I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 09


Morning came and I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock. I decided that I would sleep in even later so I would be fully charged for tonight. I rolled back over and pulled my pillow over top of my head and went back to sleep.

"Justin, are you ever going to get up?" I heard as my mother was shaking me to wake me up.

I pulled the pillow off of my head and looked at her as she hovered over my bed. I wiped my eyes as my vision was blurry from sleeping for so long.

"Come on sleepy head, wake up," My mother said as she stepped back from my bed and walked back out into the hallway.

Looking over at my clock I nearly shit when I realized that it was four thirty. I rolled over and picked up my cell phone to see if I missed any calls.

"Shit," I said softly as I saw that Trista called three times.

I quickly dialed her number hoping that she wouldn't be mad at me. The phone rang three times before she finally picked up.

"Hello," Trista said.

"Hi Trista," I said softly, "I'm sorry I missed your calls, I was sleeping with my pillow over my head and I never heard the phone ring."

"You just woke up now?" Trista said with some surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, I was tired," I said softly.

"I hope your not mad," I said weakly into the phone.

"No baby, I'm not mad, I was just a little worried since I didn't hear from you," Trista said softly as I could tell that she was smiling on her end.

"I don't have much time, I have to get to church and then I have to help my dad with the church computers," Trista said quietly as if someone was there in the same room with her.

"What's wrong with the church computers?" I asked inquisitively.

"Nothing, I'm creating our web site and installing web cams so people can watch our service on the Internet," Trista said with some confidence in her voice.

"You know how to do that kind of stuff?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's a piece of cake. If you are sick and can't come to church then you can watch it from home. Also it will allow others to watch our service to help them decide if they want to join our church," Trista rattled off quickly.

"So you're going to install web cams in your church?" I asked as I vividly remembered watching her mother just a few hours ago getting herself off on the church altar.

"Yeah, it's going to be awesome," Trista said excitedly.

My mind began to speed into overdrive. All kinds of erotic thought's began to flash before my eyes. The thought of those very cameras broadcasting Trista's mother around the world sent chills down my spine.

"I can't wait to see you tomorrow," I said softly as I tried to control my wild imagination.

"Me too," Trista said as I could hear her breathing into the phone.

"I get off early tomorrow but I told my dad that I'm working until four so we can do something," Trista said with excitedness in her voice.

"I can't wait to see you and hug you, and kiss you."

"Slow down big boy," Trista said softly, "I want all of that too."

"I have to get going, I hear my dad walking around outside my room so I'm sure he is ready to go.

"OK baby have fun and I'll see you in the morning," I said with a little disappointment in my voice.

"OK, love you," Trista said softly.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard her say those words. I paused for a second because for the first time in my life I was actually falling in love.

"Love you too sweetie," I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Bye," I said as I pushed the 'end' button on my cell phone.

I just laid there for a moment going over in my mind what I witnessed last night. I couldn't believe that Trista's mother, the minister's wife, acted like she did last night. I don't think the image of her laying on her back with her legs spread open on the altar will ever be erased from my memory banks.

My mind gradually drifted to Kate and the quickie that we had last night. She was so excited because she had finished producing our porno video before I got there. It was amazing how she always told me she needed to be the one in control yet she was the one calling me 'Master' last night.

Slowly my mind wandered to what happened earlier in the day over at Brad's. I smiled as I recalled how I totally dominated her by making her suck my cock in her own house while her husband was in the next room and her son was up in his bedroom.

I slowly pulled myself up from my bed and sat down at my computer. I quickly logged on to check my e mail when my mom walked back into my room. I clicked out of the web site as my mother looked over my shoulder but I was afraid that she saw the picture on the computer screen of the naked woman with her arms tied over her head.

"Are you ever going to get cleaned up today," my mom said as she dropped off a pile of folded clothes for me.

"Yeah, I'm getting there," I said as I turned around and looked up at my mother as she paused to look at me in the doorway.

The look in her eyes was confusing because I swear she was turned on. She almost had that same exact look in her eyes as she did when I walked in on her in the bathroom the other day.

"Put your clothes away," my mom said as she turned and walked back out of my room.

