tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI was Watching

I was Watching


I didn't know who it was that watched me as I slowly rubbed my clit and pulled on my nipples, but all I knew was that I liked it. The curtains flapped and if I squinted and looked really hard, I could maybe make out the dark figure that stood a ways back from opening. This had become an almost daily ritual for me and my shadowy figure. I laid spread out on my bed as he watched me pleasure myself through the window. Sometimes he would let me know he was there and sometimes I wasn't sure. Either way, it was our little secret.

My fingers slid through my dripping wet slit and I thought I almost heard a moan coming from outside. This drove me on, thinking about what my mysterious stranger may be doing out there as he watched. I lifted my hips off my bed, my young body still limber and strong thrusting into my hand. The juices pour out onto my hand as I thrust two fingers inside, a loud moan escaping. My excitement was apparent as I continued to finger myself, the pleasure only heightened by the fact that I was playing for an audience.

Not wanting to keep repeating my show, I stopped and rolled over and reached into my bedside table, pulling out a large vibrator. A devilish smile crosses my face as I wondered what my stranger thought of that. I scooted to the edge of the bed now standing bent over the bed, my ass mere feet away from the open window and my watcher on the other side.

I move my hand underneath and begin to rub my clit, my hips thrusting against the edge of the bed. With the other hand I turn on the vibrator to max and push it deep into my pussy, leaving it there. It takes all my muscle control to hold the large vibrator inside as I spread my ass cheeks with my other hand.

A loud moan escapes my mouth as I rub harder, the vibrator tingling inside me. My hips thrust fasters into my hand, pushing hard against the edge of the bed. For a moment, my mind turns to my audience and I knew I wanted to give him a little extra thrill. My other hand slide down my ass check and a finger find my tight hole. I start to tickle my ass with my finger, the sensation driving me wild before slowly pushing one finger inside my ass. The sudden sensation of pleasure and pain sends me over the top and I thrust wildly against the best. My muscles clench and pulsate as I orgasm, my pussy pushing out the vibrator with the contractions and I hear it land on the floor.

I lay on my bed panting for a minute. The wave of pleasure pulsated through my body all the way to my toes and back up to my head. Slowly I pull my finger from my ass and I roll over onto my back and stare up at the ceiling. My right hand was covered in juices from my orgasm and I slowly lick each finger clean. I wasn't sure if my stranger was still watching but I was sure he would love watching me taste myself.

With one last lick and a stretch, I sat up, my head still swimming. I stand slowly and put on my fluffy pink robe. I was still very aware of the open window even though he was probably gone by now. As I made my way back to the side of the bed, I watched the window closely for movement, but didn't find any sign of my stranger. Thinking he must have left, I bent to retrieve my vibrator from the floor only to find that it wasn't there. I fell to my hands and knees and looked all around the floor and under the bed. It took me a minute before I realized where it went. I shot upright and stared out into the darkness with a little fear and excitement at the same time. Nervously I closed the window.


The next morning I woke slowly as the sun peaked into my room. I could feel my sheets soaked with the arousal of the dream I had been having. My mind kept thinking about the vibrator and my stranger. The thought of him reaching inside my room and grabbing it as I lay there recovering from my orgasm made my pussy throb all over again.

I threw on clothes quickly and raced out into the kitchen. I knew I had to tell someone what happened.

My dad was already in the kitchen scanning through the morning paper as I rushed in quickly grabbing a banana and a soda from the fridge. He glanced up at me curiously. "Where are you off to in such a rush?"

"I won't stay there all day...I promise."

"Don't you have to get to school?" he asked, still confused.

"Its Saturday dad," I called out as I walked out the kitchen door into the yard. "Oh yeah," he mumbled as he turned his concentration back to the morning paper and his coffee. My dad was not a morning person and usually I'm not either, but I had to tell Jessica about my night.

I decided to slowly walk the half a block down to her house rather than run, even though I was so anxious to get there. It really was more of a rapid walk and I found myself there in no time. I took a couple deep breaths before knocking on the door. After a minute, Jessica's dad answered. "Hi Alana."

"Hi, Mr. Walters, is Jessica home?"

"She's upstairs. Did you run here?"

My eye widened nervously, crazily afraid that maybe he knew something was weird. "No, I just wanted to see Jessica."

