I Saw Mommy


I came home early from work and grabbed myself a glass of water. There were still about three hours of a five hour shift left for me, but suddenly, I didn't feel well. You know how it is: fine one minute, then out of the blue, you're under the weather. Working food prep at a local restaurant, when I told my boss I was feeling sick, he sent me home. After a food poisoning episode at another restaurant a few weeks earlier, we were told: "If you're sick, we don't need you here."

So anyhow, I finished the glass of water, then went in the living room and laid on the couch. After a little while, I found myself waking up, feeling a lot better. It dawned on me that my parents should be home - both their cars were in the driveway - but there was no trace of them.

Even though I was starting to feel better, I thought it'd be good to crawl in bed and get some more sleep.

I stepped into the bathroom and ditched all but my underwear, then headed for bed. Just as I was about to turn the corner into my room, I heard a noise from across the hall. Yes, my mom and dad slept just across the way from me. Not the ideal spot for a young guy to have his parents, but let's suffice it to say that I'd learned to be real stealthy when the need for "relief" came over me.

My parents' bedroom door was about halfway open. Obviously they didn't know I was home and didn't expect me for a few hours, otherwise the door would have been closed. Peeking around the corner, I wasn't sure exactly how to react.

From my perfect view of the bed, I saw my dad, totally naked, stretched out on his back on the bed. Mom laid beside him, also naked, her head resting on Dad's stomach. Mom was sucking his hard cock!

My first impulse was to run away in revulsion, but something held me there. I mean, I intellectually knew my folks still did things like this, but like most young people, the notion of them actually doing it was kind of creepy. Confronted with it this way, though, it wasn't as gross as I thought it'd be.

I knew I should quietly back away and leave them to their fun, but for some reason, I was riveted to the spot.

It was evident they'd done all this before, because no words were spoken, Dad just moaned while Mom sucked and licked his most sensitive areas. Mom would suck him deep, then back away till just the head was in her mouth. I could only imagine what was going on, but she must have been using her tongue, because Dad moaned even louder when she paid special attention to the tip. Then she took him out of her mouth and kissed and licked all over the head and shaft, even dropping down to attend to his balls.

While a portion of my brain screamed how perverted it was to watch my parents having sex, I found myself thinking that the situation wasn't really much different than sitting at my buddy's house watching porn... I just happened to know these performers personally.

When I thought of them as just two people, not my parents, I found myself reacting to the activities going on before me. No longer feeling the least bit weird, my cock swiftly lurched beneath my shorts.

Now, even though watching Mom suck my dad's cock was sexy as hell, at no time did I consider joining them. Sure, I'd been online and found stories about scenarios like this. They all had a similar formula: guy or girl stumbles across the parents having sex, he or she joins in. I had no real interest in fucking my mom or dad, and while I was able to watch them as just a couple of people having an intimate time together, I had no inclination to invade their privacy any more than I already was.

This was the first time I'd ever seen my dad with a hard-on. From where I stood, it appeared I'd inherited my cock size from him. He looked to me roughly average, give or take, with a nice thickness and a fat bulbous head that came to a nicely rounded point. We were both cut, which - if I had a preference - I had to say I liked best. Some of the guys at school were uncircumcised, for whatever reason, and while I wasn't necessarily checking them out, when you're using a communal shower, it's kind of hard not to notice, and guys always compare, whether they'll admit it or not, so...

Mom, I couldn't see so well at the moment. I could see the curve of a hip and the side of a breast with a bit of nipple, but that was it. My horny eighteen-year-old mind could hardly wait to see the whole package.

I thought I was going to get a better view of Mom when they moved, but instead, somehow, Mom shifted so she laid on her side, her legs toward Dad's head. Dad then rolled onto his side, then Mom's legs opened up and he buried his face in her pussy - as far as I could tell.

This position wasn't so great for me, 'cause now the most I could see was Dad's hairy butt. They sixty-nined on their sides for a few minutes. Even though I couldn't see much, the sight of two people making love, and the sounds they were making, was doing the trick. After a while of watching porn, you forget that the reason you can see everything that's going on is because they're purposely putting it on display. It doesn't get the job done for the performers, it's entirely for the audience. Real sex is for the people taking part, and it doesn't matter if anyone can see what's happening. Nevertheless, what I was watching was making me horny.

My cock had been hard for quite a while, but I hadn't freed it. Finally, I released it from its confines. As my undies hit the floor, a huge clear drop oozed from the tip of my hard-on onto the floor before I could catch it.

