tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Shouldn't Have

I Shouldn't Have


My name's Owen Harding and I shouldn't have done it but I did and now my life will never be the same. It all started when I was in Indianapolis on business. The trade show I was working had closed for the day when my pot-bellied associate, Russell Ratliff, suggested we go check out the dancers at a gentleman's club not far from our hotel.

I rolled the idea around in my head for a second or two as I rotated my wedding ring on my finger with my thumb, "I really shouldn't, Susan will be pissed if she finds out."

Russell reassured me, "Come on...I won't tell. The sow I'm married to hates it when I actually have a good time. Besides, there's no harm in simply looking."

"Okay, let's go." I said running my hand through my hair. I was proud that it was still dark and thick at forty-three years of age.

The gentleman's club was an upscale establishment that catered to businessman. The crowd was decent for a week night, no doubt due to the convention into town. A giant black man in a gray tailored suit with a pink necktie emerged from the shadows of the dimly lit club and greeted us with a handshake as we entered. "I'm Theodore Biggly, welcome ta my club."

Russell's chubby face lit up with recognition and he said, "You're 'Teddy Bear' Biggly. You played pro-football."

The black man laughed and patted Russell on the back. "Yeah I am and yeah I did, right here in Indianapolis until my muthafuckin' knee blowed out."

With a wave of his hand Biggly stopped a passing waitress. The ruffled white tuxedo top she wore was translucent enough to reveal her round brownish-pink areolas and the hard nipples of her nude breasts.

Biggly said, "Da first round for these two is on da house."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Biggly," she said and took our drink orders.

He swatted her sexy butt as she headed to the bar. "Mmm, we got some fine women up in here."

"Thanks, Mr. Biggly," I offered.

Biggly's white teeth were a stark contrast to his mahogany colored skin and seemed to make his smile much brighter and warmer. "Have a good time, fellas."

We found a table not far from the center stage. The waitress brought our beers and we witnessed a tight-bodied blonde finish her set. The pulsating music faded as the blonde left the stage with muted applause. The DJ introduced the next dancer. "Gentlemen, welcome to center stage ... Jazz!"

A red-head with big boobs sauntered onto the stage. She was a real girl-next-door type with a seductive young body and wholesome good looks. Her clicking stiletto heels seemed an appropriate introduction to her dance music. Her hips swayed sexily to the beat of the music as it increased in volume. Her hair was pulled up in a severe bun held in place by a yellow number two pencil. She was dressed in a conservative gray skirt whose hem hung below her knees with a wide black belt around her waist. Her white blouse was buttoned clear to her neck but her lacey white bra was teasingly evident beneath the translucent material. To complete the lusty librarian look she wore horn-rimmed glasses and carried a couple of text books.

I sipped my beer as the red-head began her erotic dance. My buddy whistled as the dancer held up the first book while slinging her hips. It was the, "Illustrated Kama Sutra." Satisfied with the crowd's response she pretended to stamp the inside cover of the book just like a real librarian would do and handed it to a grinning older patron seated next to the stage.

The next book she showed the crowd was, "The Joy of Sex." The crowd reacted with hoots and whistles and she flashed the men a bewitching smile. Again she went through the motions of checking the book out before she handed it to another male patron next to the stage.

With her arms free of books she took off her glasses and threw them to yet another spectator seated in the crowd. She pulled the pencil from her hair that had held her bun. Immediately her red hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She bent at the waist and violently gyrated her upper body. This caused her hair to twirl to the beat of a rolling drum solo embedded in the song to which she was dancing.

Jazz undid the wide black belt that graced her hips and ripped it from the belt loops with a snapping pop that penetrated the noise of the music. The crowd hooted and clapped as she tossed the belt aside. Her eyes glimmered with raw sexual power. She had the crowd eating out of hand and she knew it. She pulled the tail of her blouse out of her skirt and slowly unbuttoned it from top to bottom in time to the music before seductively slipping it off. She slid her skirt down her shapely legs by shimming her hips and stepped out of it just as the song ended.

The crowd applauded and whistled as she stood on stage in just her white lace bra and matching white lace panties. A white garter belt held up black fishnet stockings. A bemused smile graced her lips as dollar bills sailed to the stage. A new song started and once again her body moved in time to the music. She twirled around the center stage pole before moving to the other side of the stage. Her buttocks jiggled as she danced and I noticed that her panties had infested her sexy ass crack.

