tagRomanceI Thought She Made You Up Ch. 02

I Thought She Made You Up Ch. 02


Damn, I need an editor bad. Here we go.


So, after spending a year having sexual adventures with two beautiful, intelligent women twice my age, I was suddenly on my own again.

It was hard for me to adjust. I compensated by putting as much overtime in at my job as I could, saving the money for my dream of college. I still took community college classes and was almost done with my associate degree.

I dated from time to time, and had a couple of short relationships, never anything serious. Got laid fairly regularly too, thanks to my teachers. I realized it was not just the sexual experience that helped me, but the tremendous boost in self confidence they had given me that made the difference.

This was about the time I acquired the nickname Looney, or more specifically Looney Tunes. I got to hanging out with some of the guys from work who also rode bikes. They were all a few years older than me but readily accepted me into their circle.

The company owned a large lot on a nearby lake that they had the annual picnic at, as well as other smaller functions like manager retreats, etc. It had scattered picnic tables, a covered and screened building that held ten more tables and a rock fireplace, and separate bathroom shower house combinations for men and women. So many non company people tried to use it that they installed a six foot chain link fence around the property line. It also had one of the longest piers I had ever seen jutting out into the cove.

They had lotteries every spring for employees who wanted to use it on the weekends the company wasn't. You could also use it during the week by signing up a week ahead, as long as you didn't miss work.

My name had been drawn for a weekend in late June. None of the rest of my friends were so lucky, and I decided to share it with them. I had it from from 3 p.m. Friday until 3 p.m. Sunday, and it had to be clean and undamaged when we left or I lost privileges for a year.

We had a couple of months to plan this. It was decided to keep it simple, eight of us and their wives or girlfriends. No kids until Sunday morning. We ordered a keg and gave the girls money for the food and snacks. Four couples were responsible for the food and cleanup Friday, the other four Saturday. Everyone pitched in Sunday.

The guys all rode their bikes, the girls drove cars or trucks to haul the tents and gear.

Friday we all rode our bikes after helping the girls pack the night before. I managed to get the keys at lunch, so one of the wives came over and got them. Three of them went straight on down and had a lot of it set up by the time we got there.

We weren't getting the keg until Saturday so everyone brought their own for Friday. I bought a fifth of mescal, which was a bad idea. I tend to get really, really stupid on mescal. I really don't think any of them remember I was underage, I had one of the girls pick it up for me. At the time I was just shy of 20.

It wasn't my turn to cook that night so the girl I brought and I just kicked backed. We had eaten and were just getting mellow when we started talking about motorcycles. I was a little sensitive since my Triumph was the smallest. The rest had a mix of Harleys, big Hondas, a Yamaha or two. Nothing under 750cc.

They knew it bothered me so they were bragging about how powerful they were. I countered that while mine was smaller, I could accelerate and stop faster than any of them. Of course there were

jeers and yells of 'bull shit', so my mescal driven mouth made them a put up or shut up bet.

"Tell you what, assholes, put your money and your bikes where your mouth is. I bet you that I can start at the end of the pier, hit second gear, and still get stopped before I run out of pier. Anybody want to put their bike against mine?"

Billy spoke up.

"You're full of shit. Nobody can do that. In fact, I bet you twenty you can't."

The rest of the guys chimed in with "Damn right" and "It would take a crazy fucker to even try it."

I knew I had them.

"All right chickenshits, if everyone of you puts up a twenty I'll prove you wrong. Let's see how big your balls are."

We squabbled back and forth for about twenty minutes, with the girls trying to talk us out of it, before they all agreed.

I had my girlfriend hold the money.

"Don't do it, Jimmy. I'm afraid you'll get hurt."

I laughed, slapped her ass, and told her not to worry, when I had their money I would take her on a shopping spree.

As I said before, that was the longest lake pier I had ever see. It was like something you would see at the ocean. The founder of the company built it that way because he liked to have a fishing tournament for the kids at the picnic, and if he could keep them on the pier under supervision they were less likely to drown or get hurt. It had waist high rails the entire length and around the deck area at the end except for the very front. There he had a pool type ladder going into the lake in case someone came in by boat.

