tagLoving WivesI Want To Fuck His Wife Again

I Want To Fuck His Wife Again


The following story is entirely true. I will try to write it in such a manner as to be entertaining to read, but everything that happens below is the way it happened in real life. I will only change the names and will try to save much of the boring dialogue.


I have this friend... well, I guess he's not my friend anymore, but I USED to have this friend; let's call him Keith for the sake of this story. Keith has a wife, who we'll refer to as Bailey.

Now, Keith used to be a fairly fit guy, back when he was in high school. About 6'1", just like me, and weighing under 170. Once he got to college, however, he got lazy and put on about a hundred pounds of pure fat. From time to time, he would talk about starting an exercise regimen and losing some weight, but he never went through with it.

Keith's wife, Bailey, is the polar opposite of him, physically. She's about 5'5", and weighs maybe 95 pounds, soaking wet. When I first met the two of them, I knew immediately that I wanted to be inside Bailey. She has naturally tan skin, medium-length dark brown hair, big brown eyes, perfect B-cup tits, a tiny waist you can almost fit your hands around and the most delicious ass I've ever seen on a woman. For how petite she is everywhere else, Bailey's ass is a miracle of genetics: Full and round, taut, yet imminently soft and squeezable. To this day, her luscious butt haunts my dreams and dominates my fantasies.

I met Keith and Bailey as a Junior in college. My girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I shared a mutual friend with them who invited the couple over to our apartment for drinks one night. We hit it off immediately. Keith and I shared a plethora of common interests, and every time he wasn't looking I stole another quick glance at his girlfriend's stunning body.

Fast forward to last year: Keith and I have both married our girlfriends. He was at my wedding, and I was at his. We've been friends for years at this point, gone on summer trips to the lake, hunted together, and gotten wasted with one another more times than I can recall. Through the years, though, Bailey never warmed up to me as much as Keith has. She didn't hate me, but she never seemed to be very open or forward with me, by comparison to how she acted with my wife. That changed one afternoon in February.

Often, whenever we would get together for a night of drinking and merriment, we would stay at each other's houses rather than risk driving home drunk. This particular weekend, my wife was out of town for work, and I stayed at Keith and Bailey's place. That Saturday, while Keith was out running some errands, Bailey and I struck up a conversation. It started innocently enough, with the typical, "How's your wife/husband?" and "What did you do this week?" small-talk. Slowly, nervously, we got onto the topic of our sex lives. We shared with each other that neither of us were really happy with the sex we had with out spouses, and were just getting into the conversation in earnest when Keith returned home. With that, we put our conversation aside, and I assumed that would be the first and last time Bailey and I spoke of it.

After another night of drinking and laughing and telling jokes and critiquing the awful movies on TV, we went to bed. Keith had to work a double shift the next day, and was gone by the time I awoke. I headed into the living room, expecting to simply nurse my hangover until I was well enough to drive home. Much to my surprise, Bailey entered the room in her best mood and sat down across from me on the couch.

"So where were we, last night?" she asked.

I wasted no time with my disbelief and soon we had moved past discussing our disappointment with our sex lives and onto what kind of sex we wish we could be having. Eventually, we were both so turned on by our conversation that Bailey got out her laptop and we started watching pornographic videos together. Needless to say, this didn't last long. After a few "That's the sort of thing I'd like to do" comments, Bailey tossed the laptop aside and mounted my lap. Instantly, instinctively, my hands were grabbing her beautiful ass, as we locked lips and explored each other's mouths with our tongues. These weren't soft, delicate, romance-novel kisses; these were hard, animalistic mouth-rapes. We weren't wasting time on foreplay, after years of pent-up desire, we wanted as much of each other as we could get, as fast as we could get it.

