tagLoving WivesI Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 01

I Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 01


With thanks to James Taylor and Del Shannon, among others, for the genesis of this story. Our studly hero is gifted in many ways, including a slightly bigger than average cock. If that bothers you don't read this story. This story is fiction, enjoy but don't believe.


Hi, I'm Matt, 18 years old and will be a senior when school resumes. When I was little my parents wanted me to start kindergarten at 4 as I would hit 5 in a month. That was 1 week past their cutoff date so I had to wait till I was almost 6 to start school. My IQ was tested and the lowest I got (they did 2 retests) was 136. It's an accelerated program where we do harder work than regular classes do but in about half the class time. I only go for half the day yet I NEVER have homework to do. I live with my mom and dad although mostly it is just mom and I as dad's work sends him all over the country for weeks on end. I can tell mom misses the shit out of him and wonder why she doesn't tell him to get a different job so he can be home most of the time. It sure can't be for the money since we are by no stretch of the imagination 'rich'. We are very comfortable but a long ways from being rich. Our neighborhood is obvious middle class; everyone seems 'comfortable' like us.

When I was 14 I started doing odd jobs around the neighborhood since most of the husbands were too busy at work or even out of town like my dad. When they were home these tasks were the last things they wanted to deal with. By the time I was 16 I was doing tons of handyman work as well as lawn care for nearly every house within two blocks. I was always busy and my bank account grew thanks to my good reputation. When I turned 17 I had to start telling new would-be clients that I was just too busy.

I made only one exception to that rule and that was when my older sister Marie and her new husband moved in three blocks away. Her husband got hired where dad works and ended up going cross country just like my dad which didn't help out with my newlywed sister's moods.

And there is one house that I do for free -- the one I live in. Mom tried to pay me several times but I refused it vehemently. She reluctantly accepted my decision but I could tell she tried to do many things that I would have gladly done for her. I guess that was just her way of saying thank you to me.

This morning I arrived next door at Janet Siebring's house to do some painting of her door frames where her kids had scratched them while rough-housing. It is early summer and getting hot so I wore cutoff shorts and a muscle shirt. Hey, I'm in real good shape and my muscles are well toned so I like to show it off. After about an hour and a half I was finished painting and went outside to clean the brushes etc. and then came back in to see if she needed me to do anything else.

"No Matt, that's the only chore I need you to do today," she said. "But I need you to sit down so I can talk to you about a little problem I have." We sat in her family room sipping some ice water as I waited for her to get to her 'problem'. Maybe she sensed I was getting restless because suddenly she blurted out "I don't have the money to pay you with!"

"That's no problem Janet; just pay me in a few days."

"But that is just the problem...I won't have it in a few days! Hell, I might not have it in a few weeks the way things are going!" She let out a huge sigh and looked like she was about to cry when I asked her to explain what was going on. "You know my husband sells cars for a living. Well things have been real slow at the dealership and even with him working extra hours he's only sold eight cars in three months -- and he's one of the top salesmen they have. Since he gets paid only on commission -- well there just isn't enough money to go around!"

"Don't worry, we can work this out," I told her as she sipped her water while trying to compose herself.

"But I have so many things I needed you to do around here and with Leo working so much he will never have the time or energy to do any of them." I tried to tell her I would just start a running tally and when things picked up for Leo then she could catch up. "NO! I won't start owing you for the work you do around here! How much do I owe you for this morning?"

I told her and she looked at the floor for about ten seconds before slowly pulling her gaze up my body until she looked deep into my eyes. As her eyes flicked down to my crotch a few times she leaned towards me and said, "I believe that is about the going rate for a blowjob. I think I should give you one and then we will be even!"

"WHAT! Gosh Janet, you can't do that! Leo would kill both of us if he found out!"

Her hand rubbed my cock through my cutoffs as she said, "I'll make a deal with you. If you don't tell him, then neither will I! Now do we have a deal?" She was really stroking my rapidly growing cock making it very uncomfortable for me. Before I could really think this over she had my shorts undone and was pulling them down my legs.

