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I May Be Small


I occasionally have trouble with graffiti on my side fence. I don't know why people pick that fence in particular, but they seem to like it. The fact that I tend to clean it off on the same day discourages them. So does the fact that I've been known to follow then home and graffiti their place in retaliation. I should say suspected, not known. No-one ever proved it was me, but the message was out there.

Kids that try it are also likely to get a kick up the butt, so they don't come back either.

So you can understand I was irritated when I spotted some kid starting on my fence with his little spray-can. I slipped up behind him and roared, and the little brat nearly jumped the fence. Then he turned around and I realised my mistake. The kid was actually female, the cutest little button I'd seen in a long time. No-one, and I mean no-one, could stay mad at a kid as cute as that.

"Listen, pixie," I said, "that is my fence and graffiti is a no-no, so lay off. I'd hate to have to give you a smacked bottom, so don't come back, OK?"

Now ten times out of ten a kid caught out will take the chance to say sorry and fade from the scene. This kid was number eleven.

"My name's not pixie," she snapped, "and if you dared lay a finger on me I'd have you arrested."

"Might I point out, kid, that you're the one breaking the law here, not me. If you called the cops it's you they'd charge. Me they'd thank, for getting a juvenile delinquent off the streets."

"I'm not a kid," the kid snapped. "I'm an adult."

Said she, standing there at a full height of somewhat under five feet. The only time that kid stood five feet tall was when she was wearing mummy's high heels, and even then, it was doubtful.

"Sure, kid," I soothed, "whatever you say. Now why don't you take a hike and go vandalise your bedroom. Maybe mummy won't notice amongst the rest of your mess."

She was slow getting the message, but this time she turned and walked away, snarling "I'm an adult, you moron."

Actually, the way my eyes were drawn to her cute little tush, I suspected that she was telling the truth. She might be small and pixie-like, but that bottom hinted at a proper maturity.

I watched her go and then cleaned off the tag she'd started. And was extremely irritated to find out she'd come back overnight and reapplied it. I cleaned it off again.

I kept my eye out and spotted her returning the next evening. I pounced so fast she barely had time to whip out her spray-can.

"Listen, kid," I snarled at her. "If you don't knock it off, you and I are not going to be friends."

I figure she must be sensitive about her height. I don't know why. There isn't really enough of it to worry her, I'd have thought. Anyway, at the word kid she turned on me, snarling again.

"I am not a kid and we're not going to be friends," she told me. "Look," she added, and whipped out her driver's licence.

I took note that her name was Alice, her age was eighteen, and I also memorised her address in case of future need. She actually lived quite close, and must be new in the area, because I'd never seen her around before.

"How nice," I said, admiring her license. "Do they give you cushions to sit on so you can reach the steering wheel?"

From the flush on her face as she snatched the license back off me, I suspected that she did need cushions.

"Despite having a license," I said, "as far as I'm concerned you're acting like an unruly kid with your little spray-can, and if you don't knock it off I'll treat you like an unruly kid and spank you. Then you'll really need those cushions when you sit down. Why are you tagging my fence, anyway?"

She didn't bother answering that, just giving me a female's contemptuous glance for a male who couldn't possibly understand. She was certainly old enough to have that look down pat. She then stalked away, pointedly ignoring me.

I called after her. "I was thinking that you're stalking off in high dudgeon, but then I realised you can't."

She gave me the finger. Would you believe it? A sweet little pixie like that.

I was serious about the warning I'd given her though. There was no way I was going to have her keep coming around and tagging the fence. If I let her get away with it all the other artists would feel they had the right.

As much as I regretted it, I was right. She returned that evening, as soon as it was getting dark. Don't people bother to read messages about security cameras? I just moved quietly out the side gate and was standing behind her before she knew it.

The first she knew of my being there was my hand clamping around the nape of her neck and my voice informing that she just didn't seem to learn.

I just frog marched her over to the side gate and through and into my back room. She might have been struggling, but she was so much smaller than me I just didn't seem to notice. Still holding her I just headed straight for a chair that I'd left conspicuously in the middle of the room and sat down.

