tagBDSMI Tie Up Vivian

I Tie Up Vivian


Vivian is a very beautiful and sensuous African-American woman who is older than she looks. Although she is 50 years old, Vivian looks to be in her mid-30's. The last time I called on her, she was very glad to see me, as I was to see her, and our greetings to each other included considerable hugging and kissing. Then we headed for the bedroom because we both knew why I was there.

Vivian has a fondness for clothing in animal skin patterns, especially big cats. On that day, she was wearing a black sweater with the cuffs and neckline trimmed with imitation leopard fur and snug fitting pants in the same pattern, with soft black socks and no shoes. When she raised her arms, I pulled the sweater off over her head and unhooked her bra. After I removed her bra, Vivian's pretty breasts, large and shapely with big, black nipples spilled out. Although I was strongly inclined to fondle and kiss and suck these beauties, I had to refrain from doing so until other details had been attended to.

Next, I unzipped and pulled down Vivian's pants, leaving her wearing panties in a tiger pattern. When I pulled these off her, I took advantage of the opportunity to fondle her beautiful hips and ass but this was the only liberty I would take for the time being. I left her socks on because they would serve a function later, but she was otherwise naked. Vivian is about five feet, six inches tall with a beautiful, almost spectacular figure. She has dark brown skin and soft, black, shoulder length hair but her prettiest feature is her smile. She was smiling then because she was enjoying what I had done so far, and expected to enjoy what I would be doing. I was still fully dressed and I would undress myself later, after everything else was ready.

Still smiling, Vivian lay on her back on the queen-sized, four-poster bed, with her arms and legs spread-eagled, and I piled pillows under her lovely ass. Her smile grew broader when she saw me get the four pieces of rope, the cloth squares and the blindfold out of the bureau drawer where they were kept. After wrapping her wrists in the soft flannel cloth, I tightly tied a section of rope to each of then, and tied the other ends of the ropes to the bed posts. When Vivian bought her furniture, she bought this style of bed for this purpose. The flannel squares were to protect her wrists from chafing because the ropes were tied tightly and she would later be pulling against them. The blindfold would be used later.

I took hold of Vivian's ankles and pulled her down the bed so the ropes holding her wrists had no slack. The thick, soft socks that had been left on Vivian's feet served the same purpose for her ankles as the flannel squares did for her wrists, and I tied her ankles to the bed as I had tied her wrists. The knots were tied tightly and Vivian knows enough to periodically check her circulation by wiggling her fingers and toes. If the knots became too tight, I would untie or loosen them. Vivian really enjoys making love while tied to the bed. This is not part of role-playing as some of my lady friends like to do; this is strictly bondage. In role-playing, the knots are big and soft and sometimes come loose while making love but when I tie up Vivian, I call on my Boy Scout experience and tie her really tightly, and she would not be able to get loose if I didn't untie her before leaving. In role-playing, I usually talk mean to the woman I'm with, and even threaten them as part of the game, but Vivian and I really like each other so we talked amiably while I was tying her up and making other preparations.

With Vivian tied to the bed, I undressed and got on the bed beside her. She smiled at me as I held one of her lovely globes in either hand and started licking the dark, almost black nipples. Using broad strokes of my tongue, I licked the first nipple, then I changed to quick thrusts with the tip of my tongue, concentrating on the sides of the nipple, which was quickly becoming erect. After several minutes on the first nipple, I switched my attentions to the other second one and licked it the same way. While I licked her second nipple, I could hear Vivian purring with pleasure at what I was doing and at the way the ropes held her tightly.

After spending about ten minutes licking both of her nipples, I pulled one of Vivian's luscious mounds into my mouth and started sucking on it, with my lips forming a seal. While I sucked, my tongue caressed her nipple and traced the dark circle around it. Her nipple was erect by now and Vivian's purring was louder. She enjoyed watching my very white mouth sucking on her very dark breasts and she especially liked the way it felt. As I watched, Vivian squirmed on the bed and tugged on her ropes, but they were tightly tied, and she was unable to get loose although she was truly enjoying the attempt. I transferred my attentions to the other gorgeous globe and sucked on it the same way, and my tongue caressed the other nipple the same way as it had the first. Vivian really likes it when I give her breasts a lot of attention, and they are beautiful enough to deserve it, but I could smell her pussy lubricating and it was time to move lower.

