tagInterracial LoveI Promise...

I Promise...

byNo Panty Girl©

Tomorrow was the big day. Finally Rick and I were going to be married. It was just going to be a small registry office service with about thirty of our friends attending. My best friend Robin was going to be my bridesmaid.

First I should tell you about Robin. She is a gorgeous nineteen-year-old black woman, petite with the tawny body of a cat. She is very Jamaican with her black hair done in a maze of tight plaits. Robin works with me and lives with her boyfriend Tyrone and brother Leroy.

Robin had invited me for a "last night out" before I became committed. We were going to the Sundowner, a local strip club for a few drinks.

The night had been a barrel of laughs. The Sundowner allowed females in the audience to come on stag and use the pole between the featured dancers. Robin had gone up and peeled all the way down to the cheers of the hooting crowd.

Not satisfied with her own performance she was urging me to go on stag and try it. Normally I would be much too shy but I had downed enough drinks and been inspired by Robin's acceptance I decided to give it a try.

The audience cheered as I took the pole. I was wearing a short pink dress that came off surprisingly easy. To the cheers of the crowd I worked the pole in my expensive white silk bra and bikini panties.

"Take it off, take it off!" they chanted.

First I removed my bra allowing my large creamy white breasts to spill out. The cheers were deafening.

I peeled my panties down my legs revealing my freshly waxed pussy to about fifty horny guys.

The thrill was exhilarating as I flaunted myself in front of a bunch of strangers.

While I was on stage naked Tyrone and Leroy entered the club and joined Robin at our table.

"Nice routine." Tyrone congratulated me when I returned to our table.

"Thank you." I said adjusting my dress and taking a much-needed swig from my glass.

Considering I had just flaunted my naked body before a crowd of horny strangers on the night before my wedding excited me. Maybe I was not ready for marriage?

All too soon it was closing time.

"Let's go to our place." Robin suggested.

I knew it was inviting disaster but I did not want the evening to end. It was a short taxi ride to Robin and the guys' apartment.

We had just entered the apartment when Robin kicked her shoes off and got out a bottle of rye.

Leroy put some music on while Robin did an encore strip for the guys.

"Get up there and join her." Tyrone directed me.

Why not? What the hell they had already seen me naked. I joined my almost naked friend in the center of the room.

In minutes we were both gyrating naked before the guys taunting them with our charms.

The party somehow ended up on Robin's bed. I was lying on my back with my legs open while Robin munched on my pussy. Leroy was behind her fucking his sister while Tyrone straddled my chest and was tit-fucking me with ten inches of hard black cock.

Tyrone had my head cupped in his hands and as he neared ejaculating he lifted my head positioning my mouth over the threatening head of his cock. As he pressed against my lips I opened my mouth and let him in.

He came in mighty spurts, his thick creamy cum coating my teeth and tongue with salty brine.

"Swallow." He demanded holding me on his spiting viper.

I allowed his goo to slide down my throat like a slimy snail leaving an unpleasant trail in its wake.

Robin's tongue was scavenging between my legs while her brother moaned with his cock wallowing in her pussy.

This was so wrong. Here on the morning of my wedding day I was ingesting the sperm of a black man while brother and sister were committing incest in my crotch.

"I'm going to fuck you bitch!" Tyrone exclaimed.

Upon hearing her man's intentions Robin quickly abandoned my pussy leaving it for her boyfriend to use.

Being so close to being married I had ceased taking my birth control pills so I could conceive our first child. According to my calculations I was ovulating. Taking a black cock in me was like a loaded gun going off on a busy street.

Tyrone mounted me as I lay helplessly on my back, my pussy still wet with his girlfriend's saliva. I felt him wedging the fat head of his cock between my smooth pussy lips. With one powerful thrust he slid into me.

God he was big! It was amazing a little girl like Robin could handle Tyrone's black monster. Automatically my cunt clenched his cock.

"Don't cum in me!" I foolishly pleaded.

Tyrone didn't answer, he just begins to move in and out of me. I moaned as my legs embraced him.

It was a fuck of lust, white pussy craving for black cock. Tyrone slammed me mercilessly pounding me into the mattress like a wild animal. My hips rose and slammed into his loins on every plunge into my nest. I wanted his hot sperm to flood me.

My lips were saying no but my cunt was saying, "feed me"; shoot your nourishment into me. I knew I was offering my precious eggs to him.

"Close your eyes Baby!" Tyrone whispered and I knew he was about to cum.

I closed my eyes and felt the rush of warm cum flowing into my pussy. It was enough to trigger my detonation.

I had been fucked many times by many men before but non-had ignited me the way Tyrone did. It could have been because I was such a naughty girl about to be married of Tyrone's ten inches, or a combination of both. Whatever the reason my orgasm crashed over me at a ten on the Reicter scale.

My entire body shook, my toes curled and my back arched into my black lover's loin as I surrendered the fruit of my womb to another man.

I lay totally shattered as Tyrone's seed drained into me. Finally he dismounted leaving my pussy feeing so empty.

Not for long, before the perspiration evaporated from my breasts Leroy was taking his place.

Leroy slid into Tyrone's mess easily after the ravishing my cunt had just taken. I looked at the big grin on his face as he felt white pussy surrounding his meat.

"O.K." I said, "You might as well dump into me too!"

On the other side of the bed Robin was busy sucking all traces of my pussy off her boyfriend's cock while her brother took me for a ride.

Leroy's fuck was anticlimactic after the main event with Tyrone. The inept sister-fucker didn't even have a big dick.

I couldn't help smiling as Robin watched me making my vows later in the day knowing her boyfriend's and brother's sperm was swimming around in my belly.

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