tagIncest/TabooI Love My Daddy

I Love My Daddy


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Part 1

His name was Trevor but everyone called him Trey.

As he drove home from work that Friday evening, he was aware of a nervous feeling deep in the pit of his stomach. It was the feeling he used to get before he went on a first date with a new girl, had sex with a girl for the first time or some other event that might possibly have a significant effect on his life. It was a feeling he had not had since the night he proposed to Brenda.

His wife, Brenda, was a lawyer. She had made several trips out of town, during the six years they had been married, but this was the first time she would be gone all weekend. She had left yesterday morning and would not be back until late Tuesday.

"I guess, in a way," he said to himself, "I am going on a first date."

This would be the first time that Trey and Ashley would be alone together for more than an hour or two. Trey hoped that Ashley would not be gone somewhere all weekend. He was looking forward to spending time with her. Maybe they could watch a movie, or go out to---where ever it was that girls her age went.

Trey smiled has he thought about Ashley. From the moment they met, she had called him Daddy. Six years ago, she was a tall, gangly tomboy with glasses, pigtails, and a cute, if not pretty face. Today she was a beautiful eighteen-year-old woman. She was still tall but that was where the resemblance ended. She had traded her glasses for contact lenses, her pigtails for a ponytail. Her face went from cute to beautiful to gorgeous.

Her figure was not perfect but so close it did not matter. Not to Trey. As far as he was concerned, Ashley was drop dead gorgeous. Her breasts were small, not flat, but small. Her torso tapered to a slender waist then flared outward to narrow, straight hips. Her ass was shaped like an upside down heart and her long legs were slim and sleek. She had been a cheerleader during high school and her body was firm and tight.

Trey wondered what her sex life was like. He didn't know if she was sexually active or not but he would have been more surprised to learn she was a virgin than to learn she wasn't. He knew that many girls lost their virginity in high school and always just assumed that Ashley was one of them. Actually, he purposely tried not to think about it. The thought of Ashley engaging in sex bothered him but she was eighteen years old, two years older than Trey had been when he began fucking, and a lot better looking.

His own sex life had always been good, although now it could be better. Brenda was an excellent sex partner but because of her schedule, having sex more than once a week was all but impossible. Even once a week was pushing it. The last time Trey and Brenda made love was ten days ago and she would not even be back home for three more days.

Trey knew he really had nothing to complain about. With Brenda's income they could afford a beautiful home in a great neighborhood and new cars every other year. Trey had a good job but Brenda out earned him by twenty per cent. It was the extra money that made the luxuries possible.

Trey turned into the driveway and stopped at the garage door. As soon as he entered the house and closed the front door behind him, Ashley ran out of the kitchen and jumped into his arms. "Hi, Daddy." She kissed him on the mouth, not passionately, but a little longer than Trey expected.

"Whoa," Trey said when Ashley pulled away, "What's that about?"

"Nothing," Ashley told him, "I'm just glad you're home."

"I'm glad you're glad," he told her, trying to deal with the adrenaline rush, and the wave of desire his body was experiencing.

"I ordered a pizza," Ashley told him, "It'll be here in half an hour."

Trey went upstairs to change. He took a quick shower and as he stood under the spray of water, he could not get Ashley out of his mind. He could still feel her pliant lips against his own, her young, firm body pressing against him. His cock was hard and he was in no mood to fight it. He wrapped his fingers around the long, thick shaft and jerked himself off.

He stepped out of the shower and dried himself. He put on red sweat pants, a white tee shirt and thick, white, athletic socks. Then he went downstairs.

He and Ashley ate pizza and drank cokes while sitting at the kitchen table. She was wearing a red tank top, without a bra, and white, baggy, pajama pants. Her feet were bare and her toe nails, like her fingernails, were painted dark brown. For some reason, Trey could not stop looking at her. "Do you have any plans this week end?" Trey asked.

Ashley's answer almost forced the air out of his lungs. "Nope. I'm your's for the whole week end."

After they finished eating, Trey went into the family room to choose and set up a movie while Ashley cleaned up the remains of their dinner. He felt nervous, filled with anticipation without knowing why. When Ashley entered the family room, she said, "Don't start the movie, yet, Daddy. I want to ask you a question."

