Although this story is placed in the incest category, it could very well have been entered with the mind control or science fiction stories. I often find it restricting to stick to one topic while I write, which is why my stories meander from one class to another at times. That said I hope you enjoy this tale, which given a man with Ian's powers is not altogether too implausible. Maybe he already exists!

Ian was reclined in his large padded leather chair idly regarding the magnificent view of the houses of Parliament from his personal office. As he relaxed he let his mind drift back over his life. Although he was only thirty, he was already chairman of the largest private bank in England. The reason for his position was simply that he could control anybody's mind, completely. From an early age he had always managed to get his own way. Being young had he never realized he had any special power. It was not 'till he was eleven and his parents were telling him that he had to go away to a boarding school that he found that by concentrating hard he was able to change their minds and let him go to a nearby day school. Later in bed he thought about what had happened, he fell asleep before to long, but in the morning at school he decided to try an experiment.

The lesson that morning was maths and their teacher, Mr. Jones, was asking them fairly easy sums that they had to do in their heads. When he asked the boy on his left a question, Ian quickly 'planted' the wrong answer in the boy's mind. The boy immediately said it out loud. The whole class laughed as it had been quite a simple question and the answer and had been completely wrong. Ian was so surprised by what had happened that he didn't hear Mr. Jones asking him a question. As his teacher looked at him Ian felt the number flash into his mind and although he had missed the question he knew that it was the right answer. He told Mr Jones the number and his teacher replied that he was impressed, as he was sure that he hadn't heard the question. Next Ian tried to make Mr. Jones give out a curtain question. By concentrating hard he was able to dictate to the teacher exactly what he was to say. Also he became aware of feeling what Mr. Jones was feeling. Ian also knew that his teacher was completely unaware of what was happening.

From then on Ian practiced his newfound power whenever he could. At dinner times he would make the dinner ladies give him just what he wanted. The teachers never asked him a question he didn't know the answer to. At exams all he had to do was read the minds of his friends or the teacher who was in the room. By the end of the school year he was able to read the minds, and also control the actions of anyone, even when they were up to a mile away. Ian's life ran in a similar vein until he left collage.

The day after Ian's eighteenth birthday, he and his family went to a cottage on the south coast of England, near Exmouth. It was while on holiday, on a particularly hot afternoon that he first 'noticed' girls, or more precisely a young woman. He was sitting at the end of a quiet beach watching a woman of about twenty-two changing into a swimsuit, using a large towel. As he watched her towel dropped giving him a glimpse of her breasts. He felt his dick grow and he suddenly had an urge to see the woman completely naked. As she was on her own and there was no one else within at least two hundred yards, he 'told' the woman to stop what she was doing while he walked over to her. When he was in front of her he sat on the sand. Then he made her drop the towel so that he could see her. She still had on her knickers so he let her remove them. When she was naked, he 'told' her that she was used to him seeing her like that and they had known each other for years. She sat on the sand just in front of him and as they talked Ian studied her body.

She told him that her mother was coming to join her shortly, and when Ian saw her coming he went into her mind and left instructions for her. When she reached them both she greeted Ian like a long lost friend and proceeded to remove her clothes when she was also nude she sat down next to her daughter. Like her daughter she was slim with large breasts that had large hard nipples. Ian spent the next hour or so talking with them and asking them all about their bodies. Ian removed his shorts and as they chatted both women were watching his erection, the mother moved next to him and took his erection in her hand. As she held it in he reached out and felt her breasts, after only a few seconds he shot sperm all over her hand.

The orgasm affected him so much that for a moment he lost his hold on the women's minds. When he recovered the young woman had wrapped her towel around her self and was looking at her mother who was just reaching for hers. Straight away he went into their minds again and they both relaxed. He asked them to tell him as much as they could about sex. He listened as they both told him as if it were a normal conversation. He learnt all they knew about sex, all the positions they knew and of which were their favourites. The mother said that hers was when she was on top. The daughter's was while she was on her back. They were both still talking in a normal way and by now Ian was hard again. He said that he would like to try sex with the daughter and her mother said that of course he could. Her daughter lay back onto the sand and with her mothers' help, Ian got his dick into her and did as they told him. Again he came after only a moment, but this time he was able to retain his hold on them both. The mother asked him if he had enjoyed it. He said that he had and that if he went hard again he would try her in her favourite position. She told him that he would go hard again in a moment especially if she helped. She asked him to lie back and she knelt by his side and held his soft dick in her hand. After playing gently with it she lowered her head and took it into her mouth, before long it was hard again, she asked him if he was ready before she swung one leg over him and lowered herself onto his dick.

The mother slowly moved herself with her pendulous tits brushed his chest. She told him to kiss the nipples and then to bit them as well. While she rode him he saw a group of people approaching. He easily went into their minds to make them ignore what was happening. They settled nearby, laying out their towels and blankets. It was an extended family, with grandparents' parents and two teenage girls, as he watched them he wondered what it would be like to make them all strip. With this thought he came for the third time. The mother calmly told him that she had come as well, and Ian asked her what she meant. The two women then patiently explained what she meant.