I planted my hands firmly on Bailey's ass, stood up from the couch and hurriedly carried her into her bedroom. As soon as her back touched the bed-sheets, clothes started flying off. I tore her shirt off and bent the clip on her bra while yanking it off. Her lower half followed immediately thereafter, with me pausing only briefly to admire her bright blue lace thong. Drinking in the moment, I peeled her tiny panties over her ass and up her smooth legs. Without her underwear, her perfectly shaven pussy was exposed for my viewing pleasure. God, what an experience it was gazing at her tiny, smooth cunt for the first time.

The moment I had her naked, she pushed me back onto my feet and sat up on the edge of the bed. I pulled my shirt over my head and watched her gasp at my exposed torso. After years of only seeing her obese husband, I must have looked like an underwear model in her eyes. Her awe didn't last long: she quickly regained her composure and her hands went to work on my belt. Seconds later, she pulled my jeans and boxers down in one motion, fixing her eyes on my groin as my steely cock sprung out and slapped her in the face. She managed a quick, tantalizing lick from my balls up to the tip of my dick before I pushed her onto her back.

She spread her legs open wide and I grabbed the base of my pulsing cock, guiding it in between her glistening lips. The buildup had clearly affected her sex as strongly as it had mine, as her wet pussy made shoving every inch of my rod into her an absolute pleasure. Her fingers clawed at my back while I buried myself up to the hilt inside her. With my cock well and fully inside her, I slipped both arms under her knees and pulled her legs up so that her ankles rested on my shoulders.

"Oh FUCK," she screamed as I started pumping my rock-hard dick even deeper into her at this new angle.

I leaned back at my waist and arced my back forward so I could watch myself penetrate her over and over again. After about 15 minutes of me pistoning in and out of her wet snatch, I slipped my penis out of her cunt and sat up on my knees. Bailey knew just what I wanted. She sat up, leaned forward, cupped my balls with one hand and, with a single movement, sucked every inch of my dick into her mouth. She fucked her own throat with my shaft for a few minutes, then laid back down and lifted her legs back onto my shoulders. After a five more minutes of drilling her soft pussy, I was ready to burst. I reluctantly pulled out of her warm sex, took my cock in my hand and started rubbing it. She had been so wet that I needed no additional lubricant and moments after pulling out, I was shooting my cum all over her body, from her sexy tits all the way down to her just-ravaged pussy. Watching her try to catch her breath, her body freshly glazed with several ropes of my semen, was so hot I felt my quickly softening dick twitch back into life.

"I think we should clean up now," she suggested after her breathing returned to normal, "shower?"

I followed Bailey into the bathroom, my head still swirling in ecstasy from plowing the hottest piece of ass I'd ever seen. After turning the water on, she turned to face me and we shared a long, passionate kiss to contrast the lip-mauling from earlier. I could feel my dick returning to full strength as it pressed against Bailey's stomach. We broke our kiss and stepped into the hot shower. Her back to the shower head, she wasted no time dropping to her knees and taking me into her mouth for some more heavenly head. She hadn't even cleaned my cum off of her stomach and yet here she was, lips wrapped around my cock, tongue running up and down my shaft servicing me.

It wasn't until this point that I realized this was my friend's wife down on her knees in front of me. The feeling of knowing I was taking her from him, of knowing she desires me more than she values their marriage, was exhilarating. I pulled her up to her feet and turned her around. Again, Bailey knew just what she was about to get, and she eagerly bent over at the waist and arched her back, exposing that world-class ass of hers. It was an invitation I didn't need to see twice, and I once again took my throbbing cock in my hand, and guided my head in between her moist pussy lips. For the next half hour, while the steaming hot water crashed against her toned, horizontal back, I pounded her snug cunt from behind, slapping her perfect ass, reaching around to squeeze her tan breasts, pulling her hair and listening to her moan and scream at the top of her lungs. After the slapping of my balls against her tiny clit brought her to a noisy climax, I finally pulled out and let loose a hot stream of cum onto her asshole and the small of her back. Another firm kiss, then we cleaned up and got dressed.

Our next session happened a couple weeks later, when our group of friends decided to send the two of us to get more booze from the store. Bailey and I hopped into Keith's SUV, and we drove off toward the store.

