IdeaCity Ch. 04


Pt. 4 Erica Ehm, Hat Trick

Author's note: This is another part in the continuing adventures of Jack Hart. While attending the IdeaCity conference in Toronto during June 2002, he was invited by Moses Znaimer, one of the organizers, to attend a special party for conference guests and the employees of his television station, CITY-TV.

Jack's first encounter was with the accomplished fellatrice, Ann Rohmer, who gave him three mind-blowing blowjobs. After watching a sexy skit involving David Onley and Jee-Yun Lee, Jack had a productive session with ever-scrumptious Jennifer Valentyne. Having had enough for one night, he was invited back the next day for ‘Alumni Night'.

The next day, I was distracted during the events at IdeaCity. It seemed difficult to believe that I'd had sex with a couple of CITY-TV personalities and watched an X-rated performance by two others. During the breaks, I'd gone to the common areas and watched the station. There were other attractive women who appeared on CITY and CP24, the cable news service. I could barely wait for the conference to end that the day so I could return to the party.

Finally, at 7 PM, I showed up at the health club. The burly guard at the door waved me in after seeing the card that Moses had given me.

In the lobby, I looked for the little man, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After a minute, a scruffy looking man came over.

"Are you Jack Hart?" he asked.

"Why yes, I am" I replied.

"Moses can't meet you tonight. He had to go to Columbus on business. I'm Steve and I'll be your guide," he continued.

"Ok, so whom will I be partying with tonight?" I asked.

"Well, I see you're supposed to be with Erica and then after a break, Angela." Steve responded.

These were names I with which I wasn't familiar. I hadn't seen either of them on the shows I'd watched.

"Erica? Angela?" I queried.

"Oh, Erica Ehm and Angela Dohrman. They used to work here for MuchMusic and they've been invited to come back. This is the thirtieth anniversary of the first one of these get-togethers."

And so, we entered the complex. Steve led me to room similar to the one where I'd encountered Ann and Jennifer. This one had a normal looking bed with a black pad, some towels and no attendants. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. I was hoping to get some answers from this Erica.

Soon, the door creaked open and a brunette wearing the standard white robe entered.

"Erica?" I queried.

"None other." She responded, dropping the robe to the floor, revealing a low-cut bustier, miniskirt and knee-high boots, all in black leather. The skirt was so short that her thighs were visible.

She struck a pose, thrusting out her shapely breasts and giving me a coquettish look. "You like what you see?" she asked.

"You tell me." I replied, flipping open my robe to show my dick saluting her.

"Nice. Good size, not too large, circumcised and just a little bend. No wonder Ann and Jennifer were singing your praises earlier." Erica replied.

"Thanks. And before we get started, I have some questions that I'd like answered." I responded.

"Shoot." She said.

"Ok. Why are the employees of TV station willing to have sex at the bidding of their employer? I would expect that in these day and age, if the boss asked his employees to fuck people at a company function, he would be hauled into court. And why does Ms. Rohmer have such big boobs and that odd method for fellatio and why does Jennifer need to be milked and why does that make her come? " I asked.

"Well, did you ever think that maybe we like having sex at these parties? We're mature, liberated women and if we want to have casual sex with strangers, isn't that our right? I can't speak for the others, but I love my husband very much. He's a good man but he's only interested in vanilla sex. These parties are a chance for me to have a little fun without any commitment. Ann used to have regular sex at these parties; in fact I think she holds the record for pulling the longest train. But a few years ago she was bitten on the leg by a tiger…"

"A tiger? " I interjected.

"It was during a spot when she was hosting Breakfast Television. They had a tiger on the show and it bit her." Erica explained.

"…anyway since then, due to the scars, she hasn't wanted to show her legs. She had those breast implants and started doing oral sex instead, but didn't like men grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth. So, with that equipment, she can control the action and not get cum on her face." Erica replied.

"After her first pregnancy, Jennifer discovered that she has a pituitary condition that causes excessive prolactin production. That hormone affects milk production and causes her to produce up to eight liters of breast milk a day. Even the sage advice of her doctor was unable to reduce the volume. Luckily for her, she discovered that nursing or being milked caused strong vaginal contractions and resulted in nearly continual orgasms. So, now after her second child, she found that she enjoys the sensation so much that she's still breastfeeding." Erica continued.

"And I'll point out that these parties are part of the reasons for the success of CITY-TV and the associated stations have done so well over the last thirty years. When I worked here, I didn't mind doing this because it helped us all. I don't mind admitting that my talents brought us considerable media attention and attracting some big stars to the station. Some of the new girls, like that snooty Liza Fromer won't even show a nipple to raise their ratings." she finished.

"Ok, so what are we going to do now? " I asked.

"You're going be another recipient of the famous Erica Hat Trick." She said, going over the bed, lying down and loosening the ties of the bustier so that her full, ivory breasts popped out. They were tipped with hard, bright pink nipples.

"Are those natural?" I asked.

"They sure are." was her reply.

She motioned me over to the bed and told me to straddle her stomach. Grasping my erection, she slid it in between her boobs, pushing her breasts together; she started to fuck my cock with them.

Looking down, I could see she was smiling broadly as she moved her boobs up back and forth along my penis. Her thumbs were working the nipples as she squeezed me in her cleavage.

The sensation was heavenly. Her warm flesh was satiny smooth and combined with the friction from her cleavage quickly brought me to a climax.

My cum splattered over her neck and face as she continued to pump me with her boobs.

After a few more spurts, she stopped. Grabbing one of towels, she wiped the semen away.

"Well, that was the first one." She announced.