He moved to the side to let me pass. "Go on upstairs dear." I quickly slipped passed him and bolted up the stairs and down the hall to Jessica's room. I knocked quickly and opened the door. Jessica seemed startled as she looked up from her laptop.

"Hey, Alana, what's wrong with you?"

"Do I look that bad?" I asked, thinking that I had actually managed to keep rather calm.

"You look....frazzled would probably be the best word."

I threw myself on her bed and buried my face in her pillow. "Something happened last night." I said into the pillow. "Ok, if you are going to talk, I have to be able to understand you," Jessica said as she swiveled in her computer chair to look at me. I flipped over onto my back and stared up at the ceiling. "Something happened with my stranger last night."

Jessica seemed to perk up. She loved listening to my stories about my stranger and the things I would do for him. "What happened?"

I inhaled deeply and recounted what had happened last night. "And then when I went to get the vibrator...it wasn't there. I looked everywhere. He must have reached in the window and grabbed it while I was still facing the other direction. He must have been inches away from me and I didn't even know it."

"Whoa," Jessica breathed.

"I know. I mean it scared me and excited me all at the same time."

"That is kind of creepy, but after all this time I'm surprised he hasn't escalated this already. I mean you have been masturbating for him for like two months now."

"But what's going to happen next? And what do you think he is doing with it?" I shiver involuntarily at the thought.

"Who knows at this point? He does know where you live and where your room is obviously," Jessica said. "And who knows who it really is....could be anyone. Could be Jared," Jessica said with a giggle. It wasn't the first time she had suggested her brother as the possible identity of my stranger.

"That's gross Jessica," I said once again, quickly dismissing the idea. There was no way it was Jared. He was only a year older than me and for some reason I knew my stranger wasn't a boy. It was like I could feel it was a man watching me. "He was technically in my room though Jessica. What if my parents found out?"

Jessica just waved her hand as if it didn't matter. "You're 18. What can they do?"

"I don't even want to think about it."

"The thought of him so close to touching you was more exciting than scary, isn't it?"

I covered my face with the pillow and said "Yes" knowing that wasn't the way I was supposed to be thinking. And even though I knew I shouldn't be excited, I knew my panties were already wet.


After my conversation with Jessica, I decided that what I was doing wasn't so wrong. Instead of being afraid of it, I decided to go along with it and see where things led. So I started to plan what I was going to do for him that night. My parents were going out to a friend's party that night so I was going to be alone and they probably wouldn't be back until really late. That meant I could do anything tonight and they wouldn't be around to catch me.

As soon as they left for the party, I began to prep myself by fixing up my hair and putting on makeup. I took the time to spread lotion all over my skin and slowly pulling on a sheer black teddy and thong. I admired myself in the mirror and knew that he would love it.

With a new instilled confidence I walked down the hall and opened the door to my bedroom. The room was dark and I tried to remember if I had turned out the light. I reached over and turned on the light and walked in, shutting the door behind me. I jumped when I heard a voice behind me. "My, my, look at you."

I spun around and stared in amazement. There was a man sitting on my bed and suddenly I was very ashamed of what I was wearing and searched frantically for something to cover myself up with. "Mr. Wal-Walters," I stammered. "What are you doing here? Um....Jessica isn't here."

He pushed himself up from the bed and walked toward me. "Oh Alana, my dear, I know. It is you I have come to see. You know I have come to see every night for the past two months now." I freeze at his words, my mouth dropped in shock. "Now the time for watching is over." He reached out and put his hands on my shoulders.

"But...But my parents...." I tried to turn away, but he held me in place.

"Are at the same party I'm supposed to be at. Sudden migraine kept me from going. That and the chance to finally touch what you have been teasing me with." His hands slid down my arms and wrapped around my back, pulling my body close to him.

"But you're Jessica's dad."

"I know and I have watched you for so long and watched as you because this sexy woman and have dreamt of touching you for years." He bent down and kissed my neck and I tried to pull away. "Stop fighting me Alana. I know you want this too. I watched how much it turned you on to watch me."

I made one last effort to try to get away. "But I didn't know it was you."

Suddenly his face became dark and his hand rose and came down hard, slapping me across the face. "Listen bitch, you can't sit there and tease me like a whore and then try to say 'no' to me. I'm taking you whether you want me to or not." He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and planted a kiss firmly on my lips.