Quickly rubbing the drop into the carpet with my toes, I continued to watch my parents in their sideways oral pleasure. I could tell they thought they were alone in the house, because they were holding nothing back. Even though they weren't concerning themselves with camera angles and showing the audience the action, they were certainly putting the porn soundtracks to shame. Both of their mouths were occupied, so there were no words, but the moans and grunts and such were loud and free. This one thing was probably the most erotic part of the whole deal. Normally, my folks were pretty subdued. Hearing them cut loose like this was kind of exciting.

When they separated next, I got my first good look at Mom's body. Dad laid back once again on the bed, his shiny cock laying hard against his belly. Mom got up and straddled Dad's smiling face. Both my parents had a look I'd never seen before. It was love, desire, lust, all wrapped up in a single amazing expression, and they both shared it.

Anyhow, now that Mom sat on Dad's face, I could finally see her entire sexy body. I'd snuck in and gone through Mom's underwear drawer before and read the tags on her panties and bras. The numbers and letters didn't mean anything until right that moment.

There was a generous tuft of brown fur between her legs. All the women in the pornos I'd see were clean shaven. While I liked being able to see everything on the videos, this seemed more real, more natural. I know my mom shaved down there, because when she wore a swimsuit, you couldn't see spillovers. Now, the lady next door, there was hair that stuck out either side of the crotch of her swimsuit. I was smart enough to know Mom was doing something to prevent that happening.

I couldn't see specifics regarding what Mom looked like there between her legs. Okay, enough beating around the bush... It feels weird to say it like this, but... I couldn't get a good view of mom's pussy. From the porn vids and magazines I'd perused with my buddies, I had the gist of what a pussy looked like, I knew there were slight variations, but regardless, I knew it'd be beautiful and sexy.

Looking at Mom's naked body, I finally started to realized where I got my preferences regarding feminine beauty. Mom was no skinny fashion model - hell, neither of my parents were - but neither are either of them bad to look at. When I thought about it rationally, why wouldn't I compare potential girlfriends using the yardstick of the woman I presently loved the most?

When Mom started to moan, then caress and knead her breasts while she rode Dad's face, I had to take my cock in hand. It didn't matter who this really was, what I was watching was too damn good to not play along.

I began to wonder if this was how they were when I was conceived, but then realized that was creepy and tried to stop thinking.

I watched Dad's jaw work as he ate Mom's pussy, and she was loving it. I'd never seen the expression Mom had on her face before. In fact, I'd only seen approximations of it in the porn I'd seen. This was honest arousal, not something intended for a camera, with little real feeling behind it. This was: "I don't give a fuck, it feels too damn good to hold back."

Fortunately for me, at no time did either of them turn to look toward the door. Either that or if they did, they were too into their own world for it to register.

When Mom got off Dad's face, and they started to shift around, I thought I was nailed for sure, but there were no indications that either of them saw me, because they certainly didn't hesitate to move on to the next part of the festivities.

I ducked around the door for a second when they started to change positions, but after only a moment or so, I was back in my place, my dick in hand and going to town on the best sex show I'd seen in my life.

Mom laid on her back on the bed, her legs spread wide. I got only a brief glance at her pussy before Dad moved in and blocked my view again. Next, though, he shifted around and I momentarily got a perfect shot of him lining up his cock with her hole and pushing in.

It was almost too much for me. I nearly cried out in surprise and arousal, seeing Dad's cock penetrate Mom, but I managed to bite it back, because I knew if they found out I was there, it'd be all over, and I'd be in deep shit.

Yes, a part of me still protested how wrong it was to spy on my parents while they had sex, but it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen before. And I loved these people like I loved no one else, and seeing them having so much pleasure together was the greatest thing I'd ever witnessed.

I thanked heaven for all the nights when I'd sat in my room jacking off when my parents laid in bed reading. I'd become an expert at self-pleasure while making practically no noise. I could still hear the slight friction of my hand against my stiff shaft, but that was it. I kept my breathing steady, no panting or grunting, and I stayed enough in control that my hand didn't slap against my body on the downstrokes.

Dad fucked mom in missionary for quite a while. As before, they held nothing back. The bed squeaked, they moaned and groaned and shrieked and used words I hadn't heard either of them use before. It was a side to them both I'd never seen. It was disturbing and arousing at the same time.

At no time did I consider joining in. I loved my Mom and Dad, but not in that way. That I was masturbating while watching them fuck was disturbed enough. Trying to take part in what they were doing was too weird to contemplate.

When once again they changed positions, I slowed my strokes down. I didn't want to shoot before they were done, and if I kept going at the pace I was, I'd cum soon.

Dad pulled out of Mom's pussy (I got another quick glimpse of it - all red, wet and relaxed) then backed away. Mom turned over and stuck her butt in the air while she rested her head on the bed. This afforded me a great - if again brief - shot of my mom's pussy. Once she was in position, Dad waddled up behind her on his knees and aimed his cock once more at her hole.

