For quite some time I have written stories for my own enjoyment. This is my very favourite that I've reworked a bit and given a proper ending in the hope that others may enjoy it too. A bit of a slow tease to get you going, but I think it does cook and has a twist at the end.

Please note

1 This is a story of persuasion and seduction, NOT of coercion which I have no wish to condone or encourage.

2 I never fancied an aunt of my own in this way -- but the idea of a mature desirable woman also being an aunt lends an added naughtiness to MILF fantasies.

3 It also widens the scope for potential scenarios. It's the scenario, almost the pre-foreplay that I like to imagine.


John had graduated from college and after chilling out for a week he had offered to visit his Aunt Stella for a week or so to do some decorating for her. Until two years ago his Aunt Stella had been married to his uncle Tony, his mother's brother.

She had remained on friendly terms with his parents since the divorce, and John had fancied her for ages. She was really grateful for his offer to help her and insisted that he should not spend all day every day decorating, anxious that he should also have some time to relax after his gruelling final term at college.

She was forty-seven years old, and although she was not positively slim, neither was she fat. She worked mornings and on his first day he had looked through her wardrobe and clothes. She was a (UK) size 16, and according to her bra she was a 38C. Her height was around five feet eight. Her height and the way she bore herself gave her something of a statuesque appearance. She always dressed smartly and her blond hair was immaculately groomed and lacquered and stood off her head a little. Her legs were long and, although not slender, they were in proportion to the rest of her and still quite shapely. They looked equally good bear or in tights which were usually pale brown or tan. When they were together he found it hard to act casual and to resist the constant urge to look at her body.

In addition to her appearance he found being in the house alone with his aunt intimate, and her constant closeness was arousing. The fact that she was dressing, undressing or showering in the room next to his gave him repeated erections, and he found himself masturbating at least twice a day as he thought of her. For the first three days he had toyed with the idea of making a move. At last, after another sleepless night and despite the possible consequences if she told his parents, he had made up his mind to risk all.

His heart was pounding in his chest as the time for her arrival home from work drew near. He was very apprehensive and was still trying to argue down his fears and doubts.

At last he heard the car pull up outside. He was half-hard and felt a twinge in his underpants as he heard her footsteps on the drive, heard her open the door and call "Hi." He tried to sound casual as he called back. She went into the dining room to see how far he had got with painting, then went into the kitchen and a few minutes later came into the lounge with a glass of fresh fruit juice. She was smartly dressed in a white blouse and a grey calf-length skirt.

He glanced up from the newspaper -- strategically held to cover the bulge in his trousers -- as she entered the lounge. She sat on the sofa opposite him and smiled. He smiled back and glanced quickly at her ample breasts.

"You've got all that painting done John. It's looking really good. I relay do appreciate you giving up your time to help me out.

He could make out the lace of her bra against her blouse and, as he looked furtively again, he could just discern her nipples. Although her skirt reached below her knee it retreated as she crossed her leg, and her pale, bare legs looked good below her hem.

"That's fine, Auntie. I don't mind. It's a pleasure."

She smiled again.

"What a shame it's raining, John. I was thinking we could have gone out for a drive. It looks as though we'll have to stay in, though."

"Never mind, Auntie."

Again he sneaked a look at her ample breasts under her blouse as they rose and fell with her breathing. Her blouse was just buttoned high enough to reveal the top of her cleft. He steeled himself as he spoke again. He gave a little laugh.

"We'll have to play 'I-spy' or something like we did when I was a boy."

She too gave a soft laugh.

"You used to love playing that, John. We had to play it for an hour or so each time."

"Okay Auntie. I-spy with my little eye... something beginning with 'b'."

Her puzzled expression gave way to a smile.

"Oh, alright then, John... er... bookcase?"


"Er... book?"


He rose from his chair and walked across the room as casually as he could. He smiled and sat on the arm of the sofa beside her.

"Bowl? I mean the fruit bowl," she added.

He smiled, still trying hard to appear calm, and shook his head. He glanced swiftly inside her blouse at the pale tops of her orbs and at her lacy white bra.

"Banana?" she guessed again.

"No. I-spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'b'..."

With a slow, smooth movement he cupped his aunt's breast and stroked it through her thin cotton blouse. Her firm orb gave way slightly to his touch, and he gazed at his hand as he held it.

