tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Pay the Price Ch. 01

I Pay the Price Ch. 01


"I'm glad you came over tonight. Better to spend an evening as my sextoy than get turned over to the police for trying to forge a check in my name," he said as I entered his living room.

He sat on his couch in the dimly lit room - he was dressed in the same clothes as he had been wearing that day when he called me into his office and confronted me with my forged check, giving me the chance to take my punishment from him personally or be fired immediately and referred to the police. I figured I'd take my chances with him. After all, he was tall at 6'4," fairly handsome, in his early to mid-thirties, fit, clean-shaven. How bad could it be? I'd suck his cock, let him fuck me and that would be it. He was rather particular on what I wore over for the evening (panties, skirt, heels, a bra and a blouse that buttoned down the front), but this would all be over in half an hour.

"Let's get going," he said. He motioned me in front of him and I took his meaning. I kneeled in front of his spread legs, unzipped his fly and started to take out his cock. He brushed my hands away and took it out himself.

"It's those hands that got you into trouble in the first place, trying to forge a check. I want you to suck my cock, but don't put your hands on it - use only your mouth - and this better be up to my standards or the punishment phase of this evening is going to be worse for you than I originally planned"

Punishment phase? Wasn't it punishment enough to have to give him head? Oh well, it was out of my hands and I figured I'd best get started. He was already semi-hard and I quickly got him the rest of the way there with my expert ministrations. It was a pity I couldn't use my hands as I could have finished him off faster. His cock was bigger than usual; I judged it be about 7," maybe a little bit longer. It was also pretty thick, it must have been 2" wide and I was having a little bit of a gag reflex on those occasions when I tried to take him a little deeper.

After about ten minutes, I began to wonder when he was going to come. I'd been working him to the best of my ability and, although, he was rock-hard, he wasn't breathing hard or making any of the usual noises I was used to. His nutsack was still loose - no telltale tightness to let me know he was ready to unload.

"Look at me when you suck my dick" he intoned.

Oh...Now I get it, he's one of those guys that gets off when the girl acts like she's submissive. Well, if that's what he wants. I changed the angle of my head a little bit and looked up at him as I continued to work him over. He just looked at me steadily with a slight satisfied expression on his face. It was kind of embarrassing to be kneeling in front of my boss like this, ordered not to use my hands, gazing into his face while my mouth rocked back and forth on his 7" pole.

"Start taking your clothes off, but under no circumstances are you to take your mouth off my cock"

Jesus! Where does this guy get off ordering me around like this! I would have told him off, but I was unable to, my mouth being filled at the moment. However, he must not have liked my hesitation.

"Do what I tell you, or it's your job and the police. Don't give me any attitude"

At least now I understood why the strange clothing request. I unbuttoned my blouse, while continuing to mouth-stroke his cock and, reaching behind me, removed my arms from the blouse, discarding it on the floor. I had to reach behind me again to undo the zipper in the back of my skirt. It was a little tougher to remove my blouse while keeping his prick firmly buried inside my oral cavity. I had to shimmy it down my legs and under my knees one at a time. It got caught on one of my heels, but I eventually got it all the way off. He then motioned to my bra and I knew what came next. I reached behind me to undo the clasps and removed my bra from the front and placed it on the pile that also included my skirt and blouse. Incidentally, I'd counted fifteen head-bobs on his cock while engaged in that last operation. I reached down to my panties and started to slip them over my hips...

"Leave your panties and your heels on" he instructed.

I recommenced trying to get him off. Incidentally, his mention of my panties made me think of them as well. I was a little embarrassed to notice a warm, damp sensation between my legs. I didn't feel too bad - I mean it's inevitable that being involved in sexual activity would get me excited, but I didn't want him to know that. It seemed that I'd been at it for 20-30 minutes by now. What was with this guy? When was he going to shoot his load?

Suddenly, he gripped my hair again and pulled me up over his knees on the couch.

"Now we'll see if you can take a spanking as easily as you can steal from me" he intoned as he began to run his hands over my back, ass and upper thighs.

