tagRomanceI Never Stopped Loving Her

I Never Stopped Loving Her


(As with my previous story, this is true, and the names have been changed.)

Wow!! Where do I start? These past 2 months have been a whirlwind, and I have to say, it's an amazing feeling. This story actually started 3 years ago when I met Angela at work. She's about 5'8, 105lbs soaking wet, got a set of large B/small C breasts, and guys, a smile that men would destroy countries for! She is without a shadow of a doubt, the woman I've dreamed of my whole life. Unfortunately, when we hooked up 3 years ago, it didn't work out. We went our seperate ways, she moved outta state, and I was left here, crushed. Then one night....

I play in a band. It was my birthday, so we booked a show at a club about 30 minutes away from our usual stomping grounds. We set up, had one of our friend's bands open for an hour, then hit the stage at 11:15pm. All our "followers/fans" were there, and it was shaping up to be an amazing time. Right before our 1st set gets done, I look up at the crowd, then at the door. OH MY GOD!!! It's her! Angela comes walking in with some of her friends. I froze. Everyone told me my face turned white, and I stopped playing for a second or two. I remember feeling the butterflies just like I did the first time I saw her 3 years ago. Then, for some reason, something came over me.

My guitarist always packs an acoustic with him just in case, so after we finish the song we were playing, I tell the band that I want to play a song, solo, on the acoustic. The 3 of 'em look at me like I'm standing there naked. I told them to trust me, and that after I was done, I would join them for our break. They agreed, and so I grabbed the stool, the acoustic, and situated myself front and center.

I remember asking:

"How's everyone feeling? Good? I am too."

"I hope you all can forgive me, this isn't what ya'll are use to, but I just watched destiny walk through the door, and I have to sing this song to her"

With that being said, I looked at Angela, who had her strange, yet so damn sexy, smirk on her face. I proceeded to play a song called "Everything". I won't write all the lyrics but some important ones are:

...I remember you. Do you remember me too?

Seems like such a long, long, time. Since

I held you near and called you mine.

It ends with the chorus saying:

...I would do anything. And I would give

everything, to be your everything.

When I got done playing, the place erupted. I looked up at Angela, and she had that teary, kinda smile on her face. I walked off stage, through everyone, right to her and smiled.

"You never sang to me before." she said

"I couldn't help it, I've missed you so much".

"Happy birthday Teddy."

So she bought me a beer! Well she stood in front of me while I was on stage the rest of the night. Everyone who is close to my band kept asking me all night who she was. I just kept saying:

"That's the girl I told you about, that if we were still together, everything would be meaningful again."

We loaded up our gear at the end of the night, and chilled at the bar. Angela and I talked. She told me how nothing seemed to work out for her outta state, so she came home. I told her it was good to see her again, and that I should be going. Her face turned sad, and I pray I never see it like that again. She asked me if I could walk her up the hill to her new place, so that we could get caught up. I looked at my ride and he just smiled, and nodded. (My ride is my buddy Dustin, and he's 10 times smarter then me, at this point, I was still nervous, and I didn't have a clue.) I told her I didn't have a ride home and she told me she'd give me one tommorrow. At this point, I couldn't say no.

We walked up this hill that felt like a mountain. Well actually, most hills feel like mountains at 3 in the morning, on a Saturday night, and your 3 sheets to the wind. Anyway, we get to her apartment, sit on the couch, and just started talking. We talked for what must've been about an hour. She then tells me that she's feeling sleepy, so I'm like then let's crash. She gets up, and I begin to sprawl out on the couch.

"What are you doing?!?" she asked me.

"Umm? Going to bed?"

"Not there your not!"

She then takes my hand, leads me off the couch, and kisses me gently.

"Ted, I have to be honest, I never realised how much I missed you until tonight. No one has ever sang to me. Not only that, but that place was packed, and you didn't seem to care what they thought."

"Angela, I've missed you so much, that it didn't matter if they liked the song or not. All that mattered was seeing you smile at me like that again."

With that she kissed me and swipped her hand across the buldge forming in my pants. She led me to her bedroom, tongues dancing in each other mouths, and I gently layed her on her bed. I removed her shirt then sucked gently on her neck. Her aroma was intoxicating. More so than I already was. I removed her bra as a kissed her lips again, then slowly made my way down to her chest. I nibbled gently on her nipples and ran my hand between her legs. As she softly moaned I found myself gently kissing my way down her surfboard stomach. With little hesitation, I removed her jeans and found the most beautiful thong I've ever seen. I untied both sides and revealed the most beautiful part of her body. I moved back up and kissed her lips.

