tagRomanceI Just Did It Ch. 01

I Just Did It Ch. 01


His music was louder than most people could stand. True, his ears were starting to hurt, but it was a good song. Over the noise of the guitars and the singer crooning lyrics (well, yelling is more apt), there was the distinct sound of two beeps, so out of pitch and rhythm with the song that it was immediately apparent that it wasn't part of it at all. He made a downward spiral in the air with the hand that wasn't strumming his air-guitar, and the music decrescendo'd until it was merely loud, and not painful. He stopped jamming out, and sat down in front of his computer. He looked at the designs on the screen, and traced over some with his finger. He held a certain button on the screen and scribbled with his other finger, erasing the section of the intersecting lines and symbols that looked like any other section. He released the button, and drew what looked like the same shape again, just at a slightly different angle. He repeated this several times, apparently not satisfied with the several subtle variations on the same angle. Finally, after much trial and error, he leaned back from the monitor and nodded in satisfaction. He raised his index finger, ready to wind the volume up again as a reward, but a knock on his door interrupted him. He pulled off his headphones, and invited the knocker in.


"What are you doing in here, chica? It's a Saturday night, and you don't have a boyfriend!"

Mary looked up from her project. Her roommate Carmen was dressed to knock down all the boys, as she usually was on any given Saturday night. Her tight dress wasn't much of a covering, but it lived up to its name: it served as a light dressing for the "delights" underneath. Mary smiled internally; that kind of logic was what personified her roommate Carmen. The Latina wasn't exactly the opposite of Mary's more private lifestyle, but it was still different.

"Carmen, I would love to come out with you" she partially lied, "but I have what will probably be the most important job interview of my life tomorrow, and I don't want to answer 'What would you think is your greatest weakness' while nursing a hangover!" She weakly smiled to emphasize her point.

Carmen thought about this, or more specifically, thought of a way around this.

"When was the last time you got laid?"

Mary was surprised at the forwardness of the question, but only for a second. Her roommate wasn't known for her being a subtle conversationalist. Much of the opposite, in fact.

"Umm... Mathew."

Carmen's eyes took up most of her face. "That was YEARS ago!"

Mary rolled her eyes.

"It was 6 months ago Carmen."

"Yea! That's, like, years in caja time! You need to get out there and find a man!"

Mary didn't move from her chair, but did make a face. After a year living with Carmen, she learned to recognize some slang.

"How my caja ages is of no concern to you, thank you very much!" Mary stuck out her tongue at her roommate.

Carmen rolled her eyes. "Someone has to look out for it if you don't!" She laughed and defended herself from the flung-pencil onslaught. Carmen's smile widened with an idea.

"Alright, stop throwing things at me! I have a great reason to come out with me!"

Mary held up the pen she had ready to throw. "I'm listening."

"If you come out with me and have a good time, you will get some well-deserved relaxation, which will help you be calm and rested for your interview! You don't even have to drink that much, just come out and dace with me, flirt with the boys, and have some fun, instead of being cooped up in here like a pollo!"

Mary considered this. She was just in her room worrying about the interview tomorrow. If she got out and forgot about it for a while...

Carmen's usually twisted logic was making some very tempting sense right about now.

Mary heaved a deep sigh. "Fine, I'll com- *gak*!"

Having a shoulder from a flying hug ram into one's voice box is never an elegant way to end a sentence that might change your life forever.

It's funny though.


"Why am I here again?"

'Here' was a medium sized bar with a large sized crowed stuffed into it. It was not a very well-known or well-reputed bar, but it served cold beer, and that was all it needed to do.

'I' was a man named Jack. He looked like a mouse surrounded by cats in his current environment. They were drunk cats, to be sure, but all it took was one wayward glance to notice that Jack was not the strongest guy in the room.

"We are here, my friend, because if you spend another night in your room, in front of that fancy computer, I'm going to get an eye injury! We are here to have fun and relax!"

Jack sighed as his friend walked over to the bar to get more beer. Jack looked around. The bar was full of jocks in sports jerseys, big-looking guys in leather playing pool, and women that looked like they had been paid to be there.

"High school all over again." Jack quietly said to himself. The current top 40 pop song was blaring over the speakers, making his hard rock-callused eardrums to hurt from the lack of talent and Autotune. He looked over at his friend, who was stopped from bringing over the hilariously named and priced "beer" by a woman who looked like she wandered in by accident and was desperate to get out. Jack had an idea. He pulled out his cell phone, pointed the top of it at the woman's purse, and pressed a button on the side. A few seconds later there was a beep, and the phone's texting window came up. Jack typed a short message, and fought his way outside, narrowly avoiding three mugs of beer and four "I love you" drunks.

