tagRomanceI Missed You

I Missed You


"Welcome to Honolulu, Hawaii. The temperature is 84 Degrees and sunny. Thank you for flying with American Airlines. We hope you enjoyed your flight" announced the flight attendant.

It's about time, I thought. I grabbed my backpack and got off the plane. I'm tired and sore from a long flight, and could really use a shower. However, I'm thankful to finally be out of Piney Point.

As I walk to the baggage claim area, I can't help but smile, knowing that things can only get better now that I'm in Hawaii. While Angie and I are waiting for our bags, I gaze out the window. The sight takes my breath away. Palm trees are blowing in the wind, and you can see how fresh and clean the air is. I let out a sigh of relief as my baggage comes out on the carousal. I pull them off, so exhausted I can barely lift them. Angie and I head towards the exit.


I look up and see you with a huge grin on your face. "Scott!" I yell, so excited to see you. This gives me enough strength to get my bags across the security checkpoint. I drop my bags and give you a hug, which you return with enthusiasm. After we finally let go of each other, you kiss me with such tenderness, it makes my knees go weak. You grab my big bag and show us where to check in with the NCL representative.

After checking in, we go to the hotel and bring the bags up to the room. Luckily, Angie and I are roommates. Since Angie and I both want to take a shower, she stays in the room, we head towards yours.

As soon as we leave the room, you grab my hand.

"I missed you so much Megan" you say.

"I missed you too Scott."

We walk to the elevator and head down to second floor. While waiting for the elevator, you wrap your arms around me. We don't say anything, we just enjoy the silence after not seeing each other for so long. The elevator opens, and we get on. As soon as the doors close behind us, you start passionately kissing me, pulling me close. You finally stop when the doors start opening.

I go into the bathroom and shower as quick as I can. I put on my tight black tank top, pink bra, pink lace panties, and my gray plaid skirt. When I come out, I can feel your gaze on me. Your roommate gets the hint and takes off to the bar. As soon as we're alone, we can't take our hands off of each other.

We lay on the bed and for a few minutes, you just hold me. Of course, you start tickling my back, and I let out a moan of enjoyment. You give me the cutest smirk and lean down to kiss my shoulder. I let out a giggle and roll over. You start kissing me with such desire that I can feel a burning sensation running through my body. I let out a small moan as you run your fingers down the side of my face, down my neck, across my chest and rest your hand on my stomach. I lay on my side so I can face you and start kissing your neck.

I can tell you are enjoying it, so I decide to kiss a little harder. I move my mouth to your ear, and nibble lightly on your earlobe. I can see the sensation running through your body.

I am finally so worked up that I can no longer wait. I move my body close to yours, feeling how excited you truly are. You cup my ass cheeks and pull me as close as possible. I sit up just enough to pull my tank top off, and you strip your shirt off quickly. You unclasp my bra, and we lay back down, kissing passionately. Feeling the warmth of you on my skin sends shivers down my spine and I stop kissing you for a second to catch my breath. I can't help but smile as I look into your eyes.

You lie me down on my back and start kissing my lips. You slowly work your way down to my throat, and a small moan escapes my lips. Ever so gently, you start to massage my breasts as you alternate kisses on my lips, neck and ears. Finally, you move your lips to my breasts and take a nipple into your mouth. I wriggle as your tongue flicks, causing me to become even more aroused. As you get me worked up, I feel your hands running across my stomach to my skirt. You reach underneath and start rubbing me through my panties.

I start moaning quietly, biting my lip and enjoying the sensations running through my body. I grasp your shoulders as I feel myself coming closer to an orgasm. You realize how close I am and decide to tease me a bit. Instead of continuing to rub me, you move your hand up my stomach again, running your fingers across the top of my skirt. Then you unbutton it and I push my body up so you can slide it down. You get up from the bed, breaking contact with my body only momentarily so you can take your pants off. You get back on the bed in between my legs and lie on top of me, kissing me gingerly.

I can't take any more teasing so I push my body up and slide off my panties. Realizing that I'm ready for you to penetrate me, you slide your boxers off. We lay there together for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being together again, and ever so gently you slide into me. I gasp as I feel this. The feeling is so good that I instantly orgasm. You start moving in and out of me, slowly at first, and then quicker and quicker. Having been so long since we were together last, my body has orgasm after orgasm.

When I finally catch my breath again, I tell you to roll over. We roll over and I move rhythmically on you. You reach up and cup my breasts, rolling my nipples between your fingers. This drives me crazy, and I start moving quicker. You grab on tightly to my hips and I feel you swell inside of me. This is enough to send me over the edge, and the tightening around you makes you orgasm as well. We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath. You kiss me gently and lie down next to me. Lying there together, we fall asleep, cuddling.

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