I Want


"I want you to fuck me. That's right! Just fuck me. No foreplay. No nothing. Just a good hard FUCK! Do you think you are up to it?"

"Come on. I'm ready. See? My legs are spread. My pussy is open and ready. Look. I've got my fingers in my wet cunt. They are all slippery with my pussy juice. Mmmm. They taste warm and sweet."

"Faster, you can take your clothes off faster than that. Yeah, that's better. Keep going."

"Oh, look at you! Your cock is so fucking hard and you haven't even touched me. Is it all this hot talk or maybe it's seeing my fingers moving in and out of my wet cunt or is it seeing me lick my juices from my fingers."

"Yeah, I know, probably all of that and more. I know how you think and what you want from your slut. OK, but only if you fuck me first. Only if you eat my cunt and make me come real hard and then fuck me with your cock will I do what you want. Yeah, I know. You want to fuck my mouth. You want to fuck my mouth with your dick until you come all over me. Sure, this slut wants that but only if you fuck me first. If you come in my pussy, forget it!"

"Come on! Get between my legs! That's it. Take a good long look at my beautiful pussy. Just wait until you put your face on my shaved pussy. It is going to be so damned slippery! Go ahead. Here, let me spread open my pussy lips for you. See how hot I am for your tongue. Now eat me! Eat my dripping pussy"

"Oh yesssss! Yes, like that! Mmmmm. It feels so good to have your tongue in my pussy like a little dick. Mmmmm, I am so wet. I'm dripping all over your face. I'm covering you mouth and tongue with cunt juices. I can smell it. I can smell my sweet juices while you eat me! I feel so great! Your face is pressed so hard between my legs! I feel your long tongue sticking so far into my pussy. I feel your tongue deep inside me, licking me!"

"YES! Like that! Lick all over me. Suck my pussy lips! Mmmmmm! Rub your lips over my hard clit. Oh YES! Like that! Now lick it! Yes! You are licking my clit so great! I'm getting closer. Faster, FASTER! Yeah! I am so fucking hot! My pussy feels so good! I'm going to come! I'm going to come on your face…..I'M COMING. I'M COMING!…."

"Feel it! God! I'm spurting so much cum! I can feel it! My cunt is twitching! God it all feels so good! I'm so wet now. I came so hard! I feel so slippery down there, on your face."

"Let me see. Let me see what I did to you. Let me see all the wet juicy cum that I spurted onto your face. Show me your wet slippery face. Let me see your tongue, that tongue that was just so deep in my cunt. I want to see that hot tongue that fucked me like a little cock and licked my clit and made me come so hard."

"Kiss me. Kiss me now. Let me kiss my cum from your face. Oh my! Your face is so wet! Mmmm. It tastes so good, so sweet! It's so warm and slippery. I'm so hot! You like that don't you! I just drives you crazy to see and feel me suck my own cum from your face. See? I'm licking my hot, wet, slippery cum right from your lips. I'm tasting my own cum!"

"Now, Fuck me. FUCK ME! Fuck me with that real cock. PLEASE! Stick that wonderfully hard long dick deep into my hot juicy cunt! YES! Like that! Oh, it feels so great. I'm going to come so fast! Do it. Do it! DO IT! Yes, yes, yes. If you fuck me good, if you fuck me real good, I'll give you what you want. Stop asking me and just keep fucking me. Yes, I'll do it. YES! Oh, keep fucking me like that! Ohhhh! Keep going. Faster! Yes, I told you I will. I'll do it. I'll suck you dick but fuck me FIRST! Oh, geez! Yes, after you have fucked my pussy with it. ANYTHING, just fuck me faster, faster, harder, HARDER."

"PLEEEESSSE. Yes! You can fuck my mouth only don't stop now! Not yet! Finish! Make me come again. Make me come! YES, like that! OHHHHH! YES! YOU CAN COME IN MY MOUTH! JUST SHUT UP NOW! JUST FUCK ME!!!!!"

"OH, KEEP GOING! SHUT UP! STOP TALKING! Stop talking about coming all over me. I don't care! Anything, anything! JUST MAKE ME COME. YES, YES! FASTER, HARDER! YES!!!! I'LL SUCK YOUR DICK! FIRST FUCK MY PUSSY!!!

"I'M COMING! OHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Don't move. Don't move at all. Just let me feel you inside me. Let me come down. Let me come down from my orgasm. Let me squeeze you while you're still deep inside me. Let me feel you thick and hard deep in my cunt. I can feel you pulsing. Let me feel my cum slide from my cunt. Let me feel it coat you balls and drip on my ass. Mmmmm. It's feels so good!"