He turned and pushed me hard toward the bed so I stumbled and fell back on it. I looked up at him, fear and adrenaline pumping through me. My mind was racing a million miles a minute as I watched him approach me. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt and I watched, unable to tear my eyes away. His chest was chiseled and strong. His arms bulged and flexed as he moved and I knew that he was right. There was no way I was going to be able to get away.

My body began to shake as he sat down on the bed next to me. His hand reached out and I flinched a little when his fingers lightly touched my skin. They made their way from my neck, down between my breasts and danced around my belly. "This is such a beautiful top," he whispered softly. "Too bad I'm going to have to destroy it." His statement hadn't even sunk in before he grabbed the top of my teddy and pulled it apart. The sound of ripping fabric was jarring to me and I tried to turn away, but he quickly grabbed me and held me in place.

His finger tips traced along my skin and it responded quickly, goose bumps spreading all over my skin. I watched as his mouth moved to my neck, biting and kissing the skin softly. My body reacted to his touches even though my brain was screaming.

I was surprised at how slow he was moving. His fingers danced softly across my skin without touching anything too sensitive. His mouth traveled slowly down my neck and between my breasts. My body was no longer trembling from his touch. In fact it was starting to react oppositely. My skin tingled and warmed with every passing second. I even moaned once his mouth finally found my nipple.

My body betrayed me as it arched into him as he sucked on the tip. Another moan passed through my lips and my brain was not longer thinking.

Then suddenly my body came alive as his hand slid under my panties and through my slit, rubbing slowly along my clit and tickling the opening with the tip of his fingers. He moaned low and deep and said roughly, "See, I knew you wanted me. You are so wet baby."

I shut my eyes and gave into the sensations he was creating, pushing my hips up into his hand. This reaction made him growl deeper and bite down on my nipple as his hand rubbed quickly across my quick. I bucked into him, moaning louder. My eyes shot open as he slid three fingers inside me, stretching my opening. "My god," I whispered.

"Yes I am dear," he said smiling as he pumped his fingers in and out of me slowly. I bit my lower lip, lifting my hips higher to meet him. "You love my touch, don't you baby?" All I could do was nod pathetically. "I brought something back to you." He reached and grabbed my vibrator from the bedside table. With all the commotion I hadn't even noticed it there.

He pulled his finger out of my pussy and brought them to my lips. "Taste what I do to you." I reluctantly opened my mouth and he pushed the three fingers inside and I began to suck on them. As I sucked I felt the sudden pleasure of the vibrator being held against my clit. My hips jumped at the unexpected sensation. He pushed me back down on the bed and started rubbing the vibrator on my click. "Keep sucking those fingers slut." His harsh tone frightened me again, but I obey and sucked them, running my tongue along the tips. "That's a good girl."

The vibrator flicked against my clit and I started to moan feeling the desire and pleasure rise inside me. I was going to cum for him and I wasn't even sure if I even wanted to fight him anymore. But then he pulled the vibrator away and my body slumped back into the bed. "Not yet dear. The first time you cum for me, I'm going to taste it. I've dreamt for so long about how good you must taste."

He slid off the bed and grabbed my hips, pulling me to the edge and knelt down between my legs. "Mmmm beautiful," he whispered harshly as he inspected my pussy up close. His tongue slowly stretched out and touched my clit, dragging along it, making my body jump at the intense and new sensation. This reaction fueled him on and suddenly he seemed insatiable as he devoured me with his mouth. His tongue moved all along my pussy. He bit down softly at first and then harder, making me scream. The pain felt so good and he knew it.

It only drove him on harder as he sucked, his tongue darting in and out. All thoughts had escaped my head and all there was left was only the sensation. I thrust my hips against him wanting more. My orgasm rose within me, getting closer and closer to that edge.

He read my body easily, bringing me closer and closer but not pushing me over until her wanted me too. Then he drew a loud scream from me as he bit down hard on my clit and flicked his tongue along the flesh there. Right then he turned the vibrator to max and shoved it inside me, fucking me hard with my vibrator. In moments my body was convulsing as the orgasm exploded throughout my body. My legs clench around him, thrusting wildly against his mouth as the waves of pleasure pulsated through my pussy.

