IdeaCity Ch. 01


Part 1: Ann Rohmer, Hot Property

Author’s note: I have made some revisions based on comments from my readers. Thanks to all who have commented.

My name is Jack Hart and I never thought that I would ever post about my sexual escapades on the Internet.

In June 2002, I was in Toronto to attend the annual IdeaCity conference. IdeaCity is a chance for experts in many fields to get together and exchange information and socialize. My specialty is Artificial Intelligence systems. The conference was held at the University of Toronto and there were many interesting discussions and symposiums. I always enjoy my trips to Toronto, as there are many attractive women there. While the conference might sound very dry and boring, the organizers always plan lots of social events.

One night while attending a party at a downtown bar, I happened to mention that the local television station, CITY-TV, certainly seemed to employ a large number of beautiful women as on-air personalities. I had watched the station on the television at my hotel and since it was a sponsor for the event, the station was always on display at conference events.

This attracted the attention of one of the hosts, a short, balding man who was talking with some of the other guests.

“Hello, I’m Moses Znaimer, the president of CITY-TV.” he said cheerfully. “I heard you commenting about some of my staff.”

“Yes”, I said. “You’ve got a lot of very good-looking women working there. It is almost like a harem for mature women. Any chance I could meet some of them?”

Passing me a small, engraved card, he told me, “Be at this address at 9 PM tonight, Mr. Hart, I’m throwing a special party for selected IdeaCity guests and CITY-TV staff.”

At nine-o’clock, I walked over to the address on the card. It was a health club and a sign in the window announced “Closed for a private party.”

Showing the card to security guard at the entrance, he opened the door and said, “Have a good evening, Sir.” In lobby, a pair of beautiful women in white robes gave me a similar white robe and key. They then directed me to the changing room, where I showered, changed into the robe and put my street clothes in my assigned locker.

Moses met me at the entrance to the main area of the club. “Glad to see that you could make it, come with me.”

In my bare feet, I followed him to a small exercise room, containing a padded chair with a “V” at the front and a piece of equipment that looked vaguely like a rowing machine except that it was pivoted in the middle and had stirrups.

I was about to ask him where the ladies were, when three women in white hooded robes entered, accompanying a short blonde woman wearing a scoop necked, bright pink leotard and white tights.

The woman was in her mid-forties, with a cute face, bright red lips and short pixie style haircut. The low-cut garment revealed two full and firm breasts, with her hard nipples clearly outlined through the fabric. A matching pink choker was around her neck. The tights failed to hide her powerful thighs and muscular legs.

The attendants led her over to the exercise equipment and placed her, face up, on the padded bench. Her bare feet were placed in stirrups at the far end. A wide black leather strap was fastened around the blonde, just below her breasts. This had the effect of pushing them up further, exposing even more creamy cleavage.

“This is Ann Rohmer, one of my most valuable employees. She is one of the best fellatrixes I’ve ever experienced. The apparatus she is on allows her complete control over the act of oral sex. All you have to do to sit over there and she will take good care of you. Give him three of your best, Ann.”

With that, Moses and the attendants left the room.

I walked over the padded chair; sat down, and flipped open my robe and spread my legs. Looking down past my now turgid penis, I could see Ann’s face with an eager expression and a smile exposing her white teeth.

She pushed with her legs, and the bench slid down so she was right below my balls. She tilted her head back, the apparatus tilted up and the tip of my penis was brushing her lips. Softly, she brushed the head with her lips, creating a very erotic sensation. I reacted to the tactile contact by getting even harder, the purple tip slipping in between her bright red lips. She delicately gripped the head of my cock with her teeth and swirled the tip of her tongue over the sensitive glens. Seconds became minutes as she worked on the corona and then fluttered over the exit of the urethra. Finally, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and with a groan started to ejaculate. The moment she sensed me coming Ann pushed forward and sucked more of my penis into her mouth. I could see her red lips clamped tightly around the shaft and not a drop escaped as I shot my semen into her moist, warm waiting mouth. It seemed that she was quivering as I came, moaning slightly with each spurt.

Ann continued to suckle my now softened penis with her mouth. I could feel a couple of gulps as she swallowed the load. Then she started to clean my dick with her tongue, swirling around the glans and running up and down my shaft. These actions combined with the warm tightness of her mouth soon brought me back to a full erection. Ann then started to slide the bench back and forth, pulling her lips from about halfway down the shaft to almost the tip. Using her tongue expertly, massaging the shaft and then the glans, she plunged back and forth. Soon, I felt another eruption starting, this one from the very bottom of my balls. As soon as she sensed the coming flood, she sucked the head of my penis right to the very back of her mouth. I could feel the tip brushing her throat as I shot another load of semen down her throat. This time, she shook even harder and the muffled moaning was louder.

Once again, she held my penis in her mouth and washed it with her tongue. The combination of her velvety tongue and the gentle suction soon caused my dick to twitch back to life. Tilting her head back, she pushed her lips all of the way down my shaft. Half my penis was now down her throat. Then she started to hum. The vibration from her throat soon got me back to full hardness. At that time, she pulled back, about halfway up the shaft and then down again. At end of each stroke, she would inhale and then continue humming. This continued for what seemed to be the longest five minutes of my life. She was going to and fro so forcefully, that one of her boobs popped out of the top. It was a surprisingly round breast, topped with a dark, turgid nipple and scarcely jiggled as she continued the back and forth motion. I finally came again, producing just a small driblet that Ann quickly swallowed. Strangely, this small amount of cum caused her to orgasm strongly and nearly scream with pleasure.

After the customary cleaning of my penis, Ann slid the bench back, popping my penis out of her mouth and tucked her breast back into her top. Her leotard was sweaty and I could see that the crotch was soaked through.

“Wow!” I said.

“You’re welcome.” she said weakly.

After a moment to recover from what was possibly the greatest blowjob (or three) of my life, I stood up, fastened my robe and left the room.

Out in the hall, a line of men waited their turn with Ann. Moses introduced me to the men, who were all real estate salesmen.

“How was it?” Moses asked.

“Fantastic!” I replied. “How did she get to be such an expert?”

“Oh, I can’t take credit for all of it.” Moses stated. “She has a very strict, military father. And she worked as a stewardess back in the Seventies and then as an aerobics instructor. The apparatus was her idea. It allows her to control every facet for the perfect blowjob. ”

Next Chapter: A Valentyne gets a Hart on.

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