tagSci-Fi & FantasyI Know He's a King Ch. 03

I Know He's a King Ch. 03

byJane Shield©

Authors note: I am so sorry if I have written something that seems strange, but sometimes when I look for the words or different proverbs (or whatever they're called) I almost always translate them directly from Swedish to English. If there is something you don't understand, ask and I will try to explain.

Now on with the story!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I'm going to change the laws when I become a king!"

"To what? What is wrong with them now?" I asked Lex.

"You know what's wrong. Like this you know. You're my best friend, but actually we are not allowed to see each other. I could change that."

"Oh really? You do not get it do you? Even though you write the new law, there will still be walls to break down."

"What walls?"


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Long time no see, pretty girl."

"It's you!" I yelled.

"Be quiet", he whispered and put a hand over my mouth. "Now you and I are going to have a nice private moment together."

He tossed me into his arms and I was kicking and squirming but he never let go. His hands were already groping and touching intimate places. I got a good kick in his stomach. He fell down, but still kept his strong hold on me. I couldn't breathe…

I dosed off.

When I came around we were in a tent. He had gagged my mouth so I could only make mewing sounds. My ankles and wrists were bound to sticks in the ground, and my legs were awkwardly spread. He was waiting for me to wake up.

"Hello pretty angel. I found this; it fell out when we were having our small fight outside."

He held my dagger in his hand. He brought it close to my neck, drawing it down to my breasts, leaving rasps in its wake.

"You're scared now, little angel, aren't you?"

I was not scared. I knew what was going to happen, and then it would not matter any longer. I closed my eyes and turned away.

"Look at me, you bitch!" he said and slapped my face. "I'm not done talking to you!"

He took a big fistful of my hair and turned my head.

"You're going to watch everything, or else I'm going to kill that friend of yours. Yeah, I knew that you would understand", he said when I opened my eyes. "Her name is Bea, she's a healer. And you two have been awfully close this last week since you came. I wonder why… You were supposed to be in the prostitute camp, but she had to be nice to you, explain a few things… I wonder what's so damn special about you anyway, you have the body to seduce, but yet I guess you're a virgin. This is going to be a lovely night."

He cut open the top of my dress. Then he took one of my breasts in his hand and almost mashed it in his grip. I winced.

"Yeah, you liked that, little angel. I can't wait to fuck you, but this is going to take all night."

He then bit down on my nipple. I started crying. This was not how it was supposed to be. I started struggling.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Amram, wake up!" my mother said.

I could see the officer standing in front of me, his breeches open, holding his hands where his penis should be. There was dripping blood. It was more than dripping. Flooding.

Wake up, Amram…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I told you to keep looking!" He slapped me again. "First I will deal with you, pretty angel, and then I'm going to kill your precious friend Bea."

I was afraid now. I could not let him kill Bea. I struggled against him, but he thought me to be willing. I could feel the stick which was bound to my left hand losing its hold in the dirt. I pulled more and my hand was free. He didn't notice, he was pulling my nipples, smashing my breasts together. I pulled off the gag.

"Kiss me", I said, my voice trembling, convulsions inside me threatening to take claim of me.

He looked up at me. "I knew you'd come around…" He didn't waste any time to kiss me. His tongue was big, too big, choking me.

I let my free hand wander down his body. He opened his breeches and put my hand around his… Oh, I thought I would be sick. He motioned it up and down his length. He left my hand there, groaning into my mouth, and started pulling up my dress. I would not let him touch me.

I dug my nails into him and pulled the hardest I could. There seemed to be blood everywhere. He slapped me, but then realised what had happened.

"Ah! Help me!" he yelled.

I freed myself and took the dagger in my hand. It looked frighteningly big in my hand, and in my other hand I held the leftovers of the officer. "You're dead", I whispered to him.

I launched at him, striking the dagger into his black heart. I threw what was in my hand away and then pulled my dress together. I fled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some things he had said stayed with me while I was running away. 'You have the body to seduce' was the first. 'What's so damn special about you' was the other, the one that had me thinking a lot.

I knew by now that I could see things. See things in dreams. I tried to remember if I had been having the true dreams, as Bea called them, before. I had dreamt of Alexander's coronation before his father had died. Was that the special thing about me? Having the 'power' to foresee the future?