She thrust his hand away and her eyes flashed with shock and anger.


"This..." he said, and cupped her breast through her blouse again.

"Playing I-spy, Auntie. I-spy with my little eye, THIS beginning with 'b'..."

Again he cupped her breast through her blouse. He rolled and squeezed it gently, thrilling in its feel through the cotton of her blouse and the lace of her bra. Again she pushed his hand away.


She watched her nephew's hand rise and move to her breast once more, saw and felt him caress it through her blouse, and felt him brush her nipple with his fingertip.

"I-spy this, Auntie..."

Despite her shock she felt a twinge of pleasure at his touch. It had been a long time since she had been touched, and her dormant sexuality was now stirring. But the sensation was mingled with a sense of illicitness at being touched up by her nephew. Again she pushed his hand away, but not as quickly as she had. "I WON'T TELL YOU AGAIN, JOHN!" she cried out.

The slight delay in her reaction sent a thrill of excitement through him. She glared at him as she spoke, but this time her voice was a little quieter.

"Don't, John. Don't. It isn't funny. Don't touch me again. In fact I think you should leave the room."

"It isn't meant to be funny, Auntie. And I don't want to leave the room. I want to carry on playing. I spy with my little eye... something gorgeous beginning with 'b'."

He fondled her breast a little more firmly this time, and slipped one finger between the buttons of her blouse. Her skin was smooth and soft. He felt her tense, but she gave a low gasp, too. Then -- again after a moment's pause -- she thrust his hand from her. This time, though she avoided looking him in the eye.

She spoke quietly but her voice tremored. "Don't, John, that's enough now. You mustn't do that, you shouldn't even be thinking about doing it. I... I don't want you to... I'm your auntie for goodness' sake..."

"Oh Aunt Stella, it ISN'T enough. Not for me. I've wanted to do this for ages. Besides, we aren't even related. If you hadn't married Uncle Tony we would just be a twenty one year old lad and a hot forty-seven year old lady. I spy with..."

"No, John, please, no..."

"...my little eye, something of Auntie's beginning with 'b'. Something firm but yielding, something gorgeous, something I want to caress -- AND KISS -- beginning with 'b'..."

His nerves were at screaming point. But he sensed the weakening of her resistance. It emboldened him, and he rested his trembling hand at the base of his aunt's neck and slipped it smoothly and slowly inside her blouse to cup one breast through the scratchy lace of her bra. He brushed her nipple through it with his fingertip, rolled her orb gently but firmly through the lace, and stroked the soft bare skin above her bra. He felt her quiver.

"No... please, John, we mustn't... I mean YOU mustn't..."

Summoning her remaining will power she nudged his hand away. But there was little conviction in her voice now. She knew it. So did he. He kissed her on the cheek, then brushed his lips lightly across hers. He rested his hand on the neckline of her blouse and slid his hand inside again. He felt her tense in response. But she said nothing.

As his fingers met her bra, he slipped them inside the warm, sensual lace. Her breast gave way deliciously to his touch. He inched his fingertips to her tautening nipple -- the hardening nipple of his aunt! She gave a low sigh.

He kissed her on the mouth again, tugging her lips with his, then she turned her face away. She made a half-hearted attempt to nudge his hand from her, but he immediately cupped her breast inside her bra again and teased the naked rubbery point of her nipple with his fingernail. He was sure that it was getting harder.

"No John, please..."

"Let me see down your blouse, Aunt Stella... let me see your gorgeous boobs... oh yeah..."

He pulled her blouse forward, holding it with his left hand. He slid his right hand inside, lifted her bra forward, and peered inside.

"Oh Auntie, they're even lovelier than I thought..."

Leaning forward he kissed her cheek and neck, delighting in her light perfume. Ignoring her feebly muttered protest he kissed the base of her neck and the top of her cleavage.

"Mmm Aunt Stella, you're so beautiful... and so sexy..."

He stooped lower and planted deep, lingering kisses against each breast in turn, through her blouse, pressing his mouth against them and between them, enjoying the feel of the warm soft fabric and yielding flesh under his lips. He brushed his lips slowly and lightly against each swelling nipple in turn.

She was shaking, and pushed him away.

"John, John, you MUSTN'T. You have to stop, right now, and you have to stop thinking of me like this..."

