tagInterracial LoveI WILL Have You Ch. 06

I WILL Have You Ch. 06


Chloe and Damien had been dating for a few weeks now exclusively. Chloe could not believe that this wonderful man was hers and still had some doubts since everything was going so well. Damien couldn't believe that this beautiful, vivacious woman was his and had given them a chance. They were still very professional at work and there had been no more "sex-capades" at work. Everything was going great until one evening at Damien's house.

Damien had been asking Chloe every day after work since their office romance to come stay at his house. Chloe feeling it was too soon kept resisting and they'd stay at their own respective homes. Although, the Tuesday following the week after their office romance, everything changed...


Chloe was aimlessly typing away at her computer trying to get her report down so she could slip out early and get to Fredericks. Tonight she was going to go to her man's house and he was in for a surprise. She wasn't paying too much attention to her surroundings as she was trying to finish so when she heard someone clear their voice her head snapped up.

In front of her was a tall, model thin brunette that had on a suit with the tiniest skirt on that should've been deemed illegal and her jacket was so tight all she needed was a bra underneath, if she even had one on. Chloe trying to stay as professional as possible had to take a second before responding to her,

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm here to see Damien. Is he in?"

"He is but he's busy at the- ma'am...MA'AM?!" before Chloe could finish telling the woman that Damien was in on an important conference call she had already opened his door and closed it back.

She hopped up to intercept her before Damien lost his cool with whoever this woman was but when she opened the door all she saw was the woman straddling Damien in his office chair with her arms around his neck and her lips plastered to his. Her gasp was heard by Damien.

"Sorry for interrupting sir," she said as she turned to back out the office and shut the door back.

"CHLOE, come in here!"

"Sir, I have work—"

"Now!!" he yelled again.

When she turned Damien was out of his chair looking pissed as hell and the brunette disheveled as she sat on the floor where apparently Damien had thrown her too when he stood up.

"What?" Chloe asked as she already felt the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh...is this your little fling Damien. I've gotta admit she is rather cute."

"Shut the hell up Amy. Chloe, meet Amy my ex, from three months ago," Damien said as he looked at Amy like he could kill her

"Are you sure, because you looked pretty cozy to me a min ago," Chloe said.

"I assure you we are through. I don't even know what she's doing here."

Damien then turned to Amy.

"Why the hell are you here?"

"Oh Dami I want to make up and I know you can't resist me baby," Amy said as she had finally got herself off the floor and walked over to Damien.

Before she made it within a foot of him he retreated to the other side of the room closer to Chloe. He knew he had to get through to her. He'd told her she had nothing to worry about with any of his ex's and she'd assured him the same. Amy showing up was completely beside him.

"I told you weeks ago that we were over. It was just sex and nothing more. Find someone else to use. Don't you EVER fucking come back into my office like this again. We are DONE! If I see you again I'll bring you up on stalking and trespassing charges. If you think I'm playing fucking try me." Damien said as he looked at Amy with all the animosity he possessed in his body.

Amy had never seen anything like this and left without saying a word. That man is in-love. She thought to herself as she decided she'd have to find someone else to stroke her itch.

Back in the office Chloe still hadn't moved. She sat rigid in the spot she stood and Damien was afraid to approach her fearful she'd run like she has before. He spoke to her in a low tone afraid he would scare her away.

"Chloe...I swear that we are over and have been. I haven't seen her since I ended things with her over a month before we started dating."

"I believe you. Just was a bit much to see all that."

"I know and I'm sorry that it all happened, I know we discussed this and I assured you that this wouldn't happen and it did. I am so sorry baby. I apologize." Damien said as he edged closer to her to wrap her in his arms.

"I'm so sorry baby," he said into her hair as he held her.

Chloe let him hold her for a few minutes and then she decided she should make him pay rather it was his fault or not.

"I'm gonna go home for the rest of the day."

"Ok, I'll go with you."

"NO!...no. I want to be alone for a little bit."

"Ok," Damien said with some hesitation.


Damien hadn't spoken to Chloe since she left the office earlier that day. He called her about an hr before he left work and then again once he was walking to his car to check on her and tell her he was headed home and try to convince her to come over and finally stay. She didn't answer so he went to her house and got no answer. He tried her on her cell again with no avail. He then remembered that he had Eddie's number and called him.


"Eddie its Damien is Chloe with you?" He could hear a lot of noise in the background and heard someone say a total, so he knew he was in a store somewhere.

