tagIncest/TabooIdentical Twins Have A Secret

Identical Twins Have A Secret


I've been very close to my identical twin sister, Lisa for my entire life. As children we were inseparable. We did everything together, dressed alike, had the same friends, took the same classes in school and had the same interests. We're twenty four years old now and nobody can tell us apart, not even our husbands.

We're exact mirror images of each other. Both standing five feet four inches tall, perky 34C's, both of us weighing 115 pounds with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Some of our friends call us the Barbie twins. Our mannerisms are even the same. We walk the same way, our voices are identical and our every movement is almost exactly the same. We are truly identical in almost every way.

My name is Heather and I'm the naughty sister with Lisa always being a very proper, upscale lady. Maybe she had the same naughty ideas and thoughts that I did but she never acted upon them . I was an obvious flirt, even in high school. I can't help it, I just love arousing men. I love to fuck, I love cock. I love everything about sex. I guess you could say I'm a little kinky as well. I could be convinced to do almost anything if it had to do with sex.

We were both cheerleaders in high school, Lisa being the head cheerleader. Of course, she was the good twin. As she was practicing her cheers at home I'd be fucking the quarterback in the back seat of his car, most of the time telling these boys that I was my sister. Nobody could figure out which one of us was the slut and who was the good girl as we both denied having sex with anyone. My sister was always pissed at me for giving us this reputation.

My promiscuity kept the two of us from attending the same college as Lisa didn't want my reputation to follow her. She went to Boston College and I attended The University of New Hampshire.

After college we got an apartment together in Boston. Boston was a big city away from our home in New Hampshire where we could both get good paying jobs without my reputation of being our High School's slut following us.

We both loved Boston, each of us working in the medical field at different hospitals. Lisa was a medical lab technician and of course I was a nurse, what else? You might say I was a naughty little nurse never missing an opportunity to date a young, successful intern. Sometimes a real handsome patient would get a treat as well. I just loved fulfilling good looking studs' nurse's fantasies.

Lisa was dating a lawyer who was with a large firm in town, his name was Dave. Dave was a great looking guy, he had it all. He was smart, successful, tall, dark and handsome. Damn, the good girls always got the good guys.

I'll never forget the first time she introduced me to Dave as he looked at Lisa, then me and back again saying, "Which of you is my wife?"

I knew I could pretend to be Lisa at any time and get him in the sack but never did out of respect, but I thought about it a lot. He was fucking hot!

Lisa ended up marrying Dave about six months after meeting him, me being the maid of honor. It was a beautiful wedding and I was a very good girl, on my best behavior out of respect to my dear sister. That doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about fucking him, I was. I fucked the best man instead.

I kept the same apartment after Lisa moved out. She and Dave bought a beautiful home outside of town just a few miles from my apartment. We were close enough that we continued seeing each other at least a few times a week, we were always close to each other.

It was different living alone but I quickly adjusted, now being able to bring men home without interruptions or explanations. My promiscuity did slow a bit as I met and started dating a new young intern, James.

I noticed him the first day he started work and immediately had my sites set on him. He was gorgeous. James was six foot three inches tall with a kick ass body and beautiful big brown eyes. I could tell he worked out regularly though I hadn't had a look under his lab coat, yet.

I was tending to a patient checking vitals when I first met him. He walked into the room to see his patient as I froze, staring at him.

"What are the vitals today for Mrs. Thompson today nurse?"

I stood there staring at him with my mouth open as all I could say was "Ah, here's the clipboard Doctor."

I left our new Doctor to be with his patient as I waited in the hallway for him to finish. I couldn't wait to introduce myself to him. As I stood there I unbuttoned the top three buttons on my uniform hoping he'd take notice of me. I couldn't resist enticing him. What was taking him so damn long?

"As he walked out of the room I said "Excuse me Doctor, my name is Heather. I'm sorry nobody has introduced us."

"Hello Heather, I'm Doctor Stevens. Very pleased to meet you," as I caught him glancing at my tits. "I just started today, maybe you'd like to show me around the hospital?" he asked as he was still stealing glances at my tits.

"I'd love to Doctor Stevens," I said trying to be seductive. "Come with me."

