tagErotic PoetryI Seem To Know Her

I Seem To Know Her


"I Seem To Know Her"

I seem to know her.
Though we have never met.
Seem to feel her heart,
As though its beat where mine.

I sense her, in a way
That gives me pause.
Makes me try to see,
Through the fog of desire.
Into her true mind.

I know she will submit to me.
Like none before her.
Kneel at my feet,
Her flaming mane upon my knees.
Her eyes, beautiful and dark.
Know me well.

Her body,
Will be my stone,
My clay,
My canvas.
A place of calm serenity,
when I am strained.
Of unbridled passion and heat,
When I become unquenchable.
Her saytr
Her Lord of,
Dark desires,
Of unquestionable love.

I seem to know her,
So young, yet old.
A soul like mine.
Ancient and wise,
Beyond her years.
And she seems to know me.
Sees into my deepest dreams.
Knows my mind,
Says my words,
Before i speak them.

I will be her Master,
Her Lord........and.......
And she will obey me always.
Not because of my strong hands.
My  cock.
Nor ever from fear.

She will obey me.
Because of my love.
My strength.
My laughter.
My humble wisdom,
That tells her,
That she is goddess,
My lil girl.

The one who can,
kiss away her tears.
Hold her in her fear.
Protect her from the predaters.
Who are always near.

She will be my muse.
I her voice that sings.
A song.
A melody, of notes and words.
That only she can hear.
Till the song fades slowly
But never really ends.
Just an echo on the winds.

by Robert Bo Golden Aka LovngStrength

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