tagFirst TimeI Married a 40-year-old Virgin

I Married a 40-year-old Virgin


Yes, she still had her cherry on our honeymoon. Was I shocked? Not at all. We had been dating off and on for the past five years.

Hell, we didn't even share a kiss until our tenth date. Talk about having blue balls.

But at least some of the other women I dated between dating Ellen put out.

She explained to me that she was raised in a strict catholic household. Sex was only for married couples. When we would watch reruns of Seinfeld she get all disgusted when they talked about sex.

I tried to explain it to her that making love was a wonderful thing if you were with the right person. But she wasn't having any of that literally.

I would tease her about doing it with the lights off and in the missionary position. She would look at me in disgust and throw me out of her condo.

This is why I still dated some of your typical bimbos. Give her a few beers and she was ready for a good fuck.

But Ellen captured a part of my heart that none of the other's could. I could see myself being with her, sharing our retirement years.

So I went back to her and she admitted that she missed me as well. We came to a compromise. She's willing to explore some of the more wild things, like hang gliding etc. If I would accept her puritan morals.

I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She hemmed and hawed for a bit. She did finally say yes and we were married on her birthday of June 30.

It was quite a lavish affair as this was her parent's only child. 12 piece band in the local Knights of Columbus hall.

A bit too sappy for my friends but for my Ellen we had to endure it. Some of my friends got totally shit faced One even told me later he got a blowjob from the maid of honor in the coatroom.

Ellen and I took a breather from the wedding excitement before we left for our Bermuda honeymoon

The plane had a bit of a tail wind and we got in rather early and checked into our hotel room

I bought a bathing suit just for this trip." Ellen said.

She slipped into the bathroom, being careful so I wouldn't see her purchase.

The horny toad in me sprung up thinking about Ellen in a skimpy bikini, and I had a hard time getting my baggy swim trunks over my raging hard on.

To say I wasn't surprised when she came out in a 1950's style swimsuit.

The horny toad sank back into his hiding spot,

She did look lovely to me however, all Five Foot two inches of her with her soft brown hair brushing her porecline shoulders. I loved looking at her and her emerald eyes.

We grabbed our towels and suntan lotion and headed to the beach Very relaxing sitting on the beach sunbathing and swimming and sunbathing

At dinnertime, we went into the restaurant and had a very nice dinner. A bottle of champagne was sent over to our table by the hotel manager. Our waiter started to open the bottle but Ellen put her hand on top of her glass.

"None for me please."

Pardon Ma'am would it be an insult to the Manager of the hotel if you do not drink with him.

"Just a sip Ellen." I said.

She kept saying no until the manager came over and introduced himself to us.

"A toast to both of you for many blissful years together."

Ellen took a sip and placed the glass in front of her.

"Enjoy your stay and please if you need anything feel free to call on me"

He shook my hand and kissed Ellen's hand and walked away

"It wasn't that bad was it dear?" I stared at her from across the table.

"No it really has a nice taste to it." She sipped at it again and smacked her lips. Soon her glass was empty and she held it out for me to fill it up again.

She was giggling now as she said, "The bubbles tickle my nose."

"You are getting drunk honey," I said

"You want me drunk so you can take my CHERRY!" She yelled

It seemed like the whole room was watching us now.

I stood up and took her by the hand and she half stumbled as she got up.

She leaned into me as she was having hard time walking.

We got to our room and she kicked off her shoes and fell back onto the bed. I started to unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, and then slide down her gingham skirt.

"l like my granny panties?" She giggled as I removed the last of her outer clothing.

She started to wiggle her hips as she grasped the white material, kicking her legs as she tried getting them off.

It was no surprise that she had a semi hairy bush As she spread her legs I noticed that the pink folds of her pussy was pariclely hidden under her soft brown curls.

She wiggled as I slide a finger over it.

I started to slide a finger inside her.

"Ouch that hurts!" She said

I flicked finger over her clit and she smiled.

"Mmmm sort of like bubbles tickling my nose. She said

I kept running a finger over her clit as slide two fingers inside her. She moaned again and I pressed in a bit further. She squirmed a little as I kept pressing.

I decided that my finger on her clit should be replaced by my tongue. I moved my head down and ran my tongue over her throbbing clit.

"That's nasty," She said; but she didn't tell me to stop so I kept licking as my fingers curved up and started playing with her g spot

"Wha...?" "What are you doing?

I didn't answer as my finger rubber her g spot softly and my tongue kept sucking her clit.

Soon she was writhing on the bed. She started humping my face. Soon her pussy contracted and she came on my face.

"That was nice," she whispered a bit exhausted.

But I wasn't through and I knelt between her open legs and slide my steel hard cock in her pussy with one big shove.

"OUCH! that hurts!" She screamed at me.

"Damn the torpedo and full steam ahead," I yelled.

I kept ramming her with my cock and pretty soon, we had a nice rhythm going. She wrapped her legs around my back and started humping me back

Sweat now glistening off our bodies.

I wanted to cum so bad inside her tight pussy but I wanted her to experience what making love with someone was truly about. Not just, wham bam thank you Ma'am.

I shook off my nut and kept driving in and out of her. Once more, her pussy squeezed me and she came once more.


She exploded on my cock and I let loose once she was starting cumming.

She would cum and then I would squirt a little into her.

We feel asleep in each other's arms.

When I woke in the morning, her hand was on my semi hard cock.

She opened her big brown eyes and looked at me.

"We fucked last night Mike?"

"No Ellen we made love." I said

"I like making love "She smiled at me

"Well you kept our hand there and we'll be doing it again honey"

I moved over and kissed her on the mouth

Her hand tickled my balls and ran a finger over my cock.

I moaned as she did this.

Soon we were making love again.

Since that night, she doesn't find sex as disgusting any more. In fact, she's more then willing to try new things as well.

And on our first night home, she burned all her granny panties.

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