Before you ask, yes I have dated some of the girls in school. The trouble is that every time one of them would touch my cock they got scared and told me "NO WAY!" So I was a frustrated virgin being offered a blowjob by a beautiful 30 year old neighbor woman. A blowjob with no strings, no commitment, but also no green for my bank account. Too bad for my account I decided.

I stood up letting my shorts and boxers fall to the floor saying, "Does this answer your question?"

Janet looked at my huge half hard cock swaying less than six inches from her nose and gasped "Oh my god, I never thought it would be so big!" I expected her to go hunting for loose change when she said that but instead she grabbed me in both hands and slipped my tip into her mouth and started working her tongue on me like crazy.

The instant my cock slipped into a woman's mouth for the first time I groaned loudly, "Oh my god that feels so good! Oh holy shit Janet!"

She pulled off of me and smiled before saying "You haven't felt anything yet. Hold onto your hat big boy because a cock like this deserves my BEST effort!" Quickly she inhaled me once again and began working feverishly on my rock hard eight inch shaft. She couldn't get my cock fully into her mouth, but she never stopped trying. I lost count of how many times she gagged herself on me and at least four times I was certain she was going to blow chunks but each time she recovered and then resumed her incredible blowjob.

Being the horny teenager that I am I had jerked off in the shower less than three hours ago so that helped me last as long as I did. Looking back it still wasn't all that long but hey, it WAS my first blowjob ever! I was quite proud that it took her nearly ten minutes for her to make my nuts explode and she seemed more than happy about it as well.

Just before I came I cried out, "Oh god Janet, I'm going to cum!" A few seconds later I cried out "Oh god I'm so close!" Still she didn't falter at all as her tongue was doing full circles around my tip and her suction greatly increased. "Oh my god I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I cried out quickly followed by my hips jerking forwards and I began fucking her mouth forcefully as my balls erupted shooting hot lather deep into her willing mouth.

"Oh SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, oh shit I'm cumming so hard in your mouth!" I cried out and then could only moan and groan as Janet kept right on working my cock as she pulled several huge ropes of spooge from my balls. As I came she had tried to keep just my tip within her lips, a tough job since I was fucking the shit out of her mouth, but once I was finished she dove onto me as deep as she could and worked my shaft wonderfully for another two minutes when I suddenly groaned as one lone rope shot into her happy mouth.

Janet then slowed to a stop and sucked down hard onto me as she pulled her lips from my shaft. I could see her tongue swirling around inside her cheeks as she sat back on her tucked under feet, her hand never leaving my shaft. Finally she leaned in and kissed my tip then rose up and looked right into my eyes as her mouth opened to show me the entire last rope was still inside her mouth. I groaned at the sight as she moaned when her mouth closed and she swallowed it down.

Her mouth re-opened to show it was empty then she licked her lips to catch any drops that may have escaped -- there were none -- before she smacked her lips with satisfaction. "Damn Matt, if I had known you had such an incredible and tasty cock in your pants I would have suggested this a LONG time ago!"

Since most of the guys at school had told me either their girlfriends wouldn't allow them to cum in their mouths at all, or would spit it out saying 'yuk' Janet's reaction caught me completely off guard. "You mean you LIKED me cumming in your mouth?"

"Oh my god yes!" Janet again kissed my cockhead before saying, "You sure pump out a lot more than Leo does but oh my god it is so tasty! I could suck your cock all day if you would let me!"

"Oh come on, girls don't like that stuff!"

"Girls might not but I am a woman and I just loved sucking and draining your wonderful cock! I hope you won't mind if I 'pay' you like this for a while!"

"Mind? Would I MIND if you sucked me off like you just did? Shit NO; please feel free to blow my cock ANY time you are short of cash! Holy shit that felt incredible!"

"Good, I sure wanted you to enjoy it," she said as she pulled up my boxers and shorts. "I know that I sure did!"

Janet rose up to her feet and stretched up so she could kiss me, which sort of startled me. "Hey, if I am going to suck that monster cock of yours then by god I am going to kiss you when I'm finished!"

I looked at her and smiled then said simply, "Deal," and pulled her in for a real kiss. I kissed her like I wanted to kiss my dates up until they got cold feet due to my size. Janet didn't flinch one bit, instead she matched me passion for passion. Shit what a kiss. I wanted more that was for sure.

