tagLoving WivesI Still Can't Believe This Happened

I Still Can't Believe This Happened


I still can't believe this happened. If ever something like this was going to happen, I'd always imagined myself in the role of the voyeur or cuckhold if you will. Certainly not the bull! It was never supposed to be this way. I always wanted to watch her fuck or get fucked is probably a better way to put it. It is just so strange that this happened.

I should give a little background. I started dating Joslin a couple years after college. She was fucking hot! Although, we didn't have sex till our fourth date, she jerked me off all over the interior of her Honda on the first night we hooked up. She was kinda kinky; sorta slutty; very vocal; she told me she liked my big cock!! (I thought you must say that to all the boys) God that turned me on!! But still; no penetration till the fourth date and condom required!! Somehow really erotic yet still very classy for lack of a better term. Well our relationship grew. Great friends, great lovers, great sex! We experimented. We learned about our bodies. We learned how to make each other cum, and tried push the bounderies. Oral, anal, public places, tying each other up? Anything we could think of.

One night, she figured out that if she told me a story about some guy who fucked her in college, she could make me cum really fast. It certainly surprised me! I had no idea that listening to a girl I was in love with, talk about an ex fucking her, would turn my dick in to a damn firehose. But Joslin learned that quickly, and began to use it to her advantage. If she wasn't "in the mood", she'd simply put on something skimpy like white cotton panties and a tiny white tank top, snuggle up next to me, put her hand down my pants and on my dick and say something like "OMG I totally ran into this guy I sort of dated in college today!"

"Oh? Who and where?"

"Ahh, Anthony? I probably mentioned him before."

"Mmmm, I don't remember an Anthony."

"Really? I must have. I thought I'd told you about all the well endowed guys I slept with before you."

"Oh, well endowed was he?"

"Ahh woops, did I say that? Ummm well yeah I guess Anthony was pretty well endowed. I remember being surprised I couldn't really fit his big penis in my mouth."

Ok by this point, I'm rock hard, thrusting my hips up off the bed, and on the verge of cumming. That was all it took to make the cum shoot of me like a fucking fountain. Joslin would toss a rag on my belly to clean up with, and roll over and go to sleep. Now this was just when she wanted to get me off quickly. Most of the time we had really great sex, even attaining the difficult simultaneous orgasm from time to time. However, over time, I grew to crave that orgasm that came with the story of her in ecstasy as some giant dick stretched her pussy and she came all over it in fits of lust!! Unfortunately, this started to come between us. She resented me for this "fetish" I had developed. (personally I felt it was plenty her fault. She started it and then fostered it till ok maybe it was a problem.)

Anyway, I guess in the end it didn't matter. Our lives grew in very different directions and it became apparent that we were not meant to spend our lives together. Difficult? Fuck yes. For the best? Yeah in the end, I suppose so. But I'd be lying if I didn't still sometimes think about lying on my back as Josilin snuggled up to me, stroking my cock, whispering in my ear about her freshman year when the senior at the frat house gave her a tour of the house that ended up with him taking out his big cock and asking her what she thought about it; followed by her telling him it was the biggest she'd ever seen, ("till I saw yours she'd always say") and continue with the story, which usually ended with me exploding all over her before she even finished her story. I never really knew if the stories were true or not. That was part of the appeal. I always wondered if I could have gotten her to fuck someone while I watched but I was never able to make that happen and maybe I couldn't have handled it even if I could have. The funny thing was, when we broke up; my fetish for this kind of thing, sort of died with the relationship. Did I jerk off occasionally thinking about her with some dude with a huge dick taking her to the brink, leaving her there, then slowly sliding his huge dick in and out of her hot wet cunt 'till she screamed in her climax? Ok guilty as charged. But she was hot!! She looked amazing while cumming. Any guy would get off to that image. Right? Don't answer that, this when things got really interesting.

We didn't see each other for 5 years. We both got married and lived a couple hours a way from each other.

It was the wedding of a mutual friend that put us back in each others company. We met each others spouses, he seemed cool. We hung out, it was fun, we drank, we danced. In fact, Joslin and I danced quite a bit. When we danced, Joslin was all over me. Grinding her pussy against my cock, telling me she missed me, making the back of her hand accidentally graze my crotch. Jesus she had me excited. Luckily, my wife drank way too much and I had to put her to bed, which didn't take very long. Back at the wedding, I continued to take turns dancing with Joslin with her husband Sven. Big dude Sven! Though not nearly as tall as me, probably 40 or 50 lbs heavier. But I have to say, pretty cool guy, especially cuz his wife was basiclly molesting me on the dance floor in front of him. He seemed to take the attitude of "she gets like this when she drinks a lot", and laugh it off.

Fine by me.

