tagIncest/TabooIda, Jan, and I Ch. 04

Ida, Jan, and I Ch. 04


As we entered the bathroom, Ida shut the door behind us...she then climbed into the shower, and turned it on...she grinned, "Come on in, the water's great..."

Jan climbed in next, and then myself.

Ida had had a major renovation done to this section of the house, she had had just a bathtub during my visits before, but a shower had been built around it, thick carpeting was on the floor (she'd just had a regular tile floor before) among other things...it really looked nice.

Jan commented, "This certainly is a very nice bathroom, just the kind that I'd like to have someday."

I said, "Yes, it is...Ida, you really have good taste decorating and all."

Ida grinned, as she reached for the soap, "I think so too...you both taste good." "So do you!" we both laughed.

The warm water really felt good...we began to soap each other down, washing the other's body thoroughly...however, in spite of cumming twice already, my dick was still somewhat semi-hard.

Both Jan and Ida noticed it and, giggling, they began to soap it down again as well as play with my balls, which turned me on again...the three of us started kissing each other.

I then began to finger-fuck both ladies, they sighed and moaned and thrust their hips in time to my motions...Ida gasped, "Oooh...honey, let's wait until we get dried off and we can go back into the bedroom."

Jan pouted, "I want some more now!" and without hesitation, dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck Ida's pussy again.

This turned Ida on immensely...and me too, I was positioned behind Ida and as Jan sucked and smacked her lips on Ida's cunt.

Ida then reached down with one hand and held Jan's pretty head in place...actually, Jan wasn't going anywhere, she loved the taste of Ida's vagina, she'd had a juicy morsel in her lovely mouth and didn't want to let it go.

I reached around and began to fondle Ida's gargantuan titties, they were so big that I couldn't even get a hand around one of them. Neither could Jan. The thick nipples stiffened in my hands as I did so.

I had became so turned on seeing them two again that I got rock-hard. The warm water had actually brought a lot back to us, but seeing Jan and Ida together was really great.

Ida bucked as she came again, "OOOH, SUCK THAT WHITE PUSSY YOU HORNY BLACK GIRL. SUUUUCCCKKKK ITTTTT!" Jan brought her to another very strong climax.

After Ida had came and relaxed somewhat, licking her lips, Jan then stood, and smiling, said to me, "I want to fuck Ida...I'm still pretty horny."

Ida said gently, "Actually, I am too...and your Unc once again has gotten an erection. Let's do somethin' about that."

We were all "squeaky clean" at that point, and Ida turned off the shower...we then toweled each other off as we stepped out. "Let me clean out your shower," I suggested.

I then grabbed a nearby can of cleanser and proceeded to do so...which meant that I had to bend over.

As I did I heard both of them sigh appreciatively and then Jan said, "Gosh, Unc, you have such a nice ass. So well shaped and everything. That turns me on, too."

Ida added, "I wish that my friend Traci could meet you...she too loves men's asses, but especially Black men's butts.

I need to try and get hold of her, she lives in another state but we talk or chat online from time to time as we can.

I know that you'd like each other. But I also am turned on to your nice, well shaped butt too, honestly. Men like lookin' at women's asses, but women also get off lookin' at guy's as well. I know that I have."

After I cleaned the shower area up, I exclaimed, "Damn! I forgot all about your TV in the front room, let me turn it off."

Ida said, "Okay...we'll be back in the bedroom. Come on back." Ida and Jan then, holding hands again, walked back across the hall into the bedroom.

I headed towards the front room area and retrieved the remote to turn off the TV. Before I did, I wanted to get a soda from Ida's enormous refrigerator, which I did.

And, after finding a can of Pepsi, I stood there and was watching whatever program was still playing as I drank it.

I finished the can and tossed it into a nearby trash bin, and then hit the remote button to "off" which deactivated the TV and walked back down the hall again to the bedroom.

As I was about to walk in, I saw Jan and Ida in a tribadism position...or, in slang terms, "pussy-bumping."

Talk about erotic...with all I'd seen and done that day, I once again got thoroughly turned on, I had seen that quite a few times in lesbian magazines or on websites, but to actually see it in person was something else to say the least.

