tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Spy the Hardy Boyz Ch. 2

I Spy the Hardy Boyz Ch. 2


"Hey! What the hell is this?" called out an angry voice. I opened my eyes slowly, not remembering where I was. Suddenly it hit me. I was in the closet. My clothes were flung in a corner of the closet and I was naked. I looked up and found Jeff Hardy, his cock dangling down to my face. Right then I had an urge to suck on the cock, make him happy. But I knew that wouldn't happen.

"Hey, Matt! Come over here!" he called to his older brother. I gulped. Matt wasn't as nice as Jeff, well that's what I heard.

"Who is she?" he asked. He stared down at me. "Who are you?"

I tried to talk but nothing came out of my mouth. Matt yelled, "Talk!"

"I'm the reporter!" I cried.

"Your name?"

"Foxy," I answered, scared straight. "That's my nickname."

Matt nodded. Jeff looked at him and me.

"Matt, c'mon, let her go." Matt shook his head.

"You saw everything that happened last night, didn't you?" he asked. I nodded. "I ain't letting her go, man. Reporters can gossip."

"I won't gossip," I whispered.

"Shut up." Matt looked at me and pulled me to the bed by the hair. Jeff just watched. He made me sit on the bed as he leaned against the wall and spread his legs. "Like cock?"

I didn't know what to say. Matt ordered me to come to him. I crawled over. "I know you do. Now I want you to suck my cock."

"Matt," pleaded Jeff. "C'mon, dude. Don't do this."

Matt ignored Jeff and looked at me. "Or else I call the police and tell them that you've been trespassing." I sucked on the cock. Inside, I was feeling excited. I was sucking on one of my favorite's cock. He seemed to be liking this. He pushed my head down a bit more.

Jeff sat down on the floor, jerking his cock as he watched his brother get his cock sucked. "Yeah, Foxy, Matt likes his cock all the way down to the throat." I followed Jeff's advice and plunged the member deep into my mouth. Matt let out a loud moan as Jeff continued to watch.

"Mmmm, Foxy. Oh yeah, suck my hard cock," mumbled Matt. I sucked on it even more, letting my tongue go down to his hairy balls. I squeezed and jerked the cock while pleasuring the balls. Suddenly Matt jerked, screaming," I'm cumming!"

Huge amounts of cum splattered onto my hot body. I placed a finger on my breasts, licking off all the cum. Matt didn't move from his position. "Jeff, Come over here."

Jeff sat on the bed. I glanced at his cock and he had also cummed. "What?"

"Lie down between my legs," Matt ordered. Jeff questioned him with a look but did what he was told. Matt turned to face me. "Now, I'm going to fuck you in the clit. Have you ever been double fucked?" he asked. I sure had but I didn't say yes. I shook my head.

Matt said nothing else and stuck his cock into my clit. I felt pain and pleasure going up my body. His cock was huge! I had never experience anything like this. I moaned, to let him know I was enjoying this. Matt obviously got the message because he told Jeff to stick his cock in my ass. I didn't hear him say it, since I was too busy enjoying the banging I was already recieving. I moaned a little louder as I felt another big cock enter my ass.

"Oh god, Oh god!" I yelled. I was in a huge orgasm, screaming and begging for more. The Hardy Boyz, of course, always entertained their fans so they entertained me. Jeff was the first to cum. He wasn't quick enough to pull his cock out of my ass so he shot his load.

Matt cummed last, spraying more on my breasts. Jeff scrambled towards me, licking the cum off my face. He pulled his face up. "Dude, Matt! Foxy's real horny! Serious, her nipples are hard as rock!" He pinched one, causing a sensation going up in my body. Matt came over also, sucking on my hard nipple.

"Oh god....please....fuck me......."

"Fuck you? Hold up. You want us to fuck you?" said Jeff. I nodded. He pulled me by the hair. "I was being nice the first time. Now suck on my cock!"

"What? But I-,"

"What, do you want to go off to jail?" he retorted. Having no choice, I sucked on Jeff's cock. He cocked his head and moaned. After a few minutes of giving him head, we changed into a 69 with his big brother watching us. Jeff furiously whipped his tongue against my wet pussy. I moaned and shivered from the pleasure Jeff Hardy was giving me. Soon I cummed in his face. I thought the 69 was over when Jeff yelled.

"What? What's wrong?" I looked up and saw Matt's balls hanging down. Matt was banging his ass doggystyle. I pulled away from Jeff and watched him riding his own brother. I was hypnotized by the cock left hanging. I crawled towards it, putting my body on his. The cock slid slowly into my cunt and once again, we were in another hot fuck fest.

Jeff was in the middle while Matt and I were on the other two sides. I had never experienced this in my whole life. I got off him and giving Jeff head. Jeff yelled out. "C'mon Jeff! You know you like it!" called out Matt, sweating.

"Oh shit!! I'm going to cum!" cried out Jeff. I didn't pull away. It was a huge load, I nearly choked when swallowing.

I pulled away, cum dripping down my chin. Matt had also yelled and must have blew his load in Jeff's ass because it caused Jeff to cum some more. The three laid on the bed, hot, covered with cum and tired.

Matt lazily sucked on my nipple. "Mmm, Foxy. We should hook up some other time and enjoy this."

I smiled. "Yeah, bring Lita along also ok?"

Jeff laughed. "Lita's great." He yawned and the three of us fell asleep on the bed.

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