Reaching down, I touched one of her nipples. As I'd suspected, the pink color was due to some sort of cosmetic.

"Why the pink nipples?" I asked.

"Oh, pink is a flag color for this event. All of women willing to participate in sexual activities here will be sporting this shade of pink. If you regularly watch the station, you'll notice that we have certain flags that indicate when we're available for sex. For example, Ann Rohmer wears something around her neck when she's willing to perform oral sex. Jennifer has to wear a nursing bra and thick pullover when she's lactating so you can't see her nipples. I used to wear black outfits when I was available for sex. The others have different signals like showing their bra straps or not showing their legs. Part of the fun is trying to figure what each person uses as an availability signal." She responded.

"Enough questions." She stated, "Time for round two. Get off of me."

I got off the bed. Erica popped her boobs back into bustier and slid off the bed.

"Ok, now sit on the edge." She commanded.

I sat on the edge of the bed. She knelt in front of me and pushed my legs apart. Grasping my cock, she gave it a couple of pumps. Obediently, it started to rise and pointed towards her lips. She pursed her lips and started to blow on the head. My dick twitched and became even harder.

She popped the head between her lips. While her tongue swirled around the tip, her grip shifted so that her index finger and thumb tried to form a ring around my shaft. Continuing to work the head, she started stroke my shaft with her fingers. This went on for about 45 seconds, and then she plunged her lips about halfway down, slathering the skin with saliva.

Commencing a regular in and out pumping motion, Erica worked her tongue vigorously around the head of my cock. She pushed down until her lips reached her fingers and then back up until the tip nearly escaped her taut lips. She kept up the action until I could feel myself start to come.

Just then, she tightened her grip around the base of my penis and stopped moving her head. The tension that had been building in my balls ceased.

Erica waited a few more seconds and started work her mouth around my cock. Plunging even further down the shaft, so I felt the tip reach her throat and then pulling back, nearly to end. I was looking down at this fellatial marvel, seeing her lips stretching out around the thicker back of my penis and then contracting to maintain a tight seal on the upstroke.

Every so often, she would glance up at me, as if gauge my reaction and then focus back on my cock. Once again, I sense my ejaculation was close, this time so strong my toes were starting to curl.

Uncannily, she reacted to the coming explosion by tightly pinching the base and halting her sucking motion. Once again, I could feel the sperm backing up in my testes.

Fearing that a permanent injury might result from this cock teasing, I asked, "You are going to let come, aren't you?"

Pulling back, so that her mouth was empty, Erica replied "This, you see is the difference between quantity and quality. Ann might go for quantity, but I'm out to give you a blowjob you'll remember for years.

With that, she went back to work, pumping her head up and down. Increasing the suction, she was getting the tip down her throat and the contact between the glans and her tongue, cheeks and lips was exquisite. She picked up the speed and finally, I came. She had pulled back, releasing my cock from her lips as the jism sprayed over her face.

"Ahh, I've missed that!" Erica sighed. Grabbing another towel she scrubbed the sticky mess from her face and neck.

"And that's two. Now the next one will be a little more difficult." She added.

"Difficult?" I thought. After that last orgasm, I was thinking about taking a little nap.

Erica stood up and smoothed down her skirt, replied, "It isn't a genuine Erica Ehm Hat Trick unless you come three times. The third one is always the most difficult to achieve, but everyone always says it is the most intense."

Intense? Any more intense and I'd be completely boneless.

"So, what is it this time? Your pussy?" I asked, reaching for the hem of her skirt.

She slapped my away, saying "No, that's reserved for my husband. I don't think you'll be disappointed by the alternative."

Thinking to myself, "She can't possibly mean anal sex, could she?"

Taking a clean towel, she dried off my limp, dangling prick. Even the soft nap of the towel and her gentle ministrations didn't cause an erection.

"Looks like we're going to have to wait for a while, "she commented, "So where are you from, Mr. Hart?"

"Topeka." I answered. "Given the circumstances, you should call me Jack."

"Well, you're not in Kansas anymore, Jack." She observed.

She had dropped the towel and was massaging my penis with her hand. To my surprise, I started to get another erection. Three cheers for clean living!

Erica let go of my prick.

"Ok, I want you to face the bed, bend over and spread your legs." She commanded.

Warily, I complied. Erica squatted behind me and resumed her grip on my penis. She stroked me up and down, gradually restoring me to semi-hardness.

Continuing the stroking, she tilted her head back and started to kiss my balls. First one then the other, gentle kisses at first and then tonguing the crinkled skin on each sack. This went on for a while and then she sucked one of my balls into her mouth, laving it with her mouth.

This, combined with her delicate touch on my shaft, got me a little harder.

"I see signs of life." Erica cracked.

Shifting the grip on my dick to her left hand, she stopped working on my balls.

"Ok, here's where it gets interesting."

She took her index finger and thrust it up my asshole. Squirming it around inside, she quickly found my prostate gland and with a few experienced rubs, forced another orgasm.

My knees buckled, and I think I saw stars.

"And that, Kansas, is the famous Erica Ehm hat trick." She gloated.

I collapsed on the bed.

Erica dropped a towel on the floor and using her foot mopped the residue of my spunk.

Slipping her robe back on, she headed to the door. Stooping, she turned to me and said "I see you're supposed to be partying with Angela later tonight. If she shows up, remember these two things: She thinks she's an actress and she likes it rough, very rough."

With that, she left the room.

I lay on the bed until I felt strong enough to get up.

Coming up in IdeaCity Pt. 5 Monika Deol, Three Ring Electric Circus

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