The rest of my day was uneventful, like normal. I did jobs for three more customers and each of them paid me in cash. When I got home for supper mom said, "Oh Matt, Janet stopped by to ask if you could possible go over to her house each of the next five days. She wants to schedule your work around her kids' nap times. I didn't think you would have a problem with it."

"Did she say what time I should be there?"

"Oh yes, there's a list on the table for you."

I grabbed the list which showed the 'jobs' I was to do and the times to be there and studied it as I went up to my room. I nearly laughed out loud as it was obvious that I could finish the entire list in the time frame for the first visit. Seemed to me that Janet was also scheduling in some 'payment' time! That sure as hell worked for me as her blowjob had been incredible!

The next four days were a repeat of the first day. Once I was finished with the chore Janet tore at my clothes and sucked my cock like her life depended on it! On Friday she did add one small change to the pattern though.

Janet helped me with the tasks she needed me to do, a first since I did them BECAUSE they couldn't, and we were done in next to no time at all. As I put away the last of the supplies and tools I said, "You don't owe anything for today, it wasn't much of a job."

"Oh no you don't! I'm not going to owe anybody if I can help it!" Then she shoved me onto my ass on the couch and went at my pants hurriedly. She quickly went at my cock with gusto and had me rock solid and nearing her goal in no time. Suddenly she switched and began giving me the most gentle, loving blowjob imaginable. She had been getting her mouth filled with cum in around 15 to 20 minutes for the past three days but today she took her time. I couldn't believe anything could feel this good for so long as it was well over an hour when I finally groaned "Oh fuck I'm almost there"!

Pulling slightly off of me she looked into my eyes and said, "Don't warn me Matt, just do it! Give me your cum and don't try to hold it back!"

Hold it back? Was she kidding? Shit I wanted to cum so bad I could taste it......almost. One more glorious minute and just as Janet pushed down as far onto me as she could my cock blasted her mouth with a HUGE rope of cum that was followed by six rapid and nearly identical shots of cum from my one eyed cannon. My body was lurching about and shaking in exquisite pleasure/pain as she ripped my biggest load ever from my balls.

Finally my balls were drained and as usual she just kept right on gently working my cock with her tongue and lips. Slowly it dawned on me that she had been 'bringing me down', as she called it, for nearly five minutes and I was a long, LONG ways from coming down. Instead I was climbing the hill towards cumming once more.

"Um Janet," I moaned softly. "Um...Janet...ahhh I think you can stop now. Um.........Janet......really I came already.........oh fuck that feels good!

"Um hmmmm," she responded.

Slowly she pushed me back up the hill of pleasure as my hips once again began their small fucking movements into her delectable mouth. Janet kept moving her eyes from my cock in her mouth to my eyes over and over as her hand reached out and gripped mine for many long minutes. My first cum had taken well over an hour and this one was even longer as she slowly increased my state of arousal to a ball exploding level.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming and I knew she could sense it when she shifted her position from lying between my legs to kneeling next to me on the floor. My hand was mauling her tit unmercifully when both of us groaned loudly and Janet leaned forward and pushed her face down fully onto my shaft. She didn't stop until her nose was pressed into my flesh and my entire cock was being massaged by her mouth and throat.

"Oh god, holy FUCK Janet!" My hips shot into the air in response to that making certain I remained fully down her throat as she worked her throat muscles like crazy around me. Then my hips dropped back down and she began giving me full ten inch movements of her mouth and throat onto my shaft. I managed to get through the first five such head bobs but on the sixth one I cried out, "FUCKING HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!" and my cock erupted straight into her throat with three huge powerful blasts of cum. She pulled back and took the remaining five ropes (the most I had ever cum) into her mouth while greedily swallowing down everything I could give her.

I was moaning, groaning and just plain uttering gibberish for the entire time that I came and then for the next two minutes as well as she finished using her talented tongue on my over sensitized cock. "Okay, okay, okay I give up! You win! Oh my god stop I can't take it any more!" I cried out as I tried to push her away.

Janet lifted her head and grinned at me before asking, "Did you like my little surprise?"