"Umm...yes she is." Eddie said as he walked away from the register where Chloe was making her purchase. He knew that was Damien calling her when she wouldn't pick up the phone. He was determined to get these two together by any means. "I can't get her to the phone though, but we'll be at my house in a few minutes if you want to meet us there."

"That I will. Thank you," Damien said as he hung up with Eddie. I don't know what the hell her problem is but we're fixing this tonight, at MY house.


Damien had been waiting outside Eddie's apartment for about ten minutes before he saw Eddie's car pull in. He got out expecting to have to drag Chloe to his house again like the first night. He walked up to Eddie but made sure he was in his line of view because the last thing he wanted to hear was a grown man screaming like a girl, gay or not.

"Hey Eddie."

"Oh hey Damien. Chloe wouldn't come over. Said she had some place to be. Of course I tried to pry where from her but she wouldn't give."

"Hmm...ok. Well if you hear from her tell her to call me asap," Damien said with no room left for discussion.

Eddie was scared to respond. He was clearly agitated and pissed with Chloe.

"Ok. Will do."

With that Eddie turned and went into his apartment and Damien went back to his car. He drove past her house again to make sure she wasn't there and then went in the direction of his house to wait anxiously for her phone call. He was really starting to get worried...


He pulled into his driveway, punched in his gate code and drove up to his garage 4 car garage. His house was just outside the city limits and sat on 15 acres. It was a 4500sq feet brick one story villa. Complete with a circular drive in the front of the house. Infinity pool, master suite and 6 additional bedrooms, each with their own bathroom that he planned to fill with him and Chloe's kids.

As soon as he opened the door off the garage he knew someone was in his house. He'd never smelt the fragrance that was wafting to his nose. He slowly shut the door and locked it because whoever had the balls to break in was not leaving easily. He slowly made his way in the dark to the master suite where it looked like the light was coming from, wondering why in the hell a burglar would freshen his house. He'd only been in his house a month but he knew his way by heart and made his way around his furniture. He made it to the hall way, went past the first two bedrooms and got to the double doors of the master suite. He thought about going to the other side of the house where the other bedrooms were but felt confident the person was in his room. He slowly turning the knob and peeked around the doorway into the room, he pushed the door open all the way once he got a clear view of who it was in his room and stood in the doorway with his mouth and eyes open wide in surprise...


In his black modern four poster bed was Chloe with a hot pink sheer teddy on that tied around her neck; , pearl stud earrings, and hot pink stilettos. Her hair was curled in waves down to the middle of her back and caressed his pillow as she had obviously fallen asleep waiting on him to get home. She was on her side with her knees bent and pulled in close to her body. From where he stood he could clearly see her ass and pussy peaking through her legs.

He was ecstatic that she had decided to start staying at his house and mad at the same time that he'd been looking all over for her and she'd been here most of the time. He didn't know rather to sit and watch her peacefully sleep or wake her and show her how mad he was......he decided on the latter.

He slowly made his way through his large walk-in closet to the bathroom, taking note of her suit she put in the open space on the opposite wall across from his clothes and smiled. Things are finally working out.

After taking a shower he made his way back into the bedroom stark naked and stood at the foot of his bed. She hadn't moved an inch. He slowly went around to the side looking up and down her body as he went like a predator about to capture his prey. Once he got around to the side she was closest to he touched her ankle and held it there to see if she'd stir, when she didn't he continued. He slowly ran his hand up her calf...past her knee...and as he was getting to the middle of her thigh she stirred, stretching her legs out to avoid whatever was tickling her and was getting ready to settle back into her comfortable position when he reach his hand back and then slapped her on her exposed ass cheek.

"AHH," Chloe screamed as she jerked awake into a sitting position and looked around frantic until her eyes settled on him.

"What the FUCK Damien?!"

"Get up. Now."

She looked around trying to decipher if something was going on or rather had happened. When she stood up she tried to ask him what the problem was but he grabbed her into a fierce hug. He was holding her so tight her back cracked.


"Shut up," he said as he continued to hold her. He knew he was holding her a little too tight so he released some of the tension in his arms.

"Damien, what's-

"Chloe, Shut. Up. Just let me hold you for a second."

She heard in his voice there was no room for argument. He held her for another min or two before letting her go. He stepped back from her to the other side of the bed and felt her eyes on him the whole time.

"Where have you been?"

It took her a second to answer because she could see he was trying to restrain his anger. His jaw was tense and she could see the anger in his eyes. They were staring right through her.

"I...I've been here. I got here a little over an hour ago" she stammered. Afraid that the truth was not be enough for him and his anger. She had been at his house waiting on him to arrive every since her and Eddie left the mall over an hour ago. She jumped as he yelled at her.