My cock stirred in my trousers as Jazz danced her way across the stage in our direction. My eyes feasted on her panty-clad snatch noting that her labia were clutching the lacey material creating a very evident camel-toe. My cock got hard. My eyes trailed up the dancer's frame to her big luscious breasts which jiggled to the music as if they were trying to escape the confines of her bra. Momentarily I looked into the face of the dancer and recognized something familiar. My thoughts were interrupted as Jazz unhooked her bra and dropped it to the stage with a provocative grin.

The nipples were hard on her high-perched breasts and rose rigidly from her pinkish brown areolas. She leaned back against the pole, took a deep breath before she adjusted her smile then tugged at her nipples. She nodded to the crowd as they went wild with applause and whistles. Her song ended and more paper currency fluttered on the stage from the crowd.

Russell punched my shoulder with his fat fist and said, "This slut is hot. I'd give my left nut just fuck her."

I rolled my eyes then nodded smiling, sipped my beer and watched Jazz continue her routine as the music started up again. With some effort I pried my stare from her tantalizing titties. I gazed at her face. I was struck by the familiarity of it and was sure I had met this dancer somewhere in my past.

Jazz was at our end of the stage when she turned her back to us and slowly and seductively shed her panties. Her pretty pucker and proud pussy were momentarily on display and my breath did a sharp intake of its own violation at the site. She stepped out of her panties and strutted across the stage twirling them on her forefinger as the crowd exploded in applause, whistles and catcalls. Her eyes contained a sensuous flame and a demure smile danced across her face.

I licked my lips watching her beautiful butt wiggle to the music noting a pair of pink lips tattooed on her right buttock. I was mesmerized as she paused with her back to the pole and slid down into a squat. Just as her butt touched the back of her high-heels she parted her legs giving me and everyone else a glance at her succulent shaved snatch. I shook my head in amazement I was sure her gash glistened with excitement. I grew dizzy as the noise of the club was drowned out by the blood pounding in my ears just as it did in my cock.

The song ended and Jazz scooped up the money that littered the stage then her clothes before she exited to the dressing room. The full breasted waitress fought her way through the jostling crowd with a tray already loaded with mugs of beer. I bought a round for Russell and me.

The DJ piped in, "Gentlemen, give it up for Jazz...Now, welcome to center stage Coco."

A mulatto dancer with dyed dirty dishwater blonde hair came on stage dressed as a naughty nurse. The music pulsated to a primal beat. While the mulatto stripper danced her routine Jazz worked her way through the crowd collecting tips in her garter from the patrons.

She was dressed in a white half t-shirt which displayed her taut tummy. The words "Biggly's Breath-Taking Beauties" was emblazed in pink across the bosom of her shirt. Her ensemble was completed by a pair of tight white cotton panties with little pink hearts on them and white high-heeled shoes.

The older man next to the stage handed her back the textbook and stroked her leg as he stuffed currency into her garter. He said something inaudible but she responded with a laugh and said, "Let me collect the rest of my tips then I'll take you back to the VIP room for a lap dance."

She patted his face with her palm and moved to the next table. She really knew how to work the crowd, a salacious smile here, a flirtatious touch there. By the time she got to our table she had collected all her props and her garter belt was full of folded one and five dollar bills. She playfully caressed Russell's bald head as he tucked a five-dollar bill into her garter. She giggled as his head grew red and drops of sweat appeared. She turned to me with a grin and brushed my arm with her big boob.

Finally, I got a good look at her face. Instantly I recognized her. In fact, she was my wife's sister's 22- year-old daughter. Beaming I said, "Jasmine or should I call you Jazz? How's my favorite niece?"

The smile faded from Jazz's face and her eyes filled with panic as she recognized me. "Oh, my gosh!"

Suddenly she grabbed my hand and pulled me from chair and led me the back room where the strippers provided provocative private dances for twenty-five dollars a pop. I glanced over my shouldered and grinned at Russell, who watched open mouthed.

The VIP room was divided into a dozen cubicles giving each chamber a hint of privacy. A large black vinyl covered curved booth seat was the centerpiece of each of the cubbyholes. Jazz led me past two occupied cubicles where the dancers suggestively swayed in front of patrons seated in the shadows.

Jazz pulled me into a cubicle and pushed me down into the vinyl seat. It creaked in protest. A new song blared from the speakers and Jazz began to sway seductively in front of me.