Damn, I wish he'd cum with me. He walked along side me as I introduced him to others in our department making sure not to let the other single vultures make a move. The other little sluts in our department were trying to flirt with him as I quickly ushered him along. Fucking little cunts, always going right after the sexy ones. I wanted this one for myself, damn he was fine.

"I'm new to Boston and know nothing about this big city. Is there any chance you could show me around sometime?" Doctor Stevens asked.

Wait, fuck that doctor shit, I'd be calling him James before the day was over. "I would love to be your escort." Escort, yeah that's a good word for what I'd like to be with him.

"Are you busy this evening nurse?" James asked.

"Please call me Heather. Yes, I am busy this evening. I'll be showing Doctor Stevens around Boston."

That put a big smile on his face, good work Heather I thought.

"Wonderful! Here's my number, my shift ends at three this afternoon. When do you get off Heather?"

Hopefully I'll get off tonight. No, I can't say that. "My shift ends at three as well Doctor."

"Please, call me James. I'll pick you up at your place at five? That is, if you'll give me your address."

"Of course, I'll write it down for you. I will be ready at five." I wrote my address on a piece of paper and handed it to him. Damn, this worked perfectly.

He took the note as I handed it to him. I caught him checking out my tits again, I think. I held the note a little longer as I wanted to make eye contact. You know, show him those fuck me eyes of mine.

We saw each other a few more times during our shift, each time becoming a little more friendly until I actually think he was flirting with me. Just the thought was getting to me, damn.

I rushed home from work in anticipation of our "date" not sure of what to wear or where we were going. Was I really going to show him around Boston or were we going on a date? No matter, dress to impress was my motto.

I took a shower, shaved my legs and prepared my runway strip, if you know what I mean. Always be ready for anything. I kept my pussy smooth except a tiny runway strip leading to the hanger. I squirted a little of my best perfume all over my body, then did my make-up. Now I looked and smelled like a million bucks.

Now what to wear? I rummaged through my entire closet looking for the perfect outfit. Should I go slut or be conservative? Conservative just wasn't me so I went for the latter look choosing a little black dress I had saved for a special occasion. The dress was form fitting, hugging my every curve and very short. I especially liked the plunging neckline. My tits weren't huge but they always got plenty of attention, being very firm with nice nipples. My nipples were always hard, especially when I went without a bra. I was definitely not wearing a bra tonight. I found my matching stripper pumps, six inch heels should do it. Was this overkill? Fuck no.

I was dressed to kill, I knew he'd be turned on by how I looked tonight, unless he was gay. I'm certain that wasn't the case.

I was ready by five as he was right on time, the doorbell rang. As I opened the door his eyes about bugged out of his head as his eyes went right to my tits again. He looked stunning as well, casually dressed in tan slacks with a dark brown suit jacket. Damn, he looked good.

"Wow, you look so different." James declared, still stealing glances at my tits.

"Is that a good or bad thing?" I asked flirtatiously.

"Oh my God, a very good thing. You are stunning," he said, I swear his breathing became rapid. "Are you ready?"

"Where are we going? Am I showing you around town?" I asked hoping he'd say no.

"The traffic is terrible this early in Boston so I thought we'd get a bite to eat first if that's OK with you," James said, still looking me up and down.

I swear there was a bulge in his slacks that wasn't there when I answered the door. I knew I had him in the palm of my hands as I really turned up the heat by bending over to pick up my little black purse, making sure to give him a good view of my ample cleavage.

"Let's go then, I'm hungry." I said excitedly.

As he opened the door of the passenger side of his car for me all I could think was "This guy's a gentleman too?"

Damn, he drove in style too. A new red Porshe 911, wow. This hot guy drove a hot car. Now he had a hot date! At least I was feeling hot right now and definitely getting warmer by the minute.

He slid in beside me as we left for dinner. He took me to a wonderful little Italian restaurant, perfect for a first date. I was hoping this was a date...

As we were seated in a booth toward the back of the restaurant he slid in beside me as I sat down first. This was perfect, nice background music, wine already on the table, the lighting dim and the table very private.

"You really do look gorgeous tonight Heather," James said as soon as we were seated. "Your dress is stunning! I had no idea how beautiful you were," as I noticed him again checking out my tits.