I stumbled upon some rocks and fell down. I did not want to run any more. I turned to lie on my back, the cold ground chilling me into the bones.

So I slept.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Amram, darling, wake up." Someone shook my shoulder lightly.

"What is it?"

"It's me, Bea."

I opened my eyes and saw Bea leaning over me. I suddenly felt so relieved. Bea was alive!

"Oh, Bea!" I whispered and hugged her.

"It's alright, beauty… It's okay."

She rocked me in her arms, softly singing an old lullaby about three ships and three old men. I cried in her arms, sobbing and watering her dress.

"I brought you a new dress."

She helped me undress. My body was now sore, from lying on the ground – but even more from the treatment I had gotten last night. She ran her hands over my wounds, sealing them with her healing powers.

"I can't take away your bruises, you will look like a wreck for the rest of the week", she said and stroked my hair, comforting me.

"He said you were a healer."


"He said he was going to kill you", I cried.

"I am safe, Ammi."

"What about me?"

"I don't know…"

"You said that yesterday was nothing to worry about. What was to come later was the worry. What am I supposed to worry about?"

"I don't know, my dear Amram. You will see in due time."

She looked above me, and I felt a cold shadow fall over us. When I slowly turned around there were three men, two of them with drawn swords. The man in the middle looked down on me. There was something strangely familiar about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. His head was hooded; I could not make out the colour of his hair. He was handsome; his face was one of a god's. If I was ever going to surrender to a man it was going to be to a man like the one in front of me.

"Good, Bea… You may go now", he said.

She rose up. "You're not going to hurt her, are you?"

"You don't need to worry about the girl."

"Liar", she muttered and walked back to the camp.

"What is your name girl?" he asked me.

I rose up from the ground, eager to show him that I was not a girl. I was almost as tall as him. When he noticed he straightened himself, although he could not get any taller.

"Amram is my name", I answered him.

"Amram what?" he snapped. He seemed to be mad.

"Amram Lothansdaughtir. Will my family name make any difference?"

"It does. Your brother's name is Calem Sono'lothan, right? He was the one that ratted you out."

"Did he see me?"

"No, but he recognised the witnesses' description of you."

That explains why it went so fast, I thought. If only a few people had seen me, they could not know where to look for me. They knew that a girl had killed the man, but who it was? They would have to interrogate every woman in the camp, and it would take more than a few hours to find me, if they didn't by chance stumble upon me.

"Are you a prostitute?"

"What?! No!" I protested. "He tried to rape me! He tied me down, and if I hadn't gotten my hand free, I…" I turned around and threw up – well, I had nothing in my stomach, but my gag reflexes were working fine. The walls came tumbling down hard on me. My body shook.

"I know it must be hard on you", he said, almost sarcastically, "but the thing is that you have killed one of the officers, and one who is guilty of that will be executed!"

I looked hard at him; he didn't seem to care what had happened to ME! The officer had tried to rape me, and was going to kill Bea – which in turn meant he had to kill me first. But it didn't matter anything I said – I was a peasant girl who had killed an officer – I was just a simple woman. I was at the first step of the ladder, the end of the rope. I could have let myself get raped, and then kill myself… Nothing made any difference any longer. The more I thought of the officers handling of my body, the colder I got, the less I wanted to live.

The man's expression changed from cold-bloodedness to confusion and then to a sad expression. His gaze darkened and his forehead took the sign of puzzled thinking. Behind him one of the officers turned around and threw up – accomplishing in what I had failed; emptying his stomach.

"It seems you're of a magical kind, Amram Lothansdaughtir. You did well in projecting your feelings upon us. Was he going to kill you and Bea?"

I had no idea of what just had happened, but I nodded.

"I had no idea that he was a murderer. You're off the hook. But expect there will be some payback. You killed an officer with many friends, you will not tread safe any longer. Since you are magical I propose that you will join the Moonsisters' troop."

"What? Who?" I asked him, baffled.

The man smiled; his vision suddenly happy. It striked me that perhaps this beautiful man was not as cold as he first had seemed.

"The Moonsisters are magical warriors of the female type. You will have to fight in the war, yes, because you will no longer be cooking or cleaning as you did before. Come now, I will bring you to them."

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