They were getting more excited because Dad was thrusting his hips a lot faster and harder than he had before, and the grunts, moans and sighs were louder and more unrestrained.

"Fuck me, baby," Mom gasped. It was a shock to hear her use that word. The first time I'd said the word, "fuck," I'd gotten my face slapped. I'd heard them both use it and others several times while I stood there.

Dad was wailing away, pounding her good. I was doing the same on my own cock. My orgasm was building fast, but I tried to hold back, waiting for the end of things in my parents' room.

God, the obscenities they were spouting! And they were using them as encouragements: "Fuck me hard, stud. I want to walk funny when you're done with me," and "Take it, slut. God, your cunt feels good." It sounded like bad dialog from one of the porns I'd seen. That those words and ones like them were coming from my parents' mouths was weird, but in the same way bad dialog in porn keeps you going, this was how it worked for me.

After quite a while of doggy style, again they switched positions. Once more, Dad laid on his back. His cock stood proudly, waiting for mom to take her place atop it. Mom wasted little time straddling his hips, grabbing his hard-on and guiding it to her pussy. Mom's back was to me, but as she rocked back and forth, I could see Dad's cock sliding in and out of her, a sight that had me speeding toward the point of no return.

While Mom rocked, Dad reached up and fondled her tits, something they both obviously liked. Soon, Mom was grinding her clit into Dad's belly, racing toward her own climax. After a minute or so of this grinding, she started to cum.

The only female orgasms I'd seen before were in the porns. Now that I'd seen the real thing, I knew every one of those had been a fake. Mom's hips pulsed, and her mouth opened wide. For a few seconds, no sound came out, then a moan that welled up from somewhere deep inside her filled the room. Just as Mom's orgasm started to subside, Dad let out a yell and started cumming.

I could only imagine what it felt like to empty a load in to a woman's pussy, as I relaxed and let my own cum fly. While Dad filled Mom with his cum, I shot a huge load, most of it splattering against the wall next to my parents' doorway. It was hard as hell not to make some kind of noise as I fired out the biggest jizz load I'd ever produced, but I managed.

For a little bit, my folks just stayed where they were, Mom upright on Dad's cock, but then she finally collapsed on top of him.

When I finally regained my senses, I snatched up my underwear and quickly wiped up my mess, then ducked as quickly as I could into my room.

I apparently wasn't quiet enough, because I heard my door quietly click closed.

Afraid that Mom and Dad might have heard, I leaped into bed, covering my naked cock with the covers. I propped up one leg to hide my slowly deflating hard-on, and just as I tossed my cum-covered underwear on the floor away from the door, I heard a soft knock.

Mom poked her head in, then entered completely. "You okay, Rob?" she asked, "we weren't expecting you home for a while yet."

Mom was wearing a white terrycloth robe. Nothing was on display, but I could tell she'd put it on quickly, because I could see the swell of her breasts at each side of the open neck. I imagined Dad's cum running down her inner thighs as she stood talking to me. My cock twitched at the thought. Dad came in wearing a robe just as I started talking. His hands were in the pockets, pushing the front out to hide that he was still partially hard yet, too.

"I wasn't feeling well. Got sent home sick."

Mom sat on the edge of my bed. My mind couldn't help but think of the mess she must have between her legs. My cock got harder. She placed her hand on my forehead. "You feel hot."

'Yeah, I feel hot,' I thought, 'I just watched you and Dad having wild animal sex like a couple of crazed teenagers. I just had the orgasm of my life. Yeah, I'm hot.'

"I'm starting to feel better. I thought a nap would do me good."

She looked concerned. Dad stood in the doorway, silently holding the front of his robe out.

"You sure you're okay?"

'Mom, I just saw you and Dad fucking your hearts out. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen.'

"I'll be fine, Mom."

Dad was starting to look annoyed. Maybe he'd hoped for another round.

You go, Dad.

I put a hand on her thigh in a purely innocent gesture. A few inches further and I'd be knuckle deep in cum. "You go do whatever you were doing. I won't be any bother."

Mom looked unconvinced, but got up. "Okay. As long as you'll be alright."

"I'll be fine, Mom. Go."

Reluctantly, Mom left. Dad stayed by the door a moment, I think to try to determine if I'd been home long enough to have seen anything. I let nothing slip. "Night, Dad," I said, even though it was early afternoon. Without a word, Dad left, closing the door behind him.

When I was sure they were gone, I threw off the covers, uncovering my almost painfully hard-again cock. With the vision of Mom and Dad fucking still playing in my mind, I jacked off to another huge cum, wondering if they'd gone back again to fuck, or if my being home wrecked it.

Such thoughts running through my head, I finally slept.

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