tagInterracial LoveI Promise... Ch. 02

I Promise... Ch. 02

byNo Panty Girl©

Married life did not begin well. After our honeymoon I never had my period. I figured I was pregnant and the question was what color my baby would be?

There was a slim possibility it could be Rick's but more likely it was the fruit of Leroy or Tyrone's seed?

Of course Rick was ecstatic when I told him the news but was more back knowing the full story. What would I tell my husband if my baby came out mulatto?

Frantically I called Robin explaining my dilemma. Robin tried to calm me and invited me to come around and talk with her about it. Desperate I agreed to go to her place that night after dinner.

I arrived in a state of nerves like I was returning to the crime scene. I was surprised to find both Leroy and Tyrone were there with Robin waiting for me.

Robin had told her brother and boyfriend that I was knocked-up and afraid the baby was theirs. They had agreed to help take my mind off my problem.

"Fuck him if he don't like it!" Tyrone said.

We had all downed a few drinks and were looking at my situation through the blurred vision of the booze.

"Lot's of white girls like black cock." Leroy agreed.

What Leroy said was true. I had several white girlfriends who had fucked black guys. I had one girlfriend whose husband set her up with black guys on a regular basis. What was so different about me?

Unexpectedly Leroy came over to where I was sitting and started pulling my sweater up over my head. I raised my arms allowing the sweater to slip off. I leaned forward letting him unfasten my bra.

As I was in my third month of pregnancy my breasts were already beginning to swell. Two very plump white tits spilled out into view. Leroy's thick black thumb and finger pinched my ping teat as he laughed.

I knew I was going to be the black men's slut again.

Robin just sat smiling watching he brother and boyfriend remove the remainder of my clothes. In a matter of minutes I was naked and ready for them to use again. This time I was already pregnant and there was nothing to stop me from enjoying their black cocks.,

The two of them stood before me offering me their erections. The sight of the two black hardons was too much, reaching out and grabbing Leroy I guided him into my open mouth. My other hand grasped Tyrone's meat so it wouldn't get away.

Leroy's cock throbbed in my mouth as my tongue caressed the bottom side of his shaft. My tongue swirled up and over the smooth head scavenging the taste of precum.

Emptying my mouth I bent forward and took Tyrone's entire ball sack into my empty mouth. His balls were so big I had trouble getting them all in. Gently my tongue strokes his testicles.

I went back and forth, from cock to cock, taking turns sucking on black cock meat. Tyrone cum first, shooting three spurts of his salty thick sperm into my mouth. As I pulled his cock out to take Leroy's he fired one more spurt onto my face.

With Tyrone's jism running down my cheek I took Leroy into my cum- coated mouth.

Leroy's load was as big as Tyrone's filling my mouth to overflowing. Desperately I swallowed as much of the cum as I could. Robin laughed seeing the cum dribbling from my chin onto my bare boobs.

I was trapped again. My pussy ached to be filled by the huge black cocks that had just emptied into my mouth.

Tyrone took me first. With his girlfriend watching he mounted me and slid his twelve-inch home wrecker into my pregnant cunt. I let out a soft moan as he reached my cervix.

It was a sweet fuck, long strokes with the head of his cock just kissing the doorway to my womb.

They say being pregnant makes you horny? All I know is Tyrone's meat felt so good after my husband's pathetic little dick.

"Oh yes, fuck me Baby!" I pleaded indifferent to his girlfriend who was watching us.

My legs wrapped around his rising hips as he prepared for another thrust. I was desperately trying to keep his cock in me as he rode me like a brood mare.

Things were out of control and I was once more being a white slut just to feel a black cock cum in me.

"Fuck me!" I begged Tyrone again.

Much to Robin's pride Tyrone easily brought me to an exquisite orgasm sending thousands of volts of electricity through my body, as my orgasm possessed me.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" I cried as relief came.

I had no time to savor Tyrone's sperm before he dismounted and I felt Leroy's hard cock slid into me on Tyrone's slippery cum.

It was amazing, to be fucked to an intense orgasm and then have another rock hard cock slipped into me. Leroy had no trouble picking up where Tyrone had left off.

Having the advantage of my pussy already throbbing with sensitive nerve endings it took little for Leroy to get my cunt humming again. My fuck hole was pliable now, Tyrone having stretched it far beyond what my husband ever had.

"Oh yes Leroy! Shoot in me!" I beseeched.

Leroy was hung slightly larger that Tyrone and the head of his monster cock was almost touching the sanctuary where my baby was growing.

Leroy slipped in and out of my slick passage as my hips bucked up to meet his thrusts. I could feel his ball sack bouncing off my ass. I knew he also was going to conquer me.

Robin smiled watching me writhing under her brother. I wondered how the petite girl could handle both these bull riding her all the time?

My second orgasm was not as earth shattering as my first. It took me in a huge wave of spasms radiating from Leroy's cock spreading through my body. My toes curled and my back arched as I accepted his seed in my pregnant cunt.

Tyrone and Leroy continued to use me as their cum receptacle for a couple of hours and sent me home with my pussy drenched with a mixture of their cum.

"Where have you been dear?" Rick said as I entered our apartment.

"I just went to see Robin." I told him.

Rick was very trusting and did not question my answer. After all, it was the truth!

That night in bed Rick wanted to fuck me. I worried that he would detect how wet my pussy was?

He slid into me without any resistance and quickly added his cum to my two black lovers' I feigned an orgasm.

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