drove.

While he was driving, he noticed that Lina was distracted. He took a moment and glanced at her. Something was wrong."What happened? Did someone hurt you?" he asked.

Lina glared at him. Here was the man that caused her the love of her life, and he had the audacity to fiend concern for her. No, he didn't have the right.

Lina looked at him, "Mr. Briggs, my personal life is not your concern." He could feel the anger rolling off of her in waves. He knew that somehow he was the cause. Apparently her girlfriend was upset about this business trip, so what. She'd get over it.

"Lina, we have to meet with a client in a few hours and you look horrible. Since you don't wish to discuss what's bothering you at least try and look presentable before our client arrives." Matthew admonished her.

"Of course, Mr. Briggs. Whatever you want." Lina replied snidely and then looked away from him. They arrived at the hotel at which they would be staying and Matthew went to make their reservations.

He registered them into their suite and the bell hop carried their bags to the room as they followed.

Their first meeting was at ten with an old friend of Matthew's father, so it would not last long. Lina decided to dress as she wanted. Donning a coffee and cream double-breasted suit, that screamed power, she was stunning. Matthew had never seen her dressed this way before was stunned by his reaction. He realized that he wanted this woman.

Lina walked into the restaurant and there was no doubt as to who held the power. She was pure sex. All eyes were on her, but her eyes were locked on one man, the man that caused her everything and didn't care, her boss, Matthew Briggs.

Mr. Anderson was tickled pink. He'd never seen Matthew so flustered. This girl was fascinating and he was beginning to see why his friend chose her.

There was one small problem, her being gay, but he was positive that it wouldn't be one for much longer.

He chuckled as the waitress approached the table and was floored by the dynamically handsome combo that waited her there.

Matthew was charming causing the girl to blush, but when her eyes landed on Lina. Lina smiled and gently caressed her hand as she ordered and the girl melted.

Matthew was transfixed as he stared at the young woman who was his executive assistant. He'd never seen her in this light. However, she was a woman, his woman. Whoa, my woman! Where did that come from? We just work together. Matthew thought as he tried to get himself together. I'll talk to her about this later.

They sat and chatted as they waited on their order. The waitress brought their order and placed them before them. Lina made sure to thank the young woman vocally causing the young girl to blush even as she hurried away.

"Ms. Henderson, we are working here. I'd prefer if you kept your dalliances during your own time." Matthew stated annoyed that Lina seemed interested in the girl. "Besides I'm sure your girlfriend would not appreciate this type of behavior."

"Thanks to you and your manipulations, Mr. Briggs, Charlene left me last night. So what I do is no longer a concern for her." Lina looked at him. "Are you jealous because she seems to like me better than you?" She asked with a smirk on her face.

"Hmm! Hmm! I am so sorry to hear that Ms. Henderson. You will meet someone else. Perhaps, you've met them already." Mr. Anderson interjected to try and alleviate the tensions at the table.

Matthew was mentally reeling at the news she'd just given him. She was a free woman now. Maybe he could... He looked at her face and instantly saw the hatred she felt for him.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Henderson. If you need me to speak with her, I-" Matthew attempted to offer as he had to force himself to remain seated and not cheer. He didn't like Charlene. Charlene didn't appreciate Lina like she should have. Lina worked hard to support them when Charlene wouldn't even try to keep a job.

He knew she cheated on her. He'd actually hired someone to follow her and take pictures of her cheating. He planned to give them to Lina during this trip, but, they broken up.

When he first started to have feelings for this girl, he didn't know. They just kind of snuck up on him. He asked her to stay late one night, and she called her girlfriend. He didn't know what was said, all he knew was that the bitch made her cry.

It was then he decided, to take her from her. So he worked hard long hours and had her to stay. He called her on weekends, under the pretense of work, just because he wanted to be with her. Last week when he heard her talking to Mrs. Smith about a weekend away with Charlene, he had to stop it. Soon, one call to payroll ended those plans.

But Charlene hurt her, and he'd make her pay. But first, he had to get Lina to see him as a man, not just her boss. Also, she had to want him and not be turned off because he was a man. Matthew had his work cut out for him.

"Matthew, Lina, It's been a pleasure. Thank you for breakfast. And I'll relay your proposals to the rest of the team." Mr. Anderson stated as he prepared to leave.

Looking at Lina he added, "She didn't deserve you, you know. But I know you will meet someone who does."

He then smiled at Matthew. "Son, I'm going to call your father and let him know he should be proud."

Lina thanked him for his kind words before excusing herself. Fuming at Matthew again, at his audacity, Lina stood, "Excuse me, Mr. Anderson." Then she went to the ladies room. Mr. Anderson seized the opportunity to address his God-Son.

"She deserves to be treated like a queen son. When you get her you'd better treat her right. Hear me."

Matthew faked ignorance, "Sir, I don't know what-"

Chuckling Mr. Anderson chuckled. "You interfered in her relationship with that other woman. You made sure she was never home. So what do you plan to do.?" Mr. Anderson asked.

"I don't know. Man, she's hot. All I think about is her. This morning, Wow! She hates me. She blames me for Charlene leaving. How do I..." Lina returned and Matthew stopped talking.

Returning to her seat, she bid Mr. Anderson farewell as he left.

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