tagRomanceI Need To Talk To You

I Need To Talk To You


“I need to talk to you,” he said as the phone crackled in her ear and the noise around her swelled to an as-yet-unseen level.

“Right now?” she asked, trying her best to sound less pulled than she felt.

“As soon as you can.”

“Give me a couple of hours to finish up here with the kids and I’ll head that way.“

As she hung up, something in Garret’s voice struck home with Sierra. The sad, flat tone he used along with the catch she heard in his plea caused an unfamiliar feeling in the pit of her stomach. Between family, work, and a very deep and personal battle with depression, she knew that he’d had problems in his life lately. However, Sierra assumed it was something he would have chosen to speak about to his male buddies; not her. Sure they were friends, but cowboys just don’t do the emotional revelation thing to a female without some sort of provocation.

An hour and thirty minutes later, the kids were tucked into the car with grandparents, and her husband, and Sierra crawled into her big SUV and stopped again. Somehow, no matter how this visit looked to them she knew that without a doubt, she had to go to Garret and figure out the problem. She knew men were supposed to be the “problem solvers” in life, but it seemed that this time she couldn’t help but go to her friend and help him fix whatever she could. Resolutely, she started the engine and drove off in the direction of his house.

Halfway to his house, Sierra caught herself primping in the mirror and cursing the fact that she had only had a very few minutes to shower and get ready for the kiddos’ school function. “What am I thinking?”, she thought. “I’m just going out here tonight to help Garret figure out what’s going on in his life, not on a first date.” The self-admonishment did little to settle the feeling in her gut. Maybe she should have eaten something before now, but it was too late, as the gate to his driveway came into view.

As she pulled up in front of Garret’s house, she looked toward the front door where he was standing in nothing but a well-worn pair of jeans and his bare feet. His broad well-tanned, muscular chest was captivating to say the least, but his eyes cut straight through to her heart. He looked so overwhelmingly sad. Suddenly the mommy instinct came out in full force and the only thing she could do was gather her things and walk to the door.

Before she even got in the door, Garret could tell this evening was going to be just what he needed. A good, solid, loving friend, who would listen to his ranting and not expect anything in return was just what the doctor ordered. His broken heart seemed to suddenly beat with a more steady rhythm. As she stepped inside the door, Garret enfolded her into his arms in a hug they both needed. They both knew things would be fine. After a few short minutes of taking and giving strength they both were lacking in, they both seemed to realize that the embrace was lasting longer than it should for propriety’s sake and pulled away almost awkwardly. They each took seats on opposite ends of the short couch and began their conversation.

“Mallory found someone else,” Garret stated in a totally flat voice.

“Oh, sweety, I’m so sorry.” Mallory had been Garret’s friend for a couple of years. Garret had hoped to give her enough time to realize that they could be more to each other, but it seemed that now she had taken that space and run with it. According to Garret’s account of it now, she had met and fallen for another man and they were serious. Mallory hadn’t even bothered to let Garret know, he had to find out when he called her and the new man picked up her cell phone. Sierra could tell that Garret was heartbroken.

The conversation flowed from that topic and on to others. The topics they covered were varied and important to each of them. They listened and commiserated on the things that were bothering them, his job, her marriage, his failed relationships, her lack of a career, friends they both had, dreams they both wanted to attain. It was refreshing for both of them to have the opportunity to have their feelings validated and have someone seem to actually understand how these things made them feel. The only weird moments in the entire conversation were when their eyes met and held for what seemed like an eternity. Neither could quite decide what the looks meant and neither seemed interested in questioning the growing bond between them.

When the conversation settled into a lull and most of the major issues of the night were settled, Sierra stood and announced she needed to go home. It was well past dark and the drive to her house was a long one. Garret stood also to give her a hug good bye. When she slipped into his arms, they would have both sworn that there was an audible “click” like when you slide a puzzle piece in the right spot and it slides into place. There was no awkwardness about where arms go and where body parts would fit, just an almost overwhelming feeling of coming home and knowing you’re where you should be. Sierra leaned back in his embrace to say good bye, and was almost bowled over when Garret silenced her with the sweetest, most gentle kiss she’d ever experienced. One of his hands rested gently on the curve of her behind while the other came up to tunnel into her hair and cup her cheek so he could maneuver her mouth for deeper exploration.