"OK, ask away."

Ashley sat down next to Trey, her body turned to face him, a serious expression on her lovely face. "I looked it up and according to the dictionary; a cock is a male bird, like a rooster or a peacock. Right?"

"Yeah," Trey said cautiously, feeling as though he was standing on the edge of a cliff, looking into a deep canyon.

"One of the girl's in schools is always talking about how she likes to play with her boyfriend's cock," Ashley said, "But I talked to her boyfriend and he doesn't own a bird." . Ashley spoke in a quick, breathless, high pitched voice that made her sound like a "dumb-blond." Trey knew better. Ashley may have been blond but she definitely was not dumb.

He silently stared at his step daughter for several seconds. "Wait a minute," Trey said, chuckling softly, "You're eighteen years old and drop dead gorgeous. Unless the boys you know are all brain dead, there's no way you don't know what a cock is."

"That was pretty lame," Ashley said, smiling, "But I didn't know how else to tell you."

"Tell me what?" Trey asked.

"That I want to play with your cock," Ashley said as she put her hand high up on his thigh.

Caught completely by surprise, Trey looked down at his step daughter's hand, aware of his hardening cock just centimeters away from her fingers. He knew he should stop this before it went any further but he could no longer deny his desire. When he finally found his voice, it was a hoarse whisper, "You realize that if anyone finds out about this we'll both be in trouble."

"No one will find out," Ashley told him, moving her hand onto the growing bulge on her step father's thigh, making him quickly suck in his breadth. "I'm not going to tell anyone," Ashley told him, "Are you?"

"You're sure you want to do this?" Trey asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," Ashley told him, pulling back in surprise, 'Don't you want to do it?"

"Of course I do," Trey told her, "I just want to be sure you don't regret it and tell your mother."

"I won't regret it," Ashley said, "Yesterday morning, when I got up for school, mom had already left and you were still in bed. I looked in your room and I saw you lying on the bed, on your back, asleep. You were naked and uncovered. Your cock was half hard and I could not take my eyes off of it. It's so beautiful, my pussy got soaking wet while I was looking at it. I wanted to get in bed with you but I was afraid you wouldn't want me so I left. But I've been thinking about your cock all day yesterday and all day today. I am so freaking hot, if I don't do something I'm going to burst into flame.

"If you don't want to fuck me it's alright. I mean you can, if you want. You can do anything you want and I'll do anything you want me to. But all I really want is to play with it. I want to play with your cock and your balls and make you cum."

Trey's head was spinning. His mouth was dry and his cock was hard. Without speaking, he put one arm around Ashley's shoulders and pulled her closer. He pressed his lips against her's and felt her fingers encircle his erection through the fleece material of his pants.. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as Ashley's hand slowly rubbed his cock.

"Let me see it," Ashley said as she broke the kiss and pulled away. "Take your pants off so I can see your cock."

Trey shut his mind off. He stopped thinking, stopped worrying about all the things that could go wrong. He stood up and with one quick motion pushed his sweat pants down around his ankles. Before he could sit down again, Ashley was reaching for the long, thick hard pole that stuck straight out from his crotch. Her hand closed around the long, fat shaft, making Trey groan.

"Do you like this?" Ashley asked as she stroked her step father's erection, "Does it feel good?"

"It feels great," Trey told her, "It's wonderful."

Ashley leaned over and with her lips an inch from the tip of Trey's hard-on, she opened her mouth and let a glob of saliva fall onto the purplish red, mushroom shaped crown.

Trey groaned as Ashley smeared her saliva over the fat shaft. "You've done this before," he said.

"Yeah," she admitted, "A few times."

"One guy?" Trey wondered why he would ask that as soon as he asked it. He really did not want to know.

"Three," Ashley answered, lowering her head and depositing more saliva on his prick, "But you're a lot bigger than they are."

Trey moaned as Ashley's hand slid up and down on his spit slippery rod.

"Are you going to cum soon?" Ashley asked, stroking with long, slow movements.

"It won't be long," Trey said.

"Will you be able to cum again?" she wanted to know, "Cause there's something else I want to do."

