I Is For Icing


Inspired by Sue Grafton's alphabetical series.

There he is!

The stretch limousine silently trundled to the curb and came to a stop. The crowd pressed around the vehicle, women screaming and cameras flashing for several moments before the driver could make his way around to the rear door.

Dorie couldn't breathe. Her body was numb and she felt as if she was going to faint. He's really here! The car's door swung open and Paul Stanley stepped out, his lanky frame covered in rock finery. He smiled at the fans and finished his glass of champagne, handing the empty vessel to the driver. Then,


The cacophony of voices grew louder as Gene Simmons stepped out, casting his evil gaze on all in attendance. Dorie's heart gave a painful leap as his eyes swept over her, returning for a moment to take in her 40DD breasts in the nearly see-through shirt. His eyes connected with hers again and a silent message passed to her. He was interested. She gave a small nod and watched as he whispered to the driver. The driver's eyes met hers and she smiled as he nodded.

The other members of KISS got out of the vehicle and made their way into the hotel, ready for to party after the hugely successful concert they'd put on earlier. Madison Square Garden, sold out for two consecutive nights. Now, it was time to party and Dorie wanted to be there with them, more specifically, with Gene Simmons, the bass rock-god of the band. She knew of his sexual nature and was more than ready to fulfill his needs.

"Miss?" The driver touched her arm and she turned to him. "Come with me."

Dorie bit her lip to quell the urge to shout out loud. It was suddenly too much to handle. I'm going to meet Gene Simmons! He opened the door of the limo and waited for her to enter. She thought that this was a little strange, but she ducked in anyway. Maybe Gene wanted to meet her separately, away from the crowd. The door on the other side opened and the driver slid in, removing his gloves and dark glasses.

"Nice." He smiled, checking her out from head to toe. "Are those real?"

"Yes." Dorie leaned back on the seat. She knew what this was about. She would have to service the driver before he would escort her up to the party. She would do it. She would do anything to meet Gene. "Wanna feel 'em?"

His hands shot out so quickly that she almost screamed. He grasped her heavy breasts and gave them a squeeze, flicking his thumbs over her rapidly hardening nipples. "Wow, they are real."

Dorie reached up and pulled one strap of the shirt down onto the top of her arm, allowing the breast to pop out. "Have a taste."

He dropped to his knees between her legs and affixed his mouth to her teat. She hissed in pleasure, feeling her sleeping pussy awaken and begin to drool. She loved having her nipples sucked on. It always made her cum and he was a good sucker. He alternated between soft licks, hard, noisy sucks and toothy nibbles and she was so wet that the crotch of her hot pants was soaked. She figured that couldn't stand much more of this action so she laid her hand on his thigh, walking her fingers up his sensitive thigh.

"Oh, yeah." He whispered, leaning back to pull the other strap down and burying his face in the plump flesh of her exposed breasts. She rubbed his dick through the polyester and managed to push him onto his back. He started to protest, reluctant to let go of her boobs, but when she slid her hand into his pants and took his dick out, he didn't complain. Her long fingers ran the length of his skinny cock, then curled under his balls, giving them a gentle stroke.

Dorie bent over and took him into her mouth, resting her fleshy globes on his thighs. He groaned and reached down, teasing her nipples into hard relief and squeezing them between his fingers as she sucked him into paradise. She wasn't surprised to feel him cumming so quickly and easily swallowed his small load. He was just an intermediary, probably hadn't had sex in a while and relied on his connection with the stars he ferried about to provide that. He just lay back for several moments before moving to zip his pants back up.

"Ready to go up to the party?"

Dorie tucked her breasts back into the shirt and adjusted the straps. "Lead on."

* * * * *

She'd never seen anything like it. A rock star party in full swing. All kinds of people were stuffed into the set of suites: big, breasted girls, druggies, long-haired hippies, wannabes and of course, girls like herself, interested in one thing and one thing only. Dorie took in the scene, looking for and finding the area of the most activity, a side bedroom. Most likely, Paul and Gene were in there.

"Ah, there you are." His deep voice rolled over her like a hot summer breeze, igniting the fire banked in her belly. "I was wondering what happened to you."

Dorie smiled, taking the champagne from him, fighting to remain calm. "Had to take a short side trip."


"The limo driver?"

They both broke out in laughter. "Well, I've never known him to pass up a free meal." Gene Simmons moved closer to the black-haired woman, his eyes on her hard nipples. "You must have really wanted to get in the party."

"Not really." Dorie rubbed her fingers along his arm. "I wanted to meet you."

"Me? You wanted to meet little old me?"

Dorie giggled, moving in to whisper in his ear, "Actually, I'd like to suck little old you."

His dark eyes bored into hers. "That can be arranged, dear lady."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Dorie couldn't believe that she had said that to Gene Simmons but she was happy that she wasn't as shy tonight as she usually was. He turned his back on her and strode away, leaving her alone in the center of the room. Her heart dropped, watching his head of curly hair move away. What did I do wrong? Was I too forward?

"Got a problem, love." His deep voice rumbled in her ear, his breath hot on her shoulder. "No beds."

"Then how about a bathroom?"

Dorie followed the rock star into the luxurious bathroom, pulling her shirt off as he turned to lock the door. "Ah, now that's what I wanted to see."

"You show me yours, I'll show you mine."

Dorie! She ignored the little voice in her head that wanted her to remain innocent. She gleefully stripped, her eyes locked onto his dark ones, a smile playing on his lips. She knew he was looking at her breasts, her lush curves, the shape of her lips. She knelt and took his massive tool into her mouth, licking and swirling her tongue around the head. He smelled so good, so manly. An earthy mix of sweat and leather, musk and urine assailed her nostrils and she inhaled deeply, loving this moment, this experience.

Her eyes were closed and she felt him move closer, his prick finding deeper purchase in the depths of her throat. She fought back the urge to gag and opened her mouth wider. His groan was music to her ears and she redoubled her efforts, increasing the suction and waving her tongue over his sensitive skin. He gave a grunt and she pulled out, smiling as he squirted his thick cum all over her breasts and face.

"Is that what you wanted?"

"Yes, but not all." Dorie smiled into his eyes. "I got the icing and now I need the cake."

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