tagErotic CouplingsI Visit Judy

I Visit Judy


The women in this town really like me. They like me for different reasons, partly because I am so good-natured and always have a nice smile. Most of all, though, they like me because I give such great oral sex. Mind you, I didn't say eating pussy, although I certainly include that. Oral sex also includes sucking and licking on titties, licking asses, sucking on toes and whatever else the lady enjoys. I like doing all kinds. Whatever turns her on the most is my favorite too.

Yesterday I went to see Judy. She calls herself a big, beautiful woman with good reason because that's exactly what she is. Judy has big luscious breasts with large, very sensitive nipples and she loves to have me to suck and lick them gently, but not too gently. They are so sensitive that she can actually cum just from my sucking and otherwise caressing her lovely breasts, especially when I concentrate on her nipples.

I was expected and the door was unlocked so I went in. Judy was lying naked on her bed, her gorgeous, succulent curves spread out for my visual feast. How can men even look at Ally McBeal types when there are women like Judy around? I sniffed the heady, naturally musky perfume of her pussy for a nasal share of the feast, said hello, kissed her mouth and began sucking one of her beautiful breasts. Carefully, I mouthed it, drawing her rosy areola into my mouth and then letting it out, while flicking her ridged, erect nipple with my tongue. Knowing how much Judy enjoys what I was doing, I switched from one gorgeous mound to the other.

"Mmmmm," she murmured. "I really love that. Keep doing it." Judy started squirming against the bed and moaning and whimpering from the intense pleasure, adding sound to my sensual feast.

I switched back and forth, spending a few minutes licking and sucking either of her luscious globes, and whichever of the beautiful twins wasn't in my mouth was being kneaded gently by my hand. As she writhed blissfully on the bed, Judy presented herself to my mouth for our mutual pleasure. This went on for a long time and I could smell the juices gushing from her pussy. Usually when a woman and I are at this point, I go down the rest of the way and start by swallowing those juices, but Judy prefers to cum the first time from breast stimulation alone, and later from my tongue and lips on her lovely pussy. Either way, I would get to lick up all the nectar that she could produce.

Judy's moaning got louder, and her ass began bouncing on the bed. I knew she was cumming so I kept licking and sucking where I was. When a woman starts cumming I always continue what I am doing because her climax will be the most ecstatic when it isn't interrupted. Finally, after several minutes of intense pleasure for her, and for me too, because I really enjoy having a woman cum, her bouncing and writhing ended in one great spasm as she climaxed. After her orgasm, Judy's moans turned to sighing contentedly. Eager to claim what I sometimes like to think of as my reward, I swooped down between her legs, preparing to feast on the delectable fresh juices from her pussy.

"That was wonderful, George," she told me, as she raised and spread her legs for my repast. "But I hope you're not going to quit so soon. I really want to feel your tongue on my pussy."

Judy needn't have worried, and she knew it. Everything about oral sex is good and one of the best parts is licking up all the delicious juices from her pussy. She knows how much I love them, and how I want to have her cum as many times as I can, so I can devour them that many times.

After positioning my head between Judy's legs and licking the nectar from her thighs and belly and, especially, her pussy lips, I wiggled my tongue deep into her love hole to get every delicious drop. It was so good that I didn't want to waste any, even though I expected her to cum two more times. She was probably moaning again while I licked her dry but I couldn't tell because my head was clamped tightly between her lovely thighs. Judy was really enjoying what I was doing and didn't want me to leave. She had no reason to worry. Who would want to leave such a wonderful place as between Judy's legs with my face buried in her pussy?

I pulled my tongue out of her love hole and began licking between her inner and outer lips. She and I both knew where my mouth was heading but we had all day and the trip was far too enjoyable to hurry it. After a long and wonderful time, I reached Judy's adorable clit, clamped my mouth on it, and began to pleasure it as I had her nipples. My lips alternated squeezing and releasing the base while my tongue swirled around her precious love button, licking it and teasing it and loving it. I could hear and feel Judy start to cum again so I pressed my face snugly into her pussy and held on to her thighs because I didn't want to be bucked off while her ass was bouncing on the bed. A pussy has an especially delightful aroma when the woman is cumming and Judy's is better than most. I held on tightly, continuing my tongue action and breathing in the glorious fragrance until she climaxed.