As soon as their mouths touched, Sierra’s brain went into immediate overload. The more sensible side of her brain kept repeating the mantra, “You’re married, you’re married, you’re married” over and over again, while the more elemental parts of her brain screamed “SCREW IT! THIS IS AMAZING!” Eventually the more persistent half of her brain won the battle and managed to silence the doubts that weren’t very strong to begin with. She dropped her keys and cell phone so she could use both hands to explore the body she knew so well by sight and had longed to touch for years. Within mere seconds, the kiss had turned from innocent and exploratory to hot and wet, tongues meeting and mating, teeth nibbling, lips pulling and sucking, hands roaming over familiar yet new terrain. Sierra marveled at the well-honed muscles of Garret’s chest and the way it made him shudder all over when she drew her short fingernails across his small pebbly nipples and down his strong arms. Garret smiled as he kissed a trail from her mouth to the ultra sensitive skin just below her left ear. Sierra moaned loudly as he worried the small stud earring she always wore with his tongue. When she couldn’t take it any longer, Sierra involuntarily ground her hips into his in an effort to ratchet up the intensity of their pleasure once again. Any one else might have missed the tiny little intake of breath from Garret that signified she had hit her mark.

Hoping to catch her off balance, Garret made a quick turn with her in his arms, until her knees were backed up against the couch. It worked. Without even realizing it they were tumbling down to the soft cushions of the well-worn couch and never even broke the kiss. Once they were lying down, Garret pushed himself up on one arm and looked down at Sierra. He had a revelation he wasn’t sure how to make but knew he needed to make any way. “Do you know when the first time was that I saw you?”

It took a few seconds for her brain to register what he had said. When she did she looked confused. “Well? I’m sure it was several years ago.”

“I was 14. You were a senior in high school. I remembered thinking how hot you were then and how you would never be interested in a kid like me.” Without realizing it, he had just revealed to her his biggest fear, that she would reject him when he made this inevitable advance.

Smiling, Sierra giggled just a bit and said, “Do you know how much of a PERVERT I felt like at that time? Here I was a “certified adult” and I was lusting after this beautiful 14 year old! But I figured you’d never be interested in an old woman like me. Then when we ran back into each other after I got married, I couldn’t believe how the time had only made you.. hotter.”

“I have wanted you since that first night, but always figured it would never happen because of your husband and kids.”

“Can we not talk now?” Sierra queried. She was enjoying the little scene going on here but was much more interested in the way that Garret’s lips felt on her own and she didn’t really want to get into the weirdness that was almost sure to follow from their current course of action.

Garret smiled and dipped his head to her neck and zeroed in on the spot just below her left ear. Determined not to let him get the best of her, not to let him hear her beg, she suddenly threw her weight up and over and managed to flip them over on the tiny couch. With a renewed passion, Sierra dove into Garret’s neck and attacked it, licking, biting, kissing, and sucking until he was writhing under her begging her to stop, or maybe it was to not stop. She couldn’t really tell and didn’t really care. Sierra slowly worked her way down to the ultra sensitive top of his collarbone where she laved it with attention, but Garret had had enough of being the passive person in this whole situation. He lifted himself up until he could raise her shirt far enough to bare her silky bra and large breasts. Sierra shivered as the cool night air coming from the open windows of his living room touched the skin on the top of her breasts. Soon however the cool of the air was replaced by the hot wetness of Garret’s mouth and tongue. He had to hold on tightly when he found first one and then the other highly sensitive nipple in order to keep from being knocked on to the floor by her wildly bucking hips. Sierra couldn’t help but notice that every move of her lower body brought her into close contact with the evidence of Garret’s ever stiffening desire.

