tagLoving WivesI Love It When She Screams

I Love It When She Screams


My name's Ken and I wanted to share my story with you about my Mistress and wife, Barbara. Not long after we married, we started sharing fantasies and I told her that I would love to see her fucking another man. She kissed me and sort of just shrugged my thoughts off.

A few years after we got married, we again started sharing fantasies and I told her, again, that I would love to watch her fucking another man, particularly one with a much bigger cock than my six-inches.

It took a while, but she finally, with a lot of prodding by me, she decided to give it a try.

We went to a club near our town that had a dance floor. I sat across the bar watched as the guys lined up just to hold her in their arms.

Barb is five- feet, seven inches tall and weights about a hundred and thirty-five pounds. Her full, thirty-six inch breasts turn heads all of the time. I often point it out to her but she just bushes and blows it off.

Her nipples are the most sensitive nipples and her clit... WOW! Explosive. I have never known a woman so sensual and sexually explosive in my entire life.

That night a lot of guys waited in line just for the chance to be close to he r and maybe get a chance to squeeze a tit or rub his large dick against her body.

These guys brought her drinks; I guess in an attempt to get her drunk and take her home for a full night of fun and exotic lovemaking. But she said no to nearly all of them.

About eleven o'clock, she gave me a signal that the guy she had been talking and dancing with for the past hour or so was a guy she could fuck.

I ran out to the car and headed home. I hid in the walk in closet and she made it home with the guy in tow about fifteen minutes later.

As they walked through the room, I saw, from my hiding place, that he had already made it with her tits. One was completely unclothed. That surprised me and excited me at the same time.

I felt my little prick get hard and as I watched.

He continued to undress her very slowly. He licked each of her breasts as he took off her bra. Then he knelt before her, slowly slipping her silk panties down her long, smooth legs. His tongue licked at her unshaven pussy. He took such pleasure in the taste of her juices. I could see them running down his chin and onto his neck.

"Oh, that feels so good. Your tongue is really great. Lick me good baby. Suck my clit!" she cried loudly so I could here the pleasure she was receiving.

That's it baby; fuck my pussy with that strong tongue of yours. I've never seen such a strong tongue before. And you do it so well!

"Oh yeah, I want you to fuck me and fuck me like no man ever has!" she cried out loud enough for me to hear.

"I want to fuck you baby, I want to fill you with my dick deep inside of you. I want to show you what a real cock feels like. I'm sure you're not use to this good stuff I have for you," the guy bragged.

He lifted Barbara off the floor and laid her on the bed. He licked at her pussy and I heard the juices as he suckled her muff.

They were so thick that they also slid lazily down Barbara's long legs.

Suddenly, I heard her voice. "Oh, you do that so good! But I want to see what your prick can do for me!" She talked loud so that I could hear what she was doing.

She sounded like a different person. All of our married life, we had wonderful sex but she had never wanted for more than my puny six-inches.

I was getting so hard; I stroked my tiny dick as fast as I could. But I knew I had to slow down, or I would explode before they even connected.

I stripped off my jeans and my shirt. I heard Barbara ask; "Do you have a condom?

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a blue rubber and showed it to her. His smile was wide and his dick really long.

He unrolled the rubber and slipped it over his large plumb shaped head. His prick shook like a trees limb in a gale it was so thick and heavy.

I was so excited. I had to jerk off several times as I watched.

He spread her legs and dove head deep in her sweet garden of pleasure face first. I heard the sound of the juices she had emitted to prepare for the encounter. Then she took his large prick into her tight cunt.

"Oh baby, you are so big! I've never had a man as thick as you are!" she screamed as he shoved his massive tool deep in her wet pussy.

That's it baby you know what to do you know what I want. Fuck me good with that thick dick of yours. Make me cum all over that big cock of yous!"

"Oh yeah baby, I love it when you talk to me while I'm filling you with my juices. I could fuck you for days!"

"Give me that big cock baby. Make me scream for more!" She cried out.

I was sure it was for my benefit. But soon I realized that it wasn't. She was really enjoying him and she wanted him to know how much.

She bent over him and took that large tool into her red lips and I heard him sigh as she sucked it deep into her throat.

As I watched, I stroked my tiny prick. Before I knew what I had done, I spilled my seed all over my hand, and then licked it off without realizing what I was doing.

I was just so excited to see Barbara sucking something that could really please her; a dick that could give her orgasms beyond even my dreams.

It was ten-o'clock the next morning when he left. When I heard the door close behind him, I slipped quietly out of my hiding place and climbed into the bed.

Upon her return to the bedroom, Barbara spread her legs wide and said, "Clean this sticky stuff out of me, NOW!"

It wasn't a request; it was a command.

I was shocked and pleased at the same time. I buried my face in her wet pussy and licked and sucked her for the next hour.

He r clit was so hard it felt like a tiny dick and I sucked it as such.

She pushed my face deep in her wanton cunt until my tongue gave her another much needed orgasm.