When they had finished he turned to the family and sent instructions to all of them, to make them remove their clothes. When they were all undressed he wondered over to take a better look at them. They were all over weight and none of them were too attractive so he left them were they were. When another couple approached he decided to leave their minds alone and see what happened. He listened to their thoughts as they saw the two groups of naked people and after they had passed they stayed nearby and watched them. The man was asking the woman if she fancied going nude. When she agreed they both stood up and removed their clothes. Then they both ran down the beach to swim. By the end of the afternoon there were over forty nude people at their end of the beach. Ian left the couple he was with after asking where they lived and letting return to normal. He smiled as they looked around at all the nudists and realizing that they were nude as well. To his surprise neither bothered to covered themselves.

Later that night in bed Ian again got a hard-on. The mother had said she was staying nearby so he 'went' out to her mind. Five minutes later he was in the garden waiting for her. She walked up to him, dressed in a thin cotton nightdress. As she moved her large breasts moved freely under it. They kissed like lovers and Ian ran his hands all over her body. She sat on a table and Ian quickly penetrate her. Before long she moaned and whispered that she was coming. When she did Ian came as well. He sent her home, knowing that she would not remember their meeting.

The next morning he watched his mother as they ate their breakfast. He went into her mind, something he had often done, but this time he wanted to find out what she thought about sex. To his surprise he found that she wanted sex far more than his father, and that she rarely 'came' when they did. She was always in a mild state of frustration. As he 'read' these thoughts he decided that he would change that later. To make sure that they would be on their own, Ian sent his father out fishing for the day. He spent the next half-hour trying to decide what he would do with his mother. In the end he decided that he would 'alter' her mind as little as necessary .

When they were alone he waited until his mother went to her room before going there as well. He walked in after knocking and lay on her bed. His mother was looking for something to wear; she had on only her bra and panties. As he lay on the bed the only thing he did to his mother, was relax her. When he had done that, she decided on what to wear. Watching his mother as she moved about the room Ian realised just how good her figure was.

Ian wanted to have sex with his mother but didn't want to resort to altering her mind. As he fought a battle in his mind he didn't realise that his erect dick had been noticed by his mother. The stronger part of his soul won the battle just as his mother settled beside him. In her relaxed state which was similar to being half drunk she had become highly aroused at the realisation that she was responsible for her sons problem.

Ian picked up on her thoughts and knew that his mother had no objections to him removing his shorts, in fact she secretly longed to see his erection. As Ian lay beside his mother he slowly stroked himself. He fixed his eyes on his mother's body and easily imagined her naked beside him. His first orgasm of the day was the most powerful he'd ever had. The first glob of sperm shot over a foot into the air before it landed on his mothers arm.

As Ian watched she licked the lump of goo from her wrist before scraping the rest up from her son's stomach with her finger to eat as well. The seductive display had Ian hard again in an instant. He knew that his mother was now highly aroused, it would be so easy to 'make' her submit to his whim but still he resisted. As a consolation to himself he allowed his mother to remove her dress. This she eagerly did and then went on to remove her underwear as well. Once she was also naked she too gave in to her inner desires and began to finger herself while Ian once more slowly jerked off. As he felt his own climax building he also 'listened' to his mothers. Before too long they both groaned and shuddered though their mutual orgasms.

For a few moments after he had come Ian studied his mother inside and out. Her near perfect figure was as fine as any he'd ever seen and her mind was clear and uncluttered by bitterness and envy. This was more unusual than you would imagine. As his mother slowly climbed down from her plateau of tranquillity her modestly returned. She sat on the edge of the bed as she slipped the dress on once more.

When she was covered she also asked Ian to put his shorts back on, which he did. As they went down to the kitchen his mother slowly began to feel guilty about what had happened. As they drank a cup of coffee she tried to apologise to Ian for what had occurred. He quickly reassured her that it had been something they had both wanted to happen and that no one would ever know about. This brightened her mood considerably and before long they had decided to hit the beach for the day.

They had dinner on the beach and later as they lay sleepily together under a parasol, Ian decided to tell her about his power.

At first she didn't believe him, telling him that he was imagining things. He asked her to watch the woman who was sunbathing in a bikini nearby. As she watched the woman reached behind her back and removed her top.

"You do that?" his mother asked him.

"Of course." Ian replied. "Now watch that man, the one walking towards us."

As he got near to them Ian made him go up to the lady and tell her to put her top back on. This she did without a word and went back to her sun bathing. His mother still didn't believe him completely.

"OK then you ask me to do something to someone."

"All right do you see that posh looking woman, just in front of us?"

"Yes." he replied.

"Make her come over to us."

"Then what?" he asked.

"How about making her show you her knickers, I bet you can't do that," she teased.

He looked at his mother and with out even turning, he made the woman get up and walk straight to them.

"Excuse me." she said in a polite voice,

"Would you mind if I was to show you my knickers."

"Not at all." Ian replied.

The lady then lifted her skirt so that they both could clearly see her white cotton panties.

"Thank you ever so much." she said and left.

Ian's mother could not speak after the lady had gone. All she could do was watch as she walked back to her chair. Ian asked her if she believed him now. Of course she did.

"Who else knows about this?"