Once I had finally calmed down, he back away from me smiling wide. "That was amazing baby," he growled softly. Then I felt the vibrator being pulled out, feeling the juices flow out of me and onto the floor. "Oh my dear, you are soaked." He ran his hand up my dripping pussy. "Here have a taste." He spread it all over my face and mouth, pushing his fingers in my mouth roughly. I sucked on his fingers, looking up at him. "Don't worry. There is so much more where that came from. I'm nowhere near done with you." He stood and I watched, suddenly frightened again as he began undoing his pants. "I'm going to feel what that pussy feels like clenching around my cock."

"But..." I whispered. "but...I'm...."

"A virgin?" he said with an evil smile and I just nod. "I know baby and I'm going to take your virginity tonight."

I just laid there watching, knowing better than to fight him anymore and a deep part inside not wanting to. My eyes were transfixed as he pulled down his pants and boxer. His huge, hard cock stood erect and I inhaled sharply. "That's....that's much bigger than my vibrator," I whispered

"I know. That is why you are going to love it." He grabbed my hips and pulled me up to meet him, positioning his cock at my opening. "Do you want it fast or slow?"

I looked up at him with pleading eyes. "Slow."

With one quick thrust, he pushed his cock deep inside me and I screamed as it burned and stretched my inexperienced hole. He held my hips tight as he pulled out and pushed back deep inside me, drawing from me another scream. "Sorry baby. I couldn't resist ramming that teasing cunt of yours." He began pumping into me faster and harder, each thrust drawing a scream and moan from me as my pussy became soaked again. I watched him looking down at his soaked cock sliding in and out of me and found no mercy there, only animal lust and desire. "Oh fuck," he said between heavy breaths and I knew he was close to orgasm and I felt relieved.

He pumped hard and fast but then, pulled out, lowering my hips bad onto the bed. With another wicked smile he climbed on the bed, straddling my face. "Clean my cock before I fuck you again." I looked up at him as I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock deep down my throat making me choke instantly. "That's a good cunt." He pulled out and shoved it deep inside again, grabbing my hair and pushing me onto him. I choked and spit around his shaft, tears streaming down my face.

"Mmmm, yes, choke on it," he moaned, before pulling it out and standing up again. He grabbed me roughly and flipped me over so I was bent over my bed. "I really did enjoy you in this position last night and knew I had to fuck you this way." He spread my legs and watched my pussy leak down onto the floor again. "There was just one thing you did wrong though." The sudden sensation of my vibrator against my pussy made me jump. He pushed it deep inside me and started pumping it slowly in and out. "Ask me what you did wrong."

I looked back helplessly at him. "What did I do wrong?" I said, my voice shaking slightly.

He pulled out the vibrator and inspected it before placing the tip against my tight asshole. "You fucked the wrong hole with your vibrator."

"No..." I began to protest but bit the words off when he brought his hand hard against my ass making it burn.

"Shut up bitch. I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want to and you are going to love it."

My body began to shake again as I felt him begin to put pressure on my tight hole. Slowly my ass opened, accepting the tip inside. He took his time, pushing the vibrator deeper and deeper into my ass. The sensation surprised me as I felt it slowly stretch and fill me. My pussy was pouring out more and more. Once it was all in, he look back and admired it, his fingers softly caressing my cheeks. "God you look so pretty with a vibrator sticking out of your ass." He turned the vibrator to max and I moaned in an unexpected rush of pleasure overcame me. "I just have to fuck you."

My breath caught in my throat when I heard those words. I watched in horror as he positioned himself behind me, the tip of his cock rubbing along my wet pussy. My body trembled in anticipation as he grabbed my hips. Slowly this time, he pushed his thick cock into me, filling me complete. It hurt, but only at first. The pain was soon overtaken by all the sensations rushing through my body.

"Fuck," I groaned between heavy breathing.

That was all the encouragement he needed. He began to thrust into me hard and fast, each time trying to push his cock in deeper. "God," he rasped. "I can feel that vibrator deep in your ass vibrating all along my cock. Your pussy just swallows my cock. Fuck your tight." He seemed to be babbling, but I barely heard anything. The throbbing was taking over my whole body and I was lost in the pleasure of my holes being stretched and forced in a way I would feel guilty about later.

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