"Oh Auntie, I can't. I've been wanting to do this since I got here last Saturday..."

Gently but smoothly he moved his fingers to the top button of her blouse and deftly unbuttoned it, and did the same with the next. His fingers were trembling with excitement. Again she feebly nudged his hand away, protesting half-heartedly. Her face was flushed, and she was trembling. Her breathing was slightly laboured, and her voice was strained with the mixture of emotions she felt.

"NO, John! That's far enough... no more now please..."

"Just let me take your blouse and bra off and kiss your boobs, Auntie, hmm? That wouldn't be too bad now, would it?"

She continued to voice weak protests but made no attempt to stop him as he unbuttoned her blouse. She avoided looking at his face, watching instead her nephew's trembling fingers unfasten her blouse and peel it open. He caressed her cheek, and, without realising, she leaned her face into his hand.

He smiled to himself and stared, enthralled by her bra-clad breasts, and aroused by their being his aunt's. He unbuttoned her sleeves and pulled her gently forward so that he could ease her blouse free of her skirt. He resisted the temptation to drop it on the floor and folded it instead, placing it on the sofa beside her. He ran his fingers along the cups of his aunt's white, lacy bra, gently pressing his fingers against her spongy orbs as he did so.

Despite her misgivings, she gave a low sigh.

"That nice, Auntie?"

"I... I don't know."

Still forcing himself to go slowly, he ran his fingers along the straps of her bra, then back to the lacy cups. He placed the palm of one hand over her breast and massaged it in slow, sensual circular movements. She closed her eyes, half hoping that this outrageous situation would end soon with him doing no more than he was doing now. Yet a longing was rising within her for her nephew to go further... to go -- yes, all the way!

He pulled her gently forwards and she yielded as he unclasped her bra. He thrilled in the way her c-cup breasts surged forward. He peeled the narrow straps slowly off her arms, staring as the full orbs came into view. They sagged slightly. He drew her face to his and kissed her cheek, then her mouth. He cupped one breast and massaged it around and gently scooped it up and down. He kissed her more deeply, moulding his lips against hers, tentatively tracing his tongue across her lips. She parted her lips and he ran his tongue along her shiny teeth.

He took her nipple between his finger and thumb and gently shook her breast by it. It quivered sensually. She gave a murmur of pleasure. He scooped his hand under her orb and bounced it gently up and down, staring as it surged and wobbled alluringly. He rubbed her nipple between his finger and thumb, thrilling in the way it tautened.

"Let me kneel before you, Aunt Stella, and kiss your lovely soft boobs..."

She continued to sit with her eyes closed as he knelt on the floor in front of her and nuzzled her breasts. He ran his hard tongue up and down her shallow cleft, then moved his mouth to each rounded orb in turn.

He licked her nipples and pressed his face alternately against each squashy breast. He planted slow lingering kisses on them. With his tongue her circled lightly round each nipple in turn, then flicked his tongue over them. He pressed each erect nipple flat with his tongue and allowed it to rise again.

"Oh Auntie, you've got magnificent breasts... and lovely hard nipples mmmhhh, Auntie..."

Each time he called her "Auntie" she felt a wave of excitement mingled with shame, shame of the illicit thing she was allowing but that deep down she found herself wanting, shame that the very illicitness itself aroused her. He drew part of her tender breast into his mouth and began to suck gently. She let out a low moan.

"Is that nice, Aunt Stella... do you like having your boobs sucked?"

He sucked her left breast more greedily. He took her right nipple with his hand and alternately tweaked it and shook her breast up and down by it. She gave a grunt of delight.

He uncrossed her legs and knelt between them, then kissed her on the mouth and caressed her neck. She instinctively opened her mouth and allowed him to touch her tongue with his, then she began to push her own tongue sensually against his.

He placed one hand casually on her knee and continued to kiss her mouth and neck. With his other hand he kneaded her ample breasts. Nonchalantly he stroked her knee through her skirt, then her lower thigh. He returned his mouth to her breasts, watching them yield and ripple. She offered no resistance as he caressed higher up her inner thigh through her oatmeal-coloured skirt. He slid his hand up inside the hem just above her knees.

"Ah-ah, John. Maybe... I really think you should stop... now!"

She tugged her skirt back into place, but he immediately slid it back up above her knees.