Everyone lined the edge of the pier for my stunt. Most of the girls were still trying to talk us out it when I fired my little twin up and rode it onto the edge of the pier. Just before I took off I yelled "Just to make it clear, if I hit second and the bike is out of the water when I stop you lose."

A bunch of yeah, yeah rights and jeers answered me.

I revved a few times and took off. I hit second fast, damn that bike could accelerate. Just as soon as I hit second I let off the gas and hit the brakes. What I hadn't counted on was the fog that night making the deck slick. I saw right quick that I wasn't going to stop so I laid it down. I was still sliding along at a pretty good clip, and had my leg on the seat, ready to push away when I went over the edge, no way I wanted it to land on me in thirty feet of water. What I hadn't counted on was the ladder. I was sliding side ways when I hit it, and damned if the bike didn't stand up and rest against it when we hit.

When it stood up I still had my foot against the seat. I went up with the bike and I must have went ten feet up and thirty out before I hit the water. I went under and all the way to the bottom. It was probably more than thirty feet deep there

Apparently it takes a long time to come back up from that deep, because by the time I broke surface I heard the girls screaming that I had killed myself and drowned. I let a whoop out loud enough to be heard all the way across the lake and swam back to the pier. They had moved the bike and almost dragged me out of the water. I was laughing my ass off while they kept telling me how crazy I was.

Still laughing I said,

"I may be crazy, but I'm a hundred and forty dollars richer."

This set off a round of bitching, But I reminded them the terms of the bet was I would hit second gear and get the bike stopped before it went into the water. I hit second, and the bike was dry. Nothing was said about me getting wet. The girls shamed them into letting me keep the money.

Finally they agreed it was worth the money just to see what I did.

I think Billy spoke for the group when he said

"I didn't know it man, but you're crazy. a completely Looney Tunes motherfucker."

The nickname stuck, and by Sunday it had been shortened to Looney. When we got back to work and the rest of the plant heard the story, some one stuck a picture of the Warner Brothers logo with Porky Pig on my locker, and I was Looney to everybody. Three months later we all got drunk and got tattoos, and I showed the guy the picture of what I wanted.

"You know this is copyright infringement, right?"

But he put the tattoo on, and took a picture for his wall of fame.

Four months later I got a call from my old boss at the grill. His cook had quit suddenly and he needed a fill in for the weekend. I didn't have any plans so I did. College money.

Most of the people at the dance hall remembered me, and all commented on the change in my appearance. I was about thirty pounds heavier, and my hair was to my shoulders. I had also grown a beard. When Mr. Williams saw me he almost didn't let me cook.

I had also gotten a new bike. A man at work was getting divorced because he got caught cheating.

She was ripping him a new one in the settlement.

He put the bike up for sale, and because he needed the money fast I got a really good deal.

It was a chopped out Sporster. I liked everything about it but the frame. It was a 'hardtail', no shocks at all. It was a little rougher ride than I wanted, but damn, it looked cool.

The night was almost over and I was taking a break, talking to some of the people I remembered, when I casually worked in Bob and Barb.

"Oh, they don't come much any more. I hear Bob's health isn't so good."

I was both glad and sad they weren't there. I still thought of her and Joanne often. Joanne got married to an accountant and from all reports was quite happy. I never got an invitation to the wedding.

The dance was winding down, it was almost midnight, when three young girls came wandering in. You could tell how nervous they were by the way they all stayed grouped together. It was plain they didn't usually frequent places like this. They were college freshmen, and had dared each other to go because the place 'looked dangerous'. They thought they would be safe because one of the girls was a local.

I was behind the counter ringing up a ticket when I saw them. One looked really familiar but I couldn't place her. They were in a serious discussion and I overheard one of them tell the rest that I had to be the owner of the bike outside.

I didn't take any chances with the bike. I had parked it near the delivery entrance on the side of the building, under a light, where I could see it from the kitchen. I had to rap on the glass to discourage a few admirers from getting too close.

Suddenly I heard a commotion in the dance hall and Mrs. Williams came out.

"Jimmy! come quick. There's a fight inside and I don't think Willy can handle them all."

