tagRomanceI Haven't Seen You In Years Ch. 02-03

I Haven't Seen You In Years Ch. 02-03


Round 2

I stood in the empty room, waiting to see if you were ready to go for round two. I had almost given up, put my shirt back on and gone downstairs to leave when I heard you climbing the stairs. You opened the door slowly. You saw me standing in the middle of the room and came towards me. You grabbed my stomach and pulled me towards you, kissed me with passion and force that I hadn't felt from you all night. You held me so tight and lifted me off the ground. We kept kissing as you carried me to the wall. I wrapped my legs around your back and my arms around your neck. Your kiss was so passionate, intense, and just sexy. You lowered me down to my feet just to take my shorts off, then picked me up by my ass cheeks and wrapped my legs around you. You laid me down on the floor, took off your boxer briefs. You grazed your tongue down my chest, over my nipples, around my belly button to my inner thighs. You ran your tongue up and down my clitoris, making my entire body tremble every time. You ran your tongue back up my torso until you reached my mouth and kissed me deep to where I could enjoy the taste of my own juices.

I rolled you over onto your back and gently kissed you. I kissed down your chest to your happy trail and up the shaft of your penis. I lightly swirled my tongue up and down and around your member. I reached the bottom and then went around and around to the top when I swallowed your penis all the way down. My head bobbed up and down your shaft. Hearing your moans and feeling your trembles sent shivers up and down my back. You pulled me back to your face and licked my lips to taste your precum. I straddled your cock and slowly lowered myself onto you. I slowly rode you up and down, speeding up at a decent pace. I lowered down to kiss you. You whispered in my ear. 'Let me make love to you' you said. You wrapped your arms around me and rolled me over without ever leaving the inside of me. You held me tight and slowly made deep love to me. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. The constant orgasms were so amazing, I couldn't hold in my screams. I was holding on so tight to your back and after every orgasm I scratched and pinched at you more. You bit my lip to try and keep me from screaming and kissed me softly to bring it on. You made love to me that night like I will never experience again.

Round 3

We didn't finish until after the sun had come up. We fell asleep tangled together naked on the hard floors. A few hours later I woke up and you weren't next to me anymore. I gathered my clothes and got dressed, walked into the hallway and instantly smelled bacon. I walked downstairs to find you fully dressed frying up some bacon and eggs. I strolled up to you, kissed you on the cheek and thanked you for breakfast. You laughed and told me that it was more like a late lunch, as it was 3pm. I stole some bacon off of your plate and made us some coffee. You looked at me with an almost worried expression on your face. I asked what was wrong, you said nothing, but the question mark on your face said differently. Do you think we should talk, I asked you, and you did.

We walked upstairs and sat back down on the floor. Looking around the empty room took me through a take by take of what had happened over the past 18 hours. I looked at you, trying to figure out how to start the inevitable conversation. I decided by thanking you, for the night before, and all the years you were my friend. I asked why we had known each other for well over ten years and nothing like this had happened until now. You looked at me, almost afraid of what you were about to say to me. You explained to me that before you saw me as my brother's little sister. I wasn't a woman to you until you saw me the night before, then you realized how much things had changed. You told me that I had grown up into a young woman and I wasn't a little girl to you anymore. I knew that you had always seen me as a child and I wanted for so long to change that, but I guess the only way to change it was to stop trying and actually grow up. I couldn't help but look into your eyes and remember all the times I had lusted over you years ago. I decided to ask you the inevitable question. "What are we doing now?" I asked. You looked at me, almost confused, like I should know the answer, but I was clueless. You told me we're friends that took things too far the night before. My jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe that not even 24 hours later you already regretted the night we had. I started to tear up when you scooted over to me and hugged me tight. You ran your fingers through my hair and apologized, kissed me on my forehead, got up and left.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I watched you walking away. I couldn't believe that it was over, the night was so amazing and it was already over. I sat on the floor for a few minutes, weeping. I was so hurt and confused. How could the night before not have meant anything to him? I began to get angry. I got up off the floor and ran out of the room, chasing after you. I caught you getting into your beat up pick-up truck. "What did I do wrong?" I screamed at you.

"Nothing, you did nothing wrong. Please don't blame yourself for this. It's my fault." He answered, hanging his head down low. I ran up to you, grabbed your face and kissed you hard. You wrapped your arms around me, kissing me back.

You pulled away, stared deep into my eyes. "So, that meant nothing?" I asked. "You never want to be able to kiss me again, or have a night like last night again?"

"Of course I want to be able to kiss you again, and obviously I want to be able to have nights like last night again, and I don't want them with anyone but you, but this wouldn't work."

"Why wouldn't it work?" I asked. "Why wouldn't we be able to fall in love and be happy? Do we not deserve that? Am I not good enough for you?" I barely got the last question out when you grabbed me again. You kissed me hard as you picked me up and I wrapped my legs around you. You carried me into the house and sat me down on the couch.

"It would work, and we would fall in love and be very happy. I just don't know if I am ready for that. I'm scared." There was a look in your eyes that I knew could be nothing more or less than vulnerability. I told you there was nothing to be scared of that we couldn't handle. I rested my head on your shoulder and asked you to just stay with me today.

"Please just spend the day with me today. We can go home and tonight and sleep on it, alone. In the morning we can meet for breakfast and decide what we are going to do." I begged. You agreed and we sat in silence, just holding each other for hours. Every once in a while we would kiss or speak a bit, but it was mostly silent. I asked you to make love to me, for what could be the last time. You looked at me, almost looking hurt, and grabbed my face. You kissed me hard and pushed me onto my back.

There was no foreplay or romance this time. We ripped our own clothes off and attacked each other. You pounded yourself inside of me, holding my shoulders and thrusting into me hard. Other than to breath our lips never stopped touching. You pulled away from my lips and just stared into my eyes, still thrusting hard into me. Sweat dripped from your nose onto my lips. I licked it off and reached to kiss you. You pulled away from me, not letting me kiss you. You saw the look in my eyes when you pulled away from me. You reached in and kissed me, then told me that you don't want to hurt me. I put my finger up to your lips to quiet you and told you that we couldn't have that talk until in the morning. You finished making love to me, pushing me to orgasm multiple times.

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