I took a deep breath and tried to control my breathing as I turned back to face my computer. I logged back on to check my e mail and surprisingly there were no messages. I logged off and decided to get dressed.

I didn't want to take a shower just yet because I wanted to go get some carpeting for the cargo area of my van. I dressed and threw a baseball hat on my head as I ran down to the kitchen. My dad was sitting in his chair in the living room watching television and I could hear my mother was down in the basement doing laundry.

I walked out into the garage and out to my van. I drove down to the home improvement store and parked. As I made my way into the store I couldn't help but to think about how I was going to dominate and control Brad's mom tonight. What excited me even more however was that I was going to bring Val tonight to watch.

As I made my way through the store I was constantly reminded by my cock as my erection continued to throb in my pants. I made it to the carpet section and began to look at all of the various styles and colors.

After some time a salesman approached me. I told him that I wanted a piece of the dark blue carpet and a section of padding. While he cut the piece that I wanted I walked around and found the correct cutting tool that I needed. I selected a can of carpet glue and made my way back to the carpet display.

"Here you go young man," the salesman said as he set the carpeting down on a large cart.

I set my other supplies down on the cart and made my way up to the register where I paid for everything. I pushed the cart out to my van and loaded my supplies into the back end. As I drove home I couldn't get Stephani out of my mind as I knew how I was going to make her submit to me.

I pulled into my driveway and pulled up as close to the garage as I could get. I got out and pulled the hunk of carpet out of the back end along with the rest of the supplies. I paused for a moment as I stared into the back end as both doors were wide open. I could easily see Stephani with her arms and legs shackled to the walls and her pussy wide open as I offer her services to paying customers.

I pulled myself away from my fantasy and began to get to work. Since my dad already had a piece of wood bolted to the floor it made installing the carpeting that much easier. It also allowed me to place a nice soft padding under the carpet so Stephani's ass wouldn't get sore.

I cut and stapled the carpet until the bottom was in place. Next I glued the carpeting to the walls until the carpeting completely encased the back end. I seamed the ends together up in the ceiling until you couldn't even see the seam. I cut out openings for the overhead lights and the steel tie downs on the walls, Finally when it was just about dark I was finished.

I closed the back end of the van and parked it on the street. I went into the house and went up to my room to take a shower.

"I see you carpeted the back end," my dad said as he walked over to the base of the stairs.

"Yeah. it has that cozy feel now," I said as I paused long enough at the top of the stairs to look down at my dad.

Just then my dad winked as if to tell me that he knew why I carpeted the cargo area. I quickly ducked into my room and peeled off my clothes.

I couldn't believe how fast the day went. It was already going on ten fifteen and it seemed like I just got up. I went into the rest room and took a shower along with all of the other morning rituals that I normally go through. I went to my room and dressed in a nice casual outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I liked what I saw so I went down to the kitchen.

I was hungry so I heated up some left overs in the microwave. I sat down at the kitchen table when my mom walked in and sat down across from me.

"So Justin, since you have had dinner at Trista's and you met her parents then we would like you to bring her here for dinner tomorrow night," my mom said as I ate my dinner.

Suddenly I found myself looking at my mom differently. I don't know if it was from the way we ran into each other in the rest room the other day or what. One thing I knew for sure was that my mother seemed to be acting different. Maybe it was the fact that she was sitting across from me in her night gown and robe and her robe showed off her incredible cleavage. Maybe it was all in my head ever since I masturbated in the shower imagining that my mother was riding me. I knew one thing for sure, I had an erection in my pants while I ate my dinner.

"I'll ask her," I said softly as I at my food.

"It shouldn't be a problem," I said as I took a drink of soda.

"Good, how about six thirty. This way we will have time to get dinner ready and get the table set after work," my mom said as she stood up and pushed her chair in.

"Six thirty is fine," I said as I watched my mother walk into the living room.

As she walked into the living room I couldn't tear my eyes away from her shapely calf muscles. The diamond shape of her lower leg was an incredible turn on as the bottoms of her muscles led to her delicately slender ankles. My mother also had super sexy feet, including well manicured and polished toes.

