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I Love My Black Baby


I guess you can say that I am a loner for the most part but that was by my choice. I never felt that I needed anyone to get me through my life. I had several boyfriends in high school and when I got to college I just met up with guys to get laid and no other strings attached. I did actually find myself falling for this older white guy that hung out at one of the college pubs because they drinks were cheap and so were the women.

Keith was 32 and I was 19 and I met him one night after leaving my dorm to just blow off steam and a really bad mood. I had submitted a report in my history class and my teacher told me that I could have done much better if I used "my brain". I thought that was cruel of him to say that I reported him to the dean's office. I don't mind being told that my work sucks but to imply that I didn't use my brain was by fair the most insulting remark I received on my work in a very long time.

I walked 3 blocks to the nearby pub just off campus. I was drinking scotch, straight or over ice and a lot of it since. I walked into the place and planted my fat white ass on the bar stool and ordered my first scotch of the night. I played music, I kept myself occupied until Keith showed up. He was older but kept himself in good shape and I knew he wasn't a college student. He sat next to me and his cologne smell like heaven. He was drinking beers and watching the basketball game on TV. Not big on basketball, I commented on the play and he asked me my name and told me that he thought my comment was very enlightening. I couldn't believe he talked to me and I was in my glory. I didn't feel the usual thought of flirting my way to free drinks and quick lay in the sack that night. I was take by him and that is rare for me.

We watched the game and drink and ate for hours. I didn't have a class the next day so I allowed myself to drink up a storm and I wasn't driving either. He offered to drive me back to my dorm after he took me for a ride around. I don't think either of us should have been driving but he did do better than I would have done. After we left the parking lot he pulled over and pulled me close and kissed me and I kissed back. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and then he slipped his in mine. We were kissing like 2 hungry bears that haven't had anything to eat in many days.

He stopped long enough to drive me to his apartment. I didn't know that's where I was until the morning I woke up. All I could remember was that we went into his apartment and he stripped me of my clothes and he took off all of his and I knelt underneath his cock which was really nice and had very little pubic hear and it wasn't because he shaved. I took his cock it my hands and started to jerk it and then lick it and then sucked him until he had a full erection.

He laid me across the bed, spread my legs until he could get in there and eat me out. His tongue was like magic and got me to the point of "cumming" and then he removed his head and with full force pushed his harden cock inside my pussy that was gushing with juices all over his cock.

When I got up in the morning I realized that I was in his apartment and he walked through the door with a tray of breakfast which included a huge cup of coffee, black the way I like it and some eggs and toast. I ate like I never ate in my life and then we made love again. I told him that I really liked him and he was into me too. Two months later I dropped out of school and moved in with Keith. All was great until he started to come home on Friday nights smelling like a whorehouse and I didn't like it. I commented on it and was slammed against the wall and slapped across the face. I grabbed my face and screamed until he told me to shut the fuck up.

I took my car keys and left him and said I wanted him to cool off before he hurt me bad. I didn't go back until the next morning. I slept in my car and waited for him to go to work and then I went back and showered and notice the nice black and blue on my face and didn't realize he gave me not 1 but 2 black eyes.

I stayed in the house all day and he came home from work and read me the riot act telling me I am not to question his whereabouts or make such comments. I told him that I didn't think he was so violent and asked for him to apologize and he said that he wasn't violent, it was his demons that did it and not him. Oh my God, he has some issues and now they surface.

I had like 2 friends and my family disowned me after I met him and dropped out of school. Lucky for me I had some good money saved up and was able live on that for a while. Keith went out again on Friday night but this time I went out too. I went to the neighborhood bar because I wanted to be bad and get drunk.

Here I am at the bar and I'm drinking and singing and I got the attention of this oh so sexy black guy that I knew I wanted to fuck me. He had the look of a street wise ghetto black guy and that turned me on and turned my pussy juices flowing. I walked up to him and I told him that I saw him looking at me and wanted to know if he wanted to get to know me better and he said yes. We downed some drinks and in between we would kiss and I would go to the jukebox to put on some of his kind of music he would come up behind me and start grinding his cock into my ass and I asked him to step outside.