" No one." He replied.

His mother went quiet for a few minutes before asking, "Is that how you made be act like I did this morning?"

"No, all I did this morning was relax you. You wanted it to happen as much as I did. What I haven't told you is that I can also read peoples minds. I read yours at the breakfast table and could see that you were unhappy...."

"Oh." Was all she could say.

"Also I knew that the woman over there wanted to sunbathe topless but she didn't have the nerve to do it."

They spent most of the afternoon sat on the beach talking together and 'playing' with the other people on the beach, they took it in turns to think of things to make them do. Later in the kitchen, still in their bathing costumes, Ian asked if he could kiss her. At first she wanted to, but a second later she held back, Ian felt her guilt rise up again. We mustn't, was all she said but by then Ian was in front of her with his hands on her hips looking her straight in her eyes. Why mustn't we he asked as he brushed his lips against hers. We just shouldn't you're my son, I'm your mother. Yes I know but you're also a woman, who happens to be very attractive. He brought his face near to hers again and this time his kiss was longer. The next time he even felt her lips open slightly. Ian noticed that her eyes were now closed and when her looked into her mind he saw she wanted him to continue. Their next kiss was a proper one she held his head in her hands and let her self enjoy it completely. After they broke away, Ian reached up to her shoulders and slid the straps of his mother's costume from them. He slid them down her arms and looked at her full breasts as they came into view. He looked into his mothers mind and saw that she had already relaxed and was enjoying his touch. After he had felt her breasts and made her nipples go hard he continued to remove her swimsuit. She even opened her legs to allow him to slide it down.

When she was naked he stepped back to see her properly. She was he thought easily the most attractive woman he knew. Shall we have a shower she asked a moment later. They both went up stairs and into the shower together. It was while in there as they cleaned each other that she asked him if he had sent his father away this morning. He had, he told her, did she mind. No she said, it had been a wonderful day, just the two of them. All the time they had been in the shower Ian dick had been ridged. His mother had made him come as she cleaned him, but because he was young it had stayed hard. They finished their shower and dried each other.

By the time they were both dry they were also in a highly arousal state. With out a word they retired to the main bedroom to lie in each others arms and continued to explore each others bodies. The natural conclusion to this actively came and went, with no words spoken.

When Ian's father returned they were eating their tea in the kitchen. He'd had a great day fishing and told them all about it. That evening as it was too hot to sleep Ian again went into the garden. This time he went into the mind of the young woman from yesterday. When she arrived he asked her remove her knickers, which was all she had on. He lay on the damp grass and had her sit on top of him. As she made love to him he held her large tits in his hands and pinched her erect nipples. When they had finished he sent her home, without her knickers. He watched her leave and as she went he heard a door open behind him. Without looking he knew it was his mother and knew also that she was naked as well.

"I wasn't your first was I?" She asked as she lay next to him on the damp grass.

"No." he replied. "That woman and her mother were the first, I met them on the beach yesterday afternoon."

"You mean that from yesterday's start, you've had sex four times with three women."

"Six, the mother came here last night." he replied. She was a little shocked by his answer but then she realized that with his gift he could have any woman, at any time.

"You must be careful Ian, if anyone found out what you're doing, you could get into terrible trouble."

"No one will ever know what I'm doing, even if they did, I could easily make them forget."

They both lay on the grass, naked and silent, holding hands and watching the shooting stars. When they both grew cold they went back into the kitchen. Ian's father was sat at the kitchen table, Ian quickly 'told' him not to notice they were naked. His mother was embarrassed, but soon realized what Ian had done, then she relaxed. After a cup of hot chocolate, they all went up to bed.

That was the start of Ian's awakening, from then on, he and his mother made love wherever and whenever they wanted. That expression is often used but in this case it was completely true. Ian's powers grew and grew, before long he was able to hold whole crowds of people in his power. If he and his mother felt like getting down to it in the middle of Piccadilly Circus that is what they did.

On most nights he would send his father to sleep in the lounge so that he and his mother could sleep together. Before long. Ian 'arranged' for his father's secretary her to fall for him big-time and they found happiness in each others arms.

From the start he had known that his ability would make him rich; with his mothers help his wealth grew quickly. By the time he was twenty he was a multi-millionaire. Ian's gift meant that he could easily 'acquire' anything he wanted. At first he would get people to sell him and his mother things like cars and then houses at low prices and then sell them to other people who suddenly found that they just had to buy what Ian was selling.

Ian and his mother soon moved into a luxury apartment in London. Here they lived as man and wife. Ian would still bring girls and women home, usually two or three a week. Some times his mother would join him with them. Some times he used his power to obtain a new girl. But by now that wasn't usually necessary. When Ian and his mother were out, Ian would listen to his mother's mind. When she saw a man or sometimes even a woman that she liked he would 'arrange' for them to meet. His mother often spent the night, or once even a whole week with them. When she came back to him she always thanked him for what he had done. Their life was one of nearly continuous pleasure.

When Ian was twenty-four he set up a bank in the city. With him in control it quickly grew, as they were able to acquire investors from just about anywhere. Whatever he touched made money and his mother was always at his side, his best friend, partner and favourite lover.

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