My mother disappeared out of sight and I quickly finished my dinner. I quietly cleaned up the small mess that I made and washed the dishes. I went back up to the rest room and brushed my teeth. I made sure that I didn't slop any food on my clothes before walking back down to the kitchen.

I poked my head into the living room, noticing that the clock was now at ten minutes till eleven. I had only ten minutes to pick up Val down by the church. My mom was laying on the sofa with her feet across my dad's lap. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw my dad caressing and stroking my mother's long slender toes.

"I'll be back late," I said as I walked through the kitchen.

"Be careful," my mom said as I disappeared from the kitchen into the dark garage.

I didn't have much time so I quickly shut the garage door and ran out to my van. I started the engine and sped down the street. As I drove along I noticed that my heart rate was elevated and that I was growing anxious. I really didn't want to take Val with me tonight but I kind of backed myself into a corner with her. Who knows, maybe I'll get the chance to nail her.

As I turned down the road leading to the church I slowed down. I shut off my head lights as I approached the corner where I told Val to meet me at. My heart was pounding as I didn't see her there. I was actually relieved because I didn't want any type of hindrance tonight. Just as I was about to pull away Val stepped out of the shadows and in front of my van.

I nearly died when I watched this brunette vixen walk in front of my van. She wore a cut off shirt that was cut up to the bottoms of her breasts and the cut off denim shorts she wore were cut so high that half of her nice tight ass was exposed.

"Hi," Val said as she pulled the passenger door open and hopped up inside.

"Hi," I said back as my gaze left her almond shaped eyes and traveled down her body.

"Did I dress OK?" Val asked as she crossed her legs and let her sexy hi heel shoe dangle from her toes.

"God yes," I said as I stepped on the gas and began to drive away.

"You look nice tonight," Val said as I could tell she was eyeing me up.

"Happy birthday, how was dinner with your boyfriend?" I asked as I turned the corner and accelerated.

"Thank you," Val said as she smiled at me and bounced her leg.

"Dinner was OK, it was kind of boring in comparison to tonight," she said as she cracked her window slightly.

"So what is this place like?" Val asked as she tilted her head and looked at me.

"What's it like, lets see," I said softly as I looked over at her and locked my eyes on to hers.

"Pure heaven," I said as I gazed back at the road in front of me.

Val reached up and turned the stereo on but left the volume low. She glanced behind her while she bounced her head to the tune on the radio.

"I guess that's why Trista's mother goes there," Val said as she laughed half heatedly.

I chuckled along with Val as I turned down the alley behind the Sea Side Diner. There was a pretty good size crowd for a Sunday night and parking seemed to be at a premium.

"Keep your eyes open for a parking space," I said as I scoured around looking for a place to park.

"Holy shit, are all of these cars from the same place were going?" Val asked as she spun around, looking out the passenger side window.

"You got it," I said as I spotted a place to park in a shadow under a large tree.

I pulled up before backing into the tight spot. I had a little trouble because the space was small so I had to jockey back and forth until I was in the space.

"Wow, carpet in the back end?" Val said as she slipped off of the seat and onto her knees between the two seats.

She rubbed her hand back and forth over my new carpeting while she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Gonna fuck Trista back here?" she asked as she rolled onto her back with her legs parted.

"Just never mind," I said as I was a little embarrassed.

"Lets go inside," I said as I reached down and grabbed her sexy foot.

I jumped out of the van and Val spun around and jumped out of my side behind me. We started to walk toward the entrance when I reached into my pocket to pull out my wallet.

"Does it cost anything to get in?" Val asked as she slipped her arm around mine and leaned up against me while we walked.

"Yeah, it cost me five grand to get a membership in here," I said as we walked down the dark alley toward the dimly lit door.

"Five grand!" Val said in a surprised voice.

"How can Trista's mother afford five grand to get in here?" Val said out loud to herself as we walked up to the door.

I reached out and put my key card in the slot until the lock made a buzzing sound. I pulled the door open and walked in with Val right behind me.

"Hello Justin," Ted said as he reached out to shake my hand.