Suddenly, he began spanking my ass. This got my attention real quick as he obviously had big strong hands to go along with his big strong body. As he rained more and more blows upon my poor ass, I really began to regret the choice I made. Losing my job and copping to a misdemeanor may have been better than letting this guy live out his fantasy.

He stopped and rubbed the hurt out of my ass a little bit. At least he wasn't a total monster. Then I heard him reach for something on the end table where my legs were pointing and he began to buckle a pair of furred leather cuffs around my elbows. Then I felt my elbows pulled behind and together pretty tightly and heard a click. He must have connected the two cuffs together with a metal snap or something. All of a sudden there was a lot more tension in my arms and shoulders as my tits were thrust out.

"What's going on...?" I protested.

"Shut your mouth, you fucking bitch" he replied. "If I have to gag you, I will." He put another pair of leather cuffs around each wrist, although he didn't secure them to each other or anything else...

He then proceeded with another round of spankings on my ass and upper thighs, alternately rubbing me and spanking me. He also started running his hands down the crack of my ass, pressing against my mound, and, although I was protected at least somewhat by my panties, I was humiliated by the fact that it must now be abundantly clear to him that I was responding sexually to his ministrations as I could feel myself extremely wet.

He then began to roll my panties down my legs, eventually removing them completely. Here I was, after blowing him for a good half-hour, my reward was to be self-stripped, spanked, shackled and stripped the rest of the way by him. Now it looks like I was in for more spanking as he returned to his prior ministrations. Although no individual blows were all that painful, the cumulative sensation of the spanking was starting to really get to me mentally. I felt him running his left hand, his non-spanking hand down the cleft of my buttocks until it reached my warm, moist cunny. Of course, his hand became soaked in my own juices. But the bastard wasn't content to rub the mere fact that I was responding like a bitch in heat to his spanking, he took his juice-covered fingers and brought them around to my face, right in front of my mouth.

I could smell my pussy-juices on his fingers right in front of me and it was clear what he wanted. I opened my mouth and began to suck my own juices off of his fingers as he resumed his obsession with spanking my already reddened ass and thighs. Now, totally humiliated, I began to lose any sense of propriety and started to slowly grind against his lap. Maybe I could at least get a little bit of relief out of all of this. So, licking his fingers and grinding my hips against him I continued to suffer under his hand.

After he was satisfied with my clean-up job, he again took his left hand and ran it down to my pussy, rejuicing it - so to speak - but instead of bringing it back to me for another cleaning job, he smeared my own juices around my most private of openings. Uh-oh...this was starting to get really serious. After dipping into my honeypot four or five times and lubricating my brown eye, he slowly worked one of his fingers into my back door. After initially tensing up and resisting him I bowed to the inevitable and he was soon inserted to the second digit. Then, incredibly, he began to spank me again, but this time with his FINGER still up my ASS. He chuckled as I bucked against him, evidently self-satisfied as my ass involuntarily clenched and unclenched around his finger as he continued to administer his hateful punishment.

I had no secrets from him. I was wet, my elbows were fettered and useless to me, he was using his finger as an anal thermometer to gauge my response to his punishment. Last, and most humiliating, he wadded up my soaked panties and pushed them into my mouth to stifle my increasingly loud groans of pain and moans of pleasure.

Then, mercifully, it was all over. He pushed me again onto my knees in front of him and I kneeled looking into his eyes, tasting my pussy on the wadded panties inside my mouth.

He took a length of rope and secured it about my waist with the knot in back. He took the two trailing pieces, each about 36" long and looped them through my legs, and up in front of me. He then took one of my cuffed hands and stringed one of the rope pieces through the D-ring on the cuff, pulling it tight which pulled my hand and wrist down, around my back toward my belly. This simultaneously put even more pressure on my tits, forced out already by my cuffed elbows and tightened one of the two pieces of rope that were running through my pussy lips. He did the same with the other trailing piece of rope, securing it to my other wrist, making sure that both ropes bisected my pussy lips.

The bastard! Who the fuck did he think he was.