The channel between Vivian's lovely twins was the next place to attract my attention, and I licked her there while rubbing the twins against my face. Vivian watched the top of my head moving down her belly and enjoyed the feel of my tongue and lips licking her and kissing her down to her pubic hair. Once I reached that point, I got up and went to get the blindfold. Because Vivian really likes to watch my face and my mouth as it pleasures us both, the blindfold had not been put in place yet, but for the rest of the time I would be there, she would be able to hear and feel what was happening but not to see it.

After Vivian was blindfolded, I knelt between her spreadeagled legs, slipped my arms under her thighs and curled them around so my hands were on her pubic area. Even though she couldn't see what I was doing, Vivian could feel what I was doing and she knew what I was about to do, and she purred happily in anticipation. Before I started pleasuring my tongue with the delicious juices that her pussy had produced, I breathed deeply and pleasured my nostrils with their delightful aroma. After they have known me for a while, all my lady friends, including Vivian know enough to refrain from using commercial scents in their pubic area and ruining the wonderful musky, natural perfume. Vivian's pussy smelled wonderful and I knew it would taste even better than it smelled. She interrupted me while I was enjoying the delightful aroma. "Don't forget my ass, George", Vivian said.

After using saliva to lubricate the middle finger of my right hand, I pulled open the sphincter of Vivian's rosebud. While holding it open with the fingers of my left hand I slipped the middle finger in place. As I fucked it in and out a few times, Vivian squirmed in delight, while tugging on her bonds, and her purring got louder. I continued to slowly fuck her ass with my finger, then returned my attentions to Vivian's pussy, particularly the delicious fresh juices that she had been producing for several minutes.

I devoured all the juices, savoring their delicious taste and fragrance. After I had licked them all up and wriggled my tongue in her sweet love hole, I started licking between the inner and outer pussy lips on one side. All pussies are beautiful but Vivian's is unusually beautiful, with her dark brown skin surrounding her very dark and velvety pussy lips, which surround the adorable pink love hole itself. Before I continued any further attentions, I drew my head back to admire the beauty of Vivian's pussy but I did not pause in fucking her ass with my finger.

Beautiful as it is, and delightfully fragrant as it is, the taste of Vivian's pussy is the best part. That, and the texture of her smooth lips as I probed between them. I moved my tongue slowly, covering all the surface of both lips, giving Vivian the best time I could and giving myself the best time also. She was enjoying what I was doing, I could tell, because her pussy was fucking up into my face, slowly now, but it would get stronger and faster as I proceeded. Her purring was steady and would soon become moans, and her pussy was still producing its delicious juices.

When I reached the place where the inner lip ends by joining the other inner lip to form the clit hood, I continued licking the inner surface of the outer lip. When I reached the end, I brought my tongue back and gently caressed the top of the clit hood but I avoided contact with the adorable clit itself. Soon my tongue would be pleasuring both of us by licking her there, but I wanted to lick all parts of her pussy before I got overly involved with her clit. I brought my tongue back to below her adorable love hole and licked all the juices out before I started licking her other outer pussy lip. Vivian was purring louder, her pussy was fucking even more strongly into my face and producing plenty of fresh juices for my pleasure.

The second outer pussy lip and its inner partner received the same attentions as the first one had, my tongue slowly licking and probing all the way past the clit hood to the end of the outer lip, where I licked on her mons. This time, when I brought my tongue back to caress the clit hood, I was not quite as gentle, and after I had licked her there, I curled my tongue under it to very gently massage her adorable clit.

The reaction was immediate. Vivian's pussy produced a fresh spurt of fragrant juices; her purring became interspersed with moaning and her pussy started fucking so hard into my face that her ass would have been bouncing off the bed if she hadn't been tied in place. She was almost ready to cum, but not quite. There are signs I recognize and Vivian hadn't gone through all the stages yet. As I continued pushing my finger in and out of her ass, I licked all the juices from her pussy, then started licking under her inner pussy lips. This is the most sensitive part of Vivian's pussy that is not in contact with her clit. The only noises Vivian was making by then were moaning and begging me to suck her clit because she wanted to cum.