"I didn't ask for a lap dance, Jasmine. I asked you how you were doing."

She forced a smile and said, "The dance is on the house, Uncle Owen. I thought we'd have more privacy back here to talk."

Enthralled I watched as Jazz traced her finger-tips up her thighs to between her legs. She uttered a soft spellbinding sigh as she pushed against her vulva. She trailed her fingers up her firm belly to her full breasts. She squeezed them like they were ripe melons with a mesmerizing moan. She smiled and said, "How have you been Uncle Owen? I haven't seen you since I graduated High School."

I choked, "Fi...fine, I've been fine."

Jazz giggled and continued to gyrate, "Aunt Susan and the kids?"

"Fine, everyone is fine," I snapped flabbergasted. In order to change the subject I asked, "Been dancing long?"

"About a year. Ever since I started working on my Masters Degree. Daddy paid for my undergrad work but now that my brother's started at the State University, he can't pay for both of us."

"Does your Daddy know your dancing to pay for school?"

Jazz ripped her top off and threw it in my lap. She leant over me bouncing her big bare boobs in my face. She whispered, "No and there's no reason for him to know."

I was hypnotized by her beautiful breasts. The nipples were hard and pointed magnificently from her mammary at me. I licked my lips with lust and just grunted.

She spun her back to me and slowly slid her cute little panty-clad butt down my torso until she was sitting squarely on my hard cock. She leaned back and whispered in my ear, "You're not going to tell him are you, Uncle Owen?"

"It will take more than a lap dance to buy my silence, Jasmine." I whispered back as she continued wiggling her ass on my hard dick. "Meet me after you get off. I want to fuck you."

She quickly spun off my lap and said, "You shouldn't want me like that Uncle Owen. How about I pay you $500 to forget you ever saw me in Indianapolis?"

I shook my head, "I don't want your money. I want your pussy."

"That's incest."

"I don't care. We're related by marriage not blood so I'm not so sure it is incest."

She seemed to consider that point for a second then stepped up on the booth a foot on each side of my hips. She nodded in surrender and shyly smiled as she looked down at me. "I get off at two."

I stared directly into her camel-toe and replied, "I expect to be getting off by two-thirty."

Jazz flopped down into my lap wrapped her arms around my neck and ground her crotch onto my hard cock. She licked my ear and whispered hotly, "I can get you off before then, Uncle Owen."

It was too much. Blood pounded in my ears as cum spewed from cock into my trousers. Red lights blinked behind my shut eyes. A growl surged from my core, "Aww!"

Jazz pushed off my chest and stood up as the music ended. She replaced her top and held out her hand to help me to my feet. She hugged me as I whispered my hotel and room number in her ear. She nodded then led me out of the VIP room.

I excused myself to go to the men's room to clean the goo out of my boxers. I watched Jazz wiggle her ass through the crowd to the older gentleman waiting to collect his private dance.

When I got back to the table Russell said, "What happened to you? I was about to send out a search party."

I shot him my best toothy grin and winked, "What can I say Russell, chicks dig me."

My attention turned to the dancer on center stage. She simply went through the motions and was rewarded with uneven applause. A couple of more dancers went through their routines with similar bored attitudes before Jazz returned to the stage dressed as a cheerleader. Once again the place went wild when she finished her dance.

Coco, followed Jazz, dressed in a bridal gown. Her set was just as hot. Her white lingerie contrasted nicely with her darker skin. There was no doubt in my mind that Jazz and Coco were the most entertaining and profitable dancers at the club. When they weren't on center stage they were hustling patrons back to the VIP room for private dances. Jazz avoided our table the rest of the night. We left the club just after midnight and went back to the hotel.

At twenty minutes after two there was a knock at my door. My niece stepped into the room wearing a saggy gray sweat suit and carrying a backpack. "Can I use your shower?"


It was three o'clock before Jasmine emerged from the bathroom but it was definitely worth the wait. She was wearing a blue see-through baby-doll nightie. Her breasts swayed with each sexy step as she advanced toward me. She wore no panties and I could tell that her pussy lips were pouting. Her nipples looked to be as hard as my cock. Perhaps she was as excited about the taboo nature of the pending copulation as I. She stopped in front me as I sat on the edge of the bed. She avoided my outreached hand as deftly as a matador avoids an onrushing bull.

She smiled and said, "Just so we're clear. I give you a little pussy and you keep your mouth shut."