"So, how are you tonight," she asked with a devilish smile.

"Excited," I replied with a cheeky laugh, "so what did you think of the other day?"

"Mmm," my new sex kitten purred, "I wanted to do that the first time I saw you." My heart started racing. Even though I had already been inside her, it was still exciting to hear that she felt the same way I did at our first meeting. "It's so nice to have someone with a great body and cock."

"So, you like my cock, huh," I teased.

"Fuck yeah! It's so perfectly formed, and longer than Keith's; it's like those great cocks in porn." At this point she was just flattering me. But I didn't care, because I suspected it meant she wanted it again, and soon.

By the time she finished complimenting me, we had arrived at the liquor store parking lot. Bailey moved to get out of the car, but before she could open the door, I pulled her back and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She sneaked her hand between my legs to stroke me through my jeans. Taking the hint, I slid my pants down and watched her hungrily swallow every inch of my dick. I reclined the seat, relaxed, and let her slurp and suck on my tool for about five or ten minutes, then we decided we didn't have time for fun before the others got suspicious. On the way back to the party, we got a call requesting we stop and grab some burgers and fries. After a quick run at the drive-thru, I instructed Bailey to pull into an dark, empty side lot. I pulled out my cell-phone and called Keith.

"Hey, man, this drive-thru is insanely slow right now, and they didn't have any grenadine at the store so we're going to have to stop at another shop on the way back. We'll probably be a few minutes."

He bought it, of course, and as soon as we hung up I let out a chuckle. I was about to fuck my friend's wife in the backseat of his own car, and the thrill of that thought alone nearly got me off. Of course, the sight of Bailey tearing her own clothes off and begging me to take her helped with that. We reclined the seat as far back as we could, and I mounted her chest, resting my turgid cock on her lovely face. After biting her lip, her tongue was slowly running up and down the length of me, occasionally detouring south to roll my balls around on it. Ten or fifteen minutes later, another steaming-hot fuck session ended with me blowing my load onto Bailey's tits and the seat. Not only did I take Keith's wife, I violated his car's upholstery, much to Bailey's delight. Exhilarating.

Over the next year, Bailey enjoyed my cock weekly. We had sex in the car, in their bed, in the shower, on the couch, even at her parents' house while he was downstairs talking to his in-laws. When we weren't fucking one another's brains out, we were texting and talking about fucking one another's brains out. Bailey would frequently tell me how she was addicted to my cock and how she couldn't enjoy sex anymore without me being the one inside her. A lot of that was probably just heat-of-the-moment dirty talk, but the thrill of hearing it was undeniable.

One night, while my wife was again away at work and I was staying at Bailey's house, she sneaked out of her bedroom and into the extra room where I was sleeping. We left the lights off, but even in the dark I could see her devious smile. She braced her hands on my chest and rode my cock (her favorite position) until her orgasm overwhelmed her and her body convulsed. I had to put my hand on her mouth to help muffle her moaning. She sat there, impaled on my rigid shaft, grinding her dripping cunt against me until we heard Keith stirring in the next room. She quickly dismounted, gave me a deep suck and disappointed look, then sneaked back into her room before he realized she wasn't there.

On another occasion, Bailey and I were sitting at the table behind her living room couch, while Keith sat on the couch and my wife slept on the other one. Keith and I were talking about some stupid TV show he was watching, when I felt Bailey's hand pawing seductively at my leg under the table. Nervously glancing at each couch to make sure we weren't being watched, I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and ran my hand through her hair as she slowly lowered her mouth to its proper place sucking me off. Meanwhile, Keith kept yapping away about the TV show, completely oblivious to the fact that his wife was enthusiastically working her wet lips and warm tongue up and down a better man's shaft, just a couple feet behind him. Bailey's hand slid up my leg to my balls, which she gently cupped and caressed as she inhaled my erection. The bliss from her expert blowjob and the rush of her husband sitting unknowingly only a few feet away sent me over the edge. My balls churned, encouraged by the attention of her delicate hand, and I erupted in her mouth. True to form, Bailey didn't skip a beat, and she slowly, firmly lapped, sucked and swallowed every drop of my warm jizz inundating her mouth, all without removing her mouth from my rod.