Willy was the security guard, a reserve deputy sheriff, with a huge gut, in his mid sixties. I tossed my apron aside and ran into the hall.

Three rednecks had gotten into a squabble about who was going to take a young lady home. She didn't want to go with any of them, she had slipped out and was on her way to her car as soon as the fight started. They were all pretty drunk and kept swinging at each other, managing to tag Willy every once in a while.

One of my house mates was a part time karate instructor and he talked me into taking a ten lesson self defense course. Every other week or so he would show me a new move, cautioning me to use it only in self defense.

I grabbed the smallest guy and threw him into the wall. He was sliding down the wall when the other guy hit me. It wasn't a full on blow but it managed to piss me off. When he took another shot I moved sideways, grabbed his arm, and put him onto the hardwood floors. He went down so hard he skidded several feet.

To compound stupidity with idiocy, the smaller guy rushed me. I saw him coming and stepped to the side again. I kicked him in the ass hard as he went by and he went into the other guy just as he was getting up. They both went tumbling.

I walked over to them.

"This shit ain't funny anymore. I'm gonna beat the hell out of the next son of a bitch that keeps trying to fight, you got that?"

The big guy had his hands up. The fun had gone out of it for him. But it's always the little guy trying to prove something. I guess he was trying to save face. He got up and charged me again.

I was tired of this. He managed to get in a glancing blow before I cleaned his clock. As I said, I had gained thirty pounds. What I didn't say was that it was almost all muscle. When you start at Glib they start you out at the bottom of the food chain, and for the first year and a half it was a lot of lifting and manual labor. I slapped him right across the bridge of his nose, disorienting him. Then I jammed an open hand just below his sternum, knocking the breath out of him.

Willy came back in. He had subdued the other guy and thrown him out of the building. He had his night stick out, I had no doubt the guy had gotten a few taps to remind him of his manners.

He pointed the stick at the other guy and motioned towards the door. The small guy was still on the floor gasping, so I grabbed him by his feet and started dragging him to the door.

When you go out of the hall into the grill there is a two step drop. When you go out of the grill you go down two more steps on to a concrete porch. Four steps lead to the gravel parking lot. I dragged him all the way out into the parking lot, his head bouncing on every step. I'm sure getting dragged twenty feet across a gravel parking lot was not enjoyable.

Of course, everyone int the dance hall followed us out. As I was dragging him through the grill it hit me why one of the college girls looked so familiar.

I looked over and grinned.

"Hi CeCe, it's good to see you."

The look on her face was priceless.


I came back in and CeCe came up. I thought she was going to hug me when one of the other girls caught her arm.

"Let him clean up Cecilia, you don't want blood on your dress."

I rubbed my cheek. One of the guys I fought must have had a ring on, I had a pretty good scratch across my cheek.

"Ladies, please excuse me for a moment."

I went into the bathroom and cleaned my face. Luckily I had a black tee shirt on, so the blood didn't show on my clothes. I took down my ponytail and combed out my hair and beard. I wasn't pretty, but I was neat.

The grill had already closed, and Mrs. Williams and the busboy were cleaning the kitchen. She shooed me out of the kitchen.

"We'll finish the kitchen. I think you have some friends waiting for you outside. Thanks for helping Willy. You were always so nice and gentle, but I just saw a whole other side of you. Maybe we should hire you to help Willy."

Cecilia and her friends were sitting in a booth and they waved me over to join them.

The small brunette started the introductions.

"Hi, I'm Beth, this is June, and I'm sure you remember your old high school flame."

Old high school flame? We had never dated. I was working class and her father was rich, one of the social elite. We just never mingled. She was two years behind me in high school, but had adjoining lockers. She was painfully shy. I talked to her between classes and we established a semi friendship. At almost six feet tall and very skinny, she got a lot of flak, even if her dad was rich. I once took her arm and walked her to her class because some jerk was belittling her, but that was the only time I ever touched her. I did ask the asshole politely to leave her alone. I guess his bruises sent a message because I never heard of anyone else bothering her.

Not, knowing what was going on, I decided to play along.

"Hey baby, you really look good tonight."

She did look good. Gone was the skinny girl I knew in high school. She had filled out, in all the right places.