When he got outside, he took a deep breath of clean air, relishing the absence of the smell of spilt beer. About 30 seconds later, the woman who Jack's friend was talking to came out, her red-and-yellow patterned blouse darkened by splashes of airborne beer. Jack took a deep breath. What did he always say? Another deep and steadying breath. Still doesn't help he thought. One last breath and...

"It's downright dangerous in there, isn't it?"

She looked over at him, surprised. She had a pretty face; everything in all the right places and sizes to make Jack's heart (and other things) twitch. Her dark-red hair curled down the sides of her face, making a beautiful frame on a beautiful picture. She smiled, revealing pure-white teeth, and Jack forgot to breathe for a second.

"Yea, a woman's likely to drown in that place." She said, not noticing Jack's stunned state. She was looking from side to side, up and down the street. She turned to Jack.

"I'm sorry, but did you see a Latin chick run out here? My friend told me to meet here out here, but I didn't see where she went."

Jack snapped back to reality. "Hm? Oh, no, no one came out here besides me and you. I imagine she's still inside dancing with some random person. I sent you that text."

The woman reached into her purse. "Uh-huh. Ok." She started searching harder.

Jack rubbed his eyes. Great he thought, now she thinks I'm insane. He pulled out his phone, pressed the same button until there was a beep, and sent another text.


Mary's phone chimed its text chime. Ohthankgod that must be Carmen. Where are you! she thought desperately. She looked at her phone:


She looked at her phone in utter confusion. What in the... She looked up to see the strange man holding up three fingers, and his cell phone.

"I can send texts to phones that I can point at. It's a new feature."

Mary blinked a couple times, and then held up her phone. "This was just released yesterday. It's the newest phone on the market, and I don't have that."

The man smiled, his smile somewhere in between nervous and proud. "My phone's... newer. Whouldyouliketogotoabetterbarthanthis?" This last part was said in one breath, and with enough speed that it sounded more like "Woodjewliketobarbetterthis?".

Mary blinked, and looked at the man using the light of the bar. He had on a black and grey striped button down shirt with none of the buttons buttoned, and a graphic tee underneath. His pants looked like jeans in the dark light. Combined with his somewhat lanky physique, he looked, well, like a nerd, or the smart kid from high school science class, with a bit more... class. He certainly wasn't ugly, that's for sure. She sighed, and looked into the bar.

"My name's Mary. Take me away from this particular watering hole, it offends me." Mary said with as much British accent as Mary could muster, lifting her nose like a stereotypical snob, smile on her face.

The man, delighted, took a knee in front of her. "Mine dear lady, my title is Sir Jack, and I would be most honored to deliver you with utmost haste to an establishment of more suitable repute and demeanor for a lady of your stature." He rose with a playful smile, and his arm offered.

Mary glared at Jack. "Are you calling me short?" Jack was confused for a second. They were about the same height, even though Jack was about an inch taller. His confusion died a second later when he saw the smile on Mary's face.

"Aye, m'lady, let us carry onto a building that stools that do not require a stepladder for you to reach the seat!" Jack laughed a cheery laugh.

Mary was slightly stunned. When he laughed, his entire face lit up, and all of his features shined with a force that she had only seen in her fantasies. She took his offered arm, but not before giving it a playful slap.


Jack and Mary went to a local beer garden. It was one of the most well known in the city, with live bands playing almost every night, and a beautiful outdoor space, that opened up to a skyscape full of stars and the bright moon. Mary had never been there, but Jack walked in like it was his second home. The hostess greeted him like a favorite brother, with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They looked full, but the hostess was able to find a table that was just being wiped down. They sat facing each other, but it quickly changed to side-by-side when it became apparent that Mary couldn't tell a lager apart from a pilsner. Frankly, Jack couldn't either, but reading the menu became a series of jokes and musing on the tastes of beer that neither of them cared. They ordered, and started talking.

And talking. And talking.

Everything became a topic. There wasn't a taboo or subject that one or the other could not expound on or question the other about.

They kept talking through when their order arrived.

Mary could not seem to stop playfully hitting Jack, or doing anything to touch him.

They were talking when it was time to close, and they needed to pay (Jack paid using a card with a logo that Mary didn't get a good look at).

