I Like To Watch


"Oh, god... Kevin...please..." Nora begged as Kevin's teeth sank into her nipple.

"You like that?" he asked, raising his head to look at her, his emerald green eyes flashing with lust. He gently brought her voluptuous breasts together, taking both nipples in his mouth, wetting them with slow strokes of his tongue. He blew across her breasts, causing her to moan from the delightful tingles pricking softly at her nipples.

"Kevin... fuck me now... I need you..." she said, unable to stand his teasing a moment longer.

Kevin heeded her pleas and entered her quickly, growling as her warmth surrounded him.


"God, they are so loud!" Chel remarked as she and Nick passed the door to Kevin and Nora's room, hearing the shouts coming from inside.

"We'll just have to make some of our own noise to drown them out won't we?" Nick asked, giving her a wicked grin.

Chel grabbed his hand and drug him down the hall, hurrying to their own room.


"Uhhh...Kevvy...oh god..." Nora moaned as her hands wandered across Kevin's back feeling his muscles flex as he moved inside her. She clenched her walls around him, massaging his throbbing length, causing him to groan.

"Baby... d-don't do that..." he gasped, fighting to stay in control. He wasn't ready for this to be over yet.

Nora grinned wickedly at him and slid her hand down his back and between his legs, to tug gently on his balls.

"Whoa!" Kevin yelped, unsure of whether that felt good or not. He decided it wasn't all bad, and turned his attention back to Nora- nibbling on her neck as he continued to slide in and out of her.

Nora's hands pressed against Kevin's ass, trying to keep him as close to her as possible. All she wanted was to feel him, all of him, inside her- making her feel better than she ever dreamed was possible.

Kevin and Nora were too wrapped up in each other and were making too much noise to realize someone else had slipped into the room. AJ had heard the noise from out in the hall and realized this could was an opportunity he shouldn't pass up. He quietly opened the door, and debated whether or not he should go in. When his eyes fell on the site on the bed, Kevin's body rising and falling above Nora's and heard the moaning- he couldn't not come in.

AJ stood in the doorway for a moment surveying the situation. He didn't want them to stop, he was enjoying the show. He decided to just keep quiet, if at all possible, and just watch what he'd only imagined seeing live. He quietly closed and locked the door, and leaned against the wall, almost holding his breath as he looked on in amazement.

They were both getting so close. Kevin's eyes were locked on Nora's and neither one of them dared blink for fear they might miss something the other was feeling.

"KEVIN! Oh god... Kev... HARDER!!" Nora shrieked as Kevin pulled almost all the way out and slammed into her, rocking her body underneath his.

Kevin felt Nora's pussy clenching around his cock as she came and his whole body shuddered as his orgasm hit him hard. Nora's body responded to Kevin's quivering by climaxing again harder and more violently than before. Her legs tightened around Kevin's waist and she screamed, dragging her nails down his back, leaving welts.

Seeing Kevin and Nora shuddering together on the bed was too much for AJ. He let out the breath he'd been holding. "Damn." he said, louder than he intended.

Kevin turned his head quickly, suddenly aware of AJ's presence. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE??"

AJ was shocked, he didn't think he'd get caught. He'd intended to slip back out the door before they realized he was there, but he'd been too enthralled with the scene before him to remember that he wasn't supposed to be there. He just looked at Kevin, wide-eyed.

"I ASKED WHAT YOU WERE DOING IN HERE?!?" Kevin yelled again, gathering sheets to wrap around himself so he could go clobber AJ.

Nora grabbed Kevin's arm, not allowing him to get off the bed. She liked the idea that someone had seen them, especially AJ. "Why did you come in here, Bone?" she asked, seductively, knowing that she'd get a good answer from him.

"I heard you guys from in the hall, and I had to come see... I guess I just... I like to watch..." he said, looking to Nora for a reaction.

"Hmmm..." she purred. "I do love an audience..." She had to admit, she was turned on by the thought of someone watching, and she wandered if maybe... She quickly glanced over at Kevin, and then back at AJ and smiled- her eyes silently conveying her idea to him.

AJ got a wicked grin on his face, he knew exactly what she was thinking. "Kev, I think you need a break, bro."