I bent over to give her a kiss on the cheek. She surprised me by turning her head and giving me a full kiss on the lips. I tasted a trace of liquor on her breath.

"Hi, lover. I've really missed you."

The other two girls went into a fit of laughter.

CeCe moved over and patted the seat beside her. I sat down and she latched onto my hand like it was life preserver.

June started out the interrogation.

" What's with the CeCe? We've never heard her called that. Is she as good a kisser now as she was in high school?"

It was the first kiss I had ever gotten from her, but she was about to squeeze my hand off.

"I can say positively that was the best I've ever gotten from her. She must have gotten some practice since I saw her last. And CeCe was my pet name for her."

I felt her relax her hand. I must have gotten it right.

Beth went into another fit of giggles.

"You're kidding, right? The Virgin Queen? We've never seen her with a man until tonight. She never mentioned she used to be hooked up with a badass biker."

"I didn't look like this in high school. But I have to tell you, once you get her started she is one hot woman. Why, I remember once when we...Oops, better not tell that story. Need to preserve the Virgin Queen myth."

The other girls went into another fit of giggles and started begging me to share some juicy stories. Cecilia looked like she wanted to hug me and slap me at the same time. I told them I wouldn't kiss and tell, if they wanted dirt pry it out of her. We talked for a little while and I excused myself to check on Mrs. Williams and make sure everything was closed up for the night.

When I got back they were gone. I asked the busboy where they went and he said they left. I shrugged, so much for imaginary romance. What I didn't expect to find was CeCe leaning against my bike.

"Where are your friends?"

She looked down at the ground."I told them I was going home with you and they left."

Well, what an interesting development.

"Are you?"

"Am I what?"

"Going home with me."

She looked up in a panic.

"No, I just wanted you to take me home. I was tired of being the good girl in our group. Tonight will spark many a discussion in the dorm rooms when I get back to school. Thanks for covering for me."

"It was worth it. But I have to tell you, nobody rides for free. It's gonna cost you."

If she was panicked before, she was terrified now. She hadn't talked to me in three years, she didn't know what I may have turned into. She started begging.

"Please, please don't make me do anything. I'm still a virgin, Jimmy. I want to save it for my husband. Please Jimmy."

It was mean of me but I enjoyed her terror for awhile.

"Let's see, what would be a suitable payment?

Hmmm. I got it . It's gonna take a kiss as good as the one I got inside, and another when I drop you off. Is it a deal?"

Her look as gratitude made my night.

"That's it? A couple of kisses? You drive a hard bargain, but okay."

Before I knew what was going on she grabbed me, molded her body into mine, and gave me a tremendous kiss, with a lot of tongue. It must have lasted five minutes. I know she could feel the erection I got because she rubbed against it a couple of times.

She broke it off and with a little smile on her face and asked if that would do for the first payment.

"Whew! Yes it was. It was so good that I'm gonna have to sit here for a minute or two to let the blood start flowing back to my brain, don't want to wreck on the way home."

"You silly man, you're just as sweet as you were in high school. Now, how do you ride this thing?"

I was glad it was the middle of the night. She had to hitch her dress up just to sit down.

"No peeking now" she ordered.

"Like that's not gonna happen. Nice panties."

I've never seen anyone go so red. They were nice, and about as skimpy as I've ever seen.

"I have to wear these with this dress so panty lines don't show. Please stop looking."

Not a chance in hell.

"You could always go without."

By now she was almost purple.

"Stop being mean to me. Please."

I relented.

"All right. Bike riding 101. Stay still. Every time you wiggle around it changes the center of balance. Do it in a curve and we could go down. Don't try to talk, I couldn't hear you anyway. Just lean against me and hold on."

I gave her my jacket and my spare helment. My bike had straight pipes, and it was a loud little sucker, especially echoing against a building.

I started out slow so as not to scare her. She was stiff as a board at first, but I could feel her relax after a few miles. The only bad time we had was when a car load of kids pulled up beside up whooping and laughing. Because of the way her dress was made it would billow up as we rode. If you were behind us you got a full shot of her ass in those skimpy panties. I could feel the heat of her embarrassment against my back. I gave it a little gas and we left them behind.

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