Jack tried everything he could to get Mary to smile, to see her enjoy being in his company.

They talked while Jack walked Mary home.

While they were walking and Mary was talking about how her favorite book was the best book ever, Jack was silent. Mary asked him a question, and Jack responded by turning to face her.

I keep saying it. It's done me this much. Don't fail me now he thought.

Mary turned to face him, and asked Jack a question that he didn't hear. He took a deep breath, reached one arm behind her lower back and one behind her head, through the red curls, and pulled her mouth to his.

Mary was surprised and startled and shocked and...


And he was a surprisingly good kisser.

Mary reached around to hold Jack and pull him closer. They both tried to push into the other person and at the same time pull the other person closer. The kiss stayed lips on lips, but it was far from passionless. When they finally parted, with an ever so slight groan from Mary, they looked into each other's eyes. An entire conversation went on in that slight amount of time. They changed direction and, holding hands, walked faster to get to Jack's place.


Jack fumbled his keys to get into his condo. He finally got the right key into the slot, and they almost knocked down the door. They fervently kissed, lips to lips and tongue attacking tongue. Jack pushed Mary against the wall, and followed with his mouth on the neck, kissing and nibbling gently. When he got to her collarbone, Mary pushed him away, and took of her blouse before he could question why. His eyes shined with lust and passion, and he attacked her collarbone where he left off. As he was about to go under the top of her bra to the treasures therein, he bent down, and lifted her off the ground. He was rewarded with a slight "eep!" of surprise, and her wrapping her legs around his waist. As he was attacking her mouth, Mary was attacking her bra in a frantic race to get it off. She had just got the offending undergarment off when the duo entered Jack's room and fell on the bed in a heap.

In a flurry of kissing, groping and some mild love bites, they removed the rest of their clothes until the only thing separating them was a pair of boxers and a pair of bikini-cut panties. Jack laid Mary onto her back and, with a calming gulp of air, kissed her lips, then her neck, then he dragged his lips down her collarbone and chest, breathing out on her skin, giving her goose bumps and amazing sensations all over. When Jack got to Mary's breasts, he took in the sight of them, and then with a quiet animalistic growl, attacked her left breast; showering it with kisses, light bites, and sucking all over. He avoided her nipple, no matter how much Mary squirmed to maneuver it into his teasing mouth. He switched breasts, and gave it the same loving bath, until Mary was groaning and letting out quiet "Please..."'s. With a smile, he looked directly into her eyes and sucked hard on the pointed crest of the breast he was on. Mary arched backward, driving more of her chest into the mouth of this man who was giving her the pleasure he teased with. He switched to the other breast, and gave it its overdue pleasing.

Mary pulled his head off her breasts.

"If you aren't inside me in the next ten seconds..." she threatened. The pure lust in her eyes could have lit a dark room. Jack didn't need to be told twice. He pulled off her panties, went in the crotch form his good work, and pulled off his boxers, revealing a slightly larger than average cock, harder than iron. He pulled himself up so he was on top of Mary, looking directly into her eyes, both of their passion evident, if not in their bodies, both displaying their arousal, then in their eyes, bright with lust. Jack positioned himself at her already soaked entrance, sliding around to spread the wetness and hear the moans and groans of his partner. He found her opening, and with one firm and deep stoke, entered her in one smooth motion. Both Jack and Mary moaned loudly: Mary with the feeling of being filled so smoothly, and Jack with the feeling of her moist walls encompassing him so completely. They each gulped air for a second or two, then Jack pulled halfway out of Mary. The groans encompassed the room, and quickly were followed by the moans of the two locked in passion, as the slow and loving beginning quickly gave way to frenzied fucking. Jack pulled out as much as he dared, and pushed back in with as much force as he pulled out. Mary was holding on, barely, as she was beautifully played like an instrument. Jack was pushing buttons and touching spots that Mary had only dreamed of being hit.

Soon enough, Jack's breathing a tempo increased, as did Mary's moans and screams of delight. Jack pulled, pushed, pulled, and the slammed as deep as he could inside Mary, letting out all of his passion inside of her. This set off Mary in the best way: her orgasm started in her toes and shot out to every cell in her body. Her amazing cum sent aftershocks off in both of them, each other's shocks starting the others in a delicious cycle. Jack was just barely able to roll/fall off of Mary before they somehow found the strength to crawl under the covers and fall asleep in each other's arms.

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