Both women had their eyes shut as they rubbed wet pussies together, Jan and Ida's legs were wrapped around the other's torsos, Jan's cocoa-brown hips were grinding up against Ida's White but tanned ones, they came again and again, and at one point Jan yelled out "I WANT SOME WHITE PUSSY!" as she came; Ida yelled out the same except that she wanted and needed Black pussy.

On occasion they'd fondle and squeeze each other's titties...it was just too much, I began to jack myself off watching them...before I came though, Jan opened her eyes and said, "Oh, no, Unc...give that to one of us."

I walked over to Ida this time, she too had opened her pretty blue eyes, and smiling, without hesitation, took my dick down her throat.

Jan encouraged, "Fuck Ida's throat, Unc...fuck it deep and good." I needed no encouraging whatsoever, Ida's mouth and lips had such a lock on me that it wasn't funny.

I moaned and moved my hips, Ida was sucking on me ravenously, and I didn't have too long to go before I gasped, "PUSSY! PANTIES! CUNT!"

Jan giggled again and said, "Oooh, cum baby..." Jan could see Ida's gnawing mouth hungrily swallowing my entire load...and we both could hear her swallowing my load loudly, she continued to suck and lick until I was through.

I reluctantly slowly withdrew my softening long dick from her mouth as I said, "That all was simply FANTASTIC. I've came three times today and each one was better than the one before it...you two are the greatest. The absolute greatest!"

Jan said, "I don't know just how many times I'd gotten off...but Ida, I'm sure glad that I came out here with Unc today! I want to be able to come back out here again sometimes!"

Ida said, "I hope that you do...I haven't came that hard, ever! I happen to love you both and I'm certainly glad that you're honest and open with your sexual feelings!"

We all then noticed what time it was--it being summer, it didn't get dark until late, but it must have been at least 8 p.m. when we finally brought our "visit" to a close. It was around 1 p.m. or so when Jan and I had left home.

The three of us got dressed...and, this being a Sunday, I had to get up the next morning and go to work, as did Ida, and Jan was in the process of trying to get into one of the colleges in town.

Before we left, we promised that we'd come back the next weekend: "Ida, we're definitely comin' back out here. Make no mistake about that. Maybe we can even spend the weekend, if you didn't mind," I said seriously.

Ida was very enthusiastic about that, she exclaimed, "It's gonna be hard not to think about it all week...my pussy is still pulsatin' from everything.

But," she sighed, "I'll try...if I can," as she grinned that sexy grin again.

"So is mine," a wistful Jan said. The two women then embraced again...and they kissed, warmly.

"Okay," Jan said, "we'd better stop this, because I'll be wantin' to go back in there and suck you off again or grind my Black pussy up against your sweet White one."

Ida was clearly once again fully turned on, we both could see it.

Jan was too, for that matter.

But at this point I intervened.

"That would be a huge turn-on, but...I know that we gotta head on back into town, it's gettin' late. Ida, we love you too, and please be careful. I hope that your car can get fixed soon."

Ida said, "I'll probably have to catch the bus into town all week until I can get it repaired. And the repairwoman's comin' out tomorrow to fix my dryer...but call me, won't you?" she asked.

"I certainly will!" I said as we walked back to the truck.

We both climbed in, and Ida bent down to kiss us both...she sighed, "Too bad tomorrow has to be Monday already. I wish that you two could've stayed." Jan said, "Me too."

I added, "You said it...but we'll be back, sweet pants. See 'ya Friday night!"

Ida said, "Okay, you two...take care!" as I started the truck, and was able to back all the way up, up the incline, onto the rural, winding road again...as we did so, she stood there in front of her house waving at us.

As we got back on the rural road again, to eventually hit the "northeast freeway" back into town, Jan leaned up against me, putting her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her as I drove on.

She began, "Oh Unc...Ida's amazin'." I said, "Isn't she, though? But, what happened at first? When you two never came back in the front room I was wonderin'..."

Jan began, "I was turned on to her from the beginnin'. My mouth was waterin' as I saw her runnin' towards us with that basket of clothes...I could tell that she didn't have a bra on, which was a turn-on to me.