"OK, Alice," I told her. "I will concede that you're an adult, but I told you that if you acted like an unruly kid I'd treat you like an unruly kid."

With that I just bent her across my knee and have her pretty little tush a half dozen very sound spanks.

"Now I suggest that you leave my fence alone," I told her in a very firm voice. "In case you hadn't noticed, the fence is covered by a camera. If you persist, I'll have you charged."

When I let her up she promptly turned on me.

"How dare you?" she shrieked. "I'm an adult and you will treat me like an adult. I won't have you treat me like a child. I just won't."

"Count your blessings," I told her with a laugh. "I'll concede you're an adult, but you should concede that you're acting like a brat."

"Don't you laugh at me," she snapped.

Would you believe it, she actually took a swing at me? She really tried to slap my face. As far as I was concerned she'd now stepped over the line. She was an adult and wanted to be treated like an adult. That was fair enough, but she should have also remembered that she was a female adult, facing a much larger male adult.

I'd caught her arm when she swung at me, and held her easily.

"OK, woman," I informed her. "You want to be treated like an adult so I will."

The weather was warm, and she was only wearing a sundress over her undies, and the next thing she knew she wasn't wearing a sundress over her undies. I'd lifted it up and over her head with a single motion, leaving her standing there in a matching blue and white bikini set of bra and panties. I flipped her back over my knee, but this time I peeled off her panties and undid her bra, brushing it down her arms and off so she was now lying across my knee starkers.

And she was a most attractive sight. She might have been petite, almost elfin in size, but what she had was all stacked in the right way. She really had a superb figure. Pity I was now going to abuse it somewhat.

"An adult woman who gets a spanking can expect to get it on her bare bottom," I pointed out, and this time I gave her a pretty decent spank on her bottom, leaving a nice red handprint. That spank was probably as hard as the entire earlier spanking. She squealed in shock, and then squealed again when my hand came down again.

Altogether I gave her ten hard spanks, drawing a squeal and protest after each one. After that I placed my hand on her bottom and started rubbing it. As my touch drew close to where her legs met and the interesting parts of female anatomy began she promptly clamped her legs together.

Pity about the gap at the top of her thighs. I casually poked my finger into the gap and pressed against her pussy.

"I suppose that as an adult woman I'm almost honour bound to touch you here" I said, gently poking her. "Be a good girl and move your legs a bit further apart."

From the gentle refusal I received I gathered that she didn't think that was a good idea. (Where on earth does a sweet young thing like that learn such language?)

Taking her refusal in good heart I swung her back to her feet, turning her to face me. She was almost inarticulate with rage, which suited me.

I was still holding her arms behind her back, so she was helpless to prevent me appreciating her figure, which I believe I have already indicated was very good.

I cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it lightly.

"You have excellent boobs," I told her. "Just made for a man to taste."

Reaching down I ran my hand over her mons and then down along her slit. Her legs being pressed together didn't really help all that much, as I just poked my finger between her labia and pressed it in, sliding along her slit with her labia rubbing against my finger.

"You are also very shapely here, with a look that could entice any man."

Now she was embarrassed, trying to squirm away from my finger.

"What's the problem? Don't you like my touch? I definitely like touching you."

She didn't say anything, just seeming to get even redder, and then I twigged.

"Ah, I see," I murmured. "Our fine young adult is still a virgin. The way you shout out that you're an adult, I would have thought you'd have done something about that long ago. Why haven't you?"

Alice was still not saying anything, but was determinedly looking anywhere but at me. Even her ears were glowing red now, and she seemed most uncomfortable.

I finally let her hands go and Alice jerked away from me. Not looking at me she started to reach for her clothes, but froze when I said no.

"What do you mean, do?" Alice demanded. "Do you want to humiliate me some more?"

"No. I want you to come upstairs with me and go to bed. I have this terrible desire to take your virginity and see you purring like a kitten with my cock in you."

She shot a look at me, half terrified, half something I couldn't name.

"Are you saying you're going to rape me?" Alice asked.

"No. If I was going to rape you, you'd be sitting on my lap right now, wondering if you'd be able to walk after I finished bouncing you on my cock. What I'm doing is asking."

