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I Love Black


I fell in love with black cocks.

My husband, Tom, and I write this together, most of the info are from me, Lisa.

Tom and I were 22 when this started, we are now in out mid 50's.

Tom is 6'2" about 200 lbs and 7 X 2 inch cock. And excellent lover, I am 5'3", 120 lbs, brunette and a 38dd-19-36 figure. That's right 19 inch waist.

We finished college and Tom went to work at once with a small company as Head Account with a few men underneath him. We were married right after graduation and I stayed at home. His salary allowed this and we were soon ready to start a family and I stop the pill. Tom took my virginity the night before we married. He was a wonderful lover and we learned a lot about sex trying different things. Different positions, oral, anal etc. We made love every AM and PM. We were used to sex and loved it.

Tom's job took him to a second plant every 6 months for a week and I usually went with him.

The interesting thing about the company is that is is run by three black men about 5 years older than we are, They have 50 men working at the main plant all but 4 are black and no women. After 2 years they were looking for a new secretary and Tom suggest me, After a meeting with the CEO, Bill I was hired. Which now meant that I would not go with him once each 6 months and that was in 2 weeks after I started. I still hadn't got pregnant and we talked about it and agreed to get a check up. My check up came clean, Tom would get his when he came back from the trip.

Tom left on a Thursday AM and I was alone. I felt lost when no sex Thursday night and Friday AM. But then shrugged thinking "That's work I'll adjust"

Friday afternoon Bill came to me and asked me "Lois, as long as you are alone would you like to go to dinner with me?" I thought why not and told him "Thank you yes". So at 5 PM at his suggestion I took my car home and he picked me up so no one would see us together and start talk about us. We went to a quiet restaurant where we had a corner table with out much light. Bill sat next to me so we could talk without anyone hearing us. We hd an excellent meal and were enjoying the coffee after when he asked me

"Lois, I know this is strange for me to ask but I'd like to know, say none of my business if you want"

"What do you want to ask me?"

He looked at me then down at my chest and asked "are your breasts real or are they implants?"

I sat there for a few moments and smiled at him and said "they are real"

I don't know why I answered him but I did. He smiled still looking at them and then with one had on my leg asked "May I feel them?"

I was wearing a calf length skirt, panties, and blouse fully buttoned and a slip as well as a support bra holding my breasts. I wasn't in the idea of showing any flesh.

I sat there as he still looked at them and said "If you are careful, just a feel" I turned to face him and he brought both hands up and cupped each of my breasts and made sure he had both nipples to squeeze. My nipples are very sensative and I could feel my juices start flowing. Tom always loved to handle my breasts and it turned me on to have him play with them. Bill commented "Oh they are nice, I haven't felt a pair this nice in some time, too bad yo have a bra on, I'd like to feel them bare"

"NO" I said and as he pulled away I got up saying "Ladies room" he pointed the direction with a smile.

I go to the ladies and lowering my panties found them soaking wet. So after taking my pee I removed them and put them in my bag. I stood up and started to leave and stopped thinking what he said about wearing a bra. To my self i said "why not" and my bra was soon in my bag along with my slip and with three buttons left unbuttoned I returned to the table and sat next to him. Bill smiled at me and asked "really bare?"

"Yes bare no feel "

His hand took my hand and placed it over his cock which was huge as he slipped his hand in side of my blouse to cup my tits. As he pressed the nipples my juices began to flow and I knew if he asked I was going to get fucked by a black man. Why did I do this I do;t know but I did it and he smiled at me saying "Maybe we better go to my place and finish this" I nodded my head and squeezed his cock "let's go"

Once in the care he opened mu blouse and my tits were bare and he played with them as we went to his place. He parked in the garage and soon were in the kitchen where he removed my blouse and skirt and I watched as he stripped and son was standing there his cock hard and sticking out at me at lease a foot long, turned out to be 11 inches and thicker than Tom's 2 inches. We walked into the living room and I was surprised that here were two other men partners in the company Jim, and Henry. both were naked and seated on the sofa watching TV. They smiled at us as we went into Bills bedroom, he explained "They live here we share the cost"