"I don't, Aunt Stella... And neither do you. Not 'really'."

He slid to the floor and kissed her bare knees, continuing to fondle her breasts with his left hand. He slid his right hand behind her knee and stroked the back of her bare thigh, savouring the warmth and softness of her skin. He pushed her skirt a little higher. Her thighs were fleshy but firm, and her skin was pale.

He stooped and planted a slow, deep kiss on her thigh.

"Ah-ah, John... not there. Please. NO, John.. nooooh..."

She pushed him away half-heartedly and pulled her skirt hem down again. He stooped and kissed her fleshy thigh.

"John, NO..."

But his aunt's voice was almost a whisper now, and despite asking him to stop she made no attempt to make him. He licked and nuzzled her thighs, still fondling her breast with his left hand. He dug his right hand under her backside and gently squeezed it.

He got up and sat beside her on the sofa. He kissed her deeply on the mouth, and to his delight she parted her lips again and allowed his tongue to meet hers, then she playfully teased his tongue with hers and began pushing her tongue against his.

Her sensitive breasts were being tormented by her nephew's deft caresses, and instinctively she found herself parting her legs a little wider to allow his other hand to stroke and fondle her inner thighs. Slowly -- terribly slowly -- she felt him inch his hand higher up her skirt until he was kneading the very top of her thigh, then he brushed his fingers lightly and briefly between them against the moist lace of her knickers. She gave a soft moan. He slid his hand away and caressed her inner thigh again. To his delight she parted her legs a little wider.

"You've got gorgeous legs, Aunt Stella. I want to go on caressing your thighs... and I want to caress BETWEEN them..."

With tantalisingly light strokes he fondled her pussy through her lacy panties. She gave a deep sigh. He rubbed her more deliberately, pressing his fingertips against her and gently stroking her. The fabric became dank, and she gave a shudder and whimper of pleasure. Then she gave a few tentative thrusts of her crotch against his teasing finger.

"Oh, Aunt Stella... you're so gorgeous, so sexy... I've wanted you for so long, Auntie... I want to do it with you. Let's go upstairs. Take me to your bed, Auntie. Take me to your bed -- now."

He got up and so did she. Her eyes avoided his, but they were half-glazed. She led the way slowly along the hall and up the stairs. He said nothing as he walked behind her, gazing at the curves of her waist and hips, at the shape of her backside and her plump legs. He caressed her firm, ample bum cheeks through her skirt.

His aunt led the way into her bedroom. He stood before her and kissed her neck, his hands playing with her slightly flaccid breasts, stroking and scooping them and gently pinching her hard nipples. He kneaded her backside through her skirt, and gently guided her backwards to the bed.

She lay on her back with her eyes closed and with her feet still on the floor, and he lay beside her, nuzzling and caressing her breasts and straddling her thigh, gently thrusting against it. He murmured to her encouragingly.

"Mmmhhh.. Auntie... mmm..."

He eased his aunt onto her side and unfastened her skirt, and she helped him to slide it down her long legs. He slid off her shoes. He stroked her belly, which was fairly flat, then took her white lacy panties in both hands and slid them smoothly down her long legs and off her ankles. Her crotch was bare and covered by a verdant crop of sandy pubes. In a final flush of guilt she hid her hairy pussy from his view with one trembling hand.

He rolled her onto her back again & nuzzled her neck, gently caressing and kneading her breasts, kissing her shallow cleft and each orb, teasing her nipples with his lips.

"Mmm, Auntie. Ohh yes, Auntie..."

He gently nudged her hand from her pussy and gazed, fascinated, at the fine silky pubes surrounding her pink swollen lips. All the girls with whom he had had sex previously either had either had shaved or closely trimmed pussies. He caressed the smooth skin of her inner thighs, inching slowly higher to her verdant mound. He ran his fingers through his aunt's soft pubes, enjoying the feel of the long fine hairs entwining his fingers. She parted her legs. He took each breast in turn in his mouth and sucked it. She crooned her approval.

"That's nice, John. That's soooh nice. Suck Auntie's breasts harder, love..."

He licked her nipples and played with them, pressing them flat with his hard tongue and releasing them again, tweaking and chewing them with his lips. He stroked her swollen, pussy lips, gently pinched them, and stroked the hard button of her clit.

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