"Why? Just because I'm a virgin?" came the bitter query.

"No. Because I think you're a real live pixie, and I feel an urgent desire to sleep with a pixie. I was admiring your pretty little tush and wanting you that first time we met. If you hadn't kept coming around to vandalise my fence I probably would have followed up on it sooner."

"That doesn't explain why I would want to sleep with you," she pointed out. "I don't even like you."

"Maybe not, but you're starting to respect me. Liking will come. The sex will probably help it along. Yes or no?"

She was tempted, I could see, even if she didn't realise it herself. But for a change with her, caution won out. She shook her head.

"Then you'd better get dressed quickly, or I might change my mind about rape," I said, and watched her blush. I think Alice had forgotten that she was still naked.

Alice hurriedly pulled her clothes on and turned to leave. Before she left I gave her a warning.

"I would appreciate it if you would leave my fence alone. It costs me time and money having to clean crap off it. The next time I catch you I will not only spank you like an adult, I will assume that you are a consenting adult and I will resolve any problems you may have regarding being a virgin. Understand?"

Alice nodded, not looking directly at me, and then hurried away.

When I woke up in the morning, the fence was tagged.

First I cleaned off the graffiti. Then I went and checked the camera's tape. I started it where Alice had left the previous evening. There was a couple of pictures of people walking past and then, in the middle of the night, along came Alice again, still wearing the same sundress I'd taken off earlier. She stopped, tagged and departed, keeping a close eye out in case I came charging out. At one point she even looked directly at the camera. She must have assumed it was surveillance only, needing someone to watch it. It appears that she hasn't heard about recording equipment and infrared lenses.

That evening I went around to Alice's place. When she answered my knock she was surprised and a little shocked to see me, but a little smug also.

She let me in and went straight on the attack.

"I heard someone successfully tagged your fence," she said, amusement plain in her voice. "And they didn't get caught, either."

"Partly right," I said. "The fence was tagged but has now been cleaned and the tagger has been caught. Why else did you think I came around."

"Oh, dear," Alice mocked. "You suspect me. Unfortunately, I was home all night."

"I don't suspect you," I said smiling. "I know it was you. So I'm here to deliver the penalty as advertised."

That wiped the smile off her face, but not the confidence.

"You can't know it was me," she told me, "because it wasn't. Where's you witness?"

"Right here," I said, holding up a memory stick. "I did point out to you that there's a camera covering the fence."

Alice was still supremely confidant, knowing it had been too dark for clear photos. Unfortunately, she knew wrong.

I handed her the memory stick and she stuck it in the side of her TV, and then watched in shock as a clear picture of her tagging the fence and looking at the camera was displayed.

"May I suggest we go to your bedroom before I take off your clothes and spank you? It will be more convenient for the action that will follow."

Alice was shaking her head, slightly shocked.

"I want you to leave, now," she told me.

"If I leave, I'll have to go to the police station and press vandalism charges," I pointed out. "Wouldn't you rather keep this between us?"

Alice was starting to wear a hunted look as she searched for a way out.

Desperate she conceded, "I'll agree to take the spanking. You tagged me fair and square and I knew about the cameras. I didn't think they could see me at night. But I'm only agreeing to the spanking."

I indicated that she should precede me to her bedroom, following along behind. Once there I invited her to get undressed.

"Why do I need to get undressed for it?" she wailed. "Why can't I have it fully clothed?"

"Because you're the one who insists that you're an adult, and as far as I'm concerned, if I'm going to spank a woman she going to be naked while I do it."

I received a number of nasty looks as she got undressed. My admiration of her figure seemed to have made an impression on her and she kept turning slightly away from me, trying to hide herself. That was OK, as I'd see all I wanted to before I was finished.

This time I didn't have to haul her over my knee. She leant over me, miserable but obedient. I gave her a couple of smarting spanks to each cheek. This time she was better prepared and managed not to squeal, but she was concentrating so hard on being silent that she let her legs relax, and they just naturally drifted apart.

My next spank came down along her pussy, stinging her lips, and the shock overcame her resolution of silence and she shrieked.

