tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Kissed a Girl (and I Liked It)

I Kissed a Girl (and I Liked It)


Author's Note: This story is inspired by Katy Perry and her music. It contains lesbian content.


The sun beat down hard on Katy's long blonde hair. Her pale breasts heaved with irritation. She had been at the flea market for hours trying to find the perfect outfit for the party later that night. Although frustrated, her lithe body moved gracefully from stall to stall.

"Explain to me why we're out here in the middle of no where instead of an air conditioned mall again," her best friend, Meg, complained.

"Because the stores in the malls never have the look I want. Plus this is much cheaper and more consumer friendly," Katy replied.

"Not if the consumers melt before they buy anything." She paused, digging through a dusty bin while an old man gave her a toothy grin. "Look, I have my outfit. It took me maybe 30 minutes to put it together. And now I'm going to be all hot and sweaty when I get home. We're going to be late."

"We have time. Geez, if you could be more helpful and less hindersome this would go so much faster."

Just then her eyes caught a glimpse of bright yellow and red fabric from the little place set up across the path. Two dresses hung amongst various worn leather jackets and outdated blouses. Katy took them down from the bar that they were hanging from. The yellow dress had a plain neckline and regular spaghetti straps but it was studded with stars that glittered in the sun. The hem of the dress would hit high on her upper legs. The material was light and seemed to bounce as it moved through the air. On the other hand, the red dress was more elastic and tight-fitted but flared at the skirt. It was a halter top with a black fake collar giving it a naughty secretary look. The V-neckline would give ample amounts of cleavage and the slit up the side would flash additional amounts of skin to whoever would look.

"Now that is hot!" Meg exclaimed. "Girl you're gonna make the boys drool tonight."

"You don't think they're too much?"

"With your legs? Fuck no."

There was one problem. "Which one should I get? Sweet and innocent yellow" she said, pouting, "or smokin' red" She tried making an aggressive face and failed.

Meg couldn't help but laugh, "Even if you were innocent, with those dresses you wouldn't be any longer. But I vote yellow. You blondes gotta flaunt it."

Katy was still undecided. The red dress felt so soft, so perfect. "Screw it I'm getting both. There's another party next week right?"

Summer had just started in Santa Barbara. As was tradition Katy and her group of friends threw a party every Saturday night. Each week a different house. By the end of the summer each friend had been a host and no one's house was completely trashed.

Tonight's party was at Katy's friend, Jeb's house. As she got ready in her room, Katy thought about her boyfriend Daniel. They had been on and off and on and off for months. It seemed like they were always arguing but somehow they ended up together again. She had always been tried and true. He on the other hand seemed so bipolar about his feelings for her. She always had to look hot for him or he wouldn't take her out and if other guys looked at her she was yelled out for appearing too slutty.

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. Katy assessed herself one final time in the mirror. She added a bright green sash to the waist of her yellow dress and had dozens of gold bangles on her wrists that jingled when she moved.


Daniel had let himself in with his key. "Coming!" she called as she rushed down the stairs to the front door. They hopped into his silver convertible and began to drive to Jeb's house. Blocks from the party Daniel pulled over on the side of the road.

"Katy, we need to talk."

"What is it now?" she said, annoyed.

"Well, you don't have to be such a bitch about it. You know sometimes I don't even know why I'm still with you."

What? she thought Where did this come from?

"What is up with you? Can't we just go to the party?"

"Why? So you can go show off your tits to other guys?" he accused.

"Well if that's the problem..." Katy went for a jacket she brought to cover herself up a bit.

"Oh right." Daniel looked disgusted. "Other guys get to look at you but I can't? How is that fair? You know what, get out."


"Get the hell out of my car!" Katy grabbed her things and jumped out. She had barely closed the door when he sped off in the direction of the party. It was then that she realized tears were streaming down her face. She was miles from home. Shattered and cold she began to walk to the party. Meg would be there.

By the time she got there the music was blasting and the booze was flowing. I need a drink. She headed over to the kitchen where she ran into Meg. She was in skin tight pants and a glittery purple tube top. Her curly red hair cascaded down her back.

"Katy! Omigawd! You're a mess! What happened?!"

"Beer. My hand. Now." She gave Meg a brief explanation of what happened in a quieter corner of the house. Meg had brought her a beer and a small box of tissues.