"Ok. I can hardly breathe but ok. I promised. You can do it now. I want to do it. Give it to me. Give me your cock. Yeah, put it in my mouth! Oh my! Look at you! You are so hard and it is so wet with my cum. Give it to me. Give my mouth that hard shinny dick all covered in my juices! Mmmmmm! It tastes so good. My cum is all over your cock and I love licking it. It is so warm and slippery and tastes so sweet."

"Look at me honey. Look at me. This is what you wanted. Your hard dick, all coated in my cum, is sliding in and out of my mouth. My lips are all slippery. That turns you on, doesn't it? Yeah I know. Just moments ago, that same hard cock was thrusting in any out of my juicy cunt until I splashed hot come all over it. Now it is sliding all over my face and in my mouth. You just love looking down at my face, seeing your hard rubbery cock bouncing and sliding all over my face, smearing precum and my pussy juices until my entire face is wet, don't you!"

"Can you smell it? I can. Can you smell my cum from my face? It smells so sweet to me. It tastes so sweat and slippery. You just love it when I'm messy about sucking you, don't you? Ok. I know. See? Look at me. I'm slobbering all over your already wet cock. Saliva and precum are dripping down my chin and onto my chest. We're both so fucking wet! My face and chest are so wet!"

"Try this honey. Try this before you come. Now doesn't that feel great? Doesn't that feel great to have your big fat slippery cock slide between my breast while I squeeze them around you? Mmmmm. It feels good to me and looks good too! Oh, I just love watching your cock ooze precum between my tits. Watch me lick it with my tongue. Watch me rub my nipples with your precum too. Oh, I have got to have that cock back in my mouth now!"

"Oh yes, baby. I know you like this. I know this is really turning you on! I know you are getting closer and closer to coming yourself. I can feel you cock getting even harder with each thrust between my lips. I can feel your thick sweet precum ooze from the tip each time it is deep at the back of my throat."

"Slide it, yeah, like that, side your slippery cock all over my face! Leave me wet with my juices and your precum. Oh your balls feel so good in my mouth. I love sucking on them. I love licking them all over. I love licking from your balls all the way up your cock to the tip. Mmmmm. More precum. Mmmmm."

"Sure, baby. Keep going. Keep fucking my mouth and soon you'll come. I know you want to. I want you to. I want to feel that hot thick cum burst out and fill my nasty mouth. I want that. Mmmm! That would taste wonderful!"

"Can you come for me now? Can you come for your slut wife? Can you come for me while I am sucking you so hard! Can you come for me while your cock is fucking my mouth?"

"Sure you can. You're so close now. That's it! Come for me baby, come for me. FILL ME! YES! Oh, my! I can feel it! Your cock is even harder! Your balls are so tight! The vein in your cock is pulsing against my tongue while the head is so deep in my mouth! I feel it! Your dick is pulsing! Your cum is spurting into my mouth! It is so hot and thick! There's so much of your thick creamy cum! I feel so hot and nasty with your hard cock spurting all your hot cum deep into my mouth. I'm coming too! I'm coming just from feeling your cock spurt all that cum right into my mouth! My cunt is dripping!"

"There more, so much more! My wet mouth is filled with your cock and steamy cum. It smells so good! And tastes so good! There's no more room! You're still spurting! It's spilling out of my mouth! It's all over my lips and chin. It's dripping."

"I've got to see it. I've got to take you from my mouth before you stop coming! Oh, yes! Like THAT! More thick white cum just spurt from your cock. I just love seeing each thick white stream of cum squirt out of the head of you cock. I love watching it spatter anywhere on my body!"

"Ooooo! It hit my cum covered mouth. It splattered my cheek! I love seeing your thick sticky cum spurt out of your dick! It's getting all over my face. Again! Another spurt hit my face. It is so warm and sticky! It's in my hair! I love seeing it shoot towards me. It's getting all over me! I love feeling it hit, all warm, wet, and sticky against my lips, my cheeks, my nose and hair."

"You're almost finished. You're not spurting anymore. It is just oozing out of your cock now. Oh but I have go to have that too. All of it! Here, let me open my mouth so I can get the last of your sexy cum to fall on my tongue. See? See that? My mouth is still filled with your hot gooey cum. It has coated my mouth, my teeth and my tongue. It tastes so thick and steamy! Can you see all the milky semen on my tongue and on the inside of my mouth? Mmmmm. Give me the last of your cum. Oops! Some of it is sliding into my mouth but most of it is just rolling off my tongue, hanging and dripping onto my breasts."

"I must be a sight! I smell and feel cum everywhere! God I feel so nasty! I feel like such a slut! My entire face is warm and wet with your cum. It tastes so thick and hot and just a bit salty. Mmmm, I love the taste of cum."

"I feel it all sticky in my hair. Look at me baby! This is what you wanted from you slut wife, isn't it?"

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