"Sorry," I murmured, gently rubbing her lips. "Bad aim. Does this feel better?"

Alice promptly closed her legs as tight as she could, and relaxed them even faster when she found that she had been forcing my hand hard against her pussy.

"Move your hand," she told me desperately, so I did, rubbing back and forth along her pussy.

"Not like that, damn you," she gasped. "Move it away."

I sighed and moved my hand. Up into the air and back down to her bottom for a few more hard spanks, which were met with a tense silence.

A few more choice spanks and Alice's bottom had a nice little glow to it. At that point I just picked her up, spun her around and sat her on my knee.

"This is just silly," I said. "We both know why I'm really here."

Alice was probably going to protest, but I was kissing her, one hand holding a lovely breast while my other was on her back, holding her in position.

Alice stiffened slightly, then she was kissing me back, pressing her breast firmly against my hand. I continued kissing her, tongues touching each other, while I squeezed and stroked her breast, rubbing my palm against her nipple.

It wasn't long before my hand dropped to her lap. Her legs were still closed, but no longer pressing hard against each other. I ran my hand down to her knee and then slipped it between them. From that point I started moving my hand back along her inner thighs, stroking the sensitive flesh there, while her legs drifted slowly apart, accepting the caress.

The natural destination of my hand, of course, was her pussy, and her drifting legs gave me the access I required, letting me clasp her mound and start working it.

One of the advantages of Alice being so petite was that I could manoeuvre her quite easily, as she was light as a feather. The hand that I was resting on her back slid down to cup her bottom and I lifted her, turning her more towards me, gently easing one leg to the side so she was straddling me.

Alice was as shy as a trout rising for a fly, and one wrong move and she'd be gone, backing away fast. Lying her on the bed or taking time to undress would both be wrong moves in my opinion. I had to coax her to where she wanted to go forward.

Now that she was sitting straddling me I was able to have my hands wander back and forth between her breasts and pussy, keeping them stirred up without pushing too hard. At the same time we kept exchanging kisses, sometimes on the lips, other times wandering around her face, down to her breasts and then back to her lips.

Alice didn't even notice when I unzipped and extracted my erection from my trousers. Her hands were clutching my chest, and when I pushed one down slightly it just kept travelling until it found my cock, standing there waiting for her touch.

I could feel her fingers tracing it lightly, not sure that she should be touching me, then her hand closed over it, and I could hear her breathing getting tenser with excitement.

Now that she was aware of my cock in more than the theoretical sense, I cupped Alice's bottom again, moving her closer to me, and soon her pussy was pressing against the hand that she had wrapped around my cock.

I could almost feel her thinking, hand or pussy? Then she released me and wriggled slightly closer to me, feeling her pussy rub against my erection. She was very quickly rubbing herself seriously against me, getting accustomed to the friction of my cock rubbing along her slit.

Then of her own initiative she raised herself up on her knees slightly, pushing herself up until she could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her lips. I didn't have to do a thing. She moved her head back a little from me and stared at me, eyes wide, while she wriggled her bottom slightly, trying to encourage me to slide into her.

I did, feeling her lips slowly stretch and then suddenly slide to either side, letting my cock's head penetrate her, her lips then closing on it and holding it in her.

She blinked, and then started pressing down upon me, wanting me to slide in. Then I was pressing against her hymen and Alice bit her lip as she felt my cock pressing and stretching her.

"Want me to do it?" I asked quietly, but Alice shook her head. She'd started this. She was going to do it herself.

Alice bit her lip and the pressed down sharply, giving an involuntary squeak as her hymen parted, but then smiling proudly as she settled upon me, letting me slowly fill her.

I am only average size, sexually, which was probably fortunate as Alice was very petite. Even my average size must have felt large to her, but she happily took me into her until I was fully inside her and she was sitting comfortably, enjoying the feeling.

"Now start rocking for a while," I told her.

She looked at me, not sure why she should rock, but obediently she started moving, leaning back and then coming forward. It wasn't much movement, but it started a back and forth drag within her, changing the comfortable feeling to a most uncomfortable, I want more, feeling.

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