tagInterracial LoveI Love Black Ch. 07

I Love Black Ch. 07


Before I start and tell this step in my wife's black cock love, let me say this.

Some of you have a lot of negative comments, and you don't know what it takes to do this. I accepted my wife's love for black cocks and have watched her with a lot of them. Yes she is now deceased from the effects of Sugar not sex. She passed away at the age of 72 and had spent the last year of her life in a nursing home. Thus she had from her 30th birthday to her 70th birthday to enjoy her love of black cocks.

I do not feel that I was used (cockled) by her actions. She and I had talked about it a lot. I told her that if any guy took advantage of her let me know, he and I would have a conversation. What could I do well if you wish to know I held a black belt in both Judo, as well as Karate. I am a man about 5'9" weight about 180 lbs aand have tossed a man weighing nearly 400 lbs over my back at one meeting. So I am able to take care of her.

* * * * * * * * *

Now story No 7.

My husband and I had returned to home after meeting Phil and Fred. It seems that they want me to come to a club meeting alone after telling me that white men wern't allowed to come into the club, they had talked with some of the leaders at the club getting permission for a white woman to attend the next meeting.

At home Ruth, the land lords daughter, came to me and told me that her husband wants to fuck me some more and she approves if I am willing. I agreed and she ask me if it was true that I fucked black men at the hotel a while ago. It seems that the owner of the hotel told her I fucked some black men while they were there.

The first thing she asked "Is it true that they have big cocks?"

"Yes usually they are 8" and longer as well as thicker, why?"

"I think I'd like to have a big, long black cock in me."

I told her "I am going to go back to U..... next weekend and two black men are going to take me to a black club"

"Can I go with you?"

"I will ask them and let you know."

I then told her

"If you go there you will probably get fucked not by one black man but by a lot of them, and take three at a time."

"I like that, I think."

I told her "they do not use any protection to keep her from getting pregnant so make sure you're not fertile"

"OK next weekend is great then."

I got her approved by Fred and told her that we would leave friday afternoon about 3PM.

I should add that during the week I fucked her husband several times.

Once at U...... we went to the apartment of Fred and Phil they approved of Ruth and the four of us headed for the club. It was located on the outside of the town on a farm. We entered the barn to a small entry area where we were greeted by a black man, Fred and Phil had to us another door, and we were checked in by the man there. First we had to assure him that we had no drugs or drinks with us. Then he smiling told us, as he handed us a paper bag,

"Strip and put you clothing in the bags."

I asked "strip right here?"

"Yes everyone that goes in is naked."

Ruth and I stripped, I only had a blouse and skirt so I was naked quickly. Ruth had under clothing as well and took a little longer. The guard on the door enjoyed feeling me tits and fingering my pussy saying "You are going to be busy tonight." Then he did the same thing with Ruth before we entered. We were met by Fred and Phil both of them naked as well.

Ruth said to me "Man you were right they are bigger and longer, will they fit in me?"

Fred smiled at her "Honey I am going to start you into a black cock that you will love and enjoy and after I finish with you you will take anyone you want. I will be slow at first."

I looked around and saw maybe 30 mattresses around the barn floor, Some were occupied by couples in several positions all of them sex. Fred led Ruth to one empty one and began to play with her. Phil led me to one next to them and as I watched as Fred was fingering her Phil began to eat me out and I forgot about Ruth and soon had his lovely black cock in my mouth.

We had a fun time there, I watched Ruth as Fred filled her pussy with his black cock and how much she loved it. Before we finally left the place Ruth has fucked 9 black men as well as taking two times three black cocks at one time. In her mouth, in her cunt, and in her ass.

I lost track of Ruth as I was busy with black men myself. Let me tell you it was a nice feeling to have a blackcock slide into your pussy and feel it go deep back and forth until finally you could feel his cock swell upand suddenly you feel it explode and send warm creamy sperm deep in my cunt. He finally pulled out and I quickly took it in my mouth and cleaned him up, I love the taste of my cream and his cream what a nice flavor. He smiled and commented to me,

"Lady you are good and I'll be back for more."

"Oh you felt good too and please come back for more."

He was replaced by another black man and a black woman. He smiled as I looked at her pussy smiled and asked her.

"Oh you just got filled huh, can I clean you up a little?"

She eagerly straddled my face and soon I was licking her cum filled pussy until she had a nice climax. This was followed by his nice hard and very thick black cock into my waiting pussy.

I did twelve black men and my pussy was full of their creamy sperm. Oh it was nice.

AS we drove home Ruth talked with me about it telling me how much she loved fucking black men, then she told me "I think that I might have gotten pregnant."

"How come, I told you to be sure."

"I know but I wanted to get fucked so bad I didn't care if I did or not, I think I was fertile the whole weekend."

"Of all the things Ruth how are you going to explain this to you husband."

"I don't know."

The next time the club met Ruth and her mother took the trip up to U..... and her mother get her fill of black cocks, and of all things she also got pregnent.

There was no question that both Ruth and her mother were now black cock women, they were up to U..... every chance they could get to meet only black men to fill their pussy with black men cum, as well as fill their stomach. They really loved pleasing black men when ever they could.

They apparently kept the information from their husbands, who were fucking me almost every day.

I told my husband about it but we weren't there long enough to see what really happened as he was given a nice job back at our home town and we moved before the babies were born, so we never found out if they were black or white.

* * * * * * * * *

This is the end of this part of our life, but once we got back to home town my wife soon was popular in two of the local bars that catered to black men.

More comming about my first time at a bar and passed around.

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