Kevin wrapped one of the sheets around his waist and glared at AJ. "Oh you think I do, huh?" He made no effort to move from his position, still draped over Nora.

AJ walked towards the bed, and Nora sat up, pushing Kev off to the side. Nora grabbed Kevin's hands, holding them together behind his back.

While holding his hands together she pushed him off the side of the bed, towards a chair AJ had brought over. AJ turned Kevin around and sat him down, wrapping the sheet around the chair, tying it tightly behind the chair. AJ unplugged the lamp from the corner of the room, and brought it over behind Kevin- binding his wrists together behind the chair so that he was almost completely immobilized.

"What the FUCK is going on here?" Kevin sputtered angrily.

"Your turn to watch." AJ said as he quickly removed his clothing and sitting on the bed next to Nora.

Nora moved next to him, running her hands across his ripped chest, and then crawled behind him, trailing her fingers down his back. AJ sighed softly as she continued to caress his muscular form. She traced her finger over the dragon tattoo cascaded down the right side of his back, and then followed the outline her finger had just made with her tongue. She pulled him down onto the bed, and straddled him and kissed down his chest to the 69 around his belly button. She glanced up at him, seeing his eyes closed and face relaxed- and did the same treatment to the 69 as the dragon, lightly tracing it with her fingertips, then swirling over it with her tongue.

Kevin squirmed in the chair. He didn't like what was happening right in front of his eyes, but he was basically powerless to stop it. And what bothered him more than watching it was, his body was responding to it in ways he didn't want it to. He couldn't hide the fact that he was turned on watching her, but he still didn't like that it was one of his best friends that was getting her attention.

Nora kissed under the 69; dropping little kisses around his rapidly swelling cock. She licked swiftly along the underside of his length, causing him to groan and shudder in anticipation of what she'd do next. She surprised him though, by moving away from his aching erection and kissing back up his body. She ran her hands across his chest quickly, but slowed to drag her hands heavily over his nipples, feeling them harden under her palms. She slid down his body, her neatly groomed pussy gliding over his dick teasing him with the wetness. She leaned over him, pressing her breasts against him, and captured one of his nipples in her mouth. Her tongue twirled around it, before gently biting down, then going to the other nipple to repeat the process.

AJ was loving everything she did to him, especially since he knew every movement they made was being watched by Kevin, who AJ could hear cursing quietly under his breath.

Nora slid further down his body, leaving a trail of her sticky wetness as she scooted down his legs, making AJ insane with desire to plunge himself into it. Nora flicked her tongue over the head of AJ's cock, and then wrapped her lips around it, sucking him into the back of her throat.

"Oh yeah.. just like that baby..." AJ sighed. Kevin wiggled violently in his confines, trying to figure out a way to loosen them and free himself. He felt like he should stop this, he shouldn't let it go any farther. She was his, and this wasn't right. But yet, he was still enjoying it...

Nora stopped lavishing AJ's dick with her tongue and quickly moved up his body to kiss him as she positioned herself over him. She reached for his cock, encircling it with her hand and guiding him into her. She just barely touched him to her entrance, and he thrust his hips up, entering her roughly, causing her to cry out for him. She immediately began grinding against him, electrified by the feeling of him inside her. She moved her hips slightly side to side, swaying on top of him. She switched motions, rocking back and forth as he bucked his hips up at her.

Kevin couldn't stand what he was seeing anymore. He yanked ferociously at the cord tying his wrists together; causing the lamp it was attached to crash to the floor. He threw the sheet that was holding him to the chair to the side and quickly went to the writhing bodies on the bed.

AJ's eyes got wide when he saw Kevin hovering over him and Nora. She didn't seem to notice, or maybe she had just expected it. Nora had not only expected it, she was hoping for it, counting on it... that Kevin would get riled up, and then come join them, not wanting to be left out of the action.

Kevin ran his strong hands across Nora's shoulders, brushing down her arms then around to her chest, pinching at her nipples as she rode AJ. She shivered- both of them together, god, it was almost too much... the man she loved, and the one she lusted after, both hers at the same time. Kevin moved behind her, still twisting and teasing her nipples.