I probed my tongue under first one pussy lip then the other, and continued moving my tongue over her wet hole until Vivian's thighs turned outward and her pussy was presented fully to my face. There were still plenty of delicious fresh juices being produced by her pussy, and I licked them up and thrust my tongue into her pink love hole. After relishing the taste and the texture of that delightful place, I started massaging the upper edge with my tongue, indirectly caressing Vivian's clit. Her hips started swiveling, as best they could with her ankles tied tightly, and I knew it was time for Vivian to cum.

While I started to fuck my finger into her ass faster, I pressed my tongue against her clit again, then sucked it into my mouth. With my lips forming a seal, I sucked on Vivian's precious clit while my tongue caressed the darling love button. Her pussy was slamming into my face, and this continued until suddenly Vivian blurted out "Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh, God, suck my clit." That was exactly what I continued to do, suck on her clit and caress it with my tongue, as Vivian seemed to try to wrap her pussy around my face. The muscles in her ass clenched around my finger and I could no longer move it in or out or even to pull it loose. Usually, when I eat a pussy and the woman cums, she squeezes my head with her legs and presses my face into her pussy with her hands but Vivian couldn't do that because of the ropes that held her tightly. She tried, though, and I could feel her straining at the ropes that held her, but they remained tight. When Vivian climaxed, her back arched and she gave one last thrust of her pussy into my face, then she sagged back on the bed, totally relaxed. When I looked at her face, Vivian was smiling, contendedly from what had just transpired and in happy anticipation of what would be happing next.

After feasting on all the fresh cum juices, I got out what would be needed for what was happening next, a condom, the tube of KY Jelly I had brought with me and some baby-wipes that I would use to clean the jelly off my fingers. Finger-fucking Vivian's ass was just a tease for her, and a way of loosening her up for my cock, which she prefers in her ass. Vivian couldn't see what was happening but she had a pretty good idea, and when she felt me pry open her sphincter and put the nozzle of the jelly into her, she smiled broadly and said "Give it to me good, George. I really love it in my ass."

That was good because I really love to fuck Vivian's ass, and I continued with the preparations. After I put on my condom, I used the same finger that had been in her ass before and spread the KY Jelly all around the interior, as far as I could reach, and all around her rim also. When Vivian's ass was good and greasy, I applied the jelly to my cock enclosed in its condom, especially the tip. Usually, the woman holds her asscheeeks open to take a cock in her ass but Vivian's hands were not available so I spread her sphincter with the fingers of both my hands, then held it open with one hand while my other hand guided the tip of my cock into Vivian's beautiful and well-greased ass.

Once the tip of my cock was inside, I paused then gave a firm but gentle push and about another inch entered. If she feels a sharp pain, Vivian knows enough to tell me so I can back out and correct the problem but the only sound that she made was to sigh happily and say "That feels really good, George. Put your cock all the way into me." With a few more short strokes, I did as she wanted and as I wanted also, and my cock was imbedded in Vivian's lovely ass all the way to my pubic hairs. There is one drawback to fucking a woman in her ass using the missionary position like I was doing. I wasn't able to lean over Vivian and enjoy full body contact without losing some penetration, and I like this contact when I am making love with one of my lady friends, especially one as nice and sweet as Vivian.

On my knees but erect, I wiped the surplus jelly off my fingers, put my hands on Vivian's lovely hips and started plunging my cock in and out of her her tight but well-greased ass. With every slow stroke, I drove my cock all the way into Vivian's ass, and then pulled it almost all the way out. Vivian moaned her pleasure with every thrust and every withdrawal and I was doing some moaning too because my cock, while it gave pleasure to Vivian's ass, was also getting pleasure from her ass.

My face was directly above Vivian's beautiful pussy and when I looked down, I could see the juices dripping from it onto her ass and my legs, and smell their delightful fragrance. Although the tight ropes gave her very little freedom of movement, Vivian was thrusting her ass back to meet the strokes of my cock and in between her pleasurable moans, she was begging me to keep fucking her ass. The begging was not necessary because going in and out of Vivian's ass was exactly the place I wanted my cock to be, and where my cock wanted to be.