"Now - we're going to try sucking my cock again" I heard him say, with a little bit of menace. How could I suck his cock! Here I was trussed, shackled, spanked, gagged, with my wrists tied to a rope that was splitting my pussy in half. As I bent down slightly to try to get my mouth closer to his cock, I realized that bending down slightly stretched my pelvis, putting even more pressure and tension on the rope between my legs!

Doubtless, he knew this as, chuckling to himself, he removed my panties from my mouth, took hold of my hair and guided my mouth down to his now turgid and rampant cock. I quickly learned that this was not to be the leisurely blowjob I had previously administered. He used his grip in my hair to gradually, but inexorably, force my mouth lower and lower onto his cock until he was literally knocking at the entrance to my throat.

I had previously tried to deep-throat a few of my boyfriends, but had always been unable to do so. Tonight I learned that it wasn't that I was unable to do so, I had been unwilling to do so. I couldn't resist the strength of his grip on my hair, just like I couldn't resist the invasion of his finger in my ass earlier. Step by step, he forced his cock down my throat over the next 10 minutes, often leaving me impaled on his prick for ten seconds at a time, enjoying the natural gagging reaction as it stimulated his cock. I was utterly defeated and humiliated. This was made even worse by the fact that I could feel myself gently tugging with my hands, the ropes that were strung through my crotch. I was using his crotch rope to get myself off while he was throat-fucking me using his iron grip on my hair! Unbelievable.

Suddenly, my chin, buried against his balls during one of my extended sessions buried to the deepest extent possible on his cock, noticed a distinct tightening of his sack. Frantically, I began vigorously pulling on my crotch-rope in a desperate effort to get myself off before he came. I felt my own release wash over my body followed shortly thereafter by a warm, violent stream of liquid down my throat. As I looked up into his eyes, flush and sweating from my own orgasm just moments before, he smiled at me, triggering another flush of pleasure to course through me at having pleased him.

He left his cock in my mouth for several moments as I continued to suckle and clean it. He then lowered my to my stomach on the floor and put me into a quick hogtie, wrapping the rope around my ankles and using the heels of my shoes to closely secure my legs back to my elbows....

"Sit tight, while I go get the rest of my things" he said as he left the room. Yeah right, like I was going anywhere.

Shortly, he returned with a number of straps, which he placed on a table in the next room. He then undid my hogtie and let me stand up. Admittedly, I was weak-kneed after my recent ordeal, but I luxuriated in being able to stand on my long, beautiful legs after spending so much time recently either on my knees or over his knees.

After all, it wasn't an everyday occurrence for me to blow a guy for 30 minutes, get spanked for another 30 and then be used in the degrading manner by which he'd finally satiated himself.

He undid the crotch rope, used my panties to dry off all the moisture accumulated around my puss, placed those same damn panties right back in my mouth (this guy had a thing for keeping my mouth occupied!), secured my wrists behind me with another metal clasp and then undid the clasp joining my elbows together. That feels better. I sighed in relief into my panty gag as he led me over to the desk in his home office. It was a large desk, 72"x36" with a modesty panel in the back, cleared of all equipment.

He placed me on my back on the desk, undoing my wrist cuffs long enough to secure them with a longer piece of rope, still keeping me secure, but allowing my wrists to lie at my sides rather than in the small of my back. He used the straps that he'd gone to get earlier to strap my calves to my thighs, both at the ankle and the knee. Next, he took a long piece of rope, secured it to one of the D-rings on the strap binding my ankle to my thigh, ran it under the desk and over to the opposing D-ring binding my knee. He then ran a second rope under the desk securing the second pair of straps.

This bastard had me trussed tightly to his desk, calves tied against my thighs, my legs spread obscenely by the ropes spreading them. Each time I tried to pull one of my legs up from it's spread position, it just served to pull the other leg farther down. He was using my own body against me. My entire torso was exposed to him, including my breasts, inner thighs and pussy. The nature of my position also allowed him access to my little brown eye that he had so humiliatingly used earlier to enforce his control over me.

He looked down at me again with one of his self-satisfied smirks and began exploring my body with his hands. They were rough hands and I could feel them scrape along my smooth skin. As he ran them over my breasts and down my flanks, across my thighs and my puss, I shuddered involuntarily. After my recent orgasm from the crotch-ropes, my body was on fire and I couldn't help but respond to his touches even in my helpless condition. Almost worse, I didn't want him to stop. Abused and humiliated, I was turned on as well.