My favorite encounter, though, was probably our most passionate. I drove to their apartment while Keith was at work, and we started up our usual naughty games. She sucked my dick, I ate her delicious pussy, she rode me to a wet and loud orgasm (I swear her neighbors had to know about us before her husband did). As was so often the case, I found myself on top of her, with her legs on my shoulders, mercilessly driving my dick into her sopping wet cunt. This time I wanted something special, though. This time, I leaned down to her ear, and whispered "I'm going to cum inside you today." Bailey moaned and smiled, encouraging me to go on with it. With her permission, I started slamming into her slit with more ferocity than in any of our previous meetings.

"Wait," she whispered, "I have an even better idea."

She leaned to the nightstand and pulled out a small plastic bottle of suspiciously viscous liquid.

"I want you to cum in my ass."

Those words sent me into a frenzy; I was finally going to get into that glorious ass of hers. Without removing her legs from my shoulders, I eagerly covered my fingers using the bottle of lube and rubbed her tight hole. I spread the rest of the lubricant onto myself and pressed the point of my spear against her ass. The look on her face when she gasped and bit her lower lip could have gotten me off all by itself, but I was determined. We both stared at my cock as I pushed inch after inch of it up her awe-inspiringly tight asshole. I knew her ass would make quick work of me, so as soon as I could, I began pumping in and out of her so fast and so hard the sound of my balls slapping her ass cheeks drowned out her heated moans. I soon felt the pressure building in my loins and, evidently, she sensed it, too, through my pounding member.

"Mmm FUCK! Cum in my ass" she commanded.

My mind became a euphoric haze as I finalized my domination of this minx by releasing a torrent of my seed into her. I felt every milliliter of cum pulsing through my throbbing cock as I emptied my aching balls into her constricting asshole. She was mine. I had taken this married sex-bomb's mouth, her cunt, even her angelic ass, and better yet she had begged me to do all of it.

That was to be our final romp, sadly. The next time I found myself at their house, Bailey was making her usual sly gestures toward me all night, and I was so drunk on these weird "vodka coffee can" drinks that I would have nailed her right in front of her husband had she asked. While we weren't quite that stupid that night, we were close. The moment Keith went to bed for the night, Bailey was on her knees, blowing her favorite dick in their living room. She guided me to the extra bedroom and in my drunken stupor, I proceeded to screw her right on the floor, without even closing the door. This was, as you could guess, a poor decision. I was halfway to flooding her box with my cum when we heard him.

"WHAT the FUCK!?"

It was Keith. I felt his fist hit my right ear before I had the chance to get to my feet. After standing up, it was all I could do to keep my drunk-ass self from laughing at how softly he punched. Luckily I managed to hold my tongue and prevent a fist-fight. That night ended with Bailey locking herself in her bedroom while Keith screamed at me till he was red in the face. Later, Bailey eventually accused me of forcing her, which Keith believed, of course; he didn't want to accept that his wife would willingly give herself to another man. I calmly reminded Keith that I was the one who was too drunk to legally consent that night. Then I told him how I had fucked his wife dozens of times, and asked if he really thought I would have had to force her to sleep with someone she'd been banging willingly and regularly for the last year. It infuriated him, but he knew that I was telling him the truth.

We obviously haven't talked since then, but every night I think about that year, and every thought is always the same: a tinge of guilt for betraying Keith, followed by a flood of desire for the incendiary body of the wife he inexplicably convinced to marry him.

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by MightyHorny04/14/18

Wait a second...

This guy is still married?

Why the fuck Keith didn't make Bailey tell his wife? Why didn't he do it himself?

In any case... yes, such a story featuring a bonafide snake-in-the-grass sounds legit. Hellmore...

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