"DON'T, lie to me Chloe."

"Damien," she gasped out having never seen him like this. "I have been here since 6, it's 713. I was waiting on you to get here and I fell asleep I've been a little tired lately.

"Why didn't you answer any of my phone calls?"

"My phone hasn't rung," she said as she walked over to the nightstand to retrieve it. "Oh."

"Oh what," he said with sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"It's dead, but I forgot my charger when I stopped to pack my bag so I wouldn't have gotten any of your calls either way. I'm sorry Damien. I didn't mean to worry you. I went to the mall with Eddie, went home to pack a bag and I've been here every since. I thought I'd surprise you...Surprise," she said as she tried to smile through her apprehension.

Once she saw he wasn't having it so she put her head down not being able to keeping looking into his angry eyes that hadn't diverted away from her. She knew his anger was a cover for worry and the last thing she wanted was to worry him. It was only meant to be a surprise. Her phone dying was not part of the plan. Honestly.

Damien sighed and put his head down once he realized she was telling the truth.

"I was so worried about you Chloe and then that worry became anger when you weren't answering me."

"I'm sorry. It was never my intention for this to happen this way. You said you wanted me here and I was being my normal defiant self and wouldn't come, so once I got up the nerve to come I wanted it to be special.

He continued looking at her and watched her fidget for another minute before he couldn't ignore the fact that she looked so fucking sexy. Her curly hair had already become bed hair and was all over the place. She looks so adorable even in her negligee. He knew she could see the erection he was sporting and was surprised that it happened in a span of 3 seconds by the way her eyes widened when she saw it move.

"Come here," he said as he looked at her through his hooded eyes. As she started to make her way around his king size bed he stopped her.

"No, across the bed."

She had definitely noticed that he was naked but knew it wasn't the time to play with him when she saw how angry he was. She hadn't sucked his dick yet and she was dying for a taste.

She slowly lifted her right knee onto the bed and slid it forward slowly until her pussy met the edge of the bed. From that slight angle he could see her glistening pussy and knew he'd have her on her back as soon as she made it over to him. Once her pussy met the bed she slowly leant forward on the bed until her hands met the comforter and then slowly brought her other leg up onto the bed until she was in a doggy style position and started to crawl towards him. On the last foot of space she dived into his body before he could touch her and because his dick was sticking straight out she was at the perfect level for it to go right into her mouth.

"OH FUCK," Damien yelled out. She's sucking my dick. I never....well I had hoped.

"Mmm" they moaned at the same time. Her because he was so hot, hard and soft all in one and he tasted so delicious. She was not one for swallowing but there's a first time for everything... He moaned because she was doing wonderful things with his mouth. She would swirl her tongue around the head and then dip down and suck him in as far as her mouth could take him. He wasn't the longest or widest in the world but he was a good 8inches long and 6inches around. She was sucking his dick so good you would've thought she did it for a living but Chloe had only ever sucked one other dick. She just had this passion with Damien that she slobbered all over his dick like it was her last Popsicle.

"Mmm...mmm...mmm," she moaned each time she went down on his dick. He tastes soo good.

She's sucking my dick so fucking good, I've gotta stop her or I'm gonna blow!

"Baby, stop," he said as he pulled her off of him. After he heard her whimper of disappointment he knew he had to be in her soon. "As much as I loved what you were doing to me, I would've been done in the next 10 seconds. We'll save that for another time."

As she sat back on to her heels he looked around the room to take his mind of her mouth and try to gain some of his control that she had diminished from him. It wasn't until then that he noticed the blindfold, flagger and silk scarves on his nightstand.

"What are those for?"

"For you...to use on me..." she said with hesitation not knowing how he'd feel about a little bondage. It was a hidden passion of hers to be tied up and she only wanted him to do it. She looked up at him under her eyelashes like a child being scorned with a scared look in her eyes. She didn't want him to think she was a freak, she just happened to be a woman that wasn't scared to explore her sexual desires.

"I...when...I didn't," he just stopped talking after he couldn't get more than two words out. Omg I'd love to tie her up and watch her writher and do so many more things to her.

She put her head down and started to get off the bed talking his speechlessness as a form of rejection but before her foot could touch the bed he was on it and after her.

"You REALLY need to stop running. It makes me WANT to tie you up," he said in her ear as he wrapped his arms and hands around her body to keep her in place.

She gasped out her breathe as he spoke to her. Feeling his warm breathe caress her ear was making her wet beyond her wildest dreams...

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