"You look pretty hot yourself Doctor." I said jokingly.

"I thought we agreed, no Doctor talk?"

"Oh, sorry James. It's just strange having dinner with a doctor I work with."

"Are you OK with this?" he asked.

I could tell that I needed to help him loosen up. He was so nervous having dinner with someone from work as it was Hospital policy not to date the doctors. I placed my hand over his on the table testing the waters a bit.

His eyes met mine and I could tell there would be chemistry between us. He covered my hand with his other hand and said "You're a very beautiful, sexy woman Heather. I have to confess something. I'm very attracted to you and didn't actually want you to show me around town. I just didn't dare ask you to have dinner with me on our first day of work."

I was floored as all I could think to say was "It was instant attraction for me as well, you're a very handsome man. Why do you think I dressed like this? Do tour guides dress like this?"

"Heather, you're no tour guide. Thank you for understanding as I was hoping I wasn't being too forward."

"You can be as forward as you'd like with me, James."

I couldn't believe what happened next as he leaned toward me, his lips slightly parted, and gave me a tender kiss on the lips. I couldn't help myself as he could hear my sigh of content as his lips met mine again, this time with a much more passionate kiss. Damn, this guy could kiss. I just knew he'd be a great fuck too.

Our waitress came, we ordered our meals, ate and had some wine. Our flirting, touching and kissing continued progressing during the meal. Then I felt him place his hand on my knee. Holy shit, I think I almost came right there. This was working out perfectly. This hot fucker was smooth, and got right to the point as he wasted no time making his move.

We finished eating as he paid the bill. I was wondering what would happen next as it was appropriate to let him take the lead. Normally I would have made my move but this guy was different, I actually liked him too.

"Would you like to see my place? It's not far from here, I think you'd like it."

I quickly answered "I'd love to."

"Let's go then." as he got up and took my hand. Damn, this guy really was a gentleman.

We left the restaurant, got in his car and drove only about ten minutes as we pulled into his driveway. Wow, this guy was first class. He was just an intern yet had a nice house and a Porshe.

"Welcome to my home," James said as he opened the car door and held his hand out to help me up.

"This is beautiful!" I said as I stood and looked at the entryway to his nice, two story home.

We held hands as we approached the front door. He unlocked and opened the door and held out his arm as if to invite me in. I walked through the doorway and was shocked as his place was as neat as a pin. Everything looked perfect, nice furniture, spacious and meticulously clean.

"Would you like a cocktail?" James asked as he led me into the kitchen.

"I would love one, thank you," I said as he was already preparing drinks for us at the mini-bar.

"Please, make yourself at home," he said as he handed me a drink and invited me to the couch in the living room.

I sat down as he sat closely beside me. He picked up the remote from the coffee table, turning on some very romantic music. This guy was smooth. We had a few drinks and were both starting to feel the effects of the alcohol as the conversation became flirtatious. I think this guy had a plan and was sticking to it, maybe it was my dress....nope, had to be the tits as his eyes were all over them. This was my kind of guy.

He made his move, leaning over to kiss my lips. I met his kiss with mine trying not to appear too eager, our lips parting as I could feel his tongue gently graze mine. The kissing became very passionate as I now had my arms around him, each of us now tasting each other. He had one hand gently holding the back of me head and his other on my back, caressing me. Holy shit, this guy could kiss. I was melting in his arms, I could have fucked him right there.

It was getting very hot in there as I knew where this was going. I made my move, placing my hand on his leg, caressing his thigh. I was only hoping I didn't seem like too much of a slut so I was still cautious, not advancing too far up his leg. But I wanted to get my hands around that cock of his. I knew he was excited as there was now a definite bulge growing in his pants.

He responded to my touch by caressing my thigh as well. He wasn't as timid as I was, moving his hand toward my dress. He stopped just short of going under my dress as I was sure he was afraid of scaring me off. I needed to reassure him as I sighed, almost a soft moan.

That's all he needed. His removed his hand from my leg as it was now exploring my shoulders, my neck, working his way toward my tits. As our kissing continued I felt like we were devouring each others' mouths, each of us now breathing hard. He made his move to my breast as his hand was now caressing under my arm as it grazed my tit. I made certain he again heard my sigh of approval as I closed my eyes.

