tagLetters & TranscriptsI Miss You, Baby... Ch. 03

I Miss You, Baby... Ch. 03


So, I had a dream about you yesterday... We were sitting on my couch (definitely a dream, because I moved three months ago, and still haven't bought a couch for my living room), talking about random things, when you suddenly grabbed my face and pulled my mouth to yours for a kiss. I moaned and instantly my panties were damp; you laughed deep in your chest as if you knew exactly what your kiss was doing to me. You wrapped your hand in my hair and tilted my head back, so you could have access to my neck. Your kisses and nibbles on the column of my throat and under my ears caused my skin to prickle in excitement, and a throbbing heat begin to build in my pussy. My inner muscles clenched in anticipation of the moment you would sink your hard length deep inside me. I trembled, closing my eyes...

The cool air on my chest caused me to open my eyes again, and immediately fall into the soulful, passion-filled depths of your own. Our gazes never once broke apart as you unbuttoned my shirt and reached inside to explore my bountiful breasts on display in a black satin bra, as they were uncovered by your focused ministrations. You gathered me to you in a fierce hug, once again bringing our mouths together in a deep kiss... one so deep I could taste your essence and feel it leave its imprint on my very being. Ever the multi-tasker, your nimble fingers unsnapped the back closure of my bra as our tongues continued to duel. I shrugged off my shirt, and you were quick to slide the bra off my shoulders and down my arms. You carelessly tossed the black satin toward the middle of the room, and it was quickly forgotten as you lowered your head to take a distended nipple into your mouth. I arched my back, offering more of my breasts to your hot mouth and swirling tongue. Your mouth went back and forth between my breasts, and I could feel an answering tug in my womb to each draw on my sensitized nipples.

Wanting desperately to feel your skin on mine, I suddenly pushed you away from my breasts. A quirk of your eyebrow at my movement prompted my words...

"I want to feel you..." I bit my lower lip as I put my hands under your t-shirt, sliding it up past your navel and enjoying the feel of your warm skin under my fingertips. I let a finger circle your nipple and you growled in pleasure. You impatiently grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head, wanting to feel your skin against mine as much as I. As your shirt joined my bra on the floor, you took my hands and got to your feet, pulling me with you. Your arms went around me as your mouth descended to mine once again. In a whirlwind of arms, you managed to slide my shorts and panties down together, while my hands nimbly plucked apart the button of your jeans and slid the zipper down over your straining bulge. I slipped my hand inside to caress your hard cock that I wanted so much.

Your fingers reached between my legs to trace the glistening outline of my swollen pussy lips and tease my aching clit. My breath caught in my throat, and I could feel moisture pool between my thighs. My hand flexed on your hot erection. In a moment, I was sinking to my knees and pulling your jeans down past your hips. Your cock sprang free of the confines of your underwear, and I stuck out my tongue to gather the bead of moisture that had formed on the tip. I felt your thighs tense under my hands as I worked your delicious cock with my hot, wet mouth and agile tongue. I reached a hand below to fondle your heavy, cum-laden balls while I attempted to get as much of your cock in my hungry mouth. I feel your hands in my hair, gripping the back of my head as your hips thrust forward, sinking your cock further into my mouth. I moaned around your swollen staff, enjoying the sensation of you in my throat as I swirled my tongue along the underside of your sensitive flesh. I paused for a moment to take a breath, intending to take you deep, but you had other plans and pulled your hips back from my mouth. Grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet, you rasped, "bend over the couch, baby." Giddy with the thought of the pleasure to come, I did as you told me to and draped myself over the plush armrest of the comfortable sofa.

I felt you approach me. Your foot spread my legs further apart and you settled yourself in between my thighs. I felt your thick cock head slide up and down between my soaked pussy lips, gathering moisture to ease your entry. I moaned into the thick cushion of the couch and pushed my ass back toward you. Without warning, you sunk your hard cock deep into my welcoming depths, not stopping until our hips met and your balls slapped against my swollen clit. You groaned as you bottomed out inside me, then immediately withdrew to repeat the motion. Keeping a hard and driving pace, you fucked me into the side of the couch, racing us toward the climax that was not so far in the distance. Sucking your cock always excites me to no end, and I was on the verge of cumming from the first hard thrust of your hips against mine. My hands grabbed the cushion, fingers sinking in as I screamed my satisfaction from having you so deep inside me. I felt you lean over me, and your hand went between my legs to rub my clit in time with your driving strokes. I came apart then, and my muscles spasmed around your cock, milking you of the cum I knew you had for me.

"Cum with me baby... fill me up with your hot sticky cum..." I reached behind me and grabbed your ass, pulling you deep inside. My actions triggered your orgasm, and I heard you shout as I felt you begin to pump me full of your potent cream. One, two, three more thrusts, and you stilled behind me, keeping your cock firmly planted inside me so none of your cum could escape my fertile depths. We stayed that was for a few moments, draped over the side of the couch, the sweat on our skin cooling our overheated bodies. Finally, you stepped back, withdrawing your cock from my well-abused pussy with a wet flop. You pulled me to my feet, steadying me on shaky legs, and then drew me to you for a deep kiss. I felt a new tingle deep inside... One side of your mouth quirked up as you read my thoughts.

"So, are you up for a shower?"


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