tagLesbian SexI Know, My pet

I Know, My pet


Introduction: although my Master is a woman, She has requested me to call Her Master and not Mistress.


The minutes slip by as I wait for You. I think it was thirty minutes ago, maybe more, that You told me this is how You wanted me when You got here. I am not to use my vibrator, or any other method to cum. But I'm so anxious for You to get here, my thighs are already wet from my dripping pussy. But I don't cum. Serving You is so much more important.

Finally I strain my eyes and ears against the dark silence and hear You coming. I wriggle in excitement as I hear You come in, take off Your coat, drop Your things, before coming into the bedroom.

You pause to take in the sight of me: completely naked, collar and leash on, leash tied to the bed. "Mmm, you are so beautiful, pet," You tell me, coming closer.

"Thank you, Master." Against my leash, I try to kiss You, to touch You, but You gently push me back down.

"Let Me look at you," You murmur to me, staring at my body, running Your hands over my skin. I thrill to Your touch, and am so pleased at Your approval. After a moment, You kiss me, a deep kiss that sends blood rushing to my clit.

Slightly out of my reach, You undress, until all You have left on is Your bra and panties. I want desperately to kiss You everywhere, but I know better than to try.

Then, You go over to my dresser and pull on our strap-on dildo. My pussy gives another hard throb as I start to imagine Your dick inside me, taking me, owning me. But I say nothing, and soon You return to the bed. Pulling one of my arms gently, You gesture to the floor. "Get on your knees and suck My dick, pet."

I need no further encouragement. I take Your dick into my mouth greedily, sucking hard, staring up at You. "Mmm, you like that don't you? My little hungry cum slut," You say in an amused tone.

"Yes Master," I manage to say. You smile at me, before grabbing firm hold of my head so You can fuck my mouth. I gag on Your hard cock, my eyes welling with tears, but I revel in it, I love it. I can see how turned on You're getting, watching my mouth take all of Your dick over and over, and that makes my pussy tighten in spasmodic pleasure.

All of a sudden, You stop and pull me up, then bend me over the bed and plunge Your big dick into me without any warning. I cry out, more from the surprise than anything, because You know I love having Your cock inside me. I push my ass eagerly back onto You, wanting You deeper every second. You fuck me harder and harder, telling me what a slut I am, smacking my ass hard, pulling my hair, until I scream with pleasure. The lube was within Your reach, and as You fucked me You must have applied it to Your hand -- of course, I wasn't aware. At least not until I felt Your fingers pushing into my ass hard and deep, in time with the thrusting of Your cock. My hips are bucking wildly on You, and soon I'm begging You to let me cum.

"Please Master!"

"Please what?"

"Oh please, please may I cum?"

"No, pet."


"Not yet."


"Don't you dare, you little slut."

But I can't take it anymore, and I'm deep into my orgasm before I can ask again. Cumming without asking permission -- worse, cumming when pointedly told no -- was a grievous error. Terror at the punishment I would have to endure hit me before the throes of orgasm were over. I hurriedly keep bucking on You, praying maybe You didn't notice.

But You notice. Immediately.

Your hand in my hair is rough as you pull me back to You, Your dick and fingers no longer inside me.

"What did you just do?"

I whimper pathetically, and You slap me.

"What did you just do?"

"I... I came, Master," I admit with difficulty.

"Did you have permission to cum?"


"No what?"

"No, Master."

You heave a sigh. "Get on the bed. On your hands and knees." When I don't move immediately, You shove me. "Now."

I obey Your order, and soon I feel Your hand shoving my head down, pulling my arms behind my back, securing them with handcuffs. As disappointed as i am in myself for disobeying You, and terrified at the punishment to come, my swollen pussy starts to get wet all over again in spite of me when i hear You pick up the belt.

You don't waste time, and whip it against my ass with a loud crack. I say nothing, only whine. This time, the hit comes harder. "What do you say?" You demand.

"Thank you Master!" I cry out.

"That's a good girl." Two more hits, three more, I lose count.

You stop for a second to slide two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. "Such a nasty little slut," You say. The hits only get harder, tears start to fall, my ass turns red and my pussy gets wetter, I'm more and more satisfied. I deserve this, I'm a bad girl, I need this, I love it, I live for it.

Eventually, I hear the belt drop to the floor, and You release my wrists from the handcuffs. You lay down on the bed and I bring my lips to Your perfect stomach, falling upon it with grateful kisses before laying my head on it. You run Your fingers through my dark hair, telling me I did well, I'm Your good girl, You're proud of me. Finally completely in my sub zone, I'm overcome with emotion, but I don't know how to express any of it, so I simply say, "I love You."

You smile and say, "I know, My pet."

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