"I'll be able to cum again," Trey said, now glad it had been a while since he fucked Brenda.

Ashley began stroking faster. "Cum, Daddy," she said, "Please cum for me. I want to see you cum!"

When he did, Ashley leaned forward so that Trey's cum shot onto her red tank top. With each eruption, Trey groaned and raised hips from the couch. Ashley squealed when his semen erupted, the spurt causing a large wet spot on Ashley's top, then a second, and then a third. The last of Trey's cum oozed from the tip as though it were overflowing. A mini-river of cum poured down Trey's cock and onto Ashley's hand.

Trey leaned back, gasping, while Ashley licked the thick, white cream from her fingers.

Part 2

She led him upstairs to her room. She stopped by the bed, turned around and pulled his shirt up and off. As he stood by the bed naked, Ashley pushed the elastic waistband of her pants below her hips and let them slide down her legs to puddle around her ankles. Standing just inches away from her step father, Ashley, naked from the waist down, extended her arms up above her head. "Well?" Ashley asked with a smile on her lovely face.

Trey took the bottom hem of his step daughter's tank top in his fingers and slowly pulled the cloth up, exposing her smooth, flat stomach, then her small, bulging breasts and pinkish tan, bulging aureoles . He pulled the tank top completely off and dropped it on the floor. She was even more beautiful naked than Trey had imagined.

Before Ashley could move, desire overtook Trey. He reached out and held her body as he lowered his face to her breasts. Ashley groaned as Trey licked and sucked on the nipples. "Ooohhh, daddy," she cried, "That feels so good."

His right hand moved down from her side to between her legs. Ashley separated her thighs to allow his hand to touch her pussy. He could feel the wet warmth of her vagina as he pressed his fingers against the thick outer lips. Ashley moaned as one, then two fingers slid into the opening between her thighs. At the same time, his other hand moved behind her body to caress the firm cheeks of her ass.

Trey sucked the bulging nipples and kissed the small, firm breasts. He kissed her shoulders and her neck, the sensation making her twist her neck and lean her head against his. "I---really---want to---fuck you," Trey said.

"But there's something I really want to do first," Ashley said, breathlessly.

"What," Trey wanted to know.

"Go down on you," his step daughter told him.

Trey sat on the edge of the bed and Ashley knelt between his legs. For the next several minutes, slowly, lovingly, she kissed and licked and sucked every square centimeter of Trey's cock and balls and the flesh under his sack. It was obviously not the first time Ashley did this.

As her lips and tongue spread saliva all over her step father's crotch, he leaned forward to squeeze the heart shaped cheeks and explore the crack between them. He pushed his middle finger into her ass hole, making Ashley groan loudly as her muscles tightened and trembled.

"Fuck me, daddy," she said, "I want your cock inside me now."

She almost screamed as Trey slowly entered her, as the hard warmth filled her, slowly withdrew, then filled her again, completely. "Ooohhh, daddy," Ashley gasped, "you're so deep! I can feel you inside me. It feels so good. SO GOD DAMN FUCKING GOOD!"

Trey pumped slowly at first, then faster and faster until they were both gasping and groaning and cumming.

Trey lay on his back, trying to catch his breadth. Ashley lay on her stomach, her breasts pressed against her step father's chest as she rested her cheek on his shoulder.

"What if I get pregnant?" Ashley asked.

"What?" Trey asked.

"What if I get pregnant?" she repeated, "You didn't use a condom and I'm not on the pill or anything. What if I get pregnant?"

"You won't," Trey told her, finally getting his breathing under control.

"How can you be sure?" Ashley wanted to know.

"Your mother didn't want to get pregnant, either," Trey told her, "so I had a vasectomy." Ashley looked puzzled. "It's a simple operation where the doctor snips the tube that carries..."

"I know all that," Ashley said, "In other words, you could fuck me twice a day and I'd never get pregnant."

"That's right," Trey said. He felt Ashley's hand on his penis, caressing the flaccid rod. "What are you doing?"

"I want to make you hard, again," Ashley told her step father, "so you can fuck me again."

Downstairs, a door slammed. "Helloooo," they heard Brenda call, "Anybody home?"

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