"Holy fuck, which surprise? Taking nearly two and a half hours to make me cum twice, or the deep throat?!" I replied with a full body shake.

"Well, I guess both of them honey!" She had never called me anything but Matt so that took me completely by surprise. That was followed rapidly by another one as she slid her lips around my tip and then pushed slowly back onto me until I was completely down her throat. After working her muscles on me for several seconds she slowly pulled off of me and sat back with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh my god," I said with a wavering voice. "I guess...I guess I liked them both...a lot! Lots more than a lot!" I looked puzzled for a moment then said, "I can't think right now. Did that make any sense to you?"

"It told me EVERY thing I needed to know!" With that Janet leaned in and kissed me passionately on the mouth for several moments before we heard one of her kids cry as he woke up. "Well, guess that's my cue to be the mom again. I'll see you tomorrow around ten. I'll have a bunch of things for you to do! God you taste so fucking good! In case you can't tell, I love sucking you off!"

We got up and Janet leaned in and kissed me powerfully as she held my cock in her hand. Then she squeezed my ass as she said, "Thanks Matt for all your help!" She hurried from the room and I got dressed and left her house wondering why she was thanking me. After all, she was having me do next to nothing and then 'paying' me with blowjobs....totally incredible mind blowing blowjobs! I left her house shaking my head in wonderment and then smiled and waved to my mom who was working in our yard.

Luckily for me the rest of my day was fairly easy since I was totally wiped out from Janet's fucking incredible blowjobs. Holy shit there was no way that I did enough to 'earn' that! I slept like a rock that night and was knocking on her door at the appointed time. I nearly shit when she opened the door wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a shear top that definitely needed another top AND a bra under it. She had neither and her luscious boobs bounced and swayed invitingly.

I know I stared hungrily at her for way too many seconds but I just couldn't help it. I already lusted after this woman due to her incredible blowjobs and now she had to dress like THAT! Holy fuck! I got to work and soon had finished everything that she had told me about. Just as I finished she stepped to me and handed me an ice cold water which I drained in no time. "Thanks I needed that. What is next?"

"Follow me and I'll show you." Then she turned and headed up her stairway then down the hallway past the kids' room, which I noticed, was strangely empty. When I asked where her boys were she said "Grandma is watching them for a while!"

'Hmmmm,' I thought as she walked straight into her bedroom and stepped to the bed. I entered the room and looked around for something to do. "I don't see what you need me to do in here Janet!"

"Oh how silly of me," she said as her hands grabbed the hem of her top and deftly whipped it over her head in one swift movement.

I had played with her tits while getting blown by her but I wasn't ready for this and I gasped at her beauty. "Oh god you have really great tits!" I excitedly said as I watched her hands undo the waist of her shorts and push them to the floor along with her panties. In less than half a minute she stood before me in all her naked glory with a devilish grin on her face.

"I take it by the look on your face that you like what you see!"

"Oh my god yes! Janet you are so gorgeous," I said. "But just what are you doing?"

"Well, if you get out of those clothes I'm going to suck your wonderful huge cock for you and then I want you to fuck the shit out of me!" Holy shit, my hands never moved so fast at removing my clothing as they did then and I was as naked as she was in mere seconds. "I'm glad you like my idea, Matt." She stepped to me and kissed me while we moved onto her bed.

She guided me onto my back and trailed her lips from mine down my chest and then further down until she found my fully hard cock pointing at the ceiling. "Oh god I love how you taste!" she said before frantically working my cock like she never had before. Her lips tongue and throat attacked me viciously and I was amazed that I exploded into her happy throat in less than 10 minutes. Janet worked my shaft for another two minutes before she lifted her head and said, "Did you like that? I love it when you explode into my mouth! Now for the REAL fun!"

Taking my shaft in her right hand Janet swung her left leg over my hips and positioned her pussy over my tip and slowly eased her hips down onto me as her moist warmth took me willingly inside. "Oh my god you feel so good!" I gasped as she settled about three inches down onto me. Her hips pulled back up till I was barely inside of her and then she slowly eased back down taking me about 6 inches into her. "Oh my fucking god, oh shit Janet you're really fucking me!"

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