Almost immediately, they both realized that they had WAY too many clothes on. In an effort to slow things down and give her a chance to avoid what could possibly be a massive mistake, Garret withdrew from her embrace and sat up sharply. Quickly, he moved to the other end of the couch and laid his head back, closing his eyes and taking in deep cleansing breaths. Left instantly cold by the withdrawal of his body heat, Sierra looked at him with a confused and almost saddened look in her eyes. “Wha..?? What are you doing?”

“Sierra don’t you see? I’m trying to give you the opportunity to walk away.” Garret began. He refused to open his eyes because if he saw the disappointment and obvious hurt there, he would know he had caused it and he wasn’t sure he could take that and remain committed to his resolve. He shifted nervously on the couch, trying diligently to ease the constant and increasing pressure below the fly of his suddenly too tight jeans. “I don’t want to do this if you aren’t sure.”

Realizing he was trying to give her an out to a situation that could be considered dangerous for both of them, Sierra smiled. Slowly, and with much effort to stay quiet, she sat up and reached for his handsome, boyish face. “Don’t you think I know how weird this could be for both of us? Don’t you know I’ve already tried to walk away?” Forcing him to turn and look at her she asked the question that would prove to be their combined undoing, “Do you want me?”

As soon as their eyes met, it was over. In only a second he was pulling her to her feet and into the circle of his arms for another passionate and poignant kiss. “I have wanted you for years. Why in the world would I pass up this opportunity, even if it is only for a few minutes, or hours or whatever when I finally have you right where I wanted you? I could ravage you in a heart beat, tear you apart.” His voice was deep and husky with obvious arousal, his eyes pleading with her to leave now if that’s what she really wanted.

Instead, Sierra reached up and touched his face reverently. “I’ve wanted you for so long, I can’t imagine walking away not knowing what it would feel like to have you buried inside me.”

Once the decision was made, it was useless to fight the overwhelming desire to make love. Without once breaking the kiss, Sierra and Garret moved in concert toward his bedroom. At one point, they ran into the wall because they were so intent on kissing and touching each other that they forgot to look where they were going. Gently rubbing the back of her head, Garret smiled at her and started to apologize. She silenced him with nothing more than a kiss, then slid her hand into the waistband of his jeans and moved him unerringly toward the bed. Once there she fell backwards across the middle of the unmade covers and pulled him down with her.

It was only a few seconds before they realized that they couldn’t possibly get enough clothes off this way and Garret stood up impatiently. Cursing the notion that made her wear lace up boots, Sierra sat up and pushed Garret back so she could reach down and remove the obstacles in the way of their coupling. Unfortunately, her fingers were in such a hurry and shaking so badly from the arousal he had already managed to raise in her that she fumbled more than effectively untying and removing the laces. A sharp cry arose from her throat as she pulled on first one and then the other lace resulting in a huge knot. Sitting up to regain at least a small amount of composure, she noticed that Garret was already down to his boxer briefs and looking at her with a funny little smirk on his face.

“Either get your ass over here and help me or get out a damn pocket knife,” Sierra grumbled impatiently.

Chuckling, Garret pushed her to a sitting position and pulled her shirt over her head. Leaning back down, he unhooked the clasp on her bra and slid it down off her arms. With a hard kiss, he pushed her back on the bed and reached for her feet, lifting her boot to his chest. While he worked on the laces, she studied his beautiful body. Her eyes roamed from his work hardened chest to his six pack abs and lower across his straining erection peeking out of the top of his underwear to his beautiful legs. As he released one foot from the confines of her boot and reached for the other one, Sierra sat up and grabbed him around the waist, trailing sweet hot wet kisses across his stomach, stopping to dip the tip of her tongue into his navel. His hands went immediately for her hair, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stop her or encourage her maddening exploration.

Sierra was a woman possessed. The effort of their loving had left a salty layer of sweat on Garret’s skin that mixed with the wholesome male taste that was essentially his. The smell of his arousal was intoxicating as she dipped her head lower and tentatively touched the tip of her tongue to the sensitive skin jutting out over the elastic of his functional boxers.