Nora started to move faster against AJ, getting swept up in all the feelings coursing through her body. She felt Kevin's hands move back around her body to her back and slide down, resting on her ass momentarily, before squeezing her cheeks, separating them slightly.

Kevin's fingers massaged her ass, deftly sliding between her cheeks, and poking one inside her. Nora flinched in surprise, but quickly became accustomed to his finger and begged for more. Kevin reached to the nightstand with his free hand and grabbed the tube of lubrication and began smoothing it across Nora's tight hole surrounding his finger. He lubed his cock, already pulsing from what he'd seen happening on the bed. He positioned himself, his cock pressing against her. Nora pushed back against him, anxiously awaiting the delicious pain she knew was coming.

Kevin wrapped his arm around Nora's waist and began to slowly inch into her, moaning as she enveloped him. She stopped thrusting up and down on AJ, to savor the feeling of Kevin's dick stretching the delicate skin of her ass. When he was in as far as he could go, Nora yelped in pleasure and began to move again, her body already beginning to quiver from the intensity of the feelings seducing her lower body.

Both men moaned as she tightened every muscle, squeezing them both into a near-orgasmic frenzy.


"You're so good with your hands, Nicky" Chellie sighed as she squeezed Nick's hand in her own.

"I just can't get enough of you, babygirl" he said, stopping in the hallway to kiss her.

Their makeout session was interrupted by the sound of loud moaning coming from Kevin and Nora's room again.

"They're STILL going at it??" Nick asked in amazement. He thought he'd been impressive tonight, but damn- Kevin was unbelievable.

"Shhh." Chellie smacked his arm, as she put her ear to the door. "I think there's someone else in there!!"

"What??" Nick asked, wide-eyed.

"Listen! There's Nora and Kevin.. and someone else! I think.. I think it's ... AJ!"

Nick put his ear to the door, too, just in time to hear AJ yelling he was about to cum.

Chellie's hands flew to her mouth, trying to stifle her giggles.

Nick blushed, this was more than he ever needed to know about his friends. "That was definitely AJ."

Chellie grabbed Nick's hand and they ran down the hall to the elevator, both dissolving into laughter as the stepped into the elevator and the doors closed.


"I'm gonna cum.. oh god.." AJ howled.

"C'mon, baby.." Nora coaxed him, grinding into him, picking up the pace and bringing Kevin with her.

The snug surroundings enclosing Kevin's cock were quickly becoming too much for him to hold off much longer. He began moving faster, causing Nora to speed up her motions on AJ. She tightened her muscles again, sending both men over the edge. Kevin and AJ came simultaneously, both screaming Nora's name.

Feeling both of them shaking against her- Kevin's chest muscles rubbing against her back as he trembled, and AJ's body convulsing under hers, was all Nora needed to be spiraled into orgasmic ecstasy herself.

She collapsed on top of AJ, and Kevin tumbled off to the side, still all gasping for air, stunned into breathlessness by all that had just happened.

Nora rolled off AJ, settling between the two men. This was even better than she'd imagined it when she'd played the scene out in her mind so many times before. It hadn't been entirely unplanned that AJ had happened to end up in the room. Nora had purposely left the door unlocked and hadn't really been subtle in her hinting that maybe he should drop by. She replayed the evening's events in her hand, her hands beginning to wander across her body.

Both AJ and Kevin noticed immediately, and fixed their gazes on Nora's fingers.

She caressed her body- playing with her still sensitive nipples, and then on down to her clit- tender from her recent climax and very responsive. She only rolled it between her fingers a few times, and pinched gently and her body was shaking, overtaken once again by the powerful contractions of the sweet spasms of another orgasm.

She opened her eyes, to find Kevin and AJ staring at her. She smiled at them and got off the bed, sauntering over to the chair Kevin had previously been tied up to. She spread the sheet over it and sat down, grinning wickedly. "You know... I like to watch, too... and I think it's only fair ... you've seen each other... you've seen me... so shouldn't I get to see both of you?"

Kevin and AJ exchanged a glance.

"It is only fair..." AJ said, leaning towards Kevin. He placed his hands on either side of Kevin's head and kissed him, slipping his tongue inside Kevin's mouth.

Nora settled back in her chair, 'nothing like a live show' she thought.

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