tagErotic PoetryI wish I could say...

I wish I could say...


I wish I could say...

I wish I could say that I knew him.
I wish I could say I knew he cared.
I wish I could say that he told me he loved me.

I can’t cause I don’t
and I can’t cause I’m not sure.
I can’t deny knowing inside that he is gonna leave and I’ll be alone.

Because his kisses are empty,
and his cock is wrapped up
and its softer than ever before,
and he’s trying to fuck me
but I know that I can’t get him up,
and I cry and I cry
silent with my ass in the air.

And he says that he's sorry,
and I tell him I love him,
and the condom is thrown to the floor,
he turns away and leaves,
alone I cry naked...
and still pure.

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