"God Teddy, I need you in me now!!" she breathed

"I'm sorry honey, you'll have to wait a little longer."

With that I lowered my head between her legs and kissed her soaked hole. My tongue entered her and lapped up her sweet nectar. As she bucked against my tongue, I found my tongue moving in a figure 8 motion over her clit. She moaned with delight as my finger entered her and began to buck wildly.

"Oh shit Teddy, I'm cumming AHHHHHHHHH!"

She must of been pretty pent up, 'cause her orgasm seem to go on forever. Her legs quivered, her nails dug into the back of my head, and her voice must've went up at least 2 octaves!! As it subsided all she kept sayin' was,

"Oh baby, oh baby, mmmm, it's been too long. God, I missed you!!"

With that she sat up, and told me to lay down. I took off my shirt and layed on my back. Her tongue entered my mouth as she quickly undid my jeans. My cock was swollen so much it hurt. Angela yanked open my pants and gripped my member under my boxers. She kissed me a little more than moved down to my now pre-cummed cock. She looked up at me as I entered her mouth.

"AWWWWW!" was all I could muster.

"MMMMM" was her reply.

Well it didn't take long, and before I knew it, SPLASH!! Angela swallowed every last drop and now it was my turn to quiver, and tell her how much I missed her. But she kept sucking.

For a tanned body like Angela's, it doesn't take anything to keep me hard, and finally she stopped sucking and started kissing my lips again. Then she climbed on top of me, and I entered her slowly.

"My God! I forgot how good you feel inside me!" she exclaimed!

She started riding me slowly as we kissed more. She started to breath harder and ride faster. She was going to cum again. She bounced uncontrolably on my cock as she screamed out again. When she stopped she collapsed on top of me. With that, I wrapped my arms around her, and gently rolled on her back and kept pumping her. She wrapped herself around me. Her legs around my hips, her arms around my neck, damn, did I miss this!! Finally, I had no choice.

"Sweetheart, get on all fours!" I commanded

As I pulled out of her, she grinned her sexy, devilish grin and quickly moved into position. I entered her from behind and moved in and out of her slowly. As I pumped her, I found myself inserting my finger into her ass. She bucked with delight at this and I pumped her faster.

"Oh damn Teddy, put it in my ass!!"

When she commands me to do something like that, I obey very quickly! I entered her ass slowly and let her get use to me being in there. Slowly I pumped her, pulling out till nothing but my tip was in her, then slowly pushing back in. As I began to move faster, I felt that familar swelling feeling in my balls.

"Honey, I'm going to cum again" I exclaimed.

She then told me to shoot it in her mouth, and who am I to tell her no?!?? I pulled out of her ass and laid on my back. As she took me into her mouth this feeling of me needing to be filled came over me.

"Angela, dominate me!!"

She gave me this odd look, for I never said anything like that 3 years ago. But if you read my other story, you know I no longer think in traditional sex roles. When she realised this, her eyes got big and the devilish smile that makes her so beautiful, appeared again.

She got up, went to her dresser, and pulled out a vibrator.

"Someone has changed a little?" she asked.

I just bit my lower lip. She kissed me, then told me to relax. I closed my eyes as I entered her mouth. I heard the vibrator come on, then felt it rubbed against my asshole. Then, her mouth left my member, and I then felt it against my ass. She licked me into a frenzy, then I felt what I had been waiting for. The vibrator entered me as I re-entered her mouth. This was just way too much. Within a few pumps of that buzzing cock, I was unloading gallons of love down her throat. It felt like it lasted forever. When she sucked down every last drop. She removed the fake cock from me, put it on the nightstand, then collapsed in my arms. We kissed one last time before falling asleep in each others arms.

And it's been like that for the past two months. I told her about Jason and let her read my last story. I was shocked when she was perfectly content with it, she said it was nice to see that I finally got rid of that bug up my ass from 3 years ago. We've agreed that we won't do any 3-somes since neither of us want to have to share. But a strap-on adventure looks like it could take place in the near future!!

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