I licked my lips and hoarsely whispered, "Sure."

She dropped to her knees in front me. She looked into my eyes as she skillfully unzipped my trousers and fished out my cock. She glanced into my eyes after inspecting my cock in her hand, "Wow, Uncle Owen, you got a big one."

I curled my toes to keep from cumming as she slurped my shaft into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure and she giggled pleased with my reaction to her manipulation. I pushed her head down until she swallowed my entire cock. It was my turn to giggle as she gagged on my length. My cock twitched and grew I was ready to cum. I pulled her off my cock by her red hair as cum began to spurt from my cock.

Her face was contorted in pain as I pulled her hair to twist her face under my shooting cock. Her anguished expression added to my excitement. She opened her mouth to scream but closed it as my hot white jizz splattered across it. Her face was soon covered with my cum. One eyelid was painted completely shut. She looked totally ravaged.

I blinked as red lights shot through my brain. Finally I wheezed, "Jasmine, Honey, you are great cocksucker."

She fell back on her butt rubbing her head. She glared up at me and hissed, "Feel better Uncle Owen now that you busted your nut?"

Jasmine pulled her nightie off and used it to wipe off her face. After she had completely cleaned herself I pulled her up and threw her into the middle of the bed.

She spread her legs wide and diddled her cunt watching me undress. "Is this what you want, Uncle Owen? Do you want me?"

I looked down on her and sneered, "I always thought you were my naughty niece. Got your Daddy fooled into thinking you're a goody-two-shoes but I knew you'd fuck like a bitch in heat."

I ignored the hurt look in her eyes. Once I was naked I slipped on to the bed. I took her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked it with vacuum cleaner like intensity. I roughly squeezed her other breast like it was a ripe melon.

Jasmine cried, "Easy does it, Uncle Owen. Don't bruise my breasts I have to dance tomorrow night."

I gently bite her nipple eliciting another protest from Jasmine before I crawled between her spread legs. I cupped her buttocks and pulled her cunt to my face. The aroma emanating from her cunt was sweet ambrosia and made my nostrils flare with lust. I slithered my tongue into her like a snake tasting her nectar. My cock throbbed with longing. Soon I had her oohing and aahing as my tongue worked its magic. I lightly bit a labium and pulled it until she barked. I shoved two fingers into saturated snatch before popping my thumb up her butthole. I ignored her protest and pinched my finger and thumb together like I was clutching a six-pack. I lightly bit her clit. I smiled as her body quaked and her quim quivered with orgasmic release.

"Pus-pussy, cum-cumming, Un-uncle Own," Jasmine stuttered.

I didn't let her catch her breath before I quickly slithered up her torso and plunged my cock fully into her cunt. Mesmerized, I watch her mouth form an O in response to my penetration. I machine gunned my big dick into her with hasty excited thrusts.

Her cunt was wet with excitement and silky smooth. It felt like my cock was wrapped in warm, wet velvet. She moaned and pushed her fingers against her clit as my cock continued to rocket in and out of her in a rapid rhythm. She huffed in time to my thrusts. Her cunt contracted around my cock as she climaxed. She wailed, "I'm cum-cum-cumming Uncle Owen!"

With a final stab I buried myself to the hilt into her pussy. Cum spewed from me like unmanned fire hose. Red lights blinked behind my shut eyes. Blood pounded in my ears. I thought I might pass out from the pleasure. I bellowed with release and collapsed on top of my niece. My cock softened and slipped from her pussy. I rolled off of her and on to my back. "You have one hot pussy, Jasmine. I wish I had brought my little blue pills."

I reached for her and said, "Give me some time and I'll be able to fuck you again."

She started to scoot off the bed and I tried to pull her into an embrace. She looked at me with an icy glare, "I want to go now. You got your piece of pussy."

My face flushed with anger and I seethed, "You seemed to enjoy it as much as me."

She stood beside the bed and looked down at me like I was a gutter rat. "Of course, I like sex and I admit you're a lot better than the last forty-year old guy I fucked. But, that doesn't change the fact that you're my uncle and you blackmailed me to fuck you."


"But nothing, you treat me like some-kind of cum dump. You pull my hair, cum in my face, batter my breasts without one word of affection or a tender touch. The guys at the club have never made me feel like a 'hoe' but my own uncle has, now, if you will excuse me, I think our agreement has been fulfilled."

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