He refocused his attention on my breasts, taking one nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He worked it softly at first, but gradually harder until he was squeezing the nipple enough to cause me some pain. Then he began to twist it...and a bolt of fire ran straight from my nipple to my pussy. I couldn't help myself. I arched my back, trying to relieve some of the pressure he was putting on it, but subconsciously responding to his manipulation. He responded by grabbing the other nipple in his other hand, using his grip on both of my nipples to force me to arch my back even further toward him. It was hard to distinguish the pain from the pleasure, but I could feel another flush of moisture flood through my cunt as he continued to manipulate my nipples between his incredibly strong fingers.

Then he let go of one nipple and used that hand to cover my cunt, gently rubbing it while continuing to twist and pull my other nipple.

I came.

I was surprised that my response was so forceful and immediate. I was glad to have my panties still stuffed in my mouth to muffle the noises I was making. It was just too much to have this guy hurting and twisting my nipples, while I was tied and at his mercy and coming at the slightest manipulation of my pussy!

He then switched nipples and began torturing the other one between his fingers, while continuing to rub my pussy with his other hand.

I came again!

I couldn't decide whether I was in heaven or hell. I wanted the pain in my breasts to stop, but I wanted to keep coming and I couldn't have both. I began to whimper through my panties. He got me off twice more in the space of the next few minutes and then gave me some respite, massaging my entire breasts now with his two big hands.

Suddenly, I heard a small click and I looked at him quickly. A frisson of terror raced down my spine as I saw that he had undone his belt buckle and was sliding his belt out of the loops on his pants. He doubled the belt over and laid it down on my tummy, slowly sliding the leather across my torso, my breasts, back down across my tummy, along my thighs.

I looked into his eyes and saw the answer there to my unasked question. He was going to strap me with his belt.

"You're going to learn not to steal from me again!" he said.

I shuddered in dread. He continued to slide his belt along my body, increasing my anticipation and dread as the seconds marched by. Then it started. He didn't strap me very hard, I'm sure, but it was hard enough...and all over. He didn't spare any part of my exposed body.

He strapped my tummy, my flanks, my thighs, my breasts, even between my legs. I bit down on my panties and could do nothing but endure. However, the human body is a wondrous organism. As he continued to strap me, even though it hurt, my body adjusted itself to the pain. Yes, it even responded, in a way. As the strapping progressed on all of my parts, it steadily got stricter and heavier. But he never let me get accustomed or comfortable. He kept moving randomly from place to place, varying the intensity of his stroke, never letting me anticipate what was coming next, to get into a groove.

With a forceful stroke, he strapped my breasts repeatedly, while with his other hand, rubbing my pussy.

I came.

He stopped. He came around the side of the desk, laying his belt on my tummy. He unzipped his pants again, pulled out his cock, removed my soaked panties from my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head over to the side of the desk, with his other hand guiding his cock into my mouth.

Without hesitation, I accepted him and began vigorously stroking and sucking on him. I was on fire. Anything I could do to repay some small measure of what he'd just done to me was imperative.

He picked up his belt again. My mouth trembled around his cock. Was he actually going to whip me with his belt while I was giving him head. That was impossible.

"If I feel any discomfort after I start strapping you, you're going to be in real trouble"

And with that, I knew. He was going to strap me while I serviced him.

It began again. I found it hard to concentrate on giving him good head while my thighs, tummy, breasts and pussy were alternately strapped, rubbed, pinched and generally worked over. But I gave it my best. It felt good to be able to service my boss after all that had happened. In a sense, I felt content. I had tried to steal from him and now I was paying for it. Whatever he wanted to do at this point, was okay with me.

Suddenly, the strapping stopped again. He let me suck his cock for a few more minutes as I recovered from the kiss of his belt across my body. He opened up a desk drawer and removed two black binder clips. With a smile down at me, my face stuffed with his cock, he applied them quickly to both of my nipples. Fire arced through my tits, down to my pussy. He smiled and continued to slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

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