I knew he was still testing the water to see if I'd let him continue. No argument was coming from me, I just wished he'd hurry up and fuck me. I arched my back slightly as if to offer my tits to him..His hand finally found by left breast as he cupped it with his hand, gently squeezing as if he were checking the melons.

I let out a soft moan, letting him know I accepted his advance. Then he went under the material, caressing my breast, pinching my nipple gently between his finger and thumb. God, I was getting wet. Now was the time, I slid my hand up his thigh caressing my way toward his bulge.

I brushed against his cock knowing this would seal the deal as he closed his eyes in anticipation. Then I started rubbing the length of his growing cock, he was fucking huge! This thing wasn't even hard yet but I was certain it had to be eight or nine inches long already and as thick as a bottle. No wonder I noticed his bulge so soon, he wasn't even excited then.

James now had my tit completely exposed as his lips were on my nipple, sucking and nibbling as it hardened. That wasn't all that was getting hard as I opened his belt buckle and unzipped his slacks. The moment of truth...I reached in, got my hand around his cock and pulled it free from his underwear. Holy fucking shit!!

I've had my hands around a lot of cocks in my life but this one took the prize. I had no idea they got this big! As I stroked his cock it continued growing, now standing straight as if inviting me to consume it. His fucking cock was so long it rested against his stomach as it continued to swell.

James now had both of my tits freed from the constraints of my dress, kissing and sucking one and then the other. He was consuming my tits as I again looked at his massive cock. Was it time to be a slut now or should I still hold back a little? Fuck it, I'm a slut! I had to have that snake of his, but it was like fucking a boa constrictor.

I made my move toward his monster cock, I just had to taste him. My tongue touched the tip of his cock as he arched his back to meet my advance. I licked his salty pre-cum from the tip, sizing it up trying to figure out how to get this log in my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could stuffing the head of his cock in my mouth, God this thing was fantastic.

James fingers were now tracing the folds of my pussy as he continued sucking my tits. I was so wet, so horny for him. He now knew it too as I threw my head back when he inserted a finger. He withdrew his finger and actually had it in his mouth, tasting me. Next he removed my g-string before I knew he had his hands on it. This guy was so fucking good. I loved a guy who didn't beat around the bush, so to speak.

It was difficult getting my mouth around his cock as I swear it continued to grow, he was fucking huge! This monster must have been over a foot long and four or five inches in diameter, holy fuck. I spit on the head of his cock, hoping to help lubricate it for my efforts. I gave it my all as I stuffed his cock into my mouth, plunging down until I gagged. I loved to do that, loved to feel a cock hit the back of my throat. I was cramming this thing in as far as I could and only had half of it. My mouth was spread as wide as I could get it, I felt as if my mouth was going to tear as there should have been no way I fit this thing in my mouth. It was like shoving a baseball bat into your mouth.

I glanced up as I continued working his cock, his eyes were closed now with his mouth open. Yeah, I knew what I was doing. I don't think many women had sucked his cock the way I was working it right then. I wanted that thick log in my cunt.

I felt his hands grab my head, lifting me from his cock as he said "Let's go to the bedroom, I want you,"

I never said a word as I stood up, lifting my dress over my head. I was standing before him totally naked as he led me to the bedroom. He had a king sized bed, of course. He pulled the sheets down as if to invite my to climb in, I complied.

He stood before me as he took his clothes off, first his shirt. Wow, what a chest he had. This man had to work out every day, what a hunk. Then he removed his socks and slacks, standing before me in his underwear . His massive cock stood at attention with half of it exposed. above his underwear. I reached up and pulled them down as he stepped out of them.

His cock was absolutely perfect, but so fucking big! This was going to hurt at first but being the slut I am, I like it that way. He motioned for me to lay down as he climbed between my legs, wasting no time with his tongue. He was plunging his tongue into my cunt actually sucking my juices as his tongue flickered on my clit. I couldn't take much of this as I was already cumming, my body shaking and tensing as I released. I knew he was getting wet as he kept slurping feverishly.

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