Growing bolder, Sierra hooked her fingers in the waistband of the material that was only getting in her way and drug it down over Garret’s hips. A purely elemental noise escaped from his lips as her own settled over his sex and began an age-old rhythm. It was only a few short minutes before Garret was pulling her head away and pushing her down on the bed for a long soul searching kiss. Impatiently, he reached between them and unbuttoned her jeans and began sliding them down her legs. When he reached her feet he realized that they had both forgotten to take off the other boot. “Screw it”, he mumbled as he pulled the jeans off her free leg and left them pooled around the offending boot.

Easily, he moved to lay atop of Sierra, suddenly very aware of what they were about to do. He stopped with their faces even on the bed and kissed her deeply, then pulled back, intending fully to give her one last chance to walk away before they crossed this final line. He lay there for a long moment looking into her eyes, feeling the tip of his sex pressing insistently at her opening. Before he could say a word, Sierra looked up with begging eyes and said very simply “Please.”

He couldn’t hold himself back any longer. In one smooth slow stroke, he buried himself in heaven. For a moment they both lay there, breathing heavily adjusting to the feel of him sheathed inside her. Then at the same moment they both began to move. Sierra rolled her hips to meet each and every one of Garret’s thrusts. With in moments, Sierra felt the tell tale signs of climax rising in her. Sensing her impending cataclysmic tidal wave, Garret picked up the pace and changed the angle just enough to cause her to crash over the top of the wave and into oblivion in his arms. As she came riding back to earth, she realized that Garret was holding himself off her upper body on his arms totally still. Determined to take him to the same heights she herself had just visited, Sierra made a tiny movement with her hips and her PC muscles at the same time. That was all the encouragement it took. Garret was pounding into her at an alarmingly fast pace, touching further inside her with each stroke. Sierra picked up her free leg and wrapped it around his hips to pull him in impossibly deeper. The look in Garret’s eyes, barely visible in the waning light, was enough to cause Sierra to follow him into the chasm of orgasm. Every pulse of her internal muscles seemed to milk yet another stream from his now throbbing sex. In no time at all, they lay tangled in each other’s arms, spent and sated, kissing each other and smiling.

Long moments later, Sierra tried to wrestle herself from the pull of sleep in Garret’s arms. No matter how amazing the night had been thus far and could be if she stayed, there were people waiting on her at home. Gentle snoring next to her and the heaviness of the arm draped across her waist told her that Garret was off in dreamland. Slowly, she slipped out from underneath his body being cautious not to jostle him too much. She would have made it had she remembered that her partially discarded jeans were still entrapping one foot. As she stood and began to walk away, she stumbled and fell headlong into the wall next to the bed.

“Leaving already?” Garret said through a sleepy smile

“Trust me, it’s not because I want to.”

“I can’t believe I fell asleep. I haven’t been able to sleep that quickly in years.”

“Hey, quit apologizing,” Sierra scolded as she attempted to right her skewed clothing. “Believe it or not, it’s an ego boost. It’s nice to know I can still wear out a young stud like you.”

She should have been paying more attention to what Garret was doing while she gave him a hard time, because just as she looked up at him and smiled, she was hit square in the face with a pillow from the bed. The fight was on. Sierra reached down and grabbed the pillow to retaliate. Before long, they were in an all out pillow war. In order to get a better chance at hitting her target (or so she rationalized), Sierra crawled up on the bed and straddled his hips. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the aggressor had just become the prey as Garret dropped his pillow and reached for her breasts where they still swung free. Not wanting to stop, but not wanting to cause more suspicion at home, Sierra pulled herself from his grasp and immediately reached for her clothes. Garret fell back on the bed in frustration and concession, knowing she needed to leave.

At the door, Garret indulged himself in one last long kiss and then watched Sierra walk to her vehicle and climb behind the wheel. When he could no longer see the taillights of her car, he shut the door and walked back to his bedroom, where he promptly fell asleep clutching the pillow they used during their lovemaking that still smelled of Sierra.

Sierra spent the drive home smiling and trying to compose herself. As she walked into the house, her husband looked up from his TV show and asked, “So how was Garret?”

As she stripped off her clothes and headed for the shower, Sierra answered over her shoulder, “He was smiling when I left. That’s all that matters.”

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