"That jerk! You know he just did that so he could screw around with some other girl tonight. You stay here. I'm gonna track him down and rip his balls off."

But Katy didn't stay. She went back to the kitchen, bought a six-pack, and then headed to a bench seat near the stereo.

Four beers later she was in a much better mood. The alcoholic buzz radiating through her. Then the crowd seemed to part. Moments felt like hours as Katy caught sight of her. She was captivating. Opaque black tights went from the tops of her thighs down to high leather boots. She wore a dark red pleated skirt that flipped as she moved with the beat. A tight black jacket with a white faux-fur hood hugged her slim form. Her golden hair was in a funky blonde looking updo. Her face was impish. Black eyeliner framed dark brown eyes that sparkled with joy above ruby red lips. Around her neck she wore a simple silver crucifix.

Katy shook her head when she realized she was staring. Then she realized that the girl was staring back. Embarrassed, Katy looked away, counted to ten, and then glanced back. The girl was gone, like she disappeared into nothing. Did I seem that creepy? she thought, opening another beer. She closed her eyes to savor the memory of her. The length of her legs. The curve of her breasts. She sighed.

"Am I interrupting?" a velvet voice cut smoothly into her thoughts. It was her!

"N-n-no. I'm just...thinking," Katy stuttered in response.

"Oh." Awkward silence. " 'Bout what?"

"Um..." Katy hesitated, "you actually."

"Really?" she looked excited. "Wow. I'm flattered. I was...I was thinking about you too." She smiled. The flashing party lights reflected of her cherry red lip gloss. Katy was breathless. She's so beautiful.

"Uh...thanks. Wanna beer? I got extra," she said, motioning to the last one.

"Sure. Seems like you're really knocking them back. Anything wrong?" Katy's eyes watered slightly. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think."

"No, it's okay. My boyfriend pretty much dumped me on the way to this party."

"That's horrible. Here." Before Katy could do anything, the girl had her in a tight embrace. She felt her heart leap to her chest. Her ears were throbbing. She'd been hugged by other friends but none of them had felt so...right. She could feel their breasts pressing against each other and slowly moved her hands to the girl's lower back. Warm breath moved lightly past her ear. The sweet scent of the girl's hair filled her senses as Katy tightened her embrace, letting herself get lost in this stranger.

When it did end, Katy felt giddy. She felt more confident in herself. This girl intrigued her. Everything about her was a mystery, yet Katy felt like she had wanted someone like this forever. With all inhibitions and discretion aside, they began to chat freely. Occasionally, the girl would casually rest her delicate hand on Katy's thigh. In response, Katy would flash a brilliant smile and brush the girl's hair from her eyes.

"You wanna dance?" the girl asked.

"Isn't that what parties are for?" Katy responded, grinning.

Hand in hand they moved to the center of the room and began to move to the rhythm. They swayed their hips. They shook their shoulders. Next thing she knew, Katy had her arms around the girl's shoulders grinding her hips into the girl's leg. In the back of her mind, she could feel the stares and hear the whistling of the other guys, but neither she nor her partner took any notice. They were so focused on each other and the sensations created by their bodies moving as one.

Katy was caught by the sweat smell of her sweat. As she danced, her eyes were locked on the shine and fullness of the other girl's lips. She was in a trance. She needed more. Slowly she leaned in and pressed her lips firmly against the girl's soft mouth. What am I doing?! Thoughts raced through Katy's head. She felt frozen in place as the girl responded. She could feel hands tangled up in her long blonde hair. Cherries, was all she could think, her tongue parting her lips and entered new forbidden territory. Her nimble fingers slid up and down the girl's back. Tongues slipped past one another. Lips pressed and moved. This is so wrong, Katy thought, but she didn't want to stop. She couldn't. She could do this for the rest of her life. Nothing could ruin that moment.

"KATY!!!" Daniel's harsh voice cut through the crowd. The girl broke off and disappeared into a camouflage of faces. "Katy, where are you?!" Meg came elbowing through.

"Daniel has officially been blacklisted at these parties. He won't be hooking up with anyone anytime soon. He's all yours. Go get him girl." She pushed Katy in Daniel's direction.

When he finally caught sight of her his hard face softened. He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the front door.

"You ready to blow this joint, babe?" Without waiting for a response, Daniel swept Katy outside to his car. They rode in silence. Katy watched streetlamps pass while trying to appear calm. Inside her thoughts of the girl and Daniel were battling for control.