Once we got outside I walked him over to the pathway which lead to the garden area that was open in the spring and summer to drink out there. I got him half way up and then I told him to stand right there and not to move and I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and dropped them and his shorts down to his ankles and started to suck him off and licked his full black balls and then did a number on his almost fully erect extra large black cock. He had to be at least 8 inches long and about 2 inches thick. He tasted so good and he was shaved and smooth and I knew I wanted that cock inside me and I had to have it right now. I told him to pull up his pants and follow me. They had the tables and chairs covered but I managed to clean off 2 of them of most of the leaves that fell and took off all my clothes and laid across the table. He took off all his clothes and he approached the table and I opened wide and he slowly entered my dripping wet pussy and pounded me like a jack hammer. He was rough and I loved it. He pulled me off the table and made me get on all fours on the cold ground white he fucked me from behind. Again it was rough sex and grabbed my tits as he pumped me and then finally he pulled out. He asked me if I like it in the ass and I told him I was a virgin in that department and that's all I needed to tell him when he stroked his cock a few times and then spread my ass cheeks and slammed hard into my ass and I let out a scream that I would have thought everyone would have heard but lucky for us no one did. He continued to enter me full force and slowly pull out and then he told me he was going to come. I wanted to have him come inside me because I wanted to feel the warmth of his cum inside my throbbing wet pussy. I let him pull out and I told him to come inside me and he shot such a large hot load inside me, I don't know where it all came from and not one drop was lost. I told him that I wanted to taste him the next time and wear it on my face and chest the next time.

We got ourselves together and he drove me home. I was lucky that Keith wasn't home yet because I needed a shower and to get cleanned up and make it look like I've been home all night. I asked him to come in and he told me he had to go back home to his "old lady" and I told him I had to wait for my "old man". We exchanged phone numbers and he promised to call me and we would be up to fuck every week at least 1 day. I knew that he probably knocked me up that night I didn't care. I took my shower and daydreamed of that fuck session and couldn't wait for the next one.

The next morning I was preparing breakfast and Keith handed me a small box. He told me to open it and hoped that I liked it. It was a gold chain that he showed me months ago that was his mothers and he had it cleaned up and bought a charm pendant saying number one woman. He actually appeared to be sincere and he apologized for hurting me physically and mentally and something inside of me felt he was being sincere. We went into the bedroom and he made love to me like he used to when we first met and he told me that he wanted us to start having a family because he wanted to be a daddy and knew I would be a great mommy. He came inside me too but honestly it didn't feel the same.

A month later I was laying in bed and I got a pain almost like the cramps I get when I have my monthly but it felt like my insides were hurting unlike then ever did before. Not thinking of the time factor but I was in such pain I went to see my OB/GYN and he asked me if I thought I might be pregnant I said yes I just might be. Oh my God I thought as I got fucked only hours apart from my black stranger and my white Keith. It was then confirmed that I was pregnant and I was happy but very scared because I wasn't sure who my baby's father was and I would have to wait until the baby was born to let me know.

Keith had to go to the doctor's for a physical for work and then also had to take a urine sample and a sample of his sperm. Everything came back great but his sperm could was low. I was all a panic as he knows that I'm pregnant and now he knows he probably didn't father the baby I was carrying.

I told my black lover that I was pregnant with is child and my husband will probably do what he has done in the past beat me up and I may end up losing this baby that I really wanted to keep. He told me that his wife would kill him if she found out about him having an affair and also knocking up another woman. He said in this younger days he had knocked up 4 women within days of each other and he has 3 sons and a daughter from other women and he and his wife have little girl that is 3.

Keith waited for me to get back from the store and then he demanded to know how could I have gotten pregnant if his count is so low. He shook me and slapped me and through me to the ground and demanded that I leave his home after tonight. Packed up my bags during the night and had enough money for a hotel room and I called my baby's daddy to tell him what happened that I was having his baby and my Keith through me out.

I decided that I was going to keep my baby and raised it on my own. My black lover wanted me to stay close so he could watch his child grow up and I told him he could see the baby anytime but no one could know that he was the father because he was already married to someone else.

I am now working part time from home and waiting for the birth of my baby. I already picked out 2 names 1 for a boy and 1 for a girl and the boy's name I picked is James and the girl's name Jamie. I am doing some great work to make money and after the baby is born I will be taking some on-line classes to earn my degree that I threw away when I met and fell in love with Keith. I had to support myself and my baby. My lover has offered to give me some of his weekly allowance to help support the baby but I told him he doesn't have to. I asked him if I could list him as the father of the baby on the paperwork and he said I could.

Keith has since moved on and I never hear from him. Something makes me think that he may have really wanted to turn things around with me but by me getting pregnant with another man's baby probably made him stop and think that maybe he should have beat me up and treat me like I was nothing.

I cannot wait to see my little black baby and I want to be honest now with everyone that I always preferred that black man over the white man and have always wished to have black baby. I guess what they say is right "Be careful what you wish for". I am happy that my wish is coming true. I will be a good parent and a good mother for my baby.

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