"If I'd known your prick was as small as it is before I married you, I would never have done so. From now on, there will be a real man in my bed every night if possible and you can stay quietly in the closet until my lovers go home."

"Yes, Ma'am, as you wish! I promise to always be here to clean you up and if you ever want me to clean up you lover I will clean him as well." I was so turned on I would have done anything for her.

The following night, she went to the bar alone. She came home with two men. One was a well-built blond with curls and the other was a black man that looked like a wrestler. I didn't want to go rounds with him.

When the black guy dropped his trousers I knew it was the end of the sex I would have with my wife.

He had her kneel in a doggie position and climbed behind her. He aimed his large tool for the tight hole in her ass. Fortunately, he used lubricant so as not to rip her a second one.

As he forced the thick cock into her she cried out. "Oh yeah, baby; that's what I've been needing. A really good fuck in my ass! Fuck it good!" she cried.

He pounded her butt for a good ten minutes before he even began to shoot his seed into her. And when he finally did let go, it not only filled her butt, it ran thickly down her legs.

She screamed the whole time. "That's it baby, fuck my ass good! Let me feel your beautiful, thick cock of yours tearing at my butt! You do that so good!

Fuck me baby fuck me good! I want to suck that big ass dick. Give it to me please!" she begged him.

The black guy turned her over and spread those pretty pussy lips and slipped the lamb skin covered prick deep in Barbara's pussy. He had to push hard because she had never had anyone as large as he was.

I could see her face and I knew that his big tool was hurting her but it was the best hurt she had ever experienced. "Force it baby, I know you can make it fit!"

"You've got it baby; take it all!" he cried and slammed his prick deep in her now stretched pussy.

"Yes. That's it fuck me like the bitch I am, baby! Oh I love that dick of yours; it's the best I've ever hand!" she screamed.

I cold see the blonde guy sitting on the side of the bed. He was stroking his cock too, but it was three times my size.

Once he had it hard, he crawled up to her head and offered it to her mouth.

Barbara sucked the thick dick into her mouth and it filled her cheeks and strangled her throat. She turned a little red from loss of oxygen until she started breathing through her nose.

I watched as she sucked him deep into her throat and her hips rose to join the black guy at the same time.

I came all over myself again. I loved sitting in the closet. It was my happy place.

But that night after they left, she called me out.

"Come here wimp, I have a present for you," she said softly.

I crawled out of the closet. My shorts still wet from cumming. They either didn't notice or didn't care.

I crawled out of the closet and there stood that tall black man. His dong hung almost to his knees. I was really envious and in awe.

The blonde had put his shorts back on, but I was sure he was at least almost as large as the black man.

"This is my wimp husband, guys; I keep him in the closet and bring him out only to do clean up and prep. Tonight I want him to suck you dong Jacob and get you ready to really fuck my ass good. Such a nice prick you have. And I want it all!" She smiled and looked at me with distain.

"Come on, Ken, get it done I want that prick in me within five minutes!"

My shorts still wet from cumming. They either didn't notice or didn't care. I knelled before the black man and he held his prick between two fingers to guide it into my mouth. I spewed my seed all down my legs again.

I could taste Barbara on his prick and I wanted to turn and bury my face in her juicy cunt. I knew it was full of his hot cum. But I did as she commanded. I slowly sucked his big, acorn-like head into my mouth and sucked it in until his fuzzy hair tickled my nose.

I swirled my tongue around the head savoring my wife's juices and trying hard not to spill my useless seed again.

Jacob pressed his large hands on the back of my head and started moving his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. I suckled him as tightly as I dared and before long, he spit his seed down my throat. It overflowed my lips and ran down my shirt.

I heard sweet Barbara laughing and she said, "Now, that's where you belong; on the end of a real man's cock. I think I'll keep you there.

Then the blonde came up behind me and he spread my cheeks. I felt the cold of a lubricant being sprayed on my ass. Then the burn of his prick being pushed in my tight hole.

Barbara knelt before me and sucked my tiny prick into the mouth and as he fucked my ass she sucked my seed out of my dicklett. I was exploding with pleasures.

Later, as the sun was coming up, the guys left me on the floor and fucked Barbara again.

"Oh yeah, you have the best dick I have ever had, she screamed as Jacob fucked her two more times. Fuck me like you want to tear me apart!" she cried while I lay in the closet not allowed to participate.

When they had left, Barbara pulled me out of the closet and let me lick her sweet pussy that had been filled with the seed of the two men. It was the sweetest stuff I had ever had. I loved licking it out of her cunt.

She gave me my wish and now I spend a lot of time in the closet. And what I really love is the way she tells her love how much bigger they are than I am. I sit there in my closet, stroking my mini-dick and listening to my wife enjoy the greatest sex she has ever had.

She's been cuckolding me now for four wonderful years. Other than our first year of marriage, it' is the best time of our lives.

"I love you, Barbara, and I always will!"

Thank you Lady Dora for writing my story.

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