When the hotel bar closed, we decided to go up to their room for one last drink. At this point I was wondering if maybe something might happen. He passes out, threesome, I don't know but I knew I was horny!

Up in the room we all got a drink and gazed out the window looking at the view. After a prolonged silence Joslin said, "God I forget how tall you are" as she wrapped her arms around me from behind. "I think you're a lot bigger than Sven".

Sven stepped in, laughing and said, "I think you mean taller not bigger" with obvious sexual overtones.

Joslin laughed as she replied, "ahhh, ... Actually I think taller and bigger", as she tapped her hand twice on my crotch.

"Bullshit", Sven came back with, "I don't believe that for a second".

"Really? You think I'm lying to you?" Joslin challenged as her hand slipped back down over my crotch.

Now I was purposely not making eye contact with Sven, as Joslin rubbed my growing erection up and down.

"Ummm, actually honey, if I remember correctly it probably is not even that close. Pretty sure he's significantly bigger than you" as she rubbed my cock harder and harder.

I now had my right hand reaching back behind me as I squeezed her right butt cheek and my left hand over her right hand to make sure she continued to work my cock.

"Bullshit!!" Sven said again, "you're just trying tease me".

"Well, if you are calling my bluff" she said to her husband as she started unzipping my pants slowly, "then take your pants off!"

"Oh, I'll take my pants off! I'll take them off right now. I'm not afraid oh THAT challenge!"

"OK. Are you sure?" as she completed pulling my zipper down and continued rubbing my now bulging erection.

Next thing I knew, Sven had his pants and boxers off and was stroking his own erect dick. I immediately knew, I was a LOT bigger than Sven. Joslin dropped my pants, which I stepped out of. As she pulled my boxer briefs down, my cock was straining to pop free.

"Are you ready for this Sven?" she said as she played with my erection in my underwear as she teased, almost tortured her husband.

"Boingggg", she let my my cock bounce around before wrapping her hand around it.

"God it's even bigger than I remembered Sven, any questions now smart guy?"

"FUCK, ok ok I can admit it, his dick is longer than mine, big fucking deal"

"Not just longer honey, look how much thicker it is. See how my fingers just barely touch when I'm holding it? See how much my fingers overlap when I'm holding yours? It's actually a lot bigger. Not that that matters," as she stroked my erection all the way up then all the way down.

"It's just a big cock, that's all," she said as she stroked it a little faster as he watched her intently still slowly stroking his own cock.

"Now that I have this big stiff cock in my hand, I don't really know what I should do with it honey?"

"From the look on your face, it looks like you'd like to get on your knees and suck that big cock in your mouth," Sven said.

"Would you like to see me suck this big cock Sven?"


"What honey?"


"I'm not sure what you mean, Sven, I'll just put this big cock away," as she pulled my underwear back like she was gonna my dick back in them.

"No, wait!!!! Don't. Ok, yes, go ahead, go ahead and suck his big dick."

And suck she did. She constantly made eye contact with him as she slid her hot little mouth up and down my cock. She kept me right on the brink of cumming, all the while telling how much she missed my "large penis".

As she continued and I got closer and closer, she told how much her pussy missed the "stretch" of my "thickness".

Ok, I guess subconsciously I knew these words were more for Sven than me, but it was still like anabolic steroids to my ego and my erection!

I ripped Joslins dress up over her head, quickly pulled her little panties to the floor, and pushed her down on the bed on her hands and knees.

She looked back at me, with her legs spread wide and her swollen pussy just begging for a cock, " OMG what on earth are you going to do to me with that enormous penis?"

"Sven, omg, he's gonna stick that giant cock in my cunt, are you gonna just let him have your pussy?"

Sven was so close to cumming, he'd have gone along with anything. I remember thinking "there but for the grace of God go I," ( sorry for invoking God so much, but it's what I was thinking at the time), as I shoved the full length of my dick into Joslins pussy. I remember thinking how my wife never ever cums from my first thrust, but man, Joslin exploded! I forgot how tight her pussy was

"Ohhhhh, Goddddd, fuckkk meeeeeee."

Wow. I fucked the shit out of Joslin for the next two hours. We fell right back into our old tricks. I put my cock in her asshole, I came in her hair and mouth, I filled her pussy with my cum...I pretty much just treated her like a slut, and my whore, which is exactly what she wanted. Scratch that, what they both wanted. I certainly enjoyed being on the other side of the coin. In fact I loved it! I figured when in Rome... I asked her how her pussy felt with my cock in it?

"So fucking full" she replied.

"Do you like my cock as much as Sven's?"

"God! So much better. Soooo much bigger. Fuck me like you always used to. Man I miss your cock!"

But alas, it was a one time thing. At least for me anyways. It's hard for me to imagine that I'm the only one who ever got to dominate Joslin in front of Sven. They both just liked it, WAY, too much.

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