tagNon-Erotic PoetryI Never Dared To Dream

I Never Dared To Dream


I never thought
A summer night
Could be so filled with magickal wonder:
The moon a glowing orb of silver;
The sky a deep purple blanket of velvet,
Studded with diamonds,
And woven with a silken thread.

Such magick I never thought--
I never dreamed of seeing--
Until you came to me!

I never thought
That music could be so enchanting,
So alluring, so mesmerizing--
Coursing through my veins,
Flowing from my eyes,
Burning in my heart
Untill it burst forth
In emotion.
I never thought I could--
I never dreamed I would--
Ever feel this way
Until you showed me
That YOU do!

I never thought
That love existed
In the heart of man.
I know their passion for games--
And their games of passion.
I was the object; the penalty was pain,
And no one ever won...

I never thought
Such joy could be found
In the eyes of a man--
That such happiness could be had
In his arms
I never thought--
I never dared to dream this was possible
Until you gathered me to your heart
And told me that you love me.

Now I who never thought--
Nor dared to dream--
Now dare to open my heart,
To pour out the magick,
To pour out the music,
To pour out the love and the joy
Because the only way to show
That I love you
Is to return something for
What you have so freely given me:
The courage to make my dreams
Come true!

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