And...when we left, yes, we did chat some...and the next thing you know, we were in each other's arms, kissin' heavily...that's all it took for me...I think that I may have surprised her because I pulled her blouse off and began to fondle and suck those big titties of hers.

I then stood up and she undressed me...she also wasn't wearin' any panties...and seeing that tanned body of hers made me so horny that I just went down on her.

She tastes good, I don't know just how much of her juices that I swallowed, but it was quite a bit...I couldn't get enough.

I made her cum several times before you walked in, that was the sounds we know you were hearin'.

But actually," she continued, as she lifted her head off from my shoulder and looked contentedly at me, "I personally was hopin' that you'd come in and see us.

I also saw, in the bathroom at home, some of those so-called "marriage manuals" that you had stashed behind the towels in the vanity, and a lot of them depicted girl-girl sex.

That too was a turn-on, and in one of them, there was a large story and a pictorial on incest...which turned me on, too.

I'd been thinkin' about you for the longest time now, and you really more than fulfilled my fantasy. I do love you, Unc," she repeated as she put her head back onto my shoulder for most of the rest of the journey back home.

"I love you too, Jan. And...the way I see it, everyone is human and we all have certain things that we deal with. Such as incest and the like.

Heck, though, we're both grown, and if that's what we want to do, that's our thing. I just know that between you and Ida, it was wonderful...I haven't came that hard in quite some time.

That old Penthouse magazine I was tellin' you two about depicted girl-girl sex, which had aroused me for years. It still does.

There's just somethin' about two girls together that makes most men horny," I commented, as we left Ida's rural road and entered the freeway.

"Do you have a copy of that magazine?" Jan asked. "Yes," I answered, "when we get home I'll show it to you." Jan added, "You also said the word 'panties' a couple of times as you were cummin'. What is it about panties that turns guys on?"

I replied, "Well, they're not the best thing in the world, but they're next to it..." Jan burst out laughing as I continued, chuckling myself, "It's just somethin' about panty lines and snug-fittin' see-through panties that arouse guys. As well as some girls."

"I also saw a few big-butt girls in those same 'manuals' with some on...yes, I'll admit that they were arousing," Jan said softly.

We continued to chat...and when we arrived in our neighborhood, she sat up straight and upright in the seat. We arrived back home safely.

We both were hungry, and ate dinner before turning in.

Jan came to my door before she went in our own guest room (where she'd been since her arrival), and said, "Before I go to bed, I want to see that Penthouse. It really sounds like a great pictorial that you were mentionin'."

"Okay," I said as I went over to my bookcase and pulled it out.

Jan sat next to me on the bed as I gave it to her...before she got to that section of the magazine, she saw a few of the other ladies depicted in that issue...she said, "Those ladies sure are pretty...I see why you guys are so turned on to the women in these magazines.

The one named Marian in here," she pointed to the picture, "looks just like the first girl I'd been with at college. She was so tender and so lovin'. And loved to suck Black pussy, too.

She got me off very good. It was my first time, I couldn't get enough of her. I'm gettin' turned on just lookin' at this young lady. But...where is the girl-girl pictorial?" she asked softly.

I turned directly to it...her eyes got wide again as she gawked at it.

I then said, "Back in these days, the technology was pretty crude...but for a young person such as myself, these were a huge turn-on!

I had heard of two girls together but had never seen it until then. I can't tell you just how many times I'd jacked off to these pictures."

She said, "I can see why. That's why I like White women so; with their tan lines, like what's shown here, would be erotic." Jan was once again clearly turned on as she viewed the pictorial.

"Heck, I'd like to try this out with Ida when we go out there next weekend. I wonder if she's seen this magazine? If not, could you bring it with us?" "No problem, hon...I think that Ida would like it too."

Jan then arose, and said gently, "Good night Unc...and thanks for such a lovely time." She then leaned over and kissed me warmly on the lips.

I said gently, "Good night too, Jan," as I patted her big bottom as she smiled back at me and went out of the room.

(Part 5 is forthcoming.)

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