Although Vivian was thoroughly enjoying being fucked in her lovely ass, she wouldn't be able to cum from it. When she was ready to cum, and I was ready also, I would increase the speed of my strokes and massage her adorable clit with my fingers. Neither of us was in a hurry to do that because we were both relishing the slow, deep fucking and we wanted it to last. Besides moaning, Vivian was showing her pleasure by squirming on the bed, which caused her to strain at the ropes that were holding her in place. When she squirmed, her beautiful breasts jiggled pleasantly. Without interrupting the slow, steady strokes of my cock into Vivian's delightful ass, I reached out and fondled them gently, one of the lovely twins in either hand.

Vivian is justly proud of what she has and she smiled and said "Suck on my boobies, George." I did as she asked, sucking first one luscious globe into mouth and licking on the erect nipple, and then doing the same with the other. This reduced the depth of my strokes into Vivian's ass, so I spent little time there before I straightened back up, put my hands back on Vivian's voluptuous hips and resumed fucking my cock all the way into her tight but slippery ass.

"I'm getting ready to cum, George", Vivian told me after many delightful strokes. "Play with my clit." After licking my fingers, I started gently rubbing around Vivian's adorable clit, massaging the little darling through her clit hood. I also increased the speed of my strokes into her ass. For some time, I had my own climax building and I knew the increased speed would make me cum sooner but I would be able to bring Vivian to a climax first.

"Fuck me faster. I want to cum", was Vivian's plea. I complied, thrusting my cock into her ass faster and faster, always all the way to my pubic hair. I was close to cumming but Vivian was closer. "Yes! Yes! I'm cumming. I'm cumming", was her jubilant cry, as her ass and pussy bounced on the pillows and her legs strained on the ropes that held her tightly. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Fucking her is exactly what I did, with fast, deep strokes into her lovely ass, while I kept fondling her clit. Vivian continued cumming, thrashing around on the bed, straining at her ropes, and loudly expressing her joy until she climaxed, arching her back and with one last spasm of her hips. Then she lay serenely, a big, peaceful smile on her face and cum juices trickling out of her pussy. I continued plunging my cock in and out of her ass until I climaxed, ejaculating into my condom. Then I sprawled on top of Vivian, my face buried comfortably between her gorgeous breasts.

While I caught my breath and my cock softened, I lay on top of Vivian until I was ready. Gently, I pulled my cock out of her ass, got up and went to the bureau to get the last of the props. I held it close to her face and turned it on and when Vivian heard the soft buzz of the vibrator, she smiled again because she knew where I would be putting it. Her ass still had some lubricant left but most of it had liquefied and run out so I added more. and spread it inside of her as I had before. After turning off the vibrator, I coated it with lubricant, and once the entire eight inch length of the toy was covered in the jelly, I opened the sphincter of Vivian's ass and inserted the point. It slipped in easily and Vivian moaned in pleasure as she felt it go in. The moan was partly from the pleasure of feeling her ass penetrated again and partly because she anticipated the entire length of the vibrator buzzing and vibrating inside her ass.

With the tip of the vibrator in Vivian's ass, I knelt between her spread legs and started to deour the plentiful juices that had been produced by her pussy. When my feasting started, I turned the vibrator on to the lowest speed and pushed it a little farther into Vivian's ass. As the vibrating toy started to slide into place, Vivian's pussy started humping into my face and she started purring happily. It was just partway in and at low speed. Both Vivian and I were anticipating what it would be like when the vibrator was all the way in her ass and turned on to full speed.

This time, I started licking the area above Vivian's clit hood but I would stay away from the hood for now. All parts of a pussy are fun to eat, and fun to have eaten, although some are less sensitive than others. After covering that area, my tongue worked its way down the inside surface of the outer pussy lip, and I pushed the vibrator a little farther into Vivian's ass. With the deeper penetration and the larger area inside her ass being caressed by the vibrations, combined with the ministrations of my mouth, Vivian's pussy started humping harder and produced more of her delicious juices, which I consumed after I reached the lower end of the outer lip.

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