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Note-This also has implied incest. This is the first part in what will be a series of stories.

My name is Bob and I'm 22. I had just moved in to a house in Queens. I was unloaded the truck when a lovely blonde came over. I was unpacking when I heard a female say something. "What?"

"Need any help?" she repeated.

"That would be nice, thanks."

She walked over to me and held out a hand. Her boobs bounced when she walked. "Name's Tina."

"Bob, nice to me you." I took her hand. Her complexion was wonderful. Silky olive-white skin. 23, I figured. 5 ft 4, thin lips. Her body was AMAZING. She was fairly slim with a nice waist, and long legs. She was a spitting image of Gwyneth Paltrow, with around 10 extra pounds.

The beauty went to the truck and lifted a box. Her ass was lovely. A slight curve that giggled when she walked. I was glad I had sunglasses on, because that way it would be hard for her to catch stares. I walked to my Jeep and grabbed a chair. I was the first to strike up a conversation. "So, how long have you lived here?"

"All my life."

"Which is...?"

"24 years."

I was close.

"Have a sports team?"

"Being from Queens, Yankees. Derek Jeter is a fox.

Getting bol know, I asked, "Boyfriend?"

"None of your business, but, yes, I do."


"How about you?"

"Boyfriend? I grinned, "No, not me."

She laughed. "You know what I mean."

"No, afraid not. If you don't mind my saying so, you have a lovely laugh.

"Way, thank you. That surprises me, no girlfriend. You're a good looking guy."

I blushed, "No, I think not."

"The hell you say. My, if I didn't have a boyfriend, I would go out with you."

"Why, that's sweet of you to say."

She put down the lawn chair she had. "Well, since your new to the Slums, would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night? I can introduce you to some of the people in my apartment."

"That would be nice of you. I would be delighted."

"Great, say 7."

"7 it is." I shook her hand. "It was nice to meet you Tina, and thanks for the help."

"It was nothing, but your welcome, Bob. See you tomorrow night."

"It's a date," I smiled.

The blonde lovely turned around and walked back to her place. I watched as she walked away. DAMN, whoever her boyfriend was is a VERY lucky guy. When she was out of sight, I got a chair from the "luggage," and went upstairs. I wasn't THAT out of shape. I decided that I was going to catch up on my reading. I looked in a box of my book collection and decided on a Stephen King novel.

I opened the book, and was about to read it, when I noticed something across the street. I put the book down and got my binoculars. Right across from me, Tina was letting in a man. He was the spitting image of Tom Cruise. The 2 kissed. Must be the boyfriend. His hands went to Tina's ass. My crotch was getting uncomfortable against my jeans. With one hand I unzipped them and freed my cock.

"HEY!" I heard someone say.

I frantically looked around, but finally decided it must have been a cop, or something. This was NY after all. Calming down, I peeked at the 2 lovers again. Tiny had her shirt off, and I could tell she had a white bra on. The boyfriend quickly took care of that. DAMN IT, TINA, turn around, I thought. Just as I was thinking it, She must have been reading my mind, because she grabbed the guy and switched positions. I almost dropped the binoculars.

The blonde's breasts were massive. Not as enormous as a D, so I figured C. The boyfriend frantically was kissing Tina as he groped her boobs. I was pumping madly at my hard-on. The boyfriend was getting wild with the vixen. He pushed her on the bed, and pulled his shirt off. Tina was taking her pants off. DAMN, I wanted to see her pussy. Getting her blouse and panties off, she was turning her man on by fucking her pussy. The boyfriend got on the bed next to her and was kissing her body.

Her started at her breasts and went down until he was at her bush. Tina was obviously in heaven. I could tell that she was moaning. He was furiously lapping up her cunt. Tina put a hand on his head and said something to her man. I'm not perfect at reading lips, but I could have sworn she said, "Lick me, bro." Tina was a VERY naughty young women if I read her right.

The "brother" was positioning his cock to Tina's pussy. He inched his way into Tina. Tina had her hands on her "brother's" ass and was helping him push inside her crotch. When fully inside, he rocked himself wildly. Tina was on cloud-9. She was busy playing with her lovely tits. The blonde's tongue emerged and she licked her tit. The guy looked like he was on the verge of cumming. Just as I thought that, he decreased his mad thrust. I figured that he was cumming. Finally, his thrusts stopped, and he pulled out of his "sister." Deciding that the fun was over, I put the binoculars on the floor and went back to my book.

To Be Continued...

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