On the bed I soon found that I could take his 11 inch cock in my very went cunt, oh and did it ever feel nice to feel so stuffed with his cock. I smiled up at him and told him "I'm yours fuck me good" "I'm going to fill your cunt with cum in a moment you are so tight". I told him "You are the only man other than Tom to be in there and I love it, any time you want me just ask". "Here it comes" and it felt like his cock exploded as he filled me with his cum. We collapsed for a while and soon he pulled out of me and I quickly had him in my mouth, something I did with Tom all the time I liked cum.

Just then we heard a little laugh and saw that both Jim and Henry were in the door way. I smiled at Bill then asked him "do you share me too?" Bill told me "Yes we share everything". I looked at the two men next to the bed both of them had very hard cocks and long I thought that there was no way those could get in me. Bill saw me looking and told me "well Lois you just finished with 11 inches and now there are two more one is 14 and the other is 17 inches all together you will have had 42 inches in your lovely cunt. and lovely lady we have all weekend for a lot of fun. He was right, soon I had the full 14 inches of cock in me exploding and filling me with more cum, then I spread my legs wide and to Henry "OK Henry fill my cunt" and he did.

I spent the weekend with them and on Sunday Bill took me out to buy some new clothing. mini skirts, low cut blouses to show my tits no more panties and bras for me. I told Bill I was available to all of the men in the company if he wanted to share me and he does

My first day back to work was great. Bill took me and told me of the changes that he was going to make to the office. First he moved my desk so it faced his office and also gave anyone sitting in the waiting room chair would have a view of me. He had removed the panel that covered the bottom of the desk and anyone sitting would see up my dress and bare shaven cunt. He next showed me to the room just off of the office and there was a double bed, and a bathroom, telling m ready to be used by you and whoever wants time there with you. I squeezed his cock and told him "thank you for getting it done and now all we need is someone who wants to use it with me.

He then told me that at 3PM I was going to go out to the floor where the men would see me and get to know me, and reaching over tome he unbuttoned one more button and both of my tits were bare, "and this is the way you will go out". My comment was "OK I like that".

Then as he went into his office he turned and said "In fact I think you should go that way here to I like those breasts and like them bare OK?" "Yes".

When Tom came home I met him at the door naked as I always did. Soon we were in bed having our love sex and enjoying every minute. After he and I both had a real nice climax I told him "Tom I have something to tell you" He smiled at me and said "Oh you want to tell me you got fucked?" His smile was ever bigger as he looked at me and asked "How did you know?" "I talked with Bill before I left and asked him to try to get you and if he did he should share you with any one he wanted" I looked at him and as he was laughing "You planned it?" "Yes, even down to knowing how you acted when I played with your nipples" I smiled at him and answered "yea, that was what it did turn me on and I couldn't say no" "Did you like it?" "OH yes and I want more". He still holding me told me "OK all you want" Then he told me "I had a test taken and I don't have any sperm to make you pregnant". I thought for a few minutes and then asked him " Why not let the men I am fucking knock me up". We sat down for a while and talked it over and agreed that I would continue fucking any of the men with out any protection. I told him "Honey I will b fertile next week starting Tuesday thru Friday" With a big smile "OK do it"

What happened is that we now have three children all with a little darker skin that we do and we love them all and there has been no checking who fathered any of them. They are ours.

And I still spread my legs for every black man I see, I love black cocks especially when they fill me with sweet cum.

.if anyone likes this write and let me know I will tell more of the next several years actually 27 years.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/09/18

Bad porn writing .

This was by far the worst story ever published. Like reading a bad 70s porn novel.

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by Anonymous08/28/17

LOL 14 inches really???... Sorry by 14 and 17 are porno fantasy sizes

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