Did he see? Will he be pissed later tonight? He dumped me, right? We were both free to do as we pleased. He probably loves the idea of two girls together. Every guy likes the idea of...lesbians. God, am I a LESBIAN!? I like boys. I've always liked boys. They're rugged. They're manly. Oh, but girls are so sweet. They understand. No, I'm not a lesbian. I was drinking. It was warm. She touched my leg, right? But I...I kissed her. I made the first big move. I'm not in LOVE. This is so wrong. But why did it feel so right. She tastes like sweet cherries. So soft. So...fresh. No. Stop. This isn't how I should be behaving. I'm a good girl. I follow standards. I should never have...experimented...with...

"Holy shit."

"What, babe?" Daniel looked confused.

"What? Oh, it's nothing. Who's place are we going to tonight?"

"Uhhh...mine I guess."

"Alright," she said. I can't believe I don't know her name. It must have come up. Katy realized that because she thought of the girl as a mystery she'd been treating her as an anonymous stranger and hadn't bothered to get a name. If she had heard the girl's name, the information hadn't registered at the time. Does she know my name? Does she think tonight was a mistake? WAS it a mistake?

The thoughts continued until Katy realized that she was in Daniel's room. He had just closed the door and was moving slowly toward the bed.

"I'm sorry about earlier tonight," he began, "I don't know what came over me. Here sit down. Let me make it up to you. You look really hot tonight."

Katy's mind was elsewhere. She went through the motions as usual. She laid back. He took her clothes off and began playing with her supple breasts. She realized how little Daniel really knew about a woman's body and how rough his hands felt. As Katy waited for Daniel to be done, she stared out the window at the stars beyond. The sparkle reminded her of the girl's lips. She pleaded to her, hoping she could hear her beyond the apartment walls. Cause when I'm with him, I am thinking of you. What would you do if you were the one who was spending the night? Oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes. Daniel pulled her in for a kiss and all Katy could taste was the cherry lips of her. Daniel pulled her closer and Katy could hardly bear it. You're the best and yes I do regret. How could I let myself let you go? Oh won't you walk through and bust the door and take me away...No more mistakes, cause in your eyes I'd like to stay.

And on with the humping. Was Daniel always this...erratic? Daniel seemed frantic to get off. Katy did her best to get him off quickly. Maybe then he'd leave her alone for the night. She didn't have to wait long. Some groans and moans later, she faked yet another orgasm as he came. Later, came the snoring. Katy was wide awake. She cleaned herself up then walked home. Normally walking would be an annoyance, but it was a nice summer night. The moon would be full next week and the streetlamps glowed under a starlit sky.

I can't go on like this. Daniel isn't...right. He always introduced me as his 'friend'. I need to stop following for these bad boy types. They're such a challenge. So tired of cleaning up after him. I need to grow up. I think I'm ready to be a woman. She walked on through the night. On a whim she took a detour through a park that was close to her place. She sat on the swings and though of the other girl for the thousandth time that night. You were such a surprise. An unexpected gift. I'm not really used to all that attention. I don't really deserve someone like that, do I? This is just a phase...right? Could I get used to being loved the right way?

Eventually her feet found her front door. The sun was rising. And Katy finally knew what she had to do.


"You're WHAT?!"

"I'm breaking up with you, Daniel." Katy's voice remained calm and clear. She was sitting at a café eating a croissant and a drinking a latte. It was almost 11 o'clock in the morning and she had just given Daniel the good news.

"That isn't how this works," he was furious. "I break up with you, bitch. I'm the man here."

Katy sipped her latte. "Whatever. Either way it's over. Tell your friends what you want them to hear."

"Fine! But don't come crawling back to me like the slut you are!" And with that Daniel stormed out of the café. Fellow customers looked over at Katy with concern. She simply flashed them a brilliant smile and was even bold enough to wink at a young businessman. She was free.

She nearly skipped down the sidewalk. She couldn't believe how liberated it felt to be single again. A new energy had taken over and she found herself in a trendy hair salon.

"Make me a brunette," She declared to the woman behind the counter.

"What's the occasion?" the woman asked smiling, she could feel the energy from Katy radiating outwards.

"Just broke up with my boyfriend." Katy couldn't help but grinning.