Judy waited while I licked up the latest batch of her pussy juices. "Lie down on your back," she told me. I knew what was going to happen next and I did so, gladly, with a pillow under my head and my stiff cock sticking straight into the air

She prefers to be on top when we 69 because she can control the thrust of my cock into her mouth. I prefer it that way too because Judy likes to take it in slowly and all the way. My arms went around her voluptuous thighs and I spread the cheeks of her ass until I could see the lovely pink rosebud. I wanted to kiss it and lick it but she doesn't care for that so I didn't. Instead, I began wandering my tongue around her pussy, partly to lick up any nectar I had missed before and partly to let her get into her sucking rhythm. And partly because licking her marvelous pussy is something I can never get enough of.

Judy began by licking my balls with my cock pressed against her cheek. After she finished there, she licked the shaft and all around the ridge of my cock. After that, she started nibbling on the head with her lips. Following a long, truly delightful period of preliminary licking, Judy leaned up and forward and took my cock into her talented mouth. Slowly, she sucked it in, stroking with her lips and caressing with her tongue, until my entire cock was engulfed. Once her lips had reached my pubic hair, she began her slow, rhythmic motion, moving her face away until only the head was in her mouth, then back forward until I was again enclosed in her warm wetness. With every stroke, in or out, her tongue caressed my shaft.

I matched her motions, thrusting my tongue in and out of her love hole at the same speed. I could taste her natural lubricant and there is nothing as good as Judy's pussy juice fresh from the source. We continued to pleasure one another, seemingly for an eternity, but it was not too long a time for me or for her.

My climax was building and I knew I was going to cum soon so I thrust my cock into her mouth several times, our signal that I was ready. I didn't want to talk when my tongue was busy in such a pleasurable way as eating Judy's pussy. She recognized my signal, tightened her lips and began shorter and faster strokes of her mouth on my cock. Because I wanted to concentrate on my own climax I removed my tongue from the adorable hole it had been pleasuring and began licking aimlessly on her swollen pussy lips. This time I was the one who moaned, as I shot a spurt of cum into the back of Judy's mouth. She felt it and tightened her lips and continued to suck so that she could catch and swallow every drop, as I spurted twice more. Judy is also a gourmet diner. After swallowing all of my cum, she released my limp cock and it rolled against my belly. Then it was time for me to begin concentrating on Judy's entire incredible pussy.

I moved my tongue from place to place, sucking and licking for a while on her clit or on her love hole or on the sweet spot high on her left inner pussy lip. This time, while my tongue was wrapped around her clit, Judy started cumming without much warning, thrusting her pussy down and grinding it into my face. I felt like I was being smothered. This would be about the best way to die I could imagine, smothered by Judy's glorious pussy, with its incredible taste and aroma and texture but I didn't want to die yet.

After Judy climaxed, she raised her pussy from my face. I could breathe again, and what delightful breaths they were, filled with the wonderful aroma of Judy's fresh pussy juices. I licked her clean, making sure I got every droplet from her love hole and her labia. Her nectar is just too good to waste.

It was to be the last time for that day. Although I was a bit drained from cumming, I could have been ready to be sucked off again in a few hours, especially with a mouth as talented as Judy's. My mouth was not tired and I would have really enjoyed hours more of licking Judy's voluptuous body. She was tired, though, after three intense climaxes so we decided to call it a day. I got out of bed, got dressed and kissed Judy goodbye for now. She was lying, languorously and naked, on her bed, not willing to get up yet. I didn't mind. Seeing Judy's naked womanly curves is another thing I can never get enough of. We would have other sessions together but not any more that day.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Judy and I did. I like writing stories on this site but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them. That's why I always appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most other writers on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such comments help me to write more and better stories, and I respond to them whenever I can.

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