"And who is your guest tonight?" he asked as he reached out for Val's hand.

"This is Val," I said as he lifted her hand up and kissed her fingers lightly.

"Nice to meet you Val, I just need to see your ID," Ted said as he scanned her body up and down.

Ted and I both watched as Val reached into her tiny back pocket and pulled out her ID card. She handed it to Ted and waited patiently while Ted scanned for her age.

"Wow, happy birthday," Ted said as he handed Val her ID back.

"Thank you," Val said as she shoved the small card back into her pocket.

"I need another favor," I said to Ted while he continued to ogle over Val.

"What's that?" Ted asked as Val's breasts with the hint of nipples caught his attention.

"There will be a lady arriving about midnight. Her name is Stephani and she will have one of my guest passes. Escort her down to Kate's table and tell her she is to wait there. Also, the lady I was with the last couple of times will be arriving shortly. Send her to Kate's office," I said as Ted finally pulled his eyes away from Val's chest.

"You got it," Ted said as he pushed the inner door open for us.

"Thanks a lot Ted," I said as I shook his hand, slipping a twenty dollar bill into his palm.

Ted smiled and nodded his head in appreciation as he slipped his hand into his pocket. I escorted Val down the hall to Kate's office door while Val still had her arm wrapped around mine. I placed my ID card back in my wallet and put my wallet back in my pants. We stopped right outside Kate's door and we could smell her cigarette smoke.

"Are you ready?" I asked Val as Val looked up into my eyes.

"I'm as ready as ever," Val said with an excited look on her face.

Reaching out I knocked on the door. We stood there for a few seconds, noticing another couple walking in past Ted. Suddenly we heard the lock open and saw the knob turn. In one quick motion Kate's door swung open.

"Hi," I said as Kate just stood at the door while she scrutinized Val.

Kate looked stunning as she wore a black leather mini skirt and a black leather vest. From what I could tell she had nothing on under the vest. Her hair was up and her legs were encased in a sexy pair of black lace stockings. The garters were attached up under her skirt and the tops of her stockings were visible below the hem oh her skirt. Her feet were perched in a sexy pair of black strappy heels. There was one strap that went across her foot and her legs looked just incredible in her attire.

"Come in," Kate said cautiously as she stepped back to allow us in.

I shut the door and turned around, noticing that Val now seemed a little nervous.

"Who is she?" Kate asked as she walked over to her desk and lit a cigarette.

"This is my friend Val who I owe a favor to and this is how she wanted me to repay her," I said as Kate took a puff of her cigarette and blew the smoke out of one corner of her mouth.

"You're old enough?" Kate asked Val bluntly.

Quickly Val reached into her pocket and produced her ID card. She reached out and handed it to Kate who quickly scrutinized it. I waited nervously as Kate seemed a little perturbed that Val was with me.

"Happy birthday," Kate said as she handed Val her ID card back.

"Welcome to Club Cuffs," Kate said as she sat down behind her desk and took another puff of her cigarette.

"Thank you," Val said softly as I pointed for her to sit down across the desk from Kate.

I sat down next to Val as I looked at the clock above the desk. Kate took another puff before setting her cigarette down in the ash tray.

"Can you baby sit her while I make us rich?" I asked Kate as I had a semi smile on my face.

My heart was beating so hard I thought I was going to faint. I was afraid that Kate would be disappointed but I didn't want Val on stage with me tonight. There was a long pause before Kate stood up.

Kate slowly began to walk around the desk until she disappeared behind us. Val and I continued to look ahead while Kate continued to move behind us. Suddenly I felt Kate's hands rest on my shoulders. She squeezed and massaged my shoulders for a moment before moving over to Val.

"Does the birthday girl know what kind of club this is?" Kate asked as she squeezed Val's shoulders firmly.

"Yes," Val said softly as she took a deep breath from the relaxing sensations that Kate was causing.

"Will you be able to handle 'anything' that happens?" Kate asked softly as she slid her hands over Val's shoulders and down over her chest.

Suddenly Val gasped as Kate squeezed her breasts. For a moment Kate let them just rest in the palm of her hand while she waited for Val to answer.

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