"Oh, honey, no." The woman looked worried. "Are you sure? All sorts of hair decisions are based on relationships..."

"Yes I'm sure. I've never felt so sure." As soon as the words left her mouth she knew one thing would make this perfect. She needed the blonde girl from the party.


"Thank you guys so much for helping." Katy meant it too. She had to make some quick calls to her closest friends and pull some quick favors to get the party location changed. Her place was ready.

"Hey, it's no problem. Your place is closer to everyone else anyway. Love the new hair by the way."

Katy had completely changed. Her long blonde hair had been cut down to just below her shoulders. She had hard bands right across her forehead. And the color was fantastic. A dark brunette. In different light it looked nearly black, but one thing was certain: Katy's light eyes and pale skin glowed.

And of course she knew exactly what to wear. The red dress from before cinched at the waist with a black belt. She held no qualms about being too sexy. Tonight she was a new woman. A confident woman. A woman who planned on seducing the most beautiful thing she had ever set eyes on.

A few hours later the party was in full swing. Katy had been spending the time trying to find out the identity of the mystery girl. Frustrated, she decided to give it a break, go outside to get some fresh air and maybe watch the stars. Around her people rocked to the music. She moved through them and grasped the handle to the front door. And there she was.

She was as perfect as the first time they met. Wearing a black corset dress that hugged her body, she stood stock still, framed by the doorway. On her legs were heavy-soled calf-length boots over a tight fishnet thigh-high. On her arms was a similar fishnet that she wore like an opera gloves except the hands were missing. Around her perfect neck was a black velvet choker. Her lips were the same ruby red. Her golden hair in a fashion-forward updo.

Katy made a B-line to the bathroom to make sure she was looking as fabulous as possible. The butterflies in her stomach were going wild with anticipation but she felt assured of herself. She returned to the party to find her girl. She was searching through the living room when she felt a soft hand on her shoulder. A brush of warm breath swept across her ear.

"I've got something special for you."

Katy turned and melted into the blonde's chocolate eyes. She held her hand out to the mysterious girl and made a motion that she'd follow. The girl took her hand, grabbed a couple of cups, dunked them in the ice box, and led her out to a vintage red Mustang. It was a clear sky the stars sparkled like gems in the dark blue velvet sky. With a nice rap on the trunk, she revealed a paper bag with vodka, grenadine, and sour mix. She opened each bottle and Katy could hear the seal break. The girl mixed two drinks like an expert.

"Cherry Vodka Sour. Cheers to a new beginning."

Katy smiled and toasted. The glow of the moon reflected off the golden hair. The muted noise from the party couldn't compare with the pounding of her heart. The Sour tasted delicious but Katy was drinking in the sight before her. "Yummy..." she murmured, with a secret sigh.

"So...who are you?" Katy finally asked.

With a wide grin the girl responded, "Would you like to find out?"

"Of course." Katy leaned in to kiss the girl's soft lip. The kiss was electric. Shockwaves ran from her lips to her toes and then back up her long legs to her clit. This is where I belong, she thought. She wanted this girl; she needed her. "We need to go now," she said, with urgency in her voice. Giggling they went hand in hand back into her house. They quickly went upstairs, leaving partygoers in intrigue.

Katy led the girl into her bedroom, their tongues playing together as she pressed the girl's back against the wall near her dresser. Katy's fingers fumbled hopelessly with the corset of the girl's dress. They broke a part. Katy removed her shoes and swept her dress over her head as fast as she could muster. She unclasped her bra and slid her panties to the floor. When she looked up the girl had just finished taking off her boots and was starting to slide her stockings down her pale white thighs. Katy knelt on the floor and tentatively aided in rolling the stockings down. The girl lifted Katy by her chin so they were standing as naked twin souls in the peace of Katy's bedroom.

Katy moaned as they kissed, rubbing her sex along her new lover's naked thigh. The girl soon broke the kiss and traveled down to Katy's neck, planting kisses along the way. The kisses continued down the swell of Katy's breasts until the course diverted so that a nipple might be given some attention. The girl kissed the taught pink nipple while caressing and fondling Katy's breasts like they were brand new toys. Katy gasped and ran her fingers through her lover's hair. The girl only lingered for a few seconds, however, before her journey again took her south, her lips lightly grazing along Katy